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Issues of added_ip_devices
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Issues of added_ip_devices



Issues of added_ip_devices

Issues of added_ip_devices



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    Issues of added_ip_devices Issues of added_ip_devices Document Transcript

    • Issues of the Added IP Video Devices in GV-System and GV-NVR Article ID: GV01-09-11-03 Release Date: 11/03/2009Mosaic Images Appear at the Beginning of the Video RecordingsApplied toGV-System and GV-NVR V8.3.1.0In the Main System, the recorded images from the added IP video devices appeared mosaicduring the first two seconds of video recording. The mosaic images appeared only when therewas a motion in the camera view. The following picture shows an example of the mosaicimage that occurred in this situation.Note:1. The mosaic images only appeared on the video recordings of the added IP devices with recording codec set to H.264 and MPEG-4. Such images did not appear while using the JPEG code setting.2. The mosaic images did not show on the live images.GeoVision Inc. 1 Revision Date: 2009/11/4
    • I/O Control Panel and I/O Settings of an IP Video Device with a LostVideo Connection DisappearApplied toGV-System and GV-NVR V8.3.1.0GV-Video ServerGV-Compact DVRAfter setting virtual I/O control to the added IP video devices such as GV-Video Server orGV-Compact DVR with a lost video connection and then adding another IP video device to theMain System, the I/O control panel for the IP video device with a lost video connectiondisappeared from the main screen. And the virtual I/O settings for the IP video device alsodisappeared.GeoVision Inc. 2 Revision Date: 2009/11/4
    • Not Logging the Events of Connection Lost in System LogApplied toGV-NVR V8.3.1.0GV-IP CameraAlthough the System Log did not show any record of connection lost, the live-view screenmight display a message of connection lost from an added GV-IP Camera with dual codec forstreaming after you restarted the Main System several times. And the ViewLog kept onrecording under this condition.GeoVision Inc. 3 Revision Date: 2009/11/4
    • ResolutionGeoVision has released patch files to fix the bugs and cure the above three symptoms.How to Download and InstallDownload the V8.3.1.2 patch file to your computer, and then unzip the files to the GV-Systemfolder.Download LinksCzech Patch Download (file size 145 KB)Danish Patch Download (file size 145 KB)English Patch Download (file size 147 KB)French Patch Download (file size 146 KB)German Patch Download (file size 146 KB)Hebrew Patch Download (file size 142 KB)Hungarian Patch Download (file size 146 KB)Italian Patch Download (file size 146 KB)Japanese Patch Download (file size 303KB)Polish Patch Download (file size 145KB)Portuguese Patch Download (file size 145KB)Russian Patch Download (file size 146 KB)Serbian Patch Download (file size 145KB)Spanish Patch Download (file size 145KB)Simplified Chinese Patch Download (file size 147KB)Traditional Chinese Patch Download (file size 145KB)GeoVision Inc. 4 Revision Date: 2009/11/4