W O R L D W I D E    C A T E G O R Y   L E A D E R
IDG’s Global Media Brands2   IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
Contents                                           The World’s Largest Technology Media Company                           ...
The World’s Largest Technolo g y Media Company                  Navigating a Dynamic                  Marketplace         ...
“IDG has been at the forefront of every majorshift in the technology media market.”— Pat McGovernIDG’s commitment to innov...
The World’s Largest Technolo g y Media Company           With IDG brands, you           reach the most influential        ...
Technology Enthusiasts         GamersEnterprise                          IDG WORLDWIDE 2011   7
Lead Generation           IDG Connect: Strategic           Insight, Global Reach           Performance-Based Marketing    ...
Lead Generationactually respond to before investing your marketing funds.      We engage your audience: We apply our globa...
Innovation at IDG              Marketing in a Social World              Among consumers, marketers, analysts and media com...
Innovation at IDGIDG Introduces FirstSocial Advertising inTechnology Media                                                ...
Innovation at IDG           IDG: The Networked           Media Company           Since 2008, IDG has been building the lar...
Innovation at IDGIDG TechNetwork: An entirely                                   IDG TechNetwork combines the world’s      ...
Innovation at IDG           Strategic Marketing           Services       IDG Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) has devel-...
Innovation at IDGIntegrated Programs                                                          EVENTSand Custom Solutions  ...
Market Research           IDC: Global Market           Intelligence and           Executive Advice            With analyst...
IDG’s Global Media Brands                                                                         Market ResearchUnparalle...
IDG’s Global Media Brands          Computerworld           As IDG’s flagship brand, launched in the U.S. in 1967, Com-    ...
CIOCIO produces award-winning content and provides communityresources for information technology leaders in today’s fast-p...
IDG’s Global Media Brands          Network World           Produced in 18 countries, Network World is considered the      ...
IDG’s Global Media BrandsChannel World:                                   Channel WorldAudience:                          ...
IDG’s Global Media Brands          InfoWorld          Techworld          TecChannel           This global network of websi...
IDG’s Global Media Brands                               GamePro                               GameStarGamePro/GameStar:   ...
IDG’s Global Media Brands          Macworld           Serving in excess of one million Apple and Mac profes-       Macworl...
IDG’s Global Media BrandsPCWorldPCWorld is the most widely read IT publication in the world,with a presence in more than 5...
IDG Events                 IDG Events                 IDG is recognized worldwide as a leader in     Face-to-face interact...
IDG’s Global Media BrandsWhen technology decisionmakers need to makebusiness connections,they turn to IDG.IDG is world ren...
Category Leaders          IDG: Worldwide          Category Leadership                          Executives                 ...
IDG OfficesAsia/Pacific                     Philippines                        Greece                            Latin Ame...
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IDG Worldwide Overview


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The Company
International Data Group (IDG) is the world's leading technology media, events and research company. Since its founding in 1964, IDG has been committed to helping people acquire and use technology successfully. As a result, IDG brands have become the trusted source for advice and insight into technology news and trends around the world.

Over the past 47 years, IDG has grown into a multi-billion dollar company, reaching technology audiences in more than 90 countries. In 2010, IDG had revenues of $$3.16 billion and approximately 13,150 employees worldwide.

IDG's diverse products and services portfolio spans six key areas: online media, events and conferences, print publishing, lead-generation services, global marketing solutions and market research.

