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Electronic portfolio

  2. 2. ORIENTATION WEEK We got a tour of both Via Christi St. Francis and St. Joseph Hospitals. Ruth came and talked to us about O.R. procedures. Security and Volunteer Services came and talked to us. We got our TB shots so that we could participate in the clinical rotations A Newman representative came and enrolled us in the college credit. Susan Orsborn distributed the course syllabus for Medical Terminology. All of the speakers that were from the hospitals emphasized the rules of HIPA.
  6. 6. ROTATION 1 OR I really liked observing in the O.R. It was so interesting. I got to see a lot different procedures and learned a lot too. One of the surgeries I got to watch was a hysterectomy done with the surgeon controlling a robot, which was really cool. The tools the robot uses are very tiny and are incredible how they work so precisely. The surgeon showed me the machine he uses to control the robot and when I looked through it the camera inside the patient made everything look 3D. It was so neat. I felt like I could have reached down and touched it. Some of the other surgeries I got to see were hernia repairs, the removal of a kidney stone, and another hysterectomy, but the patient had to have an incision down her stomach. The surgeon removed a large tumor that was wrapped around her fallopian tube. It was very interesting to watch. I loved watching all of the different procedures and learning some new things. I loved the O.R.
  7. 7. ROTATION 5 CARDIAC I really enjoyed this unit a lot!!! The night before I went on this rotation, I had a class at Newman and we literally learned a ton about the heart. So when I got there I was all excited because I knew what the lady I was following was talking about. Mostly we went around and just did EKGs on patients. That stands for Electrocardiogram which displays the electric activity of the heart. I learned what the different things on the EKG stood for so I kind of understood the different things on the patients EKGs. I really liked this rotation because I find this topic really interesting and the lady I followed was super nice.
  8. 8. ROTATION 11 MICU My 11th rotation was pretty good. Nothing really big happened though. I did get to see the nurse change a mans wound dressing. He had a really big incision down the length of his stomach and it looked like it was tearing apart and there were some staples holding it together. I also got to see a man get a sonogram of his heart and a man receive dialysis for 3 hours. The woman administering they dialysis was really nice and talked to me about everything. The staff was really nice to me and was happy to answer any questions that I had. I even stayed an extra hour on the second day because the woman giving dialysis was talking and explaining things to me. It was a pretty good rotation, it just seemed like there wasnt much to see.
  9. 9. ROTATION 12 EMERGENCY ROOM My 12th rotation was at the Emergency Room at St. Joseph Hospital. The first day was pretty good. It was really sad to see how many people came in who were a threat to themselves. While I was there on the first day there were probably 7-8 cases of people wanting to or trying to commit suicide. It was sad. Then, some of the people who came in made me mad. Like a 15 year old kid. He was rude and acted like a jerk to the nurses. I just want to say to him, "Hey punk, these ladies are trying to help you! They dont have to, they could let continue to hurt and do nothing to help you, but they want to help you. So treat them with some respect!" But I could not do this. I also got to see a doctor cut into an abscess on a guys leg near the groin. It looked really painful for the man. The doctor cleaned it out and put some medicated gauze inside it., so it would heal from the inside out. The second day was kind of scary. A 15 year old black kid came in and said he was going to commit suicide by overdosing on morphine or Ibeprophen or hang himself because he got in a fight with his girlfriend. When they told him that he was going to have to change into a gown, he flipped out. He started yelling at everyone. They had to get like 5 policemen to surround him. He kept cussing and told the policeman to go f* himself and became very irate. It was kind of scary and the E.R. was an eye-opener for me. Some people came in and were homeless, drunk, suicidal, did not have doctors, and ungrateful.
