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Love the enemy

  1. 1. Love the enemyAuthor: J-J-ANIME-ROCKS PMWho would think that Feliciano and Lovino Vargas, the children of the leader of theItalian mafia would fall in love, impossible right? well read this and find out. Sexualsuggestions non-detailed yaoi and violence. Spamano and Gerita and maybe hints ofother pairings, but who knows!- J.RRated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Crime - Spain & S. Italy/Romano - Words: 681- Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 08-03-12 - id: 8388311 A a Abc Abc AbcDisclaimer: I do not own the loveliness that is hetalia if I did it would have A LOT offan service."Well that shits done." Lovino said while wiping blood from his hands."Ve that was easier than the last one we needed to take out." His brother, Felicianomentioned."Yeah."( Well no shit that man was fucking huge!) Lovino thought to himself as hisbrother took out his phone and checked if there was any one else they needed to"take out""Ve Lovino it looks like were free for now all my phone says is we need to usealias."Taking out his phone, Lovino began to read the details that his brother had left out.In Italian it read:Lovino, FelicianoThe police are on to us make sure you dont use youre real names and try to avoidanything to do with them, Capiche? – Romulus…Shit… this would make it harder for him and his brother, but it couldnt be helped.Lovino snapped his phone shut, and walked towards the exit of the building theywere in, his brother in tow.The brothers tipped their hats down making sure that nobody was around beforestepping outside into the warm sun."Listen fratellino youre going to use the alias Veneciano while ill use Romano gotthat?" Lovino whispered while keeping pace with his younger brother."Si"Fuck..shit.. Lovino internally swore as they calmly walked past a police officer, whodidnt seem too focused.
  2. 2. Rounding a corner they quickly (but calmly) walked to Felicianos sleek blackFerrari.After getting in they clicked their seatbelts into place, started up the car and starteddriving.The ride was quick, and fortunately they had gotten home before anyone saw them.Lovino stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind him, his brother did thesame, before locking the vehicle.Lovino waited as his brother made his way to the front door, quickly following himin once it was open.Feliciano instantly ran up the stairs to change, leaving Lovino down stairs."Papa!" Lovino called out wondering if his father was here or working with themafia.Finding no answer he locked the front door and ran up stairs."Oh dios mio!" He groaned flopping down onto his bed.Fuck.. If he and his brother had to do this again he would seriously flip-shit.Standing up again he walked to his dresser and picked out clothes that were morecasual.Quickly he stripped himself of his "work" clothes and replaced them with skinnyjeans, a white button up dress shirt, a black blazer , a black tie that he loosely tied,and a fedora.Walking into the hallway Lovino slipped on dark shades and went to the bathroomto inspect his choice.Lovino stared at the full body mirror in front of him inspecting every aspect of hisoutfit."Hmm…" he spun around one more time, making sure he looked good from allsides."I guess itll have to do."Once more he walked into the hallway, and headed down to the living room, whereboth of his younger brothers were waiting."Ve! Look Savinos back!" Feliciano chimed when he walked in."Oh really? ""Si!"Lovino examined all three of them noticing that they were almost identical. Butthere were differences, like : Feliciano had a scarf around his neck, and Savino had
  3. 3. a gold chain with a cross on it around his, the color was different too where Lovinohad dark colors, Feliciano was multi coloured and Savino chose pale colours."Youre finally back?"Savino grinned at Lovino , "Im back for good!""So can we go now?" Feliciano asked from behind Savino."Yeah."Lovino grabbed the keys and proceeded to follow his younger brothers out of thehouse.Slamming and locking the door behind him, he walked to the car hopped in thedrivers seat, started the engine and drove.Hey! Sorry for the wait!Savino is by the way Seborga just so you know.See ya next chapter!An eye for an eye
  4. 4. Author: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcShort chapter is short. -_- well anyways, this is being written as a birthdaypresent for my bestist friend my Lithuania! Happy 14th man!WARNING: This is rated M for a reason. Frankly I dont care about the ruledont read if youre under 18 so go ahead if you want to. I mean Im theone writing this. So have fun underage viewers! But seriously this has yaoimeaning BoyxBoy. Dont like, dont read.Okay so Im sure you guys probably want to get to reading now so Ill shutup. See you at the bottom! X3 ~Chapter One: Mistake~"I hate you, fucking Tomato Bastard!" Everyone in the summit meeting roomflinched at the loud voice as a chair scraped back and Romano was looming overSpain. And he looked pissed. Not all that different from usual actually."Aw come on, Lovi~, whatd I do?" Spain whined."You know very well what you did Bastardo!""Ve~ Must you fight in the meeting Fratello?" Italy asked, putting a calming handon his brothers shoulder. Romano only shook him off."Youre DEAD Spain!" Romano launched himself at the older nation, missing asSpain leaped out of his chair."I honestly dont know what I did!" Spain dodged another punch as they dartedaround the room."Hey, g-guys, you sh-should r-r-really stop f-f-fighting p-p-p-please?" Latviastepped in between them and held out his arms."DAMNIT SPAIN!" Romanos fist finally connected… with Latvias face. The smallnation fell to the ground and immediately everyone went quiet, except for Romano,who was blaming Spain for not putting his face in front of Romanos fist apparently.Russias face darkened and Lithuania inched away from him, knowing that look. Ithad been directed at him once… once or twice, he was used to consequences bythen. He stared sadly at Romano. "sekmes, tu idiotas" He whispered.
  5. 5. Authors note:MY COMPUTER WONT TYPE THE SUPERSCRIPT DOT E! Well whatever. Itwont type any other accents for that matter. *Casual table flip* I wouldbe happy for reviews since this is my first Hetalia fic! X3 I hope you like it!Also if I get any translations wrong blame Google translate.Translations: bastardo – bastardSekmes - Good luckTu idiotas – you idiotAn eye for an eyeAuthor: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcWell. Im uploading these fast. I have no life. T-T …And Toris birthday is...shit, tomorrow. Im doomed. I totally waited till the last minute to do this.Whatever. Enjoy chapter two!WARNING: This is rated M for a reason, and contains yaoi, meaningBoyxBoy. Dont like dont read. There will be lemons in later chapters soseriously. Beware. ~Chapter Two: Captured~Romano sat with his back to Spain, sulking."Come on Lovi, tell me whats up." The Spaniard scooted closer to him. "Whatd Ido?""If you dont know thats even worse." Romano put his palms on Spains chest andpushed him away again."But Roma-""Just shut up and leave me alone, bastard!" Romano didnt turn around as the bedshifted and the door opened and closed. He dared a glance behind him and sawthat Spain had gone. He felt happy that the Spaniard had heeded his request. Hewasnt sad at all that hed left without trying harder to find out what was wrong. Hewasnt sad at all… Romano buried his face in his knees. "Its alright that he forgot
  6. 6. my birthday. After all, its Felis birthday too and he deserves all the people at hisbirthday. I dont even care that they all forgot. Its not like I care about the stupidbastard anyways…cant even read the atmosphere."Romano heard the door open again. "Didnt I tell you to leave me alone?" hequestioned without turning around, malice in his tone.No reply. Only footsteps."Seriously, Antonio. Get the hell out-" Romano stiffened as something cold pressedagainst his neck." Is not nice to talk to guests this way, da?"FUCKSpain sat down dejectedly on his bed in his room. "Whatd I do wrong? I thought Icould do this, but…" He stuffed his hand into his pocket and came out with a smallvelvet box. "He was just so angry at me that if I tried he would only reject me. Whoam I kidding? Its not a surprise he hates me. I should have just gotten a normalpresent for his birthday. Like, I dunno, tomatoes. He loves tomatoes." Mmmm Icould go for some tomatoes and paella and churros…some churros would cheer meup.Spain flipped open the lid of the box to reveal the silver band inside. He smiledslightly as he imagined all the hopes the ring held for him. "Te amo, Lovi." Heclosed the box and shoved it back into his pocket before hearing the door open."Is that you Lovi? Look Im sorry about whatever I did, I just…" It was not hisItalian at his door. "Oh, hey Russia. Whats up?""It looks like not your spirits, comrade." Russia replied. Spain hung his head."No. I guess not." He raised his head to meet the Russians-innocent but notinnocent-eyes."Do you vant to do something fun, comrade?" Spain blinked a couple of times.Russia was asking him to do something? That sounded fun even though everyoneelse avoided him like the Plague."It depends, what is it?" Spain stood up and walked over to the Russian.He saw the bag behind Russia, the shape of a body hidden inside, before everythingwent dark.Well. Again, creepy mister Russia time. Beware, there will be horriblesadism in either the next chapter or the one after that. So yeah. I hope youenjoy the makings of my bat shit crazy mind!Hasta manana~!Feliks
  7. 7. An eye for an eyeAuthor: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcYeah, Im back. Again. Well all I really have to say is that this chapter hasrape. Dont like dont read. ~Chapter Three: Revenge~Whats going on? Where am I? Romano struggled to open his eyes, though it didntmake a difference. Everything was dark. "Ugh, what happened?" His arms werenumb and when he tried to move them he realized they were tied together. Therope scratched at his wrists as he attempted to sit up, discovering he couldnt movehis legs either; they were strapped into a kneeling position."Romano? Is that you?" He heard shuffling off to his right."Spain?" Romano squinted, trying to make out anything in the black."Yeah, its me.""What the hell? What did you get us into this time you stupid bastard? Anotherfucking debt crisis or something?" Romano snapped."Ah, but it is you who brought this down, comrade." Romano whipped his headtowards the voice."Whos there? Show yourself bastard!" He yelled.The lights flashed on and Romano was blinded for a moment before his eyesadjusted. "You!" he growled. Russia stood over them; grinning his creepy, childishgrin."Hello comrade!" he laughed. "How are you?""Bad. Angry. Let me go! Its obviously Spains fault." Romano growled. Spain saidnothing, only stared at the floor."Ah, but this is no vay to treat a host, da?" Russia crouched down on his haunchesin front of the angry Italian. His face turned dark and the smile disappeared. "Thereshould be respect." He grabbed Romanos hair and threw him to the side.
