Dettol Handwash Australia 2011_Case study


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Nice case study from SOUP-Australian WOM company

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Dettol Handwash Australia 2011_Case study

  1. 1. Launching Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System 2
  2. 2. The Brand Challenge: 1. Create excitement and awareness of Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System 2. Increase Dettol brand penetration 3. Step Change category growth 4. Become an Inspiring brand 5. Make Dettol the #1 brand in Liquid Hand Wash 3
  3. 3. Importance of WOM as part of the 360marketing campaign: + Cluttered and fragmented media landscape is reducing the impact of traditional media + Peer recommendation is a highly influential in brand choice (and more trusted) + Need to create buzz and excitement around new innovation + Desire to create real connection and engagement with core audience - to create brand advocates 4
  4. 4. The social world of mums 5
  5. 5. The role of WOM:cut through clutter and build credibility 6
  6. 6. Mums are word of mouth champions Mums have 69 brand- based conversations a week! 59% of these conversations carry a recommendation to buy or try a product Talktrack Australia, Keller Fay/Soup 2010 n=2,000 7
  7. 7. What are mums talking about...Conversation categories by weekly brand mentions: Mums Household Products 2.2 Major Electrical Appliances, Home… 2.6 Childrens products 3.0 Personal Care/Beauty 3.0 Technology 3.4 Financial Services/Insurance 3.5 Automotive 3.6 Health/Healthcare 3.9 Telecommunications 4.0 Travel Services 4.4 Sports/Recreation/Hobbies 4.8 Beverages 5.4 Shopping/Retail 7.3 Food/Dining 8.0 Media/Entertainment 9.7 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Talktrack Australia, Keller Fay/Soup 2010 n=2,000 8
  8. 8. Where do these conversations take place?Mum brand conversations: 85% Face to Online is not Face the place of conversation 9% but it is an On the phone important ‘source’ of 6% Conversation Online material Social Talktrack Australia, Keller Fay/Soup 2010 n=2,000 9
  9. 9. What makes mums talk+ Mums talk from experience+ 82 % of mum’s brand conversations are based on having an experience with the brand+ How do you get high ROI with ‘experience’ programs? 10
  10. 10. What makes an influential mum? 11
  11. 11. The WOM Impact Model Amplify advocates online Ignite face to face networksInvolve and empower them Influential Mums Unite them Real social environments Make it easy to share opinions 12
  12. 12. Finding the right influential mums to become Dettol Advocates 13
  13. 13. Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash advocate selection > Mums with kids under 10 > Current regular liquid soap Soup Mama users Influencer community > Regularly host occasions at their home > ‘Pragmatic mothers’ segmentation - Concerned for their child’s wellbeing, but not overprotective > Germ conscious, but not phobic > Non-rejecters of Dettol 14
  14. 14. Test and control areas + 850 Influencers (Syd, Mel, Bris) + Test and control areas defined to compare sales across areas > Test areas: - NSW, Northern beaches - VIC, East - QLD, South of CBD > Control areas: - NSW, Sutherland shire - VIC, South/South East - QLD, North East of CBD 15
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. EXPERIENCE DIGITAL ENGAGE INVOLVE ONGOING AND SHARE FOOTPRINT Seeding packCreate Top 10 tips to Online review sent to Communicateanticipation/ ‘Help stop the system to influencers withbuzz with spread of capture and with extra advocates onadvocates germs’ host reviews samples for project resultsand give friends‘tools’ to Influencers Furthercreate talk asked to Existing online Soupers host empower feedback to media a brand them toOnline project Soup on leveraged catch-up and spread thecommunity campaign with reviews demonstrate messagelive elements posted the product 17
  17. 17. Online community to unite advocates Online Project Community: • Key engagement stage to unite the ‘launch team’ and build advocacy • Clients to see instant results of influencer events and conversations 18
  18. 18. Activating authentic social networks “We had a pizza night at our house…so the unit was trialed by many people. The kids christened it Magic Soap & were lined up in the bathroom to use it before their dinner! (& again afterwards so they could have another turn). The adults were also impressed & said they’d be interested in buying one especially if it made the kids so keen to wash.” Joanne, 42 19
  19. 19. Online review for social sharing My product review on Dettol No Touch I liked the ...>> The No Touch System worked perfectly and the kids loved using it. Online Review System: • Influencers encourage to write an online review about their experience • 712 reviews completed • Social media integration for pass-on • Proven search results 20
  20. 20. Campaign Results 22
