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Functional testing
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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Functional testing By Avinash Pandey 320885 K. SrikanthKumar 320884 J. Babu 320869 M. Preethi 320895 S. Lalitha Lakshmi 320890 G U .Vivekanandan 320903
  • 2. Smoke Testing
    • The term was originally coined in manufacturing of container and pipes.
    • This is a build verification done by developers.
    • It is done in order to check if the application is ready for further major test.
    • This test is done to ensure there are no critical defects in the application.
    • Smoke testing is a non – exhaustive testing.
    • To test if the system have any showstoppers.
    • To quickly evaluate whether the result of a calculation can be possibly true.
    • Done by independent testing team.
    • Testing done if once the build is deployed into QA environment.
  • 4. Exploratory Testing
    • To find out how the software actually work.
    • How it will handle difficult and easy cases.
    • Quality of testing- dependent on the tester’s.
    • Ad hoc testing is the least formal test method
    • Testing carried out using no recognised Test Case Design Technique
    • Ad-Hoc testing is done only where is a time constraint.
  • 6.
    • It is also called as Monkey testing/Free form testing
    • In this testing tester's attitude should be "Test to Break".
    • It is type of negative testing
  • 7. Advantages of ad hoc
    • Cover the uncovered errors or defects
    • Ad-hoc Testing is very cost effective
    • Ad-hoc Testing can be followed even when documentation is not present for the system
    • Ad-hoc Testing can be adjusted and done as per the budget
    • Ideal for small size companies
  • 8. Disadvantages of ad hoc
    • adhoc is unstructured and inconsistent level of testing. 
  • 9. Compatibility testing
    • Test for…
    • Computing capability of H/W platform
    • Bandwidth handling capacity of networking hardware
    • Compatibility of peripherals (Printer, DVD drive, etc.)
    • Operating systems (UNIX, Windows, etc.)
    • Database (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc.)
  • 10. continued…
    • Other System Software (Web server, networking/ messaging tool, etc.)
    • Browser compatibility (Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
  • 11. Also
    • Certification testing falls within the scope of Compatibility testing
    • Product Vendors run the complete suite of testing on the newer computing environment to get their application certified for a specific Operating Systems or Databases.
  • 12.