  8. 8. "Lovino!" Spain exclaimed. Russia shot a look at him and stood up."Vill there be any other little outbursts?"The two countries stayed silent."Good. Now, do you know vy you are here?" Both shook their heads in fear. "It isbecause you-" He pointed to Romano "- trampled my flower.""What are you talking about?" He spat."Latvia," Russia growled, "you hurt him. So now, I shall hurt your flower.""Who, Spain?" Romano asked, "Theres nothing between us, if you think I donthate his guts youre an idiota." Romano didnt notice Spains shoulders hunchslightly at his words."All of the countries can tell, comrade. It is more obvious than why Amerika walkswith a limp whenever he goes to meet with England." Russia said."Well then all of you must be idiotas." Romano shrugged, not denying the hickieshed seen on the Americans neck."I suppose you would not mind me doing this then?" Suddenly, Russia was kneelingbehind Spain, holding a knife to the countrys throat."Dont!" Romano yelped and snapped his mouth shut as Russia chucked darkly."Knew it." He set the knife down and shoved the Spaniard back down to the floor."Youre fucking insane." Romano growled, "Let us go.""I think not, comrade." Russia pulled down Spains pants and the countrys eyeswidened."H-Hey, what are you doing?" Spain asked, struggling against the Russians stronggrip pinning him to the floor."Hurting Romanos flower." Russia growled. He unzipped his own pants and pulledout his throbbing member."Stop it!" Spain yelled, panic showing in his eyes. "Get away!""Dont hurt him!" Romano cried out, biting his lip. "Im the one youre angry at, whyare you fucking hurting Spain?""Its an eye for an eye comrade." Russia entered and Spain screamed. Heimmediately moved, not giving the squirming nation any mercy."Stop it stop it stop it! Mi Dios!" Spain cried, "Por favor, espero!" His pleas wentunnoticed as the Russian continued to move."ANTONIO!" Romano screamed, "YOU MOTHERFUCKING RUSSIAN BASTARD!" Hisstomach reeled at the sight of the country that had raised him writhing and crying
  9. 9. on the ground underneath the Russian. The country he had laughed with, playedwith, fought with… the country who broke his heart. He shook his head; that was along time ago. "Just stop. Please. You dont need to hurt him when its my burden.""L-Lovi…" Spain gasped, almost forgetting the pain at Romanos words."Let him go and Ill do whatever you want." Romano averted his eyes from Spains;he couldnt bear to see the hurt in them."But this is vat I vant," Russia laughed, not at all phased by the situation, "to hurtyou mentally and emotionally.""All I did was punch the kid! Do I or Spain really deserve this?" Romano chokedout."There is no mercy with Mother Russia you see." he laughed. Spain whimpered asRussia pulled out, leaving the broken form on the floor. The Russian looked almostsad. Almost."There is only hatred."Okay... creepy Russia here. Yeah, whatever I dont think that this chapterturned out that well, but seriously, I guess well see what you guys think.Reviews make me happy people! X3An eye for an eyeAuthor: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcAlright, so yeah, three chapters in one day right? Honestly I have to uploadthe entire thing between today and tomorrow so anyone actually readingthis is in luck I guess. Well anyways, read on peoples. ~Chapter Four: Betrayal~Spain lay on the floor, shaking violently. Romano could only watch the country crysilently as Russia walked away from him towards Romano. He looked down, butRussia wrenched his chin up so he was forced to look the smiling nation in the eyes."That vas not so bad, da?""You need to be locked up in a fucking insane asylum bastard." Romano muttered."Oh?" Russia tilted his head innocently, "How so?"
  10. 10. "Is that a fucking trick question? You fucking raped Spain! He didnt do anythingwrong!" Romano yelled angrily."Ah, but this morning you were yelling at him about doing something wrong, whatwas that about?"Romanos eyes widened. "W-Well, I… ah, I-""Vas there even a real reason? Vas it a good one? Because thats vy you arehere."Romano averted his gaze from the Russians."He forgot my birthday." Romano muttered, shoulders slumped."I didnt… forget… Roma…" Spain said, "I just, couldnt think… of a good time… togive you… your gift."Romano looked over at the Spaniard, his back was to Romano. "W-What?""I was going… to ask you… never mind. It doesnt really… matter now anyways."Russia stared at Spain thoughtfully."I think I get it." He untied Spains hands and pulled off the countrys jacket. Hechecked all the pockets until he seemed to find what he was looking for. "Howsweet!" He pulled out a small, black, velvet box. "He was going to ask you to marryhim!"Romano stared at Spain confusedly. "But I thought you didnt care about me. Imean, after that night…" Romano bit his lip."You mean, the night I raped you." Spain sighed bitterly."What are you talking about? You never did that!" Romano stared desperately atSpain, trying to figure out what he meant."The night I came home drunk and… I-Im sorry," Romano could hear tears in theSpaniards voice, "I never meant to hurt you, I just-""You IDIOT!" Spain pushed himself up onto his elbows so he could see Romano,there were tears running down his face."Look, Im sorry! Please forgive me Romano!""Theres nothing to forgive bastard! I let you do that to me because I love you too!I thought you didnt even remember what happen that night because you weredrunk and it fucking hurt! Why the hell didnt you ever mention it?!" Romanoscreamed."I-I thought th-that you would be angry and so-" He stopped and stared atRomano, "You… love me too?"Romanos face reddened. "Yes bastard so fucking acknowledge it! Ill marry you!"Russia silently watched their exchange and smiled, he could use this to hisadvantage.
  11. 11. Hell, I dunno how this chapter turned out... but its short again. -_-whatever, I hope you liked it.An eye for an eyeAuthor: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcHey~ Im back with chapter 5! Yeah last minute but whatever. Hope youlike ths chapter!"Oh Romano~" Romano looked up angrily at the Russian."The fuck do you want now?" he growled."Vell I vanted to say that this is all vell and good, but you are still here with me andIve decided this scene is too happy for my liking, so I plotted a way to fix that!"Russia walked over to Spain "So heres vat vill happen," he whispered, "either yourape this one-" he pointed to Romano."No way!" Spain hissed."Or I will." Spain hesitated and stared at Romano. "Make a choice, comrade.""I-I dont want to hurt him." Spain hung his head."I see. Youve made your choice then." Russia stood up."No wait! Ill-Ill do it." Spain chokes out and a Russian smirk made itself known."Whatever you wish." He said. Russia knelt back down and untied the ropes aroundSpains legs. "Go ahead then, if you really can do it."Spain shakily got to his feet and limped over to Romano. "What did he say?"Romano asked. "…Spain?""Im sorry Roma." Spain muttered, trying hard not to cry."What are you doing?" Romano asked. Spain gently pulled down the Italians pantsand boxers, avoiding Romanos eyes. "Spain?" fear was creeping into his voice,"Seriously, stop.""I love you, Lovino. " Spain pressed his mouth to Romanos and the countrys eyeswidened. Romano gasped and Spain stuck his tongue in, swirling around the
  12. 12. Italians to distract him as he pressed a finger into the others entrance. Romanojerked away and broke their kiss."Stop it Spain!" He exclaimed."Im sorry, I have to do this, Lovi." Spain traced his tongue along Romanos jaw linebefore nipping and sucking at his neck, leaving prominent red marks on theItalians fair skin. He ran his fingers through Romanos hair and pulled lightly on theone curl that always stuck out."Ngh… Spain…" Romano moaned loudly and leaned his head back against theSpaniards chest. Spain inserted a second finger and began to scissor Romanosentrance. Romano let out another moan and Spain could feel himself getting hard.He reached around to the younger countrys front and grabbed the half erectmember, pumping it at a fast pace to keep the others mind off what was about tohappen. He pulled his fingers out and Romano whined needily."Its-hah-alright." Spain aligned himself with Romanos entrance and pushed in thehead of his erection. Romanos body went ridged and he cried out in pain. "Tell mewhen its okay." Romano gulped and nodded his head. Spain pushed in until he wasfully sheathed inside the smaller country, waiting for him to adjust before he slowlybegan to move. He pulled all the way out, then shoved back in."AH! SPAIN!" Romano yelped as the other thrust into him. Spain held Romanosface gently as he set a moderate pace and turned Romanos head to face him. Helaughed at the flushed look on Romanos face and crashed their lips togetherlustfully, moaning into the others mouth. When they came apart Romano pressedhis lips to the Spaniards ear and breathed, "Ti amo, Spain.""Te amo, Lovi~." Spain replied. Several thrusts later, they came together, almostable to forget the Russian sitting in the corner, still watching them.Hey... so yeah, I enjoyed writing this chapter X3 so I guess yeah, chapter 6will be up in a few minutes. Ja!An eye for an eyeAuthor: 6felikspolska9 PMRomano is once again mad at Spain but this time for good measure; he forgot hisfucking birthday! Latvias attempts to remedy the situation ends with a punch to theface and a very creepy Russia in search of revenge. After all no one touches Russianproperty, including angry Italians. Warnings inside.Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,535 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 08-25-12 -Published: 08-23-12 - Status: Complete - id: 8458510 A a Abc Abc AbcHey so thisll be the final chapter. Thanks for the reviews and stuff! Havefun!"Vell I think its my turn!"
