Top 10 multicultural brands in north america 2012


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Top 10 multicultural brands in north america 2012

  1. 1. Top 10 Multicultural Brands in North America As we prepare to make 2013 the year of innovation and creativity that pushes Multicultural Marketing to the next level, we at Komli Media thought why not revisit the brands that have made a significant contribution to the Multicultural Marketing Space in North America. These are the top 10 brands, nominated by our team, that have embraced cultural diversity, identified various ethnic groups as an important target market and also understood the need for a more nuanced and thoughtful marketing strategy, which keeps in mind the cultural affinity, acculturation, cultural sensitivity and cultural acceptability for these audiences. These Brands are listed in no particular order and were purely chosen by a team of internal marketing experts, for their impact on the multicultural marketing world. 1
  2. 2. 1. cDonalds McDonalds has won many ANA’s Multicultural Excellence Advertising awards since 2002 in Asian, African-American and Hispanic categories, including the Grand Prize in the Radio category in 2012. It is also amongst the top 10 digital brands in Asia. In 2003, McDonalds started an ad campaign for Spanish-speaking audiences resulting in a 32% increase in sales for the company, and hasn’t looked back since. Later in 2010, McDonalds won the “Marketer of the Year Award” at the Asian American Advertising Federation conference for a new branding campaign that featured Michelle Wie and was produced in Chinese, English, Korean and Taglish. The campaign was an integrated marketing effort that included advertising, PR and online components. Click here to view the commercial. McDonalds has gone beyond advertising to increase engagement and loyalty within the Asian American community by supporting key initiatives around education and Asian festivals that touch the lives of thousands of Asian Americans. Source: 2
  3. 3. 2.Pepsi has won many ANA’s Multicultural Excellence Awards in variouscategories including Hispanic and African American since 2002. Its latestbeing an Honorable mention in 2011.Pepsi’s first multicultural campaign was in 1948 for African Americans.In 2009, Pepsis "Refresh Anthem," which debuted during the Super Bowlfeatured a collage of images from the 60s and today that celebratesgenerations past and present, where both whites and blacks were shownwith Bob Dylan and taking turns singing the Dylan classic, "ForeverYoung," each in his signature style. Watch Here.Today, Javier Farfan, senior director of cultural branding for PepsiCo, is takinga more holistic and nuanced approach in connecting with audiences within a Click to read the article by WSJ on how Pepsicommunity. He does not assume that all Latinos are the same and is focused opened its door to Diversity.on creating products and marketing campaigns that speak to the diversitywithin the community. Watch Hispanic Football fans celebrate the super bowl with Pepsi’s Familia de Campeones. 3
  4. 4. 3.According to Autonews ,“GMs multicultural marketingevolved from hiring a diverse group of engineers, designersand executives starting in the late 1960s to establishing 10affinity groups within the company, including African-Americans, Hispanics, women, people with disabilities,Chinese, Middle Eastern and more recently Native Americansin 1999.”In 2012, GM with Latin Works won the MulticulturalExcellence Award in the General Category. For Asian- Indians For Asian- FilipinosClick here to view the Ad.Earlier in 2005, GM won an award in the Asian Americancategory for the campaign “Dreams”, where it nailed theaudience’s love for great action and comic books, and moreimportantly understood their aspirations. In 2007, all GMbrands spent $138.8 million in Spanish-language media,according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, which is a considerableuptick from an estimated $60 -$70 million GM had spent onits Hispanic, African-American, Asian and new youth-urban ad For Hispanics For Asian- Chinese Click to view the videoagencies in 2002. Source: 4
  5. 5. 4. “Diversity is innate in everything we do across marketing and all our departments.” - Joycelyn David, Director of Product Marketing for Western Union Financial Services Canada Western Union money transfer business is inherently global that includes diverse consumers from many cultures and nationality, which makes it imperative for its employees to understand the communities they serve for more effective communication. Additionally, majority of the population in Canada and US will be represented by minority groups by 2030 and 2050 respectively. In light of which Western Union has made significant steps towards making ALL its marketing “Multicultural” in nature. In 2012, Western union and New A won the multicultural excellence award in the Asian Category. Earlier in 2009, Western Union launched its first-ever global brand campaign called the Yes! brand campaign. It was translated into 40 languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and other South Asian languages and consisted of several marketing elements including print, broadcast and online advertising as well as new Point-of Sale materials. It won an award for the ¡Sí! PR campaign for Hispanics. Another great campaign for Asians was the 5 for 50 campaign created by AV communication in 2011.Source: News A Website Source: 5
  6. 6. 5. According to an article by Ad Age, in 2011, Walmart announced it will increase its"At Walmart, 100% multicultural budget and make it a part of all business units to improve its multicultural efforts. As a testament to this, Walmart was ranked as the 16th biggest advertiser ingrowth [in sales] is Hispanic media with about $60 million in spends, as reported in Ad Ages Hispanic Fact Pack.going to come from In 2012, Tony Rogers admitted this worked well for Wal-Mart. multicultural Some key campaigns for Walmart by Golin Harrism, multicultural ad agency, were Walmart’s customers.” Enchanting Viewing Parties to raise awareness of its Disney Princess apparel line among African American audience. Click here for details.- Tony Rogers, Wal-Mart’s senior And Walmart Posada, a comprehensive traditional and social media campaign that focused VP-brand marketing and advertising, 2012 on starting a conversation with Walmart’s Hispanic Mom and increasing Walmart’s share-of- voice in Hispanic media during the 2010 holiday season. Click here for details. Wal-Mart Hispanic heritage month Wal-Mart South Asian Commercial for commercial Canada Wal-Mart Commercial in Mandarin Click to View 6