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IDG Worldwide Overview

  1. 1. W O R L D W I D E C A T E G O R Y L E A D E R
  2. 2. IDG’s Global Media Brands2 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  3. 3. Contents The World’s Largest Technology Media Company Navigating a Dynamic Marketplace 4 IDG Audiences 6 Innovation at IDG IDG Connect 8 Marketing in a Social World 10 IDG Amplify 11 IDG TechNetwork 12 Strategic Marketing Services 14International Data Group (IDG) is the Market Researchworld’s leading technology media, IDC: Global Market Intelligenceevents and research company. IDG’s and Executive Advice 16media brands – including CIO,Computerworld, CSO, GamePro,InfoWorld, Macworld, Network World, IDG’s Global BrandsPC World and Techworld – reach an Computerworld 18audience of more than 270 milliontechnology buyers in 90 countries. CIO 19 Network World 20IDG’s network features 460 websites Channel World 21and 200 print titles spanningbusiness technology, consumer InfoWorld/Techworld/TechChannel 22technology, digital entertainment GamePro/GameStar 23and video games worldwide. IDG is Macworld 24also a leading producer of more than700 technology-related events. PCWorld 25IDC, a subsidiary of IDG, is the premierglobal provider of market intelligence, IDG Eventsadvisory services and events in IT, Expos 26telecommunications and consumer Executive Events 27technology markets. IDG: Worldwide Category Leadership 28 IDG Offices Worldwide Back IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 3
  4. 4. The World’s Largest Technolo g y Media Company Navigating a Dynamic Marketplace Dear Colleague: Since its founding in 1964, IDG has been dedicated to the success of people who market, manage and use information technology. We have navigated business cycles for more than 46 years. As the global market for information technology has grown, so has IDG. Today, IDG is the largest technology media company in the world, reaching more than 270 million technol- ogy buyers in 90 countries. IDG has been at the forefront of every major shift in the technology media market. We be- came a Web-centric information company in 2007; today, more than half of our business comes from online sources. Given our online expertise, we have experienced significant growth in our lead-generation programs around the world. Looking to the future, we are now actively engaged in serving the mobile Internet user. By offering information people need to make decisions about acquiring and using computers, communications and electronic products, we can deliver services on demand to the more than one billion 3G phone users in the world today. Since professionals and technology enthusiasts still want hands-on access to new products and the opportunity to meet face to face, our industry-leading conference and event business continues to grow. And, of course, we continue to produce award-winning print publica- tions for those audiences who desire longer, in-depth reports. As a result, IDG is the only global technology media company offering fully integrated multimedia marketing programs Today, IDG is the in both established and emerging markets. largest technology media company Today, I am enthusiastic as ever about the future of the market for IT products and services. In 2011, IDC forecasts that worldwide IT spending will accelerate, growing by 5.5%. Growth in the world, prospects in emerging markets, such as China and India, will be even brighter in the coming reaching more year as their businesses and consumers escalate their investments in technology. than 270 million Over the years, IDG has consistently delivered on our commitment to connect technology technology buyers buyers and sellers. I can think of no more exciting time for you to partner with us to achieve in 90 countries. your marketing goals worldwide. All of us at IDG look forward to helping you grow your business. We are as committed as ever to being your most valued global marketing partner. Yours cordially, Patrick J. McGovern, Founder and Chairman, International Data Group4 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  5. 5. “IDG has been at the forefront of every majorshift in the technology media market.”— Pat McGovernIDG’s commitment to innovation began withour first newsletter in 1964 and continues to-day with products for mobile Internet usersand social media consumers. IDG audiencesare among the first to embrace new technolo-gies, so IDG brands consistently invest in theresources needed to deliver an outstandinguser experience.IDG brands are targeted to deliver the infor-mation that users want and the audiences thatmarketers need. We listen to the technologymarketers’ challenges and develop innovative,customized marketing programs that deliveroutstanding results. The IDG teams that cre-ate and support these marketing campaignsare expert at advising marketers on integrat-ing marketing programs across multiple me-dia platforms. “IDG is the only global technology media company offering fully integrated multimedia marketing programs in both established and emerging markets.” IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 5