  13. 13. "You told me you wouldnt hurt him!" Spain growled. Hed only done it cause heloved Lovino!"Did I ever say that? No. I said you do or I vould, I said nothing about aftervards."Spain strained against the ropes that bound his hands again, wishing he could onlydo something. "Romano…"Russia looked over at the Spaniard and sighed, "Im off." He announced."Youre just leaving us?" Spain spat."Vould you rather I stay?"He kept silent as the Russian walked out the door and switched off the lights,leaving the two countries in the dark. "…Are you okay, Romano?""Fuck no bastard." Came a voice from somewhere in the room.Spain laughed despite himself and said, "Still fine enough to swear though I see.""Shut up."Spain shook his head and looked towards the doorway; faint light was filteringthrough this time, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. "Was there lightthere before, Lovi?""Whys it matter?" came the glum reply."Because it means someones there!" Spain exclaimed. "HEY! HELP!""Shut up you idiot! What if its that bastard Russia? Hes just gonna fucking punishyou for trying to get away!" Romano hissed.The door opened and someone stood in the doorway. Spain squinted, trying tomake out who it was…"HEY! HELP!" Prussia stared at the door. Mein Gott, anything but this, he thought.He knew whos room that was; it was Russias, the only one who can strike fearinto his awesome heart."Shut up you idiot!..." Prussia sighed, definitely Spain and Romano. If it was hisfriend, then why was he having so much trouble reaching out to open the door?"Prussia!" Spain laughed, "Hell if Im not glad to see you!" Prussia ran over andembraced his friend. "Amigo, Im fine, whats up?""Dont lie Spain." Spain was shocked at Prussias tone and didnt know how torespond, he only smiled and nodded."Great, hug time over, could you untie us?"
  14. 14. Leave it to Romano to destroy the mood. Prussia immediately went back toawesome mode."Yeah sure, the awesome me will totally save you two alright?" Prussia cut throughtheir ropes with a dagger and led the two countries into the hallway. "Everyonesbeen looking for you two, you werent at the meeting this morning and you werentin your rooms either.""Yeah, we were locked up in a bat shit crazy Russians room." Romano mutteredangrily. Spain automatically felt for the ring in his pocket, did Romano really meanwhat hed said? That he would marry me? Spain laughed and left the little boxwhere it was."Youre so funny Lovi~!" he grinned at the ruffled looking Italian."Shut up bastard!" Romano huffed and looked away, a blush dusting his cheeks.Spain laughed harder and pulled the younger country into a hug. "So cute!" Maybesomeday, but for today I think Ill leave things as they are… Even after whathappened, life goes on, right? So I can save this for another day I think.So yeah, final chapter. For anyone who cares, Im making a prequal of thiswith Prussia and the Berlin Wall so yeah. Ja!We All Fall DownAuthor: PoodlePop PMWhen the whole world falls victim to a biological weapon developed in northeast asiacan anyone help before the aftermath wipes off the entirety of the globe? SlightSpamano. Will involve other suggested pairings; FRUK, USUK, RUSAME, FRAIN,FRANADA, ETC.Rated: Fiction M - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,335 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 06-18-12 -Published: 11-04-11 - id: 7523236 A a Abc Abc AbcAN: MATURE FOR EXTREME GORE AND SENSITAVE MATERIAL. DLDR. Might be atad depressing. A thank you to all those who put up with my pointless moaningabout my writing style, I hope you can all forgive me. The following events arefictional and not based on any real political situations. Credit and thank yous go toFroggy and Gab for the storyline and to the skype/iscribble role play group for theinspiration and drive to do it all those months ago. For translations see the bottomof the fic, any corrections are welcome as Im not a speaker of either Latin orItalian.He had feared this would happen.They had all feared this would happen.China was the first major power to go. Whilst the war effort had stopped NorthKorean advances, it didnt take long for the virus, a biological super weapon the
  15. 15. Koreans had developed, to spread through the larger nation. Overpopulation andthe heat drove the infection south, causing a sudden burst across the neighboringcountries, flooding India and the Asian sibling nations. The virus was spreadingfaster than nations could shut themselves off from the world, it grew out of control,and it went wild.America had been there. America had been there from the beginning. His forceshad moved on North Korea just as soon as the Chinese. It was a suicide mission,soon the men learnt that when they were infected theyd not be granted leave tohome, and as men refused to fight, so the bombs began to fall.Any hope that the Koreans had an antidote were dashed as soon as the smokecleared.Things fell apart even more once the Russians became involved, who had supportedNorth Korea from the sidelines and now, in their frustration of defeat, the nationopened its arms to the virus. Some infected themselves, some gave up. Either waythe country had become hell bent on taking down everyone they could. People foryears to come would assume this was a mad mans mission, but it wasnt until theydiscovered the Russians believed they had the cure, did the poor few countries whoremained know why.Security increased. Airports were closed. Countries isolated themselves for fear ofcontamination.However, that only slowed the infection.Throughout history, Europe had always been the target, always been the continentwith the most conflict. So did it really make it any different now? Any different nowthat the power had been shifted further east and west? No... That just made Europesomething different. This made Europe the space in between, this made Europe Nomans land.After the infection had taken out South America, the European nations wereessentially surrounded. All imports of food had to be closed off, only some of theluckier nations dared to trade between neighbours. It was only a matter of waitingbefore one of the countries became diseased.It started at Turkey, immigrants fleeing from the Middle East came baring thedisease. People would pass on the tale of how a couple of cowards had essentiallybrought upon the downfall of Europe, their plague caught the Turks off guard, whohad believed themselves impenetrable. Soon after Turkey, Greece fell, and theRussians got to their neighbouring former soviet states.Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine... They all fell.Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania... They didnt stand a chance.The panic started.As soon as Lithuania began to fall, Poland foolishly rushed to aid. Securitystandards quickly became forgotten as people became crazed. Those who stayeddied. Those who fled were either killed or turned away.In the cold the virus spread slowly.
  16. 16. In the heat the virus thrives.There was nothing they could do for Italy by the time anyone knew they wereinfected.He had seen Mexico, seen him in the American quarantine tents, just before theyburnt any remains on the Texan border where the great disaster had struckhardest. They had told him that Mexico had been shot on sight as he fled across theborder; they told him that they all had. There was nothing the Americans could doand they had to make sure of their own survival too, especially after Canadassubside. He didnt blame him, but that didnt stop the agony that followed in grief.The sight of Mexicos body hadnt been pretty. He looked starved, ribs protrudingoddly through the bloodstained and tattered remains of his shirt. There were blackand blue swells scattered around anywhere that hadnt already been bleeding, andany skin that did show was a grotesque shade of saturated yellow. The formercolonys hair was a mess, Spain had to hold back whatever compelled him to combit back and scold the nation for letting it get that way, it was streaked lightly withgrey and a thick crusted layer of dead skin was gathered at the roots. He couldntlook at the younger nations face. It was almost as if the former nation of Mexico,the former New Spain, had been rotting for weeks before his death.There was no word from Argentina, nor any of his old American colonies, and noone dared venture beyond the safe zones.All of the Spaniards children were gone.All of them.He couldnt let South Italy go too.The other nations had called him stupid. They had yelled at him, pleaded at him torethink, but his eyes had turned steely and he had not listened. He wasnt like theGerman, he wasnt going to stand there and watch as Italy fell. After all, wasnt itclear that there was only so much time before they would all be destroyed?And Spain was only a stones throw away from Africa.Antonio wasnt sure when hed lost hope; when he had seen so many people whostill held it close. So many of his people still tried to survive, still tried to help, andstill prayed desperately for a miracle. Perhaps it was when he started seeing theeffects on his fellow nations, or when he started seeing friends, family, and loversfight against each other for life; killing one another in the process. Maybe it wasonce the panic started, once any order which the countries could cling to crumbledbeneath their fingertips.He had heard that Portugal stopped praying the day he heard about Brazil, thesame day he started to cough.Lovino would kill him for this.The Lovino he knew would yell at him; would tell him hes a bastard, a stupidbastard who seems to think that the other needs his help. He would look at him
  17. 17. with a fire in his eyes, a fire that could easily be confused for hate, for anger, fordisgust. However, the Spanish nation knew him better than that. He had, after all,spent years, decades, centuries protecting the Italian nation, guiding the smallercountry, supporting him and loving him.This was not the Italy brother he knew, this Italy was dying.Spain found them together, the grand walls and roof of the Sistine Chapel risinghigh above them, untouched by the decay of the modern world. For a momenteverything was normal as Antonios eyes swept across the fine artwork thatdecorated the cold stone. For a moment he was taken back, he could stillremember the smell of the paint, see the bubbling excitement that was clear inRomanos young face, and the red that slowly spread across it when he realisedwhat was being painted.He looked so different now. He hadnt just grown, he had aged, and rapidly too.It had been easy to tell there was something wrong, and not just by the field ofbodies that scattered across the roads outside the Vatican. The fact that themajority appeared to be suicides was what had alarmed him most. The city was likea ghost town, there were no survivors, or at least none visible, he hoped. TheSpaniard panicked. Was he too late? Was everyone already dead?It was so quiet.The chapel door had been barricaded; a small litter of cardinals lay about it asthough they were useless dolls, cold hands still appearing to claw at the door evenin death. Antonio did not try the door, instead making his way around the building,searching for a window, a side door, anything that he could break through. By thetime he had found his way in he could already feel fatigue approaching, therewasnt long, and everything was silent, too silent.His footsteps had echoed across the vast open space as he walked towards theaisle. Every time his sole made contact with the marble floor felt like a hardswallow, he felt like something was clenching tighter and tighter to his gut.He had then noticed the blood.There was blood on the floor.And then he heard the chanting.His heart began racing, pounding, beating against his ribcage. The Spaniards headsnapped up from the floor, trying desperately to locate the faint sound before itdisappeared. Where was it? Who was it? Was Lovino here? Was he safe? Was heokay?Hurrying down the aisle, feet faltering on the horrifying liquid, Spain barely made itto the gateway standing."...istam sanctan unctionem..."The voice sent chills down his spine. It was raw, it was hoarse, it sounded likeevery sound it uttered was ripping a new hole in the speakers body.