  7. 7. 6. In 2011, TD was the #1 bank of choice for new Canadians and members of the Chinese, South Asian, and African American communities, according to TD’s market research. Canada’s net population growth comes from immigration at an average of 245,613 immigrants per year, making it imperative for banks to tap this target audience within 2 days of them landing in Canada. Hence, TD Bank has a focused strategy on connecting and engaging with various ethnicities to increase referrals from family and friends when new Canadians arrive in Canada. TD Bank runs an integrated marketing strategy which includes a website for new Canadians. Leveraging its multicultural expertise and sensibility,Watch TD’s commercial for South Indians, for Hispanics and for Chinese. TD’s entry strategy into the US market has also been to first focus on reaching the Hispanic community with culturally relevant advertising, as they are the fastest growing ethnic group and also an underserved market. Source: 7
  8. 8. 7. In 2003, Nissan was among the honorees for the ANA Multicultural Excellence award for the African American segment. According to Ad Age, in 2007, Nissan spent $35 million, a bulk of their multicultural budget, on Hispanic advertising. They launched the Nissan Shift campaign for Hispanics that was later extended to the Asian American segment. In 2010, Nissan launched the Juke. A car made for the urban Hipster. It was the first multicultural campaign including African Americans and Hispanic for Nissan. Watch the case study – HERE. In Canada, 2011 was the first time Nissan allocated a portion of its traditional advertising budget to reach South Asians by providing a car that meets their lifestyle needs such as the space needed by a joint family which includes a husband and wife, two kids and at least one grand parent. In 2012, Nissan explored new media by partnering with Hipcricket to create mobile advertising The infinity in “Black” was among the campaign targeted to Hispanics. most famous campaigns in 2004. It was among the first-ever marketing In 2013-2014, Nissan prepares to target multicultural millennial in the African American, Hispanic and campaign by Nissan designed to speak Chinese segments to increase its market share among directly to African Americans. the Multicultural Audience. 8
  9. 9. 8. Comcast runs multicultural campaigns that reach 17 distinct ethnic groups in more than 20 languages, as per the CMO site. “Comcast has been carrying multicultural programming in the US for over 12 years, and as our business grew, so did the need to carry additional programming, and we branched out into even more ethnicities. Our customers speak many languages and are from many backgrounds. It is important to ensure our employees and products relate to our customers.” - Natalie Rouse, Comcasts director of multicultural marketing, 2012 In 2005, Comcast won Five “Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards” from National Association of Multiculturalism in Communications (NAMIC). Comcast also won ANA’s Multicultural Excellence awards in 2009 in the Hispanic segment. Click here to watch Comcast commercial Click here to watch Comcast commercial for South Asian for Hispanics in Spanish 9
  10. 10. 9. Hispanics and African-Americans are expected to drive 70% of beer growth from 2000 to 2020, according to industry estimates cited by Heineken USA. As a result, Heineken’s revival in the US started with multicultural brands such as Sol and Tecate becoming popular with second- and third- generation Mexican immigrants. Heineken has experimented with new media like Facebook applications to engage with its user base. A fine example is a TVP called “Keep it Legendary”, which was a set of tools accessed through a dedicated tab on the Heineken Facebook page to maximize the experience for Hispanic soccer fans. Get a sneak peek at the TVPHeineken has also made drinks specifically for the Hispanicaudience such as the Tecate Michelada, a pre-mixed drinkmirroring a popular Mexican beverage of beer, lime, spices and ahint of chili.Heineken won ANA’s 2012 Multicultural Excellence Award for thecampaign created by The Vidal Partnership. In 2012, it alsolaunched campaigns with inclusion in mind. Such as the ‘OpenYour World‘ campaign, which shows a lavish party filled withpeople of all colors, nationalities and cultures. Source: 10
  11. 11. 10. New York Lifes multicultural marketing reaches many communities including Hispanics, Indians, Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese. In 2002, New York Life started targeting Chinese-American audiences because they believed that even though the population was relatively small compared to the rest of the country, the market penetration was less than 50% for life insurance products. Now they see high growth in these communities, specifically Hispanic, because of high population growth and low product penetration. They go beyond communication to tap into these markets by building a robust human infrastructure, getting relevant market data, in-language resources, and culturally sensitive sales trainingThe ads were created and produced by New York Lifes Indian to agents to deliver tailored solutions that meet the needs of theMarket Unit. In addition to the ANA recognition, these ads ethnic consumer.received abundant praise within the Asian-Indian community. In 2012, New York Life was recognized by the Asia Society as the Best Company for the support of the Asian-Pacific American Community. In 2004 and 2003, it also won the ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards for the Asian Segment. 11
  12. 12. THANK YOU, for reading !Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing about these brands.This is brought to you by:North America’s leading multicultural ad platform that helpsadvertisers and agencies reach various ethnicities, including Asian,Hispanic, Arabs and Latin Americans, through display, mobile, video,social, search and data.It is a part of Komli Media, which is headquartered in Mumbai and hasover 400 employees across 18 offices in India, Australia, New Zealand,Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America and United Kingdom. 12