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Tepak Peter Verweij

  1. 1. Assignment Comparing and Analyzing:http://www.guardian.co.ukhttp://www.huffingtonpost.comhttp://www.sigmalive.com/
  2. 2. Analysis Criteria Business Model Cross Platform Publications Levels of Convergence Digital Story Telling Layout Linking to sources
  3. 3. Criteria : Business Model The Guardian Hard Copy Daily Newspaper / UK - Website Professional Journalists - High Production Cost Income from Adverts / Selling HardCopy Free Online / Paid Offline Also expensive Print production
  4. 4. Criteria : Business Model Huffington Post Online Newspaper - “Citizen’s Journalism” Non professional Journalists - Low Production Cost Income from Adverts Free / Only Online / No expensive Print production
  5. 5. Criteria : Business ModelDIAS Group - Sigma Live web - Sigma TV - SimeriniNewspaper Professional Journalists - High Production Cost Income from Adverts Free Online / Full pdf newspaper download after 12 noon / Paid Offline Also expensive Print production Also special section inspired by Huffington Post - Citizen journalism - iwitness
  6. 6. Criteria : Cross PlatformPublicationsHuffington Post NOThe Guardian Online AND HardcopySigma Live Online/Hardcopy (Simerini Newspaper)/Sigma TV/Radio Proto and Super FM
  7. 7. Criteria : Levels ofConvergenceHuffington Post NoneThe Guardian Online AND HardcopySigma Live Online/Hardcopy/Sigma TV/Radio Proto and Super FM According to them its fully converged journalists work for ALL MEDIA
  8. 8. Criteria : Digital StorytellingHuffington Post Heavy on the audiovisual sideThe Guardian Heavy on the audiovisual sideSigma Live Moderate 50% text 50% Visuals Comparing with the print newspaper the news are NOT filtered for the website they are copy pasted. When a story breaks it goes online FIRST with images and text, video is uploaded AFTER 8:00 pm (Main news Bulletin)
  9. 9. Criteria : LayoutHuffington Post Simple BLOG TYPE siteThe Guardian More complex but wanting to “imitate newspaper”Sigma Live Again simple website design but more colorful and tech looking than the others. It is the most Advert heavy of the 3 with flash (moving) advertisement.
  10. 10. Criteria : linking to SourcesHuffington Post No links to other sourcesThe Guardian Heavily linked to other sources which open within the same page redirecting to the other website.Sigma Live No links to sources only mentioning that the story was taken by that source i.e. Cyprus News Agency
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