  18. 18. "...piissimam misericordiam..."The Spaniard stared, ahead of him was the altar, its regal decorations scatteredacross the floor and the table cloth tugged away. It looked like there had been astruggle, something had happened, something important. Antonios heart skipped abeat."... Dominus"Only just in view, poking out from behind the alter, he could just about see a pair ofbruised, unclothed feet."Per istam sanctan unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam, indulgeat tibiDominus"Someone was moving Antonios legs.Some ungodly power had pushed the nation forward, or rather pulled him, downthe aisle towards the altar. It must have been some other force, because theSpaniard felt he couldnt move an inch. Yet there he was, marching slowly towardsthe scene. He couldnt breathe, he couldnt blink, he couldnt even swallow astonnes upon tonnes of dread fell on his heart.He had been too late, hadnt he...?He was now alone, wasnt he...?The closer he got, the better he could see the damage. The blood from the entrancehad intensified to the point he was sure he saw a large puddle of the liquid and,Antonio took a moment to gag, a sickly mess of grey bile and mucus mixed amongit. The altars cloth had smears of blood where it had been tugged at, there was aknife glistening ominously amongst the folds."...Requescant in pace..."Something inside the Spaniards mind brought him back to reality.Where was the chanting coming from?"... R.." The brunette tested his voice, barely above a whisper. "...Romano...?"There was silence."...ques... cant in..." There was a heavy cough and perhaps a sob that seemed toreverberate around the walls for an eternity. "-pace..."Whoever it was who was here, they were alive, if they were a citizen of Italy thatmeant that Romano could be alive too. And if it werent a citizen of Italy, then itcould only be the one he was here looking for.With this new affirmation of hope, the Spanish nation took a few hurried steps untilhe was around the altar and looking directly down at—
  19. 19. It wasnt Romanos feet he had seen, though the poor nation was there, clingingdesperately to the clothes of the other behind the altar.It wasnt South Italy."Che cazzo ci fai qui?" The brunettes head snapped around and he leapt back,scrambling somewhat to his feet, cursing as he left the other body exposed andthen exploding into a ringing chorus of choking coughs.It was the other one...It was Feliciano.The image of the North Italians fresh body had barely burnt into his mind before hefound himself being shoved back. Slipping on the sea of crimson liquid, Antonio fellback gasping deep gulps of breath, the shock shaking his entire body."Prendi il cazzo via da qui! Non avvicinarti! Immondo! Heathen!"The former Spanish empires eyes leapt up to the face of his assailant, his dearRomano, and he almost cried out in horror. If the sound of his voice hadnt beenenough to let dread creep over him then the gaunt, grey skin and blood smearedface of his former protectorate had been. The poor boys eyes were darkened, asickly mix of yellow and crimson red contrasted revoltingly against his oncebeautiful hazel iris, and they appeared to have sunk into his skull so far that he hadpermanent rings of black around them. His cheeks were hollowed and ghastly,allowing the cheekbones to protrude out at an ugly angle. And those lips, those lipsthat the Spaniard had spent his life longing to kiss, were cracked, bloodied and tornat the sides, one of which had become infected and was excreting a puss likesubstance with every movement of the others lips."Lo non ti lascerò lo porti da me, non voglio! Ha bisogno del vostro aiuto! Ha solobisogno di me! Ti aiuto io! Ill do it better! Ci arriveremo attraverso questo! Bastaguardare, non abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto! "The voice was quiet and hoarse beyond belief, yet its intention was screamedthrough Antonios head. Each word was like a last breath, gasping and barelyaudible. Some words werent heard at all, Romanos mouth forming the speech yetnone would come out of the boy. The very sight, the very sound, made Spain wantto cry.The Italians eyes had a gaze of crazed fury. It wasnt the kind Antonio was used to,this looked like genuine anger, twisted, unhinged, but genuine anger. As he let thewords echo endlessly in his mind the Spaniard forced himself to his feet, aware thatLovino would probably attempt to attack him again if he so much as moved fromhis spot."Sono il fratello più grande, quindi dovrei badare a lui! Se sei cazzo mi ascolta? "There was a desperation that Spain had never known in the others voice. Thedemands seemed to be told as if the others very existence depended on it.Antonios eyes fell back on the other Italy, whose body was soaked in blood,crusted in places. Oh Romano, he thought pitifully, how long have you been over
  20. 20. his body repeating his last rites? The wounds on the Italian however, were notgenerated by the disease, they appeared self inflicted. Spain remembered the knife,and pieces began to fall into place.He stepped forward."Non toccarlo!"The ghostly form of Lovino screamed, voice actually giving hisemotion justice for once before breaking in to another tearing rapture of coughing."Tu ... tu lo... ammazzo!"Sadness gripped the elder nations heart, and he felt as though someone hadreached inside and torn it away from him. Feliciano had clearly been dead for hoursif not a day."Roma..." The old nickname sticking even in such circumstances, "Hes not...Feliciano hes-""Non è morto!" The Italians sudden scream, stilled the Spaniards tongue. "Lui nonè! Lui non lo è! Stai zitto! Stai zitto! Stai zitto! Stai zitto!"Romanos hands flew up to his ears, screaming the same words again and againuntil he made no sound at all. Blood seeped from his abused lips and fell to thefloor as he continued to scream in his mind. Then the young nations body seizedup, eyes flinging wide open and he fell to the floor, coughing turned to retching andit wasnt soon before more blood decorated the chapel.Spain wanted to help but found he couldnt do a thing but watch.It felt like an eternity before the cries finally ceased."Roma... Romano..." Antonios horrified eyes finally moved from the space theydunfocused at and glued to the Italians arched back. His only response was harshbreathing, filling the humid, stale smelling air. The Spaniard moved to him,crouching beside him, more concerned for the victim than the foul hot liquidseeping into the knees of his trousers. "Shh... Romano... I-Im here... "The older man reached out apprehensively to touch the boys shoulder. He wantedto comfort him.A hand twisted its way up to stop him, bony and dry. Spain noticed the skin hadbecome rough under his fingers, some dead parts flaked away from his touch, butany new flesh that was discovered was just as old as the rest.The yells started again, even in the nations present state."Scappare. Vattene via! Non ho bisogno di aiuto, non abbiamo bisogno di aiuto.Andate via! Chiudi il becco." His cries were weaker now, hoarser and dryer. Spainwished hed brought aid, some water, some medicine, something. He wished hedbrought at least something to ease his little boys pain.The curses and stream of words continued, like a record on repeat. SomehowAntonio managed to get the boy to lie in his arms, making it a little morecomfortable for the aching, rotting body of the great kingdom of two Scillies. Theman was finally crying, silent tears falling from his face as he watched Romanostare up at the ceiling, muttering words that should be yells.
  21. 21. "Gli ho detto di non farlo. Gli dissi che avrebbe ottenuto sangue dappertutto, e avreidovuto pulirlo. Gli ho detto quando è stato fatto sarebbe dispiaciuto, sarebbe statochiesto il mio aiuto. Ha detto che non gli importava. Ha detto che avrebbe preferitomorire, ma ... perché? Non poteva vedere come stavo lavorando duramente perfarlo rimanere in vita? Ha cercato di uscire, ha cercato di scappare, eh. Beh, unavolta che ha capito che non poteva, si fermò a provare. Afferrò il coltello e hainiziato a fare una bella immagine per me. Ama la pittura. Ha detto che volevadipingere la cappella tutta di nuovo. Così ha fatto. Io lo guardavo. Egli non si alzò. Eora di riposo, la siesta ... mi ha detto di stare sveglio ... Mi ha detto di fare laguardia. "The mumbling began to turn delirious; Romano started talking about the oddest ofthings afterwards. His coughing grew worse and soon his voice was barely audibleover a whisper, and he was practically screaming his words."Romano, Vuoi... startene... z-zitto per un momento?" The Spaniard tried, hopingthe Italian would get through to his Romano, get him to stop the insane chattering."Dovè la Spagna? Egli sarebbe stato qui per me, si sarebbe preso cura di me. Hami ha lasciato? Perché mi lasci qui? Non sa che fa male?"If it was possible for his heart to break more, it did.Did Lovino not recognise him?"L... Lovi... Im here... I-I-Im right... here..." He clung to the brunettes brittlefeeling shoulders, shaking him slightly, trying to wake him from his delirium. "Im...right... here, Lovino."But the muttering continued, and Romanos eyes were distant, they were staringstraight past Spain."Fa male, fa male, Spagna. Per favore, aiutatemi. Vieni e mi aiuta ..."He wanted to scream at him, bring him back to reality. Dont do this, dont do thisRomano, the voice of his thoughts cried in grief, please dont do this Lovino. Hepulled the weak, almost lifeless body to his chest, and clung on tight. This was theworst of it yet, seeing his little Lovino perish before his time, and in such adisgusting manor.The coughing started again, harsh and bone shattering. Warmth spread acrossSpains chest, and he realised the other must be retching again.He let go of Romano, allowing the other to willingly roll off him and onto hisstomach, barely keeping himself off the ground with shaking limbs as the bloodsplattered by Spains legs. There was a shuddering gasp for air in between coughs,and when Lovino did finally stop coughing and was steady; his breathing had agargling noise to it.Spain panicked yet again, pulling Romano to sit up and look him directly in theeyes. The Italians head looked heavy as his ragged breathing continued his eyesstill distant."Lovino... Please... listen to me... Listen to me!" The Spaniard shook him, panicoverriding any form of gentleness he had in his actions. "Por... favour... escucha..."