  10. 10. ROTATION 15 5SE  My 15th rotation was interesting, to say the least. I followed the same nurse both days. She was nice and was answered all my questions. The main kind of patients that are in this department were orthopedic patients. One patient was a man with severe back pain. One man had had his foot run over by a train and the surgeons had to amputate part of his foot. One other patient was in an accident. He said he was hunting with his brother, when their truck rolled and the gun in the truck went off. It hit the driver in the leg. His leg has a large piece of skin missing, but thankfully the bullet just grazed his leg. They were going to have to perform a skin graft, but realized that a tendon was showing at the surface. So they decide that they were going to have to make surgical repairs before they did a skin graft. It was very interesting. The nurses were afraid that I was going to be sick, but let me see everything they were doing to the mans leg wound. This was one of my better rotations.
  11. 11. MENTOR FORMS
  12. 12. MENTOR FORMS
  13. 13. COVER LETTER 11401 Springwater Dr. Clearwater, KS 67026 October 3, 2011 Krista Thacker, Talent Sourcing Manager Via Christi Health, Inc. 8200 E. Thorn Wichita, KS 67226 Dear Krista Thacker: I understand from the Via Christi web page that you are looking for someone to fill a Certified Nursing Assistant position at St. Francis Hospital and I am interested in the job. I am currently a senior at Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School where I am involved in many different activities. I am a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, and Pep Club. I have been enrolled in the Cum Laude Program for four years and I am also currently enrolled in different college course through Newman University. At Kapaun, I also participate in Cross Country and Track and Field. Being involved in these different extraciriculars, I have to be able to manage my time well and multitask. Aside from being involved in school, I volunteer in different places in the community. Some of the things I do are play with the children at Little Elemetary School and help operate the Catholic School Athletic League Track meets. I enjoy helping with these programs because I get to work with younger children. My plans as of now are to become a neonatal nurse, so I think this job would be a good place for me to start. I work well in both groups and individually. I am a quick learner and well organized. I am excited and open to improve my weaker areas. If I posses some of the qualities required for this position, I would appreciate an interview at your convenience. I can be contacted at dk.huntergirl@gmail.com or (620)-545-7010. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. God Bless, Danielle Komp
  14. 14. RESUME
  15. 15. REFERENCE PAGE Amy and AJ Buhrman Neighbors  11401 Springwater Dr.  Clearwater, KS 67026  (620)-545-7068 Pat and Cletus Rausch Family friends  2515 Glacier Dr.  Wichita, KS 67215-1501  (316)-721-2618 Fr. Orr Family friend and previous pastor  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church  645 N. 119th St. W.  Wichita, KS 67235  (316)-721-1686
  16. 16. CAREER LIST PAPER One profession I am interested in is Registered Nursing. RNs specialize by population and provide preventive and acute care in all healthcare settings to the segment of the population in which they specialize. I am really interested in becoming a neonatal nurse, specializing in newborn babies. I love children, especially babies. Sometimes the babies will be extremely premature and other times they will be full term, but too sick to go home right away. Pediatric nursing is something else I think that I would really be interested in. I think I would be good at something like this, again, because I like to work with young children. Pediatric nurses often assist doctors by providing medical care and information about diseases and treatment plans to their young patients.
  17. 17. CAREER LIST PAPER Certified Nursing Assistants work under Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses helping to perform basic patient care functions such as feeding, bathing, and dressing. I think this would be a good entry level, temporary job on the way to a more permanent job. Certified Medical assistants get to perform a wide variety of tasks, from checking in patients to taking vital signs and preparing patients for examinations. Being exposed to all the different elements of patient care, medical assistants can take their careers in almost any direction. I feel that this would be a good starter job to get some experience before moving on.
  18. 18. LECTURE SUMMARIES Shelly Steadman is a forensic biologist and DNA analyst and did a very good job of presenting her information to us. I thought the information she had to share with us was really interesting. This field is extremely unique, but it is not affiliated with the crime lab even though they operate out of the same building. The coroner, autopsy, child death, suicide, and accidents also take place in the same building. There is a lot of pathology in her field of work. In this field of work it is considered, forensic pathology. The pathology assistant is usually the one to perform the autopsies. While the medical investigators report the death at the scene, and are considered the eyes and ears of the coroner. There are quite a few different things one has to study in the field of forensic science. Some include toxicology, drug identification, trace evidence, firearms, tool marks, DNA, and biology.
