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Regions of the United States: The South
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Regions of the United States: The South


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  • 1. Exit
  • 2. The South West Virginia Arkansas Virginia Louisiana Georgia Mississippi North Carolina Alabama Tennessee South Carolina Kentucky Review of all the States Exit Resources Author
  • 3. West Virginia Population: Capital: Charleston 1,812,035 Abbreviation: WV Area: 24,230 sq miles Largest City: 41st in the Nation Charleston Exit
  • 4. Virginia Population: Capital: Richmond 7,769,089 Abbreviation: VA Area: 42,774 Largest City: 35th in the Nation Virginia Beach Exit
  • 5. Kentucky Population: 4,269,245 Capital: Frankfort Abbreviation: KY Area: 40,409 sq miles Largest City: Louisville 37th in the Nation Exit
  • 6. Tennessee Population: Capital: Nashville 6,214,888 Abbreviation: TN Area: 42,169 sq miles Largest City: 36th in the Nation Memphis Exit
  • 7. North Carolina Population: Capital: Raleigh 9,222,414 Abbreviation: NC Area: 53,865 sq miles Largest City: Charlotte 28th in the Nation Exit
  • 8. South Carolina Population: Capital: Columbia 4,479,800 Abbreviation: SC Area: 32,020 sq miles Largest City: Columbia 40th in the Nation Exit
  • 9. Georgia Population: Capital: Atlanta 9,685,744 Abbreviation: GA Area:59,425 Largest City: Atlanta 24th in the Nation Exit
  • 10. Alabama Population: Capital: 4,661,900 Montgomery Abbreviation: AL Area: 52,419 sq miles Largest City: Birmingham 30th in the Nation Exit
  • 11. Mississippi Population: Capital: Jackson 2,938,618 Abbreviation: MS Area: 48,434 sq miles Largest City: Jackson 32nd in the Nation Exit
  • 12. Louisiana Population: Capital: Baton Rouge 4,410,796 Abbreviation: LA Area: 51,885 sq miles Largest City: 31st in the Nation New Orleans Exit
  • 13. Arkansas Population: Capital: Little Rock 2,855,390 Abbreviation: AR Area: 53,179 sq miles Largest City: 29th in the Nation Little Rock Exit
  • 14. Resources • • zone/usa/ • ?viewkey=4dc94d5749d44d4c6c73&page=1& viewtype=&category Exit
  • 15. About Me Hello! I am currently a double major of Social Studies and Spanish with a minor in Elementary Education at Grand Valley State University. I hope to someday teach at a bilingual elementary school. Please feel free to email me by clicking on the mailbox. Exit