  22. 22. For a second, for a moment, Antonio saw hazel eyes meet his own, flicking up tosee him. He saw them dilate, saw them swim with emotion that was not hate oranger. He stared, and couldnt find the words to say, falling dead silent.What do you say to the person you love when theyre dying?Its one of those things, one of those questions you know the answers to, but assoon as youre faced with the situation not a thing springs to mind.The silence lengthened, broken only by the sickening sound of Romanos breathing,and then –Romano opened his mouth, the ghastly red covered every surface within it clingingto his beautiful teeth, his beautiful tongue, his—The mouth was forming a word.Spains heart stopped, it didnt matter if he could hear the words or not, he couldsee them, he knew what they said.Then the Sicilian choked, once, twice, three times before coughing up another finalbout of the murky blood mixture. He fell forwards, limp into Antonios hands andthe breathing became solid gurgles of the liquid, frothing and spilling from hismouth and then—Romano went completely limp.Completely dead silence fell on the chapel again.Translations:Per istam sanctan unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam, indulgeattibi Dominu – Latin, The spoken acts of the last rites in Catholic Religion.Requescant in pace – Latin, Rest in peace.Che cazzo ci fai qui? – What the fuck are you doing here?Prendi il cazzo via da qui! Non avvicinarti! Immondo! Heathen! – Get thefuck out of here! Dont come! Unclean! Heathen!Lo non ti lascerò lo porti da me, non voglio! Ha no bisogno del vostro aiuto!Ha solo bisogno di me! Ti aiuto io! Ill do it better! Ci arriveremo attraversoquesto! Basta guardare, non abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto! -I will not letyou take him from me, I will not! He has no need of your help! He just needs me!Ill help him! Ill do it better! Well get through this! Just look, we do not need yourhelp!Sono il fratello più grande, quindi dovrei badare a lui! Se sei cazzo miascolta? – Im the older brother so I should look after him! Are you fuckinglistening to me!Non toccarlo! – Dont touch him!
  23. 23. Tu ... tu lo... ammazzo! – You… You will… kill him!Non è morto! – Hes not dead!Lui non è! Lui non lo è! Stai zitto! Stai zitto! Stai zitto! Stai zitto! – Hes not!Hes not! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!Scappare. Vattene via! Non ho bisogno di aiuto, non abbiamo bisogno diaiuto. Andate via! Chiudi il becco. - Escape. Get away! I do not need help, wedo not need help. Go away! Shut up."Gli ho detto di non farlo. Gli dissi che avrebbe ottenuto sanguedappertutto, e avrei dovuto pulirlo. Gli ho detto quando è stato fattosarebbe dispiaciuto, sarebbe stato chiesto il mio aiuto. Ha detto che non gliimportava. Ha detto che avrebbe preferito morire, ma ... perché? Nonpoteva vedere come stavo lavorando duramente per farlo rimanere in vita?Ha cercato di uscire, ha cercato di scappare, eh. Beh, una volta che hacapito che non poteva, si fermò a provare. Afferrò il coltello e ha iniziato afare una bella immagine per me. Ama la pittura. Ha detto che volevadipingere la cappella tutta di nuovo. Così ha fatto. Io lo guardavo. Egli nonsi alzò. E ora di riposo, la siesta ... mi ha detto di stare sveglio ... Mi hadetto di fare la guardia. " - "I told him not to do it. I told him that he would getblood everywhere, and I would have to clean it. I told him when he was done hewould be sorry, he would be asking for my help. He said he didnt care. He saidhed rather die, but... why? Couldnt he see how hard I was working to make himstay alive? He tried to get outside, he tried to escape, heh. Well, once he realisedhe could not, he stopped trying. He grabbed the knife and started making a prettypicture for me. He loves painting. He said he wanted to paint the entire chapelagain. So he did. I watched him. He did not get up. Hes resting now, taking asiesta... he told me to stay awake... he told me to keep watch."Vuoi... startene... z-zitto per un momento? – Can …you… be quiet for aminute?Dovè la Spagna? Egli sarebbe stato qui per me, si sarebbe preso cura dime. Ha mi ha lasciato? Perché mi lasci qui? Non sa che fa male? – Where isSpain? He would be here for me, he would help me. Has he left me? Has he gonetoo? Doesnt he know it hurts?Fa male, fa male, Spagna. Per favore, aiutatemi. Vieni e mi aiuta ... – Ithurts, it hurts, Spain. Please help. Come and help me…Por... favour... escucha... – Please, Listen.We All Fall DownAuthor: PoodlePop PMWhen the whole world falls victim to a biological weapon developed in northeast asiacan anyone help before the aftermath wipes off the entirety of the globe? SlightSpamano. Will involve other suggested pairings; FRUK, USUK, RUSAME, FRAIN,FRANADA, ETC.Rated: Fiction M - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,335 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 06-18-12 -Published: 11-04-11 - id: 7523236
  24. 24. A a Abc Abc AbcNo……This…It couldnt be…Why was this…Happening…?Spain stared.He couldnt do anything else.He was afraid of what might happen if he did.Was Romano really…?No…No he couldnt be.The denial clung like cold sweat to the Spaniard as he looked at Lovinos limp,dripping, silent form. He was still supported by Antonios outstretched arms. Slowly,he decided to lower the body, pulling it into his bloodstained lap and cradling thefigure. Not once during the movement was there a sign of life from the Italian."Roma…?"The Spanish accent echoed into the silence, yet no response came. He shook theskeletal corpse."Roma, nows not the time to be sleeping, get up."There were pricks tickling the corner of his eyes, he tried to blink them away andbit his trembling lip. Theres no use fussing over him, hed be up in a couple ofseconds, and Spain would have to straighten up and act like the boss he was. Hehad to be brave, show his Romano there was nothing to worry about. After all, hewould be up soon, everything would be okay, everything—"Wake up, Romano! … Please!"His pleading voice mumbled desperately, quivering with fear.He shook Romano, a weak smile twitching onto his lips as he spoke, no cooed, hispleas at the carcass. He wouldnt let Romano see he was upset once he woke up.He wouldnt let the boy wake up to him thinking insane things like him drowning to
  25. 25. death in his own blood. That was ridiculous; no one died like that, especially notnations.He must have sat there for hours, trying to coax the Sicilian to awake.Watching the Italians cold face for sign of life, Antonio felt realization slowly sinkthrough his shuddering body. He was dead. The feeling of denial was slowlystripped from his body as a chill struck the room; stifling the heat for a momentand painting it away with the cold before returning, but not at all in its oncevigorous state.He was dead.Lovino Vargas, Romano, South Italy, was dead.Something caught in his throat at that.Admitting that to himself was like driving a steak through his own heart.Finally, he allowed his face to fall and to bury his head against the deceasedItalians still chest.That was the first day.Anger.It was all he felt, all he could feel.The world became black and white to him. There was no colour, not on pristineartwork of the walls, not on the deep mahogany benches, not on the stained glasswindows. There was naught except for the blood.Questions, questions, so many questions.Why Lovino?How could he let this happen?What could he have done to stop it?Why were other people alive when the person he cared for most, the person he hadspent the majority of his life protecting, the person he loved was dead?It made him angry, beyond angry.Throughout the day he stayed within the chapel. He switched between staying byLovinos side, sitting on the second row of pews, and passing up and down theaisle. At one point he threw the altar cross at the wall, seething with anger, shakinguncontrollably.He felt he was boiling up inside, and that whatever was boiling was pushing at hisskin, the pressure building and building, longing to be released. He wanted to tear
  26. 26. at it, he wanted to release the pressure, he wanted to explode, but found hecouldnt.By the end of the second day he had Lovino in an unbreakable grip, tight againsthis chest as his tear sore eyes searched the room for salvation.By the end of the second day hed begun to pray.Using Romanos rosaries as a link to the boy he called out to the heavens he hadfollowed devotedly through most of his life. The tiny form of mans savior, JesusChrist, upon the cross that carried their sins rubbing against the Spaniards thumband forefinger as he spoke the divine words. Someone had to hear him, someone atleast. He would have done anything to get an audience with the lord. Never beforein his life had he wanted it this much. Not when his people were dying of theplague, not when he fought and claimed land in the name of him, nor even whenhis empire collapsed and fell around him, dragging Spain through hell along with itin the process.Our Father, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary.He begged them for an answer, screaming until his throat went raw.Allāh, Abraham, Muhammed.He would give anything; his soul, his devotion, his people, his life. He would giveanything in turn for the Italian to be alive, breathing, yelling at him for praying tosomething outside of the catholic religion.He didnt care.He just wanted him back.Hed give anything.By the third day he had given up.Hed been exposed to the dead bodies and sickly sweet air for four days, even as anation he was bound to have contracted the disease by now. Not that it would havemade a difference, he didnt really see the point. What was his life really withoutRomano? Hed forgotten what hed done before. Be owned? Fight for his country?Not a lot had mattered to him back then, everything had just been the rhythmicduties of being a country, and Lovino had been the one to make him realize hecould feel.So what was the point?After all, he was only a stones throw away from Africa.He barely rose to consciousness now.Lying beside his Italian, work weathered hand joined with the cold of the others,the kingdom of Spain drifted in and out of his dreams. Memories, happy memories
  27. 27. of them, the two of them, the family España once had. He heard their voices,begging for him to run off and play. He heard Romano, mumbling and cursing as heburied his mouth in a tomato, his little hand clinging on to the end of Antonioscoat. And then hed drift back to reality in this dream like state, feeling the coldcrusting liquid stick to him like syrup.At one point he heard footsteps.At one point he heard his name.Felt himself being pulled up.Felt arms around him.Saw golden hair.Saw his friend.His hand slipped from the Sicilians, energy less fingertips barely brushing againstthe others."Hes dead, Francia."AN: Unfortunately as many of my friends refuse to read through and checkthis for me it hasnt been betad, so if any mistakes crop up please help meby pointing them out~ No long translations in this one for you, Its also ahell of a lot shorter... But with good reason. I cant state how much itirritates me that I cant make the text do the things it was doing in word.So no word art and nice spacing for you. Hope you enjoyed... or notenjoyed... or whatever... I realise that this is probably the most depressingthing Ive written :| But you can tell me all about your reaction in aReview~We All Fall DownAuthor: PoodlePop PMWhen the whole world falls victim to a biological weapon developed in northeast asiacan anyone help before the aftermath wipes off the entirety of the globe? SlightSpamano. Will involve other suggested pairings; FRUK, USUK, RUSAME, FRAIN,FRANADA, ETC.Rated: Fiction M - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,335 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 06-18-12 -Published: 11-04-11 - id: 7523236 A a Abc Abc Abc"Hes dead, Francia…"Italy was gone.Francis Bonnefoy had never really considered the reasons behind his and theSpaniards obsession with the Italy brothers. Perhaps it had been their time