  6. 6. The World’s Largest Technolo g y Media Company With IDG brands, you reach the most influential and qualified audiences in 90 markets worldwide. IDG has connected marketers with clients and prospects through media, research and events for decades. As the number of information sources, platforms, devices, and marketing options and metrics continues to multiply, both marketers and media companies have learned they must adapt quickly to succeed. At IDG, we are continu- ally innovating to help our customers interact with their audiences in dynamic and effective ways. By leveraging the individual strengths of each IDG brand, while harnessing their collective reach and au- dience affinity, we provide you with the market leader- ship and media best practices needed to engage your prospects and customers across our entire portfolio. As the category leader in technology media, our teams can deliver unparalleled customized integrated marketing programs across multiple media platforms. With IDG, you have the resources, relationships and choices to reach your target audience across prospect segments and countries.6 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  7. 7. Technology Enthusiasts GamersEnterprise IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 7
  8. 8. Lead Generation IDG Connect: Strategic Insight, Global Reach Performance-Based Marketing The Problem Technology marketers and sales teams need high-quality leads delivered quickly — from trusted sources. Over the last decade, this need has expanded to cover the global IDG Connect Core Areas of Expertise marketplace. Communication Turning a regional lead-generation campaign into an effec- Succinct and broad distribution tailored to tive global program is complex: How does a company en- fit to your region. gage prospects half way around the world? IDG Connect’s Knowledge Strategic global research-based services enable marketers to take a strategic insight and concrete, practical advice. approach to demand generation. Our Solution Most IT vendors have a portfolio of white papers from IDG Connect is a global services organization dedicated to campaigns that generated leads but few hard sales. At IDG assisting sales and marketing leaders in assessing, planning Connect, our research-based services include content and and executing demand-generation programs that yield a social media assessments that help you analyze your lead- proven return on investment. generation programs. With our research, you can deter- mine which content assets and social platforms buyers will Here is a snapshot of what we have achieved for some of our clients: Improved performance We moved one major software company from the lowest ranked performer for lead-generation campaign performance to the top three. Reduced costs We helped one of the largest global hardware companies save 20% in content creation costs. International reach We have delivered global leads from every continent, across multiple industries and numerous job functions, to meet each client’s specific needs.8 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  9. 9. Lead Generationactually respond to before investing your marketing funds. We engage your audience: We apply our global reach andWe help you plan your overall content strategy and offer local market expertise to drive engagement; we leverage ourcampaign optimization tools for effective budget planning. IDG Connect global resource site, topical newsletters andBy utilizing our global database of IT buyers from more targeted e-mail alerts to maximize your advantage.than 50 countries, we guarantee world-class lead-genera-tion services when it is time to execute your program. You receive the qualified leads you need: We deliver your leads on time in an easy-to-use format; IDG Connect effort-IDG Connect: Lead-Generation Programs lessly integrates with your go-to-market process.With our extensive global footprint and deep database net-work we deliver high-volume, high-quality leads for clients We give you campaign feedback: We provide you with theall over the world. We give you the ability to go beyond the transparency you need to measure the success of your cam-standard IT audiences and pinpoint vertical markets and paign with full analytics and reporting.specific buyer roles.This is our simple five-step process:You tell us your marketing goals: Give us the “who, what,where and when,” and we will give you a realistic idea of thenumber of leads you can expect, along with a proposed timeframe. We will tailor our approach based on your businessobjectives.Supply us with content: We will give you an honest apprais-al of your content and let you know what assets you need tomeet the target lead goal. If you don’t have assets, we canwork with our IDG partners to develop custom content tofuel the lead program. IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 9
  10. 10. Innovation at IDG Marketing in a Social World Among consumers, marketers, analysts and media companies, few topics generate more interest than social networks. Accord- ing to IDG Research (@2009 IDG Research), more than half of IT decision makers maintain Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, while approximately one-third use Twitter. Social media offers a revolutionary platform for traditional mar- 67% of IT buyers visit business- and/ keting strategies that encourage real-time, one-to-one conversa- or technology-based tions with your target audiences. This new approach features a communities at least dialogue with your clients and prospects fueled by content and once per month. - IDC, 2010 interactivity that users find relevant and engaging as they move through the buying process from consideration to purchase. As is the case with most traditional marketing campaigns, up- front planning increases chances for success in a social program. IDG can analyze the trends and themes of products and IT issues in the social Web and devise a program to help marketers join or initiate conversations important to their prospects. Case Study: IBM infoboom IBM selected IDG’s brands and social media capabilities to grow its business with midsize companies. IBM customers and prospects asked IBM for access to IT experts and their peers. In response, IBM and IDG created the online commu- nity infoboom (www.theinfoboom.com ) for IT executives at