Ohio University - Software Prototyping Talk


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My software prototyping talk the Ohio University Innovation Engine Accelerator Summer 2013 program.

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Ohio University - Software Prototyping Talk

  1. 1. Dan RockwellProgram Manager of theSoftware Prototyping CenterOhio State TechnologyCommercialization & KnowledgeTransfer OfficeCo-Founder at Big Kitty Labs28 concepts, 7 startups, 3 yearsfun with SPEED and code
  2. 2. LET’S PROTOTYPEapplause now
  3. 3. We’re all delusional until we get our asses kicked.
  4. 4. ownershipvision vs productprototype’s purposestrategybuild itparallel processingspeed is kinglie, cheat, stealevolvefeedback cyclethe tale of traction
  5. 5. divvy up the rolespick a product leadgrant them ownershipget out of their waythe product will die if no one owns itownership
  6. 6. Vision is timeless, unlimited budget and composed of infinitepossibilities- a product has 120 days to be real.vision and product don’t mixat least not right nowyour mission is momentummaking something is momentumthe sales guy preaches vision, you execute itVision speaks to who you could be,product is what you wake up to the next morning.vision vs product
  7. 7. A prototype’s purpose is to get data.purpose
  8. 8. screen strategythink points of interactionland/informuser account experienceadmin panel (you)featurevilleenterprise on boarding
  9. 9. rails vs php vs don’t care get’r donebe mindful of enabling techstaples apply to everythingbuild it
  10. 10. the tech really doesn’t matterbuild itno devsbe 1000 timesmore creativehave devs be1000 timesmore productiveyou don’t needcode to get datano money some money
  11. 11. parallel process
  12. 12. everything you do as the product leadshould be focused on going fastbuild your creative execution cycle tomaximize SPEEDeliminate barriers and choke points(rubber necking, ownership, delegating, design, ux, data collection, code, project management,knowing what’s happening and what’s next)be the first to forgive yourself when theproduct sucksSPEED
  13. 13. SPEEDTHE PRODUCTTHE SPLASHThe first brand we’re comfortable with.prototype, building it, accept that it is never endinginitial PR piece that tells people you’recoming,A/B test ground for vision andmarketing messages, feature alignment72 hours120 days to beta3 weeksthe brand you all eventually agree upon
  14. 14. SPEEDTHE PRODUCTdiscoveryjust thinking product...2 weeks120 days to betaiteration 15 daysfeed cycle3 daysiteration 22.5 weeksiteration 32.5 weeks
  15. 15. Build what matters, not- logins, useraccounts, payment systems, socialsharing components, about us pages.Steal from everyone.98% of your effort should be focusedon realizing your idea.Dressing isn’t traction. Traction is core conceptfailing miserably over multiple iterations todecent momentum.lie, cheat, steal
  16. 16. 1st iteration is crap, barely works, looks like hell but your dateis still interested, its built in 5 days with crushing allnighters, massive brainstorms, sweet ah ha’s and poundingmusic. It is the first time the team feels alive.It sets the pace of what’s to come.evolve2nd iteration is better, bit changes complete, addingsome sauce, cleaning the core. Adding little extras whilewe get some feedback.3rd iteration after decent feedback is progressive. The thing isshow-able more so than the first. Its no joke, its working.
  17. 17. Feedback is the bane and the lifeblood of the product lead.You learn to love and hate feedback. You must collect it all,analyze for patterns and avoid rubbernecking at all costs.As the product lead you have authority to say no to dumbfeedback, especially if it takes you off course.Likewise you have the authority to tell team members, not yet.You are judged by the collective outcome of product,traction and momentum.feedback
  18. 18. let’s get some feedbackapprenticealoud protocolgoal scenariosavoid biaslet them stumbletell me morewhy
  19. 19. the worst feedbackits nicei think other peoplewould love this
  20. 20. bad feedback turquoise makes methink of my mother inthe wintertins? who has tins?sacla is a horrible brandlogo makes me think ofpants and my assicon for meat should be a cowsainsbury, who goes there?could be darker
  21. 21. feedback you can use i dont know if i canclick these are not, arethey buttons?pricing should be in $based off my accountpreferencessearch should capturecomments, descriptionssainsbury doesnt stand out as much asmost popular, i’m not sure where i’m atis that a drop down?
  22. 22. the productfeedbackcollectedand heardmore oftenfeedbackwith nopatterniterativeoperationalfeedback20minutesto fixvisionorientatedfeedbackyou cantaddressrubberneckvillespeed
  23. 23. build for productbuild for team synergybuild is tractiontraction is attractivetale of tractionenable your story- lessons learned- give back- document it
  24. 24. so let’s recapown itlead it- be the product not the visionunderstand the prototypes purposewhat are you buildingparallel process, pr vs product, you can do bothtech doesn’t matterSPEED, SPEED, SPEEDdo not build crap that doesn’t matterevolve through iterationsget feedback, analyze, act onthe tale story of how you’re making it happen
  25. 25. thanks,questions?presented for Ohio University - Innovation Engine Accelerator 2013