  28. 28. together under the care (Francis always used that term loosely) of Rome that hadinspired them, perhaps it was just their big brotherly nature, but either way thepair had squabbled over them for the entirety of their youth. A small part of theFrenchman had never given up on this fight, even when the two had grown up andgained their independence, but then again it was also this small part that craved forthe Spanish mans attention, and was insanely jealous of the way that he looked atRomano.When the virus had hit, Francis was one of the first to understand the full grasp ofwhat was going to happen. He had been through illnesses one too many times, and,being the grand centre of Europe, hed grown accustom to getting them all one wayor another. In fact, the Frenchman was pleasantly surprised by how long he hadmanaged to last. His boss had been rather forceful and efficient in the precautionsthey took. When the virus had made it past turkey their country had gone back torationing, refusing to exchange food with any other nation and putting their ownsupply under close observation. Their borders were always closely monitored, andtheir embassies were given the grand task of passing on news as to whether therehad been rumours of outbreak in the other countries, any kind of exchangebetween those countries would effectively be impossible as soon as word reachedParis.However, the general consensus of the people of France wasnt entirely positive.Francis had watched as his people lashed out in anger at the isolation from theirneighbouring countries. Families were torn apart and businesses ruined. A largeamount of religious followers spoke out against the oppression of their freedom,and hailed the coming disease as the lords divine punishment over this diseasedwar craving world. It was quite sickeningly humorous to the Frenchman in a way,seeing all the religions that hed seen the world tear itself apart to appease,civilisations slaughtered and wars waged, all over the simple argument of myreligion is better than yours, and yet here they were on the brink of the worldsdestruction, banded together to welcome in the disease and cleanse the world of allsin. The irony."Antonio..."Francis cradled the grief stricken man in his arms, never before in his entireexistence had he seen a sight so pitiful. His clothes were crusted with blood andbile, he smelt something rotten and was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Antoniohimself was relatively unharmed. True, he looked like he hadnt eaten in weeks andhad barely enough energy to raise his head, but this was nothing a little bit oftender love and care wouldnt fix. The greatest wound, Francis could see, was in themales heart.When Antonio Fernandez Carriedo turned to look at him, his eyes were void of thelife and emotion they had once been so alight with. It seemed like the muscles ofhis face were incapable of doing anything other than the barest of actions, andwhen the Spaniards mouth twitched into a slight smile it sent shivers up theFrenchmans spine in a way he had never before experienced."Lovinos gone... hes gone now..." Antonio stopped to cough, his throat soincredibly dry.Francis pulled out a bottle of water from his bag, guilt hitting him when he realisedhow much he had drunk of it earlier, wishing hed saved it for the man who wasclearly in more need. He popped the cap and brought it to his old friends lips, theliquid running between their dry cracked surface and for the first time in days he
  29. 29. drank. The blonde ran a hand through his old friends hair, sighing a little with reliefthat Antonio was okay."Oui, Oui, mon ami... Hes at peace... Hes safe now..." Francis words of comfortdrifted on the sweet air, as the bottle soon emptied and he tossed it to one side,tugging Antonio up little by little in his dazed dreamlike state until he was sat. "Youhave to come with me now... come back to Marseille with me, oui? There is a boatwaiting... well be able to get back within a couple of days... oui? Well get you backand fed and—""Francia..." Antonio interrupted, eyes on the body of his fallen charge, a sad distantexpression on his face. "I... do you think...""Shhh..." The Frenchman hushed his companion, pulling him closer and smiling alittle in comfort, "It can wait, oui? Lets get you to somewhere safe..." He soothedthe other, before attempting to stand, slinging his old friends arm around hisshoulders to support him as he lead him away from Lovino and out into the silentcolossal spaces of an empty Rome.Despite its history, despite all of its hardships and everything it had endured, Italyhad fallen. It didnt matter how big an impression you left on time and the map, inthe end it was your people that mattered. If a country couldnt protect its peoplethen nothing would save it, and youd either fall and be replaced by another, ordisappear from existence all together. And like the grand structures and shells ofbuildings, youd be nothing more than a distant memory.Not once did Antonio look back.~In the end, We all fall down~AN: Sorry it took so long to update guys, I had some real trouble withFrancis and how Id get from A to B in the plot. But thankfully I finally gotthis chapter done. Of course, it doesnt help when your housemates refuseto allow you to write any more because its too sad BP. Again Id like toapologise for any grammatical or spelling errors as everyone refuses toBeta this :II hope you enjoy, It all kicks off in the next chapter.We All Fall DownAuthor: PoodlePop PMWhen the whole world falls victim to a biological weapon developed in northeast asiacan anyone help before the aftermath wipes off the entirety of the globe? SlightSpamano. Will involve other suggested pairings; FRUK, USUK, RUSAME, FRAIN,FRANADA, ETC.Rated: Fiction M - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Spain & S. Italy/Romano -Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,335 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 06-18-12 -Published: 11-04-11 - id: 7523236 A a Abc Abc AbcChapter 4
  30. 30. It was a hot and terrible fever.He lingered for days and days in a constant disequilibrium between his dreams andreality, though you couldnt really call them dreams. He had hot sweats and coldsweats. There were nights where he just screamed, calling out to something thatwas already gone, cursing the entire of existence and yelling to things that didntexist. He began feverishly reciting Latin prayers over and over again as he stared atthe ceiling shaking uncontrollably, for the longest time everyone feared he wasgoing mad. Once hed awoken to a most pleasant sight, there he was; his charge,his Italy, his Lovino, leaning over him in his sleep. "Dont worry Bastard." Hed said,whispering softly against his forehead as he leant down to kiss it, the wordsechoing, he seemed so far away, it didnt make sense. "Im at peace now, right? Noneed for you to fucking worry about me." And he was right, wasnt he? There wasno need. Lovino Vargas in his soft, angelic form that was before him was at peace,in gods arms high up above, in eternal bliss. But why were there cracks? Why wasLovinos skin beginning to peel away like a cracked oil painting? He reached up totouch the crack, try and determine whether it was real, or his eyes playing anothertrick. At the contact the surface of Italia Romanos perfect olive skin fractured andbegan to flake away, falling like snow... or... like ash. It was warm, suddenly fartoo warm for the Spaniard as he felt himself begin to sweat, Lovino continuing toflake away, his mouth opening and uttering those soundless words he had done solong ago and Antonio, the kingdom of Spain, lay there, horrified as they repeatedover and over in the loudest volume possible in his head. Blood leaked past thecracks in Romanos skin until all fell away and the Italian became dust and air.Francis had remained diligently by Antonios side, feeding him as much as he could,though they were half rations; basic soups and the occasional loaf of bread. He wasthere for him to mop his brow, to be screamed at and cried on as the Spaniardslowly regained his grip on reality. When the younger nation seemed to havereached his worst, when Francis was worried hed lose another friend, Spain pulledthrough, waking up half dead 2 weeks after hed arrived at the port of Marseille."Fr-Francis...?"The Frenchman rushed to his companions side, helping him sit up as he squintedagainst the harsh light of the southern French coast seeping through the blinds."Oui, Mon ami?" The country of France smiled when the Spaniards eyes recognisedhis presence for once. "Back in the land of the living are you?"Francis laughed, but the Spaniard did not. Silence settled once more on the roombefore Spain broke it with abrupt coughing."Uh... Are you okay? How are you feeling, mon cher?" There was concern in Franciseyes as he moved closer to do... he lingered for a moment... something, eventuallysettling with patting him on the back to ease the cough."Si, si... Francesco I am fine... Por favor... Stop." Antonio let out a heavy sigh oncehed caught his breath, massaging his throat. "Its just a cough; everyone has acough these days."Francis chose instead to just frown, they both knew – despite however much theyboth wanted it to be true – that Antonio was lying. These were the first signs, nextthing he would know his childhood friend and ally would be coughing up blood,slowly rotting from the inside out, as his bodily functions start to shut down, cell re-
  31. 31. growth tries to compensate and speeds up, but too fast for his body and unhealthilytoo... eventually hell wind up like the rest of them – unless..."Antoine... what if... what if we got you a secluded corner of France... take ahandful of people, quarantined of course, non? And then we just... let you havethat... keeping your people free of the disease... then maybe...maybe if we giveyou that... after everyone else is gone... youll still..." Francis stopped, broken offby the look in Antonios eyes, almost fearful. "Antoine?"Antonio snapped out of his train of thought, looking to Francis with confused eyes."Que?""I was saying what if we gave you a part of my country an-""Lo siento Francis, but no... I dont think now is the time to abandon my people... Iam the Kingdom of España. My people are who I am; it would be ill fitting to losecomplete hope on them. Besides, you worry too much, Francis... Perhaps itll justpa-" He erupted, rather ironically into fits of coughing, bringing his hand to hismouth as Francis rubbed his back."I-It was just a suggestion, mon ami." The Frenchman sighed as a distant ringing ofthe phone called upstairs. "Ah... I should get that... désolé..."Antonio kept his hand to his mouth, watching as Francis left the room beforelooking down at his hand with a disappointed, but accepting sigh.~Ring o Ring o Roses~"Bonjour~" Francis replied his ever cheery self over the phone, soon holding thereceiver away from his ear however as he heard the caller yell at him. "Q-Quoi?Désolé... I did not quite uhhh... catch that?""Is. He. Here?" The receiver buzzed, the sound of an irritated middle aged manechoing down the telephone wires."You know you are going to have to be a bit more clear than that I have no ideawho you are on about." Francis replied slightly snootily, stiffening at the fact thathis boss even dared to start the call off so rudely."You know who Im on about. The Spaniard. I heard youd come home withsomeone from Italy despite your best interests and brought someone back withyou. Im fully aware that Italy has fallen so aside from the Germans who have gonein to lockdown, that would be your reckless and stupid friend and neighbour!"Francis rolled his eyes, biting his nail slightly as he looked up to where Antonio hadgot up to go to the bathroom apparently, a couple of coughs still heard. "Oui... Heis here... problem?""Oui there is a problem!" The older man barked over the phone, "The virus hasbroken out in the Andalusian towns; its only a matter of time before theyre allgone too, and your friend will probably be already showing the symptoms! I wanthim out of the country! I do not want that filth touching our beloved country. Soget your Spanish flee ridden mongrel out of this land or. Put. It. Down." The sternvoice responded, shocking the Frenchman slightly at the panic and demand thatwas audible in the quake of his tone.
