Microsoft & Citrix Product And Solution Alignment


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A collection of slides that outlines the product alignment between Citrix & Microsoft in the virtualization space.

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  • Pre-slide intro Citrix and Microsoft have a 20 year history, and counting, of partnership and innovation. We are clearly focused on collaboration from the Desktop to the Datacenter to ensure the most powerful, flexible and cost effective management infrastructure for applications and desktops – both physical and virtual – while providing a high definition, user-centric experience. Let me take you though a set of planned integrations between key virtualization offerings from Citrix Delivery Center, Microsoft System Center ConfigMgr and MDOP that are the next step to enable our customers and partners to leverage their investment in Citrix and Microsoft virtualization infrastructure. Initial Accelerating Application Virtualization Adoption Citrix Receiver is a new lightweight, universal software client that makes accessing virtual applications and desktops on any device as easy as turning on your TV. These plug-ins work with XenApp and XenDesktop and support functionality such as online and off-line app usage, virtual desktop delivery, secure access control, etc Click 1 Leveraging the Receiver’s extensibility Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) is a natural and obvious fit and will be the first partner Plug-in. Planned delivery from Citrix is by end of 2009. How will it work? IT can configure the App-V plug-in and the Receiver ensures that the App-V client is present and up to date. Once the plug-in is configured XenApp and Dazzle can be used to deliver App-V packages to the Receiver which will handoff to the App-V client to launch the virtual app. The user doesn’t need to know if it is a virtual application. They click on the icon and run, just like any other app. The integration of the App-V Plug-in to Citrix Receiver will also provide Intelligent Failover from local execution to hosted execution in the datacenter depending on the users connectivity or the policy configured by IT.  The addition of the App-V Plug-in to the existing suite of plug-ins will unify delivery of virtual applications whether hosted in the datacenter, running locally or running while disconnected. Click 2Centralize PC & App Mgmt LifecycleToday ConfigMgr does a great job managing desktops and applications and XenApp does a great job managing and delivering applications to any device, but clearly there is an opportunity to integrate, simplify and streamline to create and even more powerful desktop and app management environment. Click 3 In 2010, Citrix plans to deliver a XenApp connector to ConfigMgr. This next wave of integration will provide the following benefits:IT Admins will be able to manage and publish applications to XenApp from the ConfigMgr console.ConfigMgr will be able to automatically create server based collections and advertise XenApp applications to XenApp Server Farms ConfigMgr will be able to automatically create maintenance windows for application installation and updates on XenApp Servers. And finally admins can leverage XenApp to deliver Windows applications to desktops that it does not directly manage, such as non-Windows desktops and devices. This integration between ConfigMgr and XenApp will simplify application and desktop management - both virtual and physical. Click 4High Definition, user-centric experience on the desktop. In May of this year, Citrix introduced Dazzle, the first self-service “storefront” for enterprise applications. Dazzle gives corporate employees 24x7 self-service access to a broad array of applications, desktops and content, allowing them to choose exactly what they need, when they need it. In 2010 Citrix plans to integrate App-V apps into Dazzle. This will enable IT to publish both App-V and XenApp virtual applications in Dazzle. Users just select what they need and do not have to worry where the application is stored, where it is running or how it is packaged. This integration is a great step for our customers. As a partner who delivers solutions from Microsoft and Citrix you now have an even greater opportunity to demonstrate the strength of partnership…… need something stronger around the value to partners…. We hope you agree that by integrating our market leading virtual desktop and application management solutions, Citrix and Microsoft can simplify IT, while improving the end user experience.  
  • Microsoft & Citrix Product And Solution Alignment

    1. 1. Microsoft & Citrix<br />Product Alignment<br />
    2. 2. Value Through Integration From Desktop to Datacenter<br />Q12010<br />1H2010<br />Accelerate Application Virtualization Adoption<br />Next Generation User-Centric Computing<br />Centralize PC & App Mgmt Lifecycle Mgmt<br />Citrix<br />XenApp<br />Citrix<br />XenDesktop<br />Managed<br />End Point<br />ConfigMgr/ XenApp Connector<br />App-V Plug-in<br />Un-managed<br />End Point<br />Citrix<br />Receiver<br />Non-Windows<br />Device<br />Citrix<br />XenApp<br />The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion and is subject to change without notice or consultation. The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions or incorporated into any contract<br />
    3. 3. Citrix Enterprise Solutions on Microsoft Platform<br />Desktops<br />Servers<br />Networks<br />Applications<br />Citrix EnterpriseSolutions<br />NetScaler<br />XenApp<br />Branch Repeater Windows Server<br />Essentials for Hyper-V<br />XenDesktop<br />Microsoft Platforms<br />
    4. 4. Microsoft Virtualization with Citrix<br />XA/XD Profile Management<br />User State<br />Virtualization<br />Folder Redirection<br />Offline files<br />Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V<br />Citrix XenApp 5.0<br />Citrix XenApp 5.0<br />Server Virtualization<br />Presentation Virtualization<br />R2<br />Desktop Virtualization<br />Application Virtualization<br />Citrix XenDesktop<br />
    5. 5. Citrix XenDesktop 4FlexCast™ delivery technology – More than VDI <br />Mobileusers<br />Taskworkers<br />USER TYPES<br />Local Streameddesktops<br />Hosted Blade PC<br />desktops<br />Local VM-baseddesktops(Offline)<br />Hosted VM-baseddesktops<br />(VDI)<br />Hosted shared<br />desktops<br />User Profile<br />Apps<br />OS<br />Client-side compute<br />Server-side compute<br />
    6. 6. On-demand apps by XenApp™<br />& App-V<br />Best Remote User Experience <br />Integrated <br />Management<br />Most Comprehensive & Cost Effective Offering<br /><ul><li>App virtualization – online and offline
    7. 7. Proven, enterprise scalability
    8. 8. Granular access control
    9. 9. App delivery to physical & virtual desktops
    10. 10. Self-service enterprise app store</li></li></ul><li>App-V with XenDesktop<br />App-V helps eliminate conflicts between applications and removes the need to install those applications on PCs<br />
    11. 11. Citrix extends the reach of App-V<br />XenApp policies applied to App-V apps<br />HDX experience for hosted App-V apps<br />Deliver App-V apps to non-Windows devices <br />Delivers App-V to branch offices <br />Self-Service delivery of App-V apps <br />
    12. 12. HDX<br /><ul><li>Rich multimedia
    13. 13. Real-time collaboration
    14. 14. USB plug-n-play
    15. 15. 3D graphics applications
    16. 16. Best network performance
    17. 17. Branch office optimization</li></ul>user experience<br />
    18. 18. <ul><li>Plug-n-Play with Microsoft infrastructure
    19. 19. Single Image Management
    20. 20. Any storage platform
    21. 21. App-V fallback/failover
    22. 22. Granular Access for App-V
    23. 23. App-V access to non-windows devices </li></ul>XD 4.0 <br />Additional Benefits <br />