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Environmental Awareness Documentation
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Environmental Awareness Documentation Environmental Awareness Documentation Document Transcript

  • 1 http://kon-zabetas.blogspot.com SUBJECT: ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS DOCUMENTATION - certificate of sustainable by HOLSIM FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINBLE ATTACH: CONSTRUCTION - ….. STATEMENT It is our job to build sustainable constructions. Our aim is to design zero footprint buildings. We joint New Urbanism and agreed with the Venice chapter for liveable cities. When practising we use all the recognised design tools for combating climate change, energy efficiency, pollution and urban sprawl, such as car-free areas, walkable areas, light rail transportation system, pedestrianization, use of renewable energy, use of eco-friendly materials, while we take care to minimise the waste and the carbon emissions. Our recognised work is an evidence for our commitment to sustainable living. For and on behalf of Konstantinos Zabetas Principal architect U.I.A. – dir.
  • Holcim Awards 2007/08 | Submission PDF C kat-oikia to syn-oikia residential project from LA05_CTXOZ HA08_VCSUD [ Project title ] [ Office ID] Project information Project data Main author and contact details City Name mr., Zabetas, Konstantinos Thessaloniki Alexander, m, 1960 Profession Architect Country Greece Organization logoicon Address Venizelou 40 - Ampelokipi Type ZIP code 56123 Architecture (housing) City Thessaloniki Status of planning State North greece Final design stage Country Greece Telephone +302310721791 Status of formal Fax +302310721791 permission Email konzabetas@gmail.com Approved Website http://kon- architect and environment Estimated start of zabetas.blogspot.com construction Aug '08 Further author(s) & legal guardian(s) Last modfied Feb 28, 2008 Further authors: Prize money distribution statement Project description A residential project to be build in a traditional and law-protected area, in whitch the architectural synthesis compine the standards of an individual home with the standards of an urban public space. Where the architecture mixed up with urbanism, create different places in one building. A building in harmony with the natural, historical, urban and climate enviroment. [ page 1 ]
  • Holcim Awards 2007/08 | Submission PDF from kat-oikia to syn-oikia residential project HA08_VCSUD Measuring up to the target issues for sustainable construction [ Self assessment ] Quantum change and transferability In first phase the construction, where the building is the sculptural object that is structured by deconstructing the city, in the second phase the deconstruction, where the city is reconstructing by the deconstruction of the building.For this aim the building has moved parts thus is transformed constantly with the use of technology. [ Self assessment ] Ethical standards and social equity Apart from the resident, in the planning of building took part and the neighbours that wrote their opinions. Actively participated and the municipality of Thessaloniki and determined the relation of building with the square. The region is the historical core of city and the constructional work are overseen by architectural committee. [ Self assessment ] Ecological quality and energy conservation The building cures the climatic shock of his residents. That is the difference between the climate of house and the climate of city. The city has more heat from the house the summertime and more cold from the house at the winter. The movement from the house to the city and vise versa causes climatic stres in the residents. This building makes economy in the consumption of energy and it is friendly with the environment without isolating inside his residents. It makes them feeling comfortably with the climate of neighborhood and it facilitates them to moving between their house and their city. [ Self assessment ] Economic performance and compatibility The work's manufacture has low budget. This happens because the constructure has been planning with high precision. With the use of technology of planning and the suitable guidance of contractors they work of manufacture is checked. All works are forecasted by the plannings and so become the bigger possible economy. [ Self assessment ] Contextual and aesthetic impact The house reverses the relation of internal space with the exterior space. Makes the resident conceive the view of city and the view of sea as elevations of certain other next buildings.So the resident swhen they are inside and are looking to outside they feels as if they are outside from the house. The first aesthetics of house is that the residents does not feel his presence when they are inside, but they feel like being at the open space. On contrary from the outside viewing the presence of house is intense because it looks like a movie that tells the old histories of city. [ page 2 ]
  • Holcim Awards 2007/08 | Submission PDF from kat-oikia to syn-oikia residential project HA08_VCSUD Project visualization the completed work results from the holistic planning, where the building materials are not only materials all the following elements that puzzle the architect then are transformed in building materials and they are assembled [ page 3 ]
  • Holcim Awards 2007/08 | Submission PDF from kat-oikia to syn-oikia residential project HA08_VCSUD the presence of history reflection on the morphology morphing of the building concerning the next buildings the presence of geography healing the climate shock in unity with the city synthesis follows the place [ page 4 ]
  • Certificate of Participation 2008 “From kat-oikia to syn-oikia residential project” Thessaloniki, Greece Author: Mr. Konstantinos Zabetas We hereby certify that above mentioned The Holcim Awards is an international project was entered in the Holcim Awards competition of the Holcim Foundation for competition 2008 in which 4,774 entries Sustainable Construction. The competition were received. The submission was one of celebrates innovative, future-oriented and 1,875 entries that met the stringent criteria tangible sustainable construction projects of the competition and was presented to the from around the globe. Projects are assessed respective regional jury headed by: on the basis of five “target issues”: a:b = (a+b):a Europe: Quantum change and transferability Theories of proportion frequently refer to the Harry Gugger, Switzerland Ethical standards and social equity golden ratio, considered North America: Ecological quality and energy conservation by many as divine propor- Adèle Naudé Santos, USA Economic performance and compatibility tion. We encounter the golden ratio everywhere – Latin America: Contextual and aesthetic impact notably in architecture José Luis Cortés, Mexico and art. The icosahedron – Africa Middle East: a twelve-cornered polyhe- Joe Osae-Addo, Ghana dron – is created by three equally sized rectangles Asia Pacific: arranged at right angles Ashok B Lall, India to each other, sharing a common centre, and with an aspect in the golden ratio. The icosahedron stands for the objectives of the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction because sustainability always strives for har- mony – between today On behalf of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, we congratulate you on this and tomorrow, between resources and consump- achievement, and thank you for your contribution in promoting sustainable construction – in tion, between needs and architecture, landscape and urban design, civil and mechanical engineering and related disciplines. opportunities. Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Schalcher Edward Schwarz Head of the Technical Competence Center General Manager of the Holcim Foundation, c/o ETH Zurich Holcim Foundation www.holcimawards.org