  32. 32. "B-But Monsieur... he is a nation, he cannot possibly infe-""I want him gone." The voice replied with a renewed sense of authority. "Dont youforget Francis, you are the grand nation of France, and you answer to you peopleand your leaders before you listen to yourself. You can do nothing to stop usbecause its what we want... and because its what we want, its what you want too.So stop this pitiful attempt to be human and obey me."Francis stood, a little shell shocked at the announcement, only able to stammerback in a shaking and uncertain state, "Oui, right away..."Antonio stared into the sink of the house, the colour red filling his vision, red andwhite, just like Lovino the last hed seen him.~Ring o Ring o Roses~"Im sorry, mon ami...""Stop that...""But I am... Truly very sorry..."The car drive so far had been awkward, stopping occasionally so that the Spaniardcould get some air, cough some more and ease his lungs. Francis had explained thesituation in an attempt to feel at ease for what he had to do, and despite how muchAntonio had told him it was okay, he couldnt shake the feeling of guilt, pressing inon him."Just keep your eyes on the road Francis and stop worrying about me." TheSpaniard sighed, looking out of the window.The hours passed slowly, but they got there eventually, Francis flashing papers atthe border control before being let through to the gate. It was so eerily quiet, had itreally been a year ago that this place would have been filled with commuters andholiday makers?"Well... here we are..." Francis broke the silence."Si..." Antonio sighed, looking at the gate for a moment before grabbing the bagfull of items Francis had put together for him and grabbing the handle of the door,departing and beginning to walk to the gate. Francis too departed the car."Antonio-!" Francis called after the male as he moved under the opened gate, whoturned back to look at him. "Dont do anything I wouldnt do, oui?"Antonio managed to smile ever so slightly, the guard at the other end calling out asthe gate began to lower itself. "You too, take good care of yourself, afterall, youllneed to." He seemed saddened for a moment before looking back to the Frenchmanand adding as his final words. "You know what a close friend of mines last words tome were?""Quoi?" Francis tried desperately to call over the loud mechanics of the gate, as itsteadily drew to its close."There is nothing else."
  33. 33. ~We all fall down~A/N: HERE HAVE A NEW CHAPTER I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY~Only Good For SexAuthor: DrawMeLikeOneOfYourFrenchGirls PMLovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that. Spamano, Implied GerIta,Human Names, Attempted Suicide, Drug Use, Dark Themes, LemonRated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - S. Italy/Romano & Spain -Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,693 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 06-20-12- Published: 06-07-12 - id: 8192247 A a Abc Abc AbcTitle: Only Good for SexChapter: 1 - ConfessSummary: Lovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that.Warnings: Spamano (AntonioxLovino), Implied GerIta (LudwigxFeliciano), HumanNames Used, Foul Language, Drug Use, Attempted Suicide, Darkish Themes,Implied and Eventual Lemon.Authors Note: First fanfiction Ive posted on here, and I bloody well hope that itisnt my last. Because, yeah. Im too lazy. Please excuse any mistakes that I mightmake with the Italian and Spanish. I only use Google Translate. e v e"Anyway, onto the (oh so ridiculously bad) story...Flushed cheeks.Sweaty skin.Sticky sheets.Fucking sore arse.Like always.Lovino shuddered in the tight grip of his lithe frame. How many times had it beenlike this? Fucked until exhaustion, then sleep until past midday. It was always thesame, and Lovino was sick of it. He tried to discreetly slip out of the almost death-grip constricting him, the sweat sticking their bare bodies together."For fucks sake, bastardo... Get the fuck off of me..." growled Lovino, clawing atthe thin sheets draped over them. The Spaniard did nothing about Lovinosstruggles, merely opening a single eye to hazily meet a face full of damp hair. Hiseye closed as soon as it opened, making a small gargling sound at the back of histhroat.
  34. 34. "Buenos días, Lovi~..." Antonio yawned, nuzzling the back of the Italians neck,earning a shiver."Get up," Lovino started, pausing to take a quick glance at the clock, "its 1. AndIm hungry, stupido.""Come on, Lovi~. We dont usually get up until later~..." whined the older male.Lovino was tempted to just say, "I dont fucking like the usual." but instead, gave adisapproving grunt and nudged his elbow against Antonios forearm. The Spaniardreluctantly let go, pressing a chaste kiss on the base of the boys neck.Stretching his stiff limbs, Lovino wriggled away from Antonio until he was seateduncomfortably on the edge of the bed. A stinging sensation jolted up the Italiansspine, said male ignoring it as best he could. Of course, Lovino thought with afrown, my legs are like fucking Jell-O when I actually need them. Nevertheless, hestood up, wobbling slightly. Feeling the cool air hit his naked body, Lovino stumbledto a not-so-neat pile of clothes. He threw on a shirt, pulled up a pair of boxers andzipped an old pair of jeans.Before he could escape the room, Antonio let out a pleading groan, waving an armin the air as if he needed help. Lovino turned around, scowling, and narrowed hiseyes at the foolish Spaniard."Lovi~! Help me up?" Antonio asked, grinning like an idiot.Lovino scowled, holding up a fist and sticking the middle finger up, "Get yourselfup! Youre not the one with a fucking sore arse, idiota!"The older male kept waving his arm, sticking his bottom lip out and furrowing hisbrows together in sadness. He began whining, even rolling onto his stomach andfake-crying. Lovino rolled his eyes and stepped back towards the bed, reaching outto tug on Antonios hand. Just as the Italians fingers brushed again tanned skin,the Spaniard turned his head and flashed a wide grin."Cazzo! Get up, lazy-arse!" Lovino howled, pulling his arm back and turning on theballs of his feet."Lovi, oh Lovi~! Can you-" Antonio began, before being cut off."Make your own breakfast, fuckface!"Stuffing a spoonful of cereal into his mouth, Lovino heard the shuffling of Antoniosfeet as he entered the kitchen. The Italian hunched over the table, pulling thesilverware out of his mouth; unbeknownst to him, a bit of milk began to trickledown his chin. Swallowing without really chewing the cereal, the younger malerubbed at his lips with the back of his hand, not catching Antonios glances."You really didnt make me breakfast~..." Antonio mumbled with a fake pout."No shit, Sherlock." retorted a more-than-annoyed Lovino."My names Sherlock? I thought it was Antonio…""Ugh. I didnt mean it like that, retard."
  35. 35. "Retard? Is it comestible?""Mio fucking dio. No, it isnt commestibile.""¿Qué? It isnt?""No. Now, let me eat in peace.""But, Lovi~! I want something to eat too~!""Then make yourself something and leave!"Antonio, at this point, had given up trying to get Lovino to simply make him somebreakfast. An oblivious smile played at his lips. He turned his back to the Italian toapproach the fridge, pulling out god-knows-what – most likely tomatoes. With hisback still to Lovino, Antonio broke into a fit of laughter. The Spaniard faced theyounger male after hearing a disapproving grunt. Two crimson tomatoes in hand,Antonio bounded happily towards Lovino, offering out one of the red fruits.Snatching it away, the Italian grumbled a "Grazie,idiota…" and bit a chunk out ofthe tomato. He finished it hastily, letting out a somewhat content sigh. Once theolder male had completed half of the juicy fruit, he opened his mouth to speak."You know what, Lovi?"No answer; just a questioning glare."I was thinking about something…""You were thinking? Theres something new." Lovino interrupted with a scowl.Antonio continued laughing. "You know how you always used to complain aboutnever being able to do anything right?""I still do think that, bastardo.""Anyway, mi tomate, I know one thing that you will always be perfecto for, nomatter how many other things you may stuff up!""Cosa? What do you think is the one thing Im perfect for?""Youre perfect for sex!"Lovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that.TranslationsBastardo – Bastard (Italian)Buenos días – Good Morning (Spanish)Stupido – Stupid (Italian)Idiota – Idiot (Italian)
  36. 36. Cazzo – Fuck (Italian)Comestible – Edible (Spanish)Mio fucking dio - My fucking god (Italian)Commestibile – Edible (Italian)¿Qué? - What? (Spanish)Mi tomate – My tomato (Spanish)Perfecto – Perfect (Spanish)Cosa? – What? (Italian)The chapter 2 will be up soon! ...I hope. Howd you like it, anyway? Good? Bad?Shouldnt have been written? Oh, and if you have any ideas, then please tell me!Ideas = A not-so-dead brain. :UAnyway, reviews are appreciated and flames will be used as a campfire.See you next chapter?Only Good For SexAuthor: DrawMeLikeOneOfYourFrenchGirls PMLovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that. Spamano, Implied GerIta,Human Names, Attempted Suicide, Drug Use, Dark Themes, LemonRated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - S. Italy/Romano & Spain -Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,693 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 06-20-12- Published: 06-07-12 - id: 8192247 A a Abc Abc AbcTitle: Only Good for SexChapter: 2 - ForgetSummary: Lovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that.Warnings: Spamano (AntonioxLovino), Implied GerIta (LudwigxFeliciano), HumanNames Used, Foul Language, Drug Use, Attempted Suicide, Darkish Themes,Implied and Eventual Lemon.Authors Note: Well... Heres the second chapter. Yeah. Im really tired. Not thatyou guys care or anything, but I thought Id just inform you. Im surprised I hadthis up so quickly. Like really surprised. Whats it been? A few days? I dont evenremember. I was half-expecting myself to just abandon this story or somethingalready. Obviously not.Enjoy chapter 2? Please?Lovino really shouldve slapped Antonios face. That comment hit him hard.
