INVESTMENTRp. 6.000.000,-Rp. 6.000.000,- /Participant
The Certified Recruitment Analyst program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India, Indonesia, Dubai,...
Who should attend?•Professionals involved in the recruitment process and recruiting professionals at all experience levels...
NITIN SANKERHe is an International trainer. He trains in Asia on HRManagement and Strategic leadership. He was parto t e o...
OUR LAST WORKSHOP FEEDBACK         DECEMBER 2011  CERTIFIED RECRUITMENT ANALYST“Very comprehensive, Chronological order of...
CAS Consulting Indonesia       (PT. Cakrawala Adhiwarna Semesta)          Citylofts Sudirman Unit # 817                   ...
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International Certified Recruitment Analyst Workshop


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International Certified Recruitment Analyst Workshop (Jakarta, 20-21 February 2012)

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International Certified Recruitment Analyst Workshop

  1. 1. INVESTMENTRp. 6.000.000,-Rp. 6.000.000,- /Participant
  2. 2. The Certified Recruitment Analyst program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India, Indonesia, Dubai, Jordan and Singapore in association with Middle Earth Consultants.It s not just any other training program on recruitment and interviewing but is It’s not just any other training program on recruitment and interviewing but ismuch more than that. The most highly appreciated and sought after training program by the top HR professionals across India. It involves the best recruiting practices from various industries, latest tools, techniques & strategies used in recruiting to hire and retain the best talent. This workshop involves the best of the breed global practices in recruitment and ensures that you become an expert in hiring. By the end of this workshop you will acquire skills with which you can conduct behavior based interviewing, which is a time‐tested methodology for improving hiring results.By attending this workshop you ll learn:By attending this workshop you’ll learn:• Calculate costs associated with bad recruitment• Use the Behavioral event interviewing techniques• Use Quan Comm. And iceberg models during interviewing • Use icebreaker question techniques and effective body language To create positive perceptions among candidates about the company• Reduce short term attrition substantially by conducting motives and self image analysis• To understand the latest trends and tools in recruitment• Use behavioral indicators and BARS based rating scales• Learn best practice interviewing practices best practice interviewing• Use scene setter and past performance questions and also golden pause and single word probesUnique benefits to the participants:•Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use•Learn from the industry experts who have a specialist experience in the area of recruitment•Network with other professionals with same background and interest•Brand yourself as a certified recruiter•Increase your earning potential as a freelance professional by becoming a certified trainer
  3. 3. Who should attend?•Professionals involved in the recruitment process and recruiting professionals at all experience levels.experience levels.•Junior and first level supervisors from the recruitment department.•Line managers, functional professionals who participate in the recruitment process as interviewers. Course Overview: Recruitment Analytics •Strategic Issues in Recruitment •Recruitment Metrics Short listing and Filtering •Bad Recruitment •Short listing‐ Knowledge of Matching CVs •What is competency •The Process of Short listing h f h l •Competency Measurement and BARS •Filtering •Overview of the Hiring Process •Knowledge Based Filtering •Skill Based Filtering Requirement Analysis •Behavioral Filtering •Fundamental Job Description F d t lJ bD i ti •Functional Analysis Interviewing and Probing Techniques •Behavioral Analysis •Introduction to Interviewing •Threshold Trait Analysis •The overall Interview Process •Definitions of Quan‐com •Stages of the Interview •Quan‐com Questions and Behavioral  Indicators •4 Key Interviewer Skills •Body Language •Different types of Questioning Methods •Evaluation of the Interview Process
  4. 4. NITIN SANKERHe is an International trainer. He trains in Asia on HRManagement and Strategic leadership. He was parto t e ou d g tea oof the founding team of Middle Earth Consultants‐ dd e a t Co su ta tsNow Indias largest specialist HR training companyoperating in 6 Indian cities. With ops in Dubai, AbuDhabi, Lagos, Jakarta, Muscat, KL, it is emerging asone of Asias best HRM training companies. He hasbeen a visiting faculty at IIM‐Calcutta . Heis currently a visiting faculty with the Indian Schoolof Business (ISB ) for programs like the AcceleratedLeadership program ( for CEO and CXOs ) , Trainingof IPS probationers, Mckinsey consultants etc. Heis currently part of the faculty development team ‐training faculty members of the University ofIndonesia and Institute of Technology ‐ Bandung ‐two of Indonesias most prestigious institutes. In thepast couple of years He has trained Senior membersof organizations like ‐ Shiekh of Dubais office, TheNigerian Airforce, Petroleum development authority g , p yof Oman, British Petroleum Indonesia, GE , TCS ,Wipro etc… He have led consulting assignments inCompetency Management, Compensation,Assessment center design , HR process Design ,Strategic HR development with organizations like theTata Group, Dr Reddys, Crompton Greaves, FidelityGroup, GE etc..He is currently holding an honoraryposition as Executive Director of The Asian HRboard.He have been cited as a distinguished alumni of theIndian Institute of Management Management.He was rated among the top 10 prominent alumni ofIIM ‐ Calcutta by Business Indias 10th annual survey( Nov 2009) ‐ "Best Business schools and their Best"His specialty on HR training, consulting inCompetency Mapping, Development of Assessment p y pp g pCenters, Compensation Structuring, Designing ofProcess in HR, Strategic HR design
  5. 5. OUR LAST WORKSHOP FEEDBACK DECEMBER 2011  CERTIFIED RECRUITMENT ANALYST“Very comprehensive, Chronological order of material and very interactive” AZIZAH AWALIAH –MONROE CONSULTING GROUP“A very interesting program, All the materials is related to the job we’ve done and we are doing. Itbrought new ideas of how we can do our job better and more effective” VERHEINA R SOEKARDI –MEDCO ENERGI INTERNATIONAL“Very good program Have so many insights for me to apply in our company” NUR AMANDA Very program, companyNASUTION – PERTAMINA DRILLING SERVICES INDONESIA“This is a good program with a good instructor and exercise” SRI SUNARSIH – MEDCO E&PINDONESIA“Interesting and attractive, Nitin is a good trainer. Hopefully I can join other program training in the Interestingfuture” MELISSA PATTIIHA – PT. HEADHUNTER INDONESIA“It’s a very good program, enrich my skill and knowledge about recruitment” AFFUL BASRI –BOART LONGYEAR“Excellent discussion for recruitment analyst training. Powerful and good explanations” LAURINAWIDYANTI – BOART LONGYEAR“It was good, can really help me and my organization to conduct better recruitment process”LAVINIA BUDIYANTO – PT. BARASENTOSA LESTARI“Very informative programs, even though native speaker but Nitin explain with verycommunicative and clear” GRACE MARSINTA – SMART TBK. d l ”“This program is very good” DENI SIDHARTA ‐ PERTAMINA DRILLING SERVICES INDONESIA“Very good program” FERRY KOESINDRATMONO – PT. DONGGI SENORO LNG“good program” CHRISTOPER – PT ASDP good program CHRISTOPER PT. ASDP“good program” HADRA MALA NASUTION– PERTAMINA DRILLING SERVICES INDONESIA“ good ” ARIS SAKTI OKTAVIANI– PERTAMINA DRILLING SERVICES INDONESIA
  6. 6. CAS Consulting Indonesia (PT. Cakrawala Adhiwarna Semesta) Citylofts Sudirman Unit # 817 Unit # 817 Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121, Jakarta 10220 p.: +62‐21‐2555 8590 – 91  f.:  +62‐21‐2555 8588 company website.: company website : www casindonesia com