midsize companies who confront different issues and have information needs unlike those at larger firms. At infoboom, issues such as business intelligence, virtualization and cloud computing are discussed in content and conversations as they apply to midsize organizations. With social media being a major component of the info- boom site, users are invited to comment and interact with their peers. While IBM does not exercise editorial control over the content, IBM experts contribute opinion pieces and are available to respond to questions by visitors. IT execu- tives at midsize companies, many of them members of CIO’s Executive Council, a members-only group of senior-level technology leaders in business and government, provide thought-provoking commentary. Infoboom groups in Face- Infoboom is the IBM community created book and LinkedIn and a Twitter page encourage discussion for IT leaders who want to share their about the weekly topics in the infoboom site and prompt opinions and expertise. Each month, a infoboom registrations. new topic is up for discussion.10 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  11. 11. Innovation at IDGIDG Introduces FirstSocial Advertising inTechnology Media In its first year, click-through and engagement rates for IDG Amplify programs have averaged twoIDG Amplify™ services enable marketers to weave their times greater thanmessaging and positioning into active community conver- those of traditional online ads.sations regarding important technology issues. Using in-novative conversational and peer engagement tactics, IDGAmplify focuses on creating a conversational bridge be-tween IDG online properties, established communities andleading social networking platforms. In partnership withsocialmedia.com, IDG develops campaigns that stimulateconversations about brands and spreads these conversa-tions within IDG media sites and social networks.With IDG Amplify ads, users can interact within the ad IDG and MIT Sloan Management Review developed multimedia content for Intelitself and share comments within IDG online properties, to showcase IT-driven innovation. Withcommunities or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook the aid of social media, users could watchand LinkedIn. With IDG Amplify, website visitors can vote video interviews, read text on the topic and react to the comments in real-time.in a poll on a technology or business issue, mouse over toread more information, scroll through expert opinions orconversations, and play a video within ad units. There’seven an opportunity to continue the experience by linkingto a vendor’s website or Twitter page.With IDG Amplify, you can socialize traditionalbanner advertising by aggregating anddistributing content from social media likeTwitter, LinkedIn and IDG brands. IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 11
  12. 12. Innovation at IDG IDG: The Networked Media Company Since 2008, IDG has been building the largest premium global advertising network in the technology media catego- ry. The IDG TechNetwork combines the global credibility of IDG with a wide selection of high-quality technology sites and segmented audiences that see ads most appropri- “IDG’s launch of the IDG TechNetwork ate for their interests. was a great addition to their strong portfolio of technology brands. CA Technologies partnered with the Available in 11 countries, the IDG TechNetwork offers an TechNetwork to capitalize on their unparalleled level of sophistication, control and flexibility depth of site offerings and targeting to specific technology solutions.” for advertisers. With 52 vertical tech channels and an ev- er-growing network of premium publisher sites, the IDG Michael Paradiso TechNetwork reaches over 90 million unique visitors. VP, Worldwide Media, CA Technologies Data Center Cloud Virtualization Enterprise Home Portable Notebooks Personal Mac/Apple Computing Software Entertainment Media Software12 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  13. 13. Innovation at IDGIDG TechNetwork: An entirely IDG TechNetwork combines the world’s best and most visited technology sitesnew way to buy premium online with the quality of IDG, creating the premier online advertising networktechnology advertising designed for technology marketers looking to reach their specific audiencesWhen it comes to maximizing your advertising efforts, the in unique and exciting ways.quality and quantity of a network’s audience is very impor-tant. IDG’s leadership position in technology media pro-vides the IDG TechNetwork with a solid foundation forboth execution and insight. You can take advantage of thetrust and credibility IDG has earned over four decades. Asa result, you can deliver your message to an editorially ap-proved, receptive audience each and every time, maximiz-ing your ROI and advertising efforts. IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 13
