The Social Media Analytics Funnel/How I Met My Customer


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Explores the concepts to the analytic behind developing a conversion funnel for social media marketing. Two different types of conversion funnels are explored as well as specific stages in the conversion process that must be captured to ensure that Social Marketing effort can properly calcluate, measure and assign ROI value.

By exploring the customer experience, and recording specific stages of the social engagement only then can ROI be calculated and measured.

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  • How did You Get Them to The FireSocial Media Funnels: The Quick Score/Love at First Site The Long Term Relationship Each funnel has it’s own: Pros & Cons Analytics approach
  • Complex Funnel Similar to walking up a down escalator Each step comes with it’s own Measurement of success Contribution towards the bottom line ROI Measure success in lifetime value not instant gratification
  • Common theme brings you together Exchange basic info Twitter/TweetChat Follow each other Random advertisement Checks out your Facebook Page
  • Exchanges some personal information Tweets back & forth Email correspondance Returns to your Facebook Page Perhaps registers for webinar, etc.
  • 1 to 1 intimate discussions Personal product demos Product pitch
  • Sign-up for free trial Request a quote Take it out for a test drive Subscribe to service or buy in
  • Starts recommending you Joins affiliate program Becomes unpaid brand advocate
  • The Social Media Analytics Funnel/How I Met My Customer

    1. 1. The Social Media Funnel orHow I Met My Customer Presented by: Alan K’necht @aknecht
    2. 2. Social Marketing = A Fire @aknecht
    3. 3. HOW DID YOU GET THEM TO THE FIRE? @aknecht
    4. 4. The Two Funnels @aknecht
    5. 5. Funnel 1: The Quick Score @aknecht
    6. 6. Quick ScoreNo Longer Term Happiness @aknecht
    7. 7. One Night Stand Analytics• Simple tagging of social links• Last click attribution• No long term customer value• Instant gratification• Easy to calculate ROI• No second date @aknecht
    8. 8. Love At First Site• Went for quick score – Got 2nd, 3rd date – Can become a long term relationship• Need to tag and enter into CRM – Start evaluating lifetime customer value @aknecht
    9. 9. Funnel 2:The Long Term Relationship @aknecht
    10. 10. The Cocktail Party @aknecht
    11. 11. The Building of Trust @aknecht
    12. 12. The First Date @aknecht
    13. 13. Taking It to The Next Level @aknecht
    14. 14. The Loyal Customer @aknecht
    15. 15. Funnel Attribution• Each step in the funnel – Has value – Must be given credit towards overall success – No simple way to track • Large volume of people across all touch points – Get a good CRM system @aknecht
    16. 16. Reality Check• Sometimes – Funnel 2 can go from – Cocktail Party to Long Term Relationship in 1 or 2 steps• Be prepared to measure it @aknecht
    17. 17. Thank You Alan K’necht @aknecht Just type my name into Google @aknecht