  19. 19. LECTURE SUMMARIES Dr. Greg Reichenberger is a veterinarian and runs his own pet clinic in west Wichita. He seems to be a very interesting person and enjoy his job. He graduated from Newman University in 1987 with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelors of Arts in Biology. Then, he attended Kansas State University and graduated from the college of veterinarian medicine in 1992. He presented some interesting information. The information included that those students who graduate with degrees in veterinarian medicine might struggle when it comes to finding a job. The field of veterinarian medicine is become over saturated and too many vets are graduating. The fact that the economy is tough does not help. People are not as willing to spend money on their pets today.
  20. 20. LECTURE SUMMARIES After listening to different dental speakers, I liked Dr. Mark Trolio the best. He was very personal when he gave his lecture. From his lecture I learned, not just the dental side of the occupation, but also the personal side. He also gave some information on what to think about if one wanted to become a dentist. Some good points about becoming a dentist is that one gets to make his own hours, is his own boss, and makes his own rules. He also gets to spend more time with the family too. He said that the pay dentists are receiving is decreasing because of government involvement and the healthcare reform. Some information about dentistry today are that there are 4000 graduate dentists, but 10% of that number are foreign and end up going back home to practice. He also said that the biggest area of dentistry today is cosmetic dentistry.
  21. 21. LECTURE SUMMARIES I am very glad that she was a speaker I had the opportunity to listen to. I am very interested in going into the nursing field and am happy with the information that she presented to us. She gave us a lot of information of the basics of nursing and what it requires. Even if I do not attend Newman University, this presentation was quite helpful to me. Firstly, Theresa told us where nurses most commonly work. Places such as in communities, clinics, hospitals, and house visits. There is a large range of jobs and skills in this field and almost all include looking at individuals, groups, and assessing. In nursing, one is constantly thinking and evaluating. What makes a good nurse? The sciences, people, lifelong learning, to think on your feet, to work as a team—all are things that make up a good nurse. The U.S. department of labor estimates that we will be short 500,000 to 1,000,000 nurses in the next 20 years. Nurses practice in a large variety of settings—hospitals, public health, offices, traveling, military, education, and home health. Starting salaries for a nurse with a 2 year degree can be $19 per hour. BSN requires 4 years of college, but in the end offers more job flexibility, prepares you to enter nursing graduate program for advanced practice, pay differential in same job settings, and offer military commission as an officer.
  22. 22. LECTURE SUMMARIES I learned some different and interesting things when Carissa came to speak to us. I thought it was very interesting the way she sat down and spoke to us informally as a group. It made the whole thing seem more relaxed and laid-back. I thought she was very nice and informative about the different things that she does and the different things other psychologists do. I did not realize that there are positions for psychologists that do not consist of sitting down and getting to know a person or patient. I learned that the nurses working in nursing homes have to treat each elderly differently, obviously due to different personalities. She told us of how the old people in the nursing homes have this thing called “elder talk.” This is when the old people speak using word like honey, dear, and darling to everyone, as it was common in earlier years.
  23. 23. FINAL REFLECTION Overall, I feel that this is a very good program that has taught me some different things. What I liked most were the rotations, and how they gave me a feeling of what it might be like to work in a hospital, in different environments. Some of the speakers were enjoyable to listen to, but some were repetitive. The medical terminology part of the class was difficult, but I managed alright. If I could change one thing about the program, it would be that we could have more hands on experience with some things, rather than so many speakers.
  24. 24. PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL Attend University of Kansas Major in Bachelors of Science in Nursing Masters in Nursing and specialize in Neonatal care. And of course attend many KU basketball games!!!
  25. 25. PICTURES