  14. 14. Innovation at IDG Strategic Marketing Services IDG Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) has devel- oped an expansive portfolio of services that pack- age our audiences, research, custom media, social media marketing programs and IDG innovation to meet our clients’ objectives. Since marketers in- creasingly desire custom programs tailored to their business needs, SMS team members advise market- ers on how to best reach their customers and pros- pects with campaigns leveraging IDG’s expertise in digital media, social media, print and events. Given the numerous opportunities for connections between buyers and sellers, media leaders such as IDG serve as consultants to ensure marketers’ re- quirements are matched with the most appropriate custom program elements. These elements may in- clude a custom microsite, a series of white papers, a webcast, social marketing polls and conversations, banner advertising, print supplements, and live or virtual events.14 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  15. 15. Innovation at IDGIntegrated Programs EVENTSand Custom Solutions LEAD GENERATION PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION SOCIAL MEDIA IDG custom program elements include micro- sites, white papers, webcasts, social marketing CUSTOM PUBLISHING polls and conversations, banner advertising, print supplements, and live or virtual events. SALES ENABLEMENT INTERACTIVE EZINE CUSTOM EVENTS LIST SERVICES VIDEO MOBILE DATABASE MARKETING RESEARCH CONTENT OPTIMIZATION SITE HOSTING BRANDS AUDIENCE TRAINING The highly interactive custom eZine format enables readers to click to other AD NETWORK existing content such as videos, webcasts, research and white papers. AGENCY SERVICES SITE MANAGEMENT MICROSITE DEVELOPMENT CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LABEL CONTENT SERVICES IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 15
  16. 16. Market Research IDC: Global Market Intelligence and Executive Advice With analysts in over 50 countries, IDC is the premier global provide market forecasts, competitive analysis, vendor pro- provider of market intelligence, advisory services and events files, and information on customer requirements and buy- for the information technology, telecommunications and ing patterns. Not only do we cover the entire spectrum of consumer technology markets. For more than 46 years, IDC technology markets and subjects, but our global coverage is has provided strategic insights to help our clients achieve unmatched in the industry. their key business objectives. IDC Insights companies provide research-based advisory and IDC helps ICT professionals, business executives and the in- consulting services to ICT professionals on market and tech- vestment community make fact-based decisions on technol- nology developments in specific industries, including energy, ogy purchases and business strategy. Our research reports financial, government, health, manufacturing and retail. IDC Value: Analysts Focused On Analyzing Local Markets IDC Value: Analysts Focused On Analyzing Local Markets Market Presence and Relationships Drive Local Knowledge Market Presence And Relationships Drive Local Knowledge 7% 7% 24% 27% Latin America Asia/Pacific 32% 27% Over 1,000 IDC analysts North America provide global, regional EMEA and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends covering 110+ countries. 37% 39% More than 40% of IDC analysts are located in emerging markets. Worldwide IT Spending Percent of 1000+ IDC By Region, 2009 Analysts In Each Region Source: IDC Worldwide Black Book, v. Q1 2010, April 201016 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  17. 17. IDG’s Global Media Brands Market ResearchUnparalleled Coverage ofEnd-User RequirementsAcross Vertical IndustriesDesigned specifically for technology buyers, IDC Insights’research translates today’s global end-user requirements andtrends into business opportunities for your organization.Connect and engage with a global network of business andIT professionals in the first of its kind end-user communityat http://idc-insights-community.com.IDC Value: Providing Expertise at EveryStage of Your Business PlanningMarket and Buyer Intelligence Strategic Advice and Tools• Market size, forecasts and trends • Strategy development• Market share analysis • New market entry strategies• Vertical market sizing and forecasts • Budgeting• Custom market models • Organizational planning• Vendor performance • Market planning• Competitive analysis • Brand positioning• Custom market and • Sales and marketing buyer segmentation best practices• Buyer behavior assessment • Investment benchmarking • Business value (ROI) analysis and toolsData Tracking Tools• Electronic tools to track market data and deals frequently Channel and Partnering StrategyGo To Market • Partner strategies and tactics• Lead generation • Partner identification• Speaking engagements • Partner programs• Sales and channel enablement • New channel strategies• Social media programs • New delivery models• Independent content assets • Customer and partner loyalty for marketing and sales• IDC white papers• Premier IT buyer decision tool IDC MarketScape IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 17
  18. 18. IDG’s Global Media Brands Computerworld As IDG’s flagship brand, launched in the U.S. in 1967, Com- Computerworld: puterworld is now the leading source of technology news Audience: - CIOs and information for IT influencers worldwide, providing - IT Directors peer perspective, IT leadership and business results. Found - IT Professionals in 51 countries, Computerworld’s award-winning websites, - Technical IT Staff publications, focused conference series and custom research Editorial: form the hub of the world’s largest global IT media network. - Security - Networking - Storage While Computerworld reaches IT influencers of all types, at - Outsourcing the core are IT executives at larger organizations. These ex- - Mobility ecutives are decision makers responsible for identifying IT - VoIP - Business intelligence needs, evaluating potential solutions and making final tech- - IT management nology purchases. - CRM & ERP Over 40 years after its launch, Computerworld remains true to its purpose of serving as the voice of IT influencers, reach- ing more members of the IT management community than any other media brand. Computerworld: The Numbers Total Worldwide Impressions: 54,463,592 Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 14,164,562 Total Worldwide Print Readership: 7,097,14818 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  19. 