  37. 37. The Italian shifted his feet, "Is that what you think...?"Lovino didnt let Antonio answer his question; he just pushed himself away from thebench he was leaning over. A muffled sob escaped the youngers quivering lips ashe brought up his hands to cover his face. He stormed off towards the bedroomthey had previously been in, stopping as he reached the door. If I go in here,Antonio will definitely find me… The Italian thought with a deep frown, Ill have tofind somewhere more… Hidden or secluded. Looking to the both of his sides, hefound no such place to go. He trod into the bedroom and remembered thebathroom that branched off from it. A slight smile tugged at his lips, despite thetears cascading down his flushed cheeks. His ears perked as he heard the distinctpatter of footsteps and the loud call of his name. Quickly retreating to thebathroom, Lovino shut and locked the door, sitting himself in the middle of the tiledfloor, the coldness of said floor sending shivers up his spine. Tears continued to rolldown his cheeks and landed onto his knees, which were drawn up against his chest.Antonio regretted saying that comment, no matter how true or false he thought itwas.He wandered aimlessly around the house, checking every room he passed to seewhere Lovino had hidden himself. When he had checked about half of the rooms, hebegan to holler out the young Italians name."¿Lovi, dónde estás?" Antonio yelled, turning his head this way and that, desperateto find Lovino. He had almost given up before hearing the slam of a door, hastilymaking his way to the source of the sound. When he had reached the bedroom, theSpaniard glanced around with a sad frown, huffing quietly to himself."Lovi? Are you in there?" He asked to no-one in particular, absent-mindedly leaningagainst the door to the room where Lovino was hiding. A stifled gasp escaped theItalians lips as he heard the faint creak of the door being leaned upon. Shaking hishead and mouthing cusses, he scrambled on his hands and knees towards the sink.Pressing his back and hands against it, Lovino began to breath quite heavily, hischest still throbbing from his crying. He bit his lip, eyebrows knitting together; hewas overreacting about the whole situation.He shouldnt be crying because of what had been said. He shouldnt be scared tothink what Antonio might do. And he most certainly shouldnt be trembling andcrying on the bathroom floor.He should be trying to prove that the idiotic Spaniard was wrong.But, Lovino couldnt do that. Because he knew Antonio was right. Everything he hadpreviously said was the complete truth, in Lovinos mind anyway.Before he knew it, his loud and raspy sobs had faded to silent tears. The Italianshuffled around until he was seated on his knees and facing the sink cupboardsdoor. Antonio had finally knocked on the door, coming to the conclusion that Lovinowasnt just using the toilet or something similar. A grimace appeared across theyounger males face as he heard the smacking of skin against wood. Gripping thehandle of the cupboard and opening it slowly, Lovino gulped, mustering up enoughstrength to talk."Sì, Im in here…" Lovinos scratchy voice made the Spaniard smile slightly, glad toknow that the Italian wasnt bluntly ignoring him.
  38. 38. "Escucha, Lovi... Lo siento. What I was saying wasnt that you were only good forsex… I only said it as a joke and thought that you mightve taken it a little morelightly…" Antonio mumbled.A deep frown etched into his features, Lovino shook his head lightly, even thoughhe knew the other couldnt see it. "I cant see why you would joke about that sortof thing… Because you shouldnt joke about the truth…""Like I said before, lo siento. I know I shouldnt—Espera... What do you mean? Itsnot the truth, Lovi…""Ma è... Youre telling the truth… It is the only thing Im buono at…"Antonio fell silent, hearing some rustling from behind the door. Lovino searched forsomething suitable for what he had planned on doing, breaking the silence as hebegan speaking again."Ive never been good at anything… You should know that. Even if sex is the onlything Ill ever be perfect at, I…"The rest of Lovinos words had been cut off as the Spaniard heard a loud smackagainst the door, almost startling him. He desperately wanted to rip the handle offof the bathroom door, run in and hug Lovino like there was no tomorrow. However,he was curious as to what the Italian was getting at, wondering if he was justsaying what he had said to make the Spaniard feel bad.Lovinos voice reached Antonios ears again, this time in a whisper. "I want to askyou something…""G-go ahead…" The older male was quite hesitant to reply, but didnt want theItalian feeling like he was being ignored."Perché?""¿Q-qué?""Dont act stupid, Antonio.""B-but, what are you trying to ask? Why, what?""Why me?"Antonio gulped heavily. Why is Lovi asking such an odd question? Im a bitworried… His mind began to race and, before he knew it, he was spouting out aflurry of emotions tied into words. The Italian was silent as Antonio spoke, whichworried said Spaniard immensely.All Lovino heard was a quiet "Te amo…" before he fell to the ground with a thump.Translations¿Lovi, dónde estás? – Lovi, where are you? (Spanish)
  39. 39. Sì – Yes (Italian)Escucha, Lovi... – Listen, Lovi… (Spanish)Lo siento – Im sorry (Spanish)Espera – Wait (Spanish)Ma è – But it is (Italian)Buono – Good (Italian)Perché? – Why? (Italian)¿Q-qué? – Wh-what? (Spanish)Te amo – I love you (Spanish)So, how was chapter 2? Im sorry if you guys wanted to know what Lovi grabbedand/or why he just fell to the ground or even what Tonio was saying to Lovi… Youllfigure out what happens in the next chapter! For now, though, you can just imaginewhat was said and done.Like always, reviews are appreciated and flames will be used to warm up my house,because its freakin cold where I live. = - =;Only Good For SexAuthor: DrawMeLikeOneOfYourFrenchGirls PMLovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that. Spamano, Implied GerIta,Human Names, Attempted Suicide, Drug Use, Dark Themes, LemonRated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - S. Italy/Romano & Spain -Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,693 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 47 - Updated: 06-20-12- Published: 06-07-12 - id: 8192247 A a Abc Abc AbcTitle: Only Good for SexChapter: 3 - RememberSummary: Lovino should have slapped Antonios face for saying that.Warnings: Spamano (AntonioxLovino), Implied GerIta (LudwigxFeliciano), HumanNames Used, Foul Language, Drug Use, Attempted Suicide, Darkish Themes,Implied and Eventual Lemon.Authors Note: Well, heres chapter 3 for you guys! Thanks for the lovely reviews;Im really happy that you guys took the time to read this story and reviewed it! Ivebeen pretty sick - even though I managed to get this up quickly - so this chaptermay not be as good as you might expect it to be… But anyways, youll finally figureout what was going on in Antonios mind when he was answering Lovinos question.I dont quite want to tell you what Lovino did, because I found it hard to slip it in
  40. 40. smoothly with the rest of the text. So hopefully I can fit it in with the next chapter.Oh, and just a heads-up, its a headcanon of mine that Lovino has insomnia and hehas to take tablets to treat it. The medications called Benzodiazepine, so you guysknow for when its mention in context of the story.Anyhow, enjoy this chapter~.When Antonio heard the smack of Lovino hitting the ground, his eyes widened.Despite having stopped talking, the Spaniards mouth was still slightly agape. Panicwashed over him and he began to pound his fists against the futile door separatinghim from the Italian.Antonio fiddled with the doors handle shakily, his hands becoming sweaty with theoverwhelming apprehension. Muttering curses in Spanish under his breath, heturned his head this way and that to find something that would assist him. I-I needto get in there… There ought to be some way to… he thought, tears welling up inthe corners of his eyes. The Spaniard quickly rubbed at his eyes, repeating tohimself in a whisper that he shouldnt cry, remembering all the times Lovino hadtold him not to. He punched the door one last time, for good measure, beforespinning on the balls of his feet and stumbling towards one the bedside tables.Scavenging desperately to find his phone, Antonio noticed something odd; Lovinosmedication, that treats his intense insomnia, was missing."N-no... Él no podía tener..." the Spaniard mumbled, feeling the tears threateningto spill. "I-I must be getting overworked… Maybe Lovi just forgot to put his pillsaway… Sí, eso es todo..." Antonio prayed that he was right and flipped open hisphone, calling the first person that came to mind."Feliciano!"A soft "Ve~" was heard, followed by an excited greeting. "Ciao, Antonio! Comestai?""N-no time to get chatty, Feli! Lovis just…!""Ve? Whats wrong with fratello?""Hes… Mira, I need you to get here as fast as you can! No haga preguntas! BringLudwig if hes there with you, too!""Capito, Antonio! Ill be there presto!"As the beeping sound of a disconnected call rung through his ears, Antoniomurmured a soft thank-you and strode back to the bathroom door. He placed hispalms flat against the wooden surface and sighed gloomily. Just when he was aboutto mutter something to the unconscious Italian, his ears perked to a loud bangingnoise, supposing it was Feliciano and Ludwig at the front door. Antonio wasreluctant to leave the bedroom, afraid something bad might happen to Lovino whilehe gathered the other Italian and German. Before he could yell out that the doorwas unlocked and that they could come in, the two had already found their wayinside, footsteps echoing near the bedroom. Not a single word was said as Felicianobounded into the room, Ludwig following shortly behind. The Spaniard glancedbetween Lovinos brother and the door, the German catching on to the problemamidst. With a single hand gesture from the tall blonde, Antonio found himself