  21. 21. Dettol NTH campaign measurement timeline All metrics collected via self-completion online questionnaires One month Three monthsTimeframe:Activity: Application survey Seeding Feedback survey Follow-up survey Sent to all potential Sent to 850 Sent to all Dettol Sent to participants & Influencers Dettol NTH NTH Influencers passed on to Generation Influencers 1/2Metrics: • Brand NPS • 1 month conversation #s • Competitor NPS • Online reach Generation 0 • Brand NPS • 3 mth conversation #s • Competitor NPS • Purchase rate (refill & • Product NPS unit) • Purchase likelihood (refill & unit) Generation 1/2 • Involvement rates • Conversation #s • Demonstration rates • Conversation detail • Predicted total reach • Purchase rates • Purchase beyond gen 1 23
  22. 22. Three ‘generations’ of measurement Generation Two (Todd) Generation One (Jo) Direct Pass-on link • Conversation #s Generation Direct • Conversation detail Zero Pass-on link • Purchase rates Original Seed • Conversation #s (Sue) • Conversation detail • Purchase rates Online feedback Reporting to Soup 24
  23. 23. 850 seeds Total 28.0 Conversations 1,063,66423,800 conversations 8.4199,920 conversations 4.2839,664 conversations 25
  24. 24. Conversations continue to grow Dettol No Touch Handwash InfluencersNumber of conversations 38.6 28 0 Campaign start One month Three months 26
  25. 25. Ongoing conversations...“I had a friend and her family over for dinner and said to her you need to trythis fantastic soap unit I am trialing. She tried it and she has since broughttwo units for her home (kitchen and bathroom) and is thinking about buyinganother for her laundry.” Julie, 45 “My ex-husband came over to pick up our daughter and she excitedly told him she had something to show him in the bathroom. He followed her in and when he came out said “Thats awesome; where did you get that?” I told him I was testing it for Soup and he asked if it was available in shops yet. I told him it was. He is a chef in a large and busy kitchen and he said it would be fantastic for hygiene at work. He has since gone out and bought several units (not sure how many).” Carolyn, 36 27
  26. 26. Generation one and two conversations “I was dropping my daughter off at kindy and she was messing around in the dirt with one of her friends and a conversation about+ Maintaining highly hygiene with another mother targeted conversations to followed. I told her Id just bought mums of small children the Dettol no touch soap dispenser. she said she would+ Themes were essentially consider buying one to similar to Influencers: encourage her son to wash his hands properly” > Ease of getting kids to wash hands “I spoke to my sis in law about it. > Improved hygiene She has a 4 year old and a 2 and a half year old. Shes very keen to purchase one. Just makes getting the little ones hands washed so much quicker.” 28
  27. 27. Online conversation reach Comments on Social Network forums, Write a blog/ Twitter & other Email (eg. facebook, message- maintain a microblogs MySpace, etc) boards, blogs, website etcAverage audience size 20 248 301 30 915 pmDettol Campaign integration 40% 25% 2% 10% 2% Total potential reach 6,800 52,700 5,117 2,550 15,555 Total potential direct reach: 82,722 29
  28. 28. Key campaign statistics: Demonstration: + Overall, Influencers demonstrated Dettol NTH to 20.1 people + 17,085 targeted authentic demonstrations Purchase: + At three months 1/3rd had bought a second unit + 45% conversion to purchase at Gen 1 and 2Photo credit: camera shy momma 30
  29. 29. Brand Impact (Net Promoter Score) Pre- Post- Change Brand campaign campaign (pre to post) NPS NPSDettol 47 74 +27Palmolive 18 -11 -29Cussons -7 -40 -33 Base: All respondents n=709 31
  30. 30. Results Summary Brand Advocates Significant increase in NPS for brand Ongoing conversation growth Create buzz and excitement Over 1 million conversations creating highly impactful reach First on Google from user reviews, leveraged Digital Impact existing media and ongoing search results Measured using test and control regions... Sales Impact $ sales increase? 32
  31. 31. External resultsvalidation and learnings 33
  32. 32. Case study: Success + Dettol is now the #1 brand within liquid hand wash (MAT 24/07/2011) + Brand penetration has increased by 38% over the last 12 months + 55% sales uplift across Soup WOM targeted areas versus control 34
  33. 33. Dettol has now achieved #1 value share position withthe launch of No Touch LHW NPD Launch Period +720 bps 35
  34. 34. Key Learnings – WOM as part of RB marketing mix + Influencer selection is key - Focus on the right opinion leaders / early adopters + Provide consumers with a real sense of exclusivity + True innovation gets people talking + Provide a relevant experience which highlights the benefits of your product + Strategically adding WOM programs with established communication vehicles can provide a multiplier effect to sales results 36