19. CIOCIO produces award-winning content and provides communityresources for information technology leaders in today’s fast-paced business environment. Found in 49 countries, the CIObrand provides a unique opportunity to reach these chief infor-mation officers and top IT executives.CIO properties provide business technology leaders with analysisand insight on information technology trends to foster a keen un-derstanding of IT’s role in achieving business goals. CIO Execu-tive Programs—a series of face-to-face conferences including theCIO 100 Awards & Symposium™— CIO:provide educational and networking Audience:opportunities for pre-qualified cor- - CIOsporate and government leaders. The - CEOs - Managing DirectorsCIO Executive Council is a profes- - IT and Business Managerssional organization of CIOs created - IT Professionalsto serve as an unbiased and trusted Editorial:peer advisory group. - CRM - SecurityCSO, found in six countries, is CIO’s - Outsourcing - Mobilitysister brand for chief security offi- - Storagecers leading business risk manage- - Business intelligencement efforts within their enterprises.With a focus on strategic management, CSO’s online and printproperties, along with CSO Executive Programs, provide securityprofessionals in the public and private sectors with a keen under-standing of how to develop and implement successful strategiesto secure business assets.In addition to CIO and CSO, our executive titles include CEO(Pakistan, Poland); CEO & CIO (China); CFOWorld (Australia,Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden); CMO (Pakistan) and CXO(Portugal).CIO: The NumbersTotal Worldwide Impressions: 11,846,819Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 1,450,747Total Worldwide Print Readership: 1,528,458 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 19
  20. 20. IDG’s Global Media Brands Network World Produced in 18 countries, Network World is considered the Network World: Audience: - Network Managers premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for - Network IT Executives network and IT professionals. Product reviews and in-depth - Specialists within the communications industry technical studies help guide purchasing decisions, while how- to guides and exclusive interviews offer visionary strategies Editorial: and real solutions. In many countries, Network World is the - Provides information, intelligence and insight for only source of network knowledge, helping network leaders network and IT executives design, deploy and manage the infrastructure and strategic - Delivers news, opinion and applications driving business success. analytical tools for key deci- sion makers who architect, deploy and manage business Focused on delivering news, opinions and analytical tools to solutions the professionals who architect, deploy and manage business solutions, Network World reaches a unique and powerful Network World: The Numbers combination of audiences online, in print and through events. Total Worldwide Impressions: 25,919,437 These audiences are key decision makers in any organization, Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 5,117,873 responsible for enterprise-wide technology initiatives that Total Worldwide Print Readership: 1,731,120 meet ever-evolving business needs.20 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  21. 21. IDG’s Global Media BrandsChannel World: Channel WorldAudience: Published in 19 countries, IDG’s Channel World is the busi-- Resellers ness information source for channel professionals, including- VARs value-added resellers, system integrators, independent soft-- Distributors- System Integrators ware vendors and distributors. Approximately two-thirds of- System Houses all computer and peripheral sales go through indirect distri-- Assemblers bution channels, so these IT insiders turn to Channel World- OEMs- Computer Dealers for industry-specific news, sales strategies, market analysis and inside information.Editorial:- Company and product news- Information on manufacturers Channel World’s credible and timely coverage keeps readers and the channel market up to date on relevant policy, corporate and product news- Mergers and acquisitions news while serving as an independent venue for resellers and sup-- Case studies- Practical business information pliers to share information. In addition to Channel World,- Business intelligence IDG’s channel titles include Australian Reseller News, Chan-- IT management nelPartner (Germany), Computer Dealer News (Canada),- CRM & ERP ComputerPartner (Austria), ComputerPartnerWorld (Chi- na), Dealer World (Spain), Distributique (France), IT Partner (Poland), Reseller News (New Zealand) and Reseller World (Middle East). Channel World: The Numbers Total Worldwide Impressions: 7,732,932 Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 2,294,083 Total Worldwide Print Readership: 1,069,302 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 21
  22. 22. IDG’s Global Media Brands InfoWorld Techworld TecChannel This global network of websites, magazines and events helps InfoWorld/Techworld/TecChannel: IT professionals in seven countries stay one step ahead in the Audience: - IT Managers adoption of new technologies. With independent product - IT Professionals with IT decision-making capabilities reviews, how-to guides, up-to-date news and feature stories, these media brands offer a way to scan for and evaluate new Editorial: - Technology technologies for strategic business advantage. - Security - Network The InfoWorld, Techworld and TecChannel core audience - Servers - Communications is made up of high-level IT decision makers in both large - Technology developments enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses. These specialists drive the adoption of emerging technologies and InfoWorld/Techworld/TecChannel: The Numbers solutions for their organizations, implementing and running Total Worldwide Impressions: 9,196,331 enterprise-wide systems. Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 2,147,287 Total Worldwide Print Readership: 136,500 Readers rely on these brands to evaluate the readiness and practical implications of new products, solutions and strat- egies. With the straightforward goal of making technology managers’ jobs easier, editorial coverage and online peer forums help this audience integrate technological advances into the IT ecosystem for real business value.22 IDG 2011 WORLDWIDE BRANDS
