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To skiros marulina

  1. 1. Skiros
  2. 2. Geographic Location:Skyros (Σκύρος in Greek) is an island in Greece, the southernmost of the Sporades, an archipelagoin the Aegean Sea. Around the 2nd millennium BC and slightly later, the island was known as TheIsland of the Magnetes where the Magnetes used to live and later Pelasgia and Dolopia and laterSkyros. At 209 km² it is the largest of the Sporades, and has a population of about 3,000 (in 2003).It is part of the peripheral unit of Euboea.The Hellenic Air Force has a major base in Skyros, because of the islands strategic location in themiddle of the Aegean Sea.
  3. 3. Climate:The climate on Skyros island is Mediterranean, which means mild winters and hot summers.November to February are the cold months and it is raining a lot. These rains provide thenecessary conditions to grow so much greenery on the island.The winter blows a lot in winter and this leads to winter storms, which can be quite fierce.Therefore, you are advised to stay indoors when winter storms blow in winter.The summer months offer very light rain and comfortable temperatures. June to September arethe hottest months, with the temperature varying between 40oC in July to 28oC in September.Rains are few in summer, but northern winds blow frequently, so beaches should be avoided thesedays. Have in mind that beaches on the island are not organized and there are no lifeguards onwindy days.How to get there?To get to Skyros one should get a ferry boat (actually its THE ferry boat, named Lykomedos, forthere is only one ferry that connects the island with the "big land") from Kimi, a little town on theSouth-West of Evia. The ferry comes to Lynaria, a port situated at the opposite from Skyros villageside of the island.The National Airport of Skyros is found 4km from Chora town. It is a small airport and receives onlydomestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, not charter flights. The flight time from both citiesis about 40 minutes. The itineraries are getting more frequent in summer. There are taxis thatconnect the airport with the rest of the island.Main sites and sightseeingMuseums:Skyros has two museums that definitely deserve your undivided attention. The first one isthe Archaeological Museum. Built in 1963, Skyros Archaeological Museum displays some braceletsand pottery that were discovered during excavations of minor Neolithic and Mycenaeansitesaround the island. It also presents a traditional Skyrian houseaccurately recreated with localfurnishings.
  4. 4. The other museum is theFaltaits Museum. Housed in an old mansion owned by the Faltaits family,the Faltaits Museum was opened in 1964 by one of their descendants, Manos Faltaits and itexhibits a diverse collection of folk art including rare books and manuscripts, photographs andpaintings, which reveal much about Skyrian history and culture.Churches and Monasteries:Agios Nicolaos is a church built inside a rock. At that point you will see a large rockwith a whitecross at its peak while the white church in the landscapeapart. The church interior is simple andfine but also impressive.The monastery of Agios Georgios in Skiros was probably founded in the 13th century and wasan independent monastery. It was destroyed by an earthquake and was renovated during theages 19 and 20. From the balcony you can admire a panoramic and stunninglandscape thatstretches west to the mountains.Beaches:Skyros has so many beaches that it can satisfy even the most difficult characters. Achili,Acherounes, Pefkos and Linaria are only a few that definitely worth a visit. Then again if you likeskinny dipping there is also a nudist beach and coves that you can reach by boat for more privacy.Girismata The beach is the busiest after Gialos beach. It lies at adistance of 3km from Cora, so itis ideal for those who prefer close distances. The sandy beach with crystal clear waters offersmoments of relaxation or entertainment, according to the tastes of each.Peuker The Gulf is at a distance of 3km east of Linaria. Here the landscape is magical. Densevegetation reaches the sea. The pinesare reflected in the blue watersof Aegean creating incredible colors.It is worth visiting this beach to enjoy nature.Gialos is located north of Cora and is one of the most important tourist centers of the island. Is asandy beach with clear water and nothing deep. It is a fully organized beach where you can playsportsand games from the sea.Nightlife:Most of the bars in Skyros are gathered on Agoras. Luckily, most of them are quite good andtheyre all quite tastefully deco-rated.Artistiko Bar plays only Greek music. Yes, the name threw me off too when I visited it, but itsactually quite good and mind that I dont listen to Greek music. It stays open till dawn.
  5. 5. Akamatra plays a mellow mix of reggae, rock and blues.Kalypso is even more mellow, with mostlyjazz and blues.Neoptolemos, again. mellow. It plays lots of Greek sounds.Stone, on the other hand, is a bit wilder, with disco, pop and funk till the wee hours.Finally, Skyropoula Discoattracts an older crowd than Stone but it plays European and Greeksounds that are upbeat as wellFood and Drinks:Thankfully, Skyros is not a touristy kind of place, which means most of the restaurants areauthentic and not tourist-traps, overly expensive or of poor quality.O Pappous Ki Ego is a bright example. "My Grandfather and Me": thats what the name means.This lovely restaurant serves simply excellent mezedes and main dishes like seafood pilaf andsquid with aniseed. Definitely try the dolmades. I dont know what their secret is, but theyredeliciousOrestes Taverna is quite good as well. It has a wide range of dishes; the ones I recommend arekleftiko (goat in parchment paper) and grilled red mullet and sea bream. Leela, on the other hand,recommends skordalia (shes the only friend of mine who eats it and I remember that she loved it).Sisyfos Taverna is in Skyros Town, on the main street. Just like Orestes, it has a wide range ofdishes like lasagne, lentil soup and fresh vegetables. It also has a very decent terrace and theservice is thankfully quite quick.Dont miss Marietis, on the main street as well. It offers a wide choice of sea-food, salads andgrilled dishes.While you are heading towards the airport make a last stop to Perasma, where you will eat thebest meat of the island accompanied by vegetables cultivated by the owner of the taverna.And if you are around Atsitsa go to Kir-Antonis for fresh fish and to Ktima Atsitsa which is rightnext to the sea. The dishes served are only comprised by biological products.