  23. 23. IDG’s Global Media Brands GamePro GameStarGamePro/GameStar: Pioneers in gaming media for 20 years, GamePro and Game-Audience: Star produce online, print, social media and in-store prod-- Gaming Enthusiasts- Gaming Professionals ucts that engage, connect, entertain and inform gamers in 13- Early Adopters of Consumer countries. From the über game enthusiast to the mainstream Electronics consumer, IDG’s games brands deliver superior, approachableEditorial: editorial coverage that focuses on the fun factor in gaming.- Industry trends- News As progressive and integrated media brands, GamePro and- Gaming hardware- Game cheats and codes GameStar continue to evolve to meet the needs of discerning video game enthusiasts. By pairing online and print properties, IDG is able to deliver content to readers in ways that are opti- mized to each medium; online content is updated throughout each day, and the community is engaged constantly through social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. The print product is positioned as a premium environment where prod- ucts can be showcased for discerning readers who wish to dig deeper into topics before turning to the online community for further discussion. GamePro/GameStar: The Numbers Total Worldwide Impressions: 45,907,700 Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 6,504,169 Total Worldwide Print Readership: 4,568,500 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 23
  24. 24. IDG’s Global Media Brands Macworld Serving in excess of one million Apple and Mac profes- Macworld: sionals and enthusiasts each month, Macworld reaches Audience: - Mac Professionals a brand-loyal audience in 11 countries at pivotal points - Early Adopters in the buying process. With unmatched purchasing in- - Technology Enthusiasts fluence, these enthusiasts turn to Macworld for breaking - End Users - Consumers news, comprehensive analysis and solutions-oriented fea- tures, as well as objective product reviews of Apple and Editorial: third-party products. - Breaking news, comprehensive analysis and solutions-oriented features - Forums Macworld’s websites are the leading independent online - Blogs source for the Apple market, incorporating forums, blogs, - Podcasts - Tips and tricks library podcasts, and a constantly updated library of tips and tricks. By keeping readers up to date on Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad technologies, Macworld seeks to enhance per- sonal productivity within the Apple community, making it the top choice for Apple lovers. Macworld: The Numbers Total Worldwide Impressions: 19,611,785 Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 3,131,257 Total Worldwide Print Readership: 1,956,03224 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  25. 25. IDG’s Global Media BrandsPCWorldPCWorld is the most widely read IT publication in the world,with a presence in more than 54 countries. For over 25 years,PCWorld has reported on the cutting edge of technology,garnering an audience of tech buyers from small to mediumenterprises, as well as consumers who integrate technologyat work and home. Reaching buyers of electronic productsin all sectors, PCWorld’s core audience consists of computerand technology enthusiasts, IT decision makers and digitallifestyle trendsetters.From computers that take up rooms to computers that reston your palm, PCWorld editors have identified and defineddigital trends before they emerge. PCWorld Labs test thou-sands of products, ensuring that readers receive the mostreliable and accurate data, while advertisers and partnersrest assured that they’re reaching a well-informed audience.Whether in print or online, this audience has come to trustPCWorld’s independent product reviews, rankings and ex-pert advice to help guide their computer and consumer elec-tronics purchasing decisions.PCWorld: The NumbersTotal Worldwide Impressions: 127,932,911Total Worldwide Unique Visitors: 17,065,818Total Worldwide Print Readership: 12,850,080 PCWorld: Audience: - IT Professionals - Early Adopters - Technology Enthusiasts - Brand Specifiers - SME Decision Makers - End Users - Consumers Editorial: - Current news on products and technologies - Exclusive expert tips across all areas of technology, PCs and the Internet - Product tests and buying advice across all product groups relating to PCs, the Internet and consumer electronics IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 25
  26. 26. IDG Events IDG Events IDG is recognized worldwide as a leader in Face-to-face interaction continues to have significant value and exhibition management, producing more importance when it comes to delivering on a company’s market- than 700 globally branded conferences and events in 55 countries. ing plan. IDG is the leading producer of tradeshows for profes- sionals and consumers seeking world-class education, relation- IDG has the world’s most comprehensive ships and access to industry-leading technology products and portfolio of technology focused tradeshows, conferences and events. From platform- services. specific events, such as Macworld 2011, to events for specific technologies, such as Managed locally, each IDG-produced event is designed to meet the IDG/IDC Cloud Leadership Forum, IDG events meet the ever-changing needs of the needs of its own audience. technology professionals across a wide range of industries and disciplines. • Each year, more than 500,000 people attend ComNet Shenzhen, the largest and most influential exhibition in China about technology and technical achievements. • The annual Vietnam Computer Electronics World Expo is the only IT show in Vietnam, attracting an average of 250,000 visitors over the course of four days. • E3 Expo is the world’s premiere trade show for the global computer and video game industry, generating billions of media impressions, hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and serving as the annual launching pad for the industry’s groundbreaking new products. • Zoom.experience is the largest event in the Netherlands for digital imaging, with a clear focus on practice, fun and education. Expos such as these create thousands of opportunities to capture highly targeted leads, serving as cost-effective and efficient mar- keting tools for companies to connect with their core audiences.26 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  27. 27. IDG’s Global Media BrandsWhen technology decisionmakers need to makebusiness connections,they turn to IDG.IDG is world renowned for possessing a wealth of informa-tion and perspective on technology that no other companycan match. By tapping into its vast talent pool of analysts,editors, content developers, sales teams and event produc-ers, IDG has the ability to create unique, high-value execu-tive conferences and events worldwide.IT executives continue to rate their peers as an impor-tant source of information on new technologies. IDG-and IDC-branded conferences provide attendees with anoutstanding environment for idea exchange and the op-portunity to engage in lively and informative discussionswith other senior IT executives and IT solutions providers.Since IDG’s brands are synonymous with quality and integ-rity, our conferences attract high-profile and highly quali-fied IT executives.For sponsors and marketers, IDG and IDC executive eventsare ideal relationship-building opportunities, with poten-tial and current customers actively seeking solutions totheir business and technology challenges. From large for-mat events like CIO 100 to small roundtables restricted to adozen people in the channel community, IDG’s and IDC’srobust event portfolios provide IT marketers with countlessopportunities to reach their target audiences.Both IDG and IDC offer custom and single-sponsor, invi-tation-only events that provide marketers with invaluableface time with small groups of senior technologists andbusiness decision makers responsible for influencing, eval-uating, and purchasing technology solutions and products.By providing an agenda that facilitates interaction withattendees, we enable event sponsors to generate leads andbrand awareness among senior-level audiences with pur-chasing authority.At IDG and IDC, our goal is to create exceptionally valu-able event experiences that are ideal for building dynamic— and profitable — business relationships. IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 27
  28. 28. Category Leaders IDG: Worldwide Category Leadership Executives “Pat McGovern has combined his “Services and products that provide belief in the power of technology with effective results, and which his vast knowledge of publishing to demonstrate commercial success in create a powerhouse company that is the digital publishing arena.” a leading global provider of news, —Association of Online Publishers announcing finalists for its annual awards program, including IDG U.K. information and research about information technology.” “Creativity, innovation and excellence —Magazine Publishers of America and American Society of Magazine Editors honoring Patrick J. in the Pakistan Information and McGovern (Chairman, IDG) with a Lifetime Communication Technologies sector.” Achievement Award —Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES on winners of its annual ICT Awards, including CIO Pakistan “One of those rare B2B executives who saw the Internet coming.” —min inducting Bob Carrigan (CEO, IDG Communications) into its Digital Hall of Fame Journalists “He seems to never sleep, an admirable “[His] constant quest to drive quality in a wire reporter, and tends customer value has resulted in not to sensationalize.” —SANS Institute naming Robert McMillan numerous innovations.” (Correspondent, IDG News Service) as one —min inducting Michael Friedenberg (President of Top-20 Cyber Security Journalists & CEO, IDG Enterprise) into its Sales Executive Hall of Fame “The winner has… harnessed the opportunities of the Web to report “[One of] the most forward-thinking beyond the average news articles.” and creative publishing executives —Association of Danish Interactive Media presenting of the year.” Kristian Hansen (Journalist, Computerworld —Media Business honoring Matthew Yorke (President, Denmark) the top prize for online journalism IDG Strategic Marketing Services) at the annual Innovators Awards “Leading the way in international business reporting on Africa.” Brands —Diageo Africa announcing finalists for the Business Reporting 2010 Awards, including Zachary Ochieng “Among the few venues where large (Managing Editor, CIO East Africa) audiences of executives can be aggregated under a single umbrella.” —BtoB on its Media Power 50 list, which includes CIO, Computerworld and Network World28 IDG WORLDWIDE 2011
  29. 29. IDG WORLDWIDE 2011 29
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