Keynote: Socialize Monetizing Social Media


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Opening keynote from mediabistro's Socialize Monetizing Social Media in Toronto on January 27, 2012

The topic: The past, present & future of measuring social media.

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Keynote: Socialize Monetizing Social Media

  1. 1. Past, Present and Future:Measuring Social Media’s Impact @aknecht
  2. 2. What is Social MediaSocial (noun): an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group: Source: Canadian Oxford Dictionary @aknecht
  3. 3. What is Social Media• Media (noun): a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression; - Source: Merriam-Webster• an agency or means of doing something; - Source: Canadian Oxford Dictionary @aknecht
  4. 4. My Definition of Social Media• Social Media (noun) a variety of medium used to draw together people with a common goal or objective Source: A. K’necht• What was the 1st social medium you used? @aknecht
  5. 5. We All Started The Same Way @aknecht
  6. 6. The Evolution of Social Media @aknecht
  7. 7. MarketingWhat is Social Media? //////// @aknecht
  8. 8. Social MarketingDraws People Together @aknecht
  9. 9. Social MarketingDraws People Together @aknecht
  10. 10. Social Marketing Through the Ages• Gutenberg’s Printing Press (1440) – Goal, make the bible accessible to all @aknecht
  11. 11. Social Marketing Through the Ages 1789: Catechism of the parliaments. French government tried to shut down printing press Printed pamphlets & flyers used to unite people in a common cause and create large crowds for protest @aknecht
  12. 12. Social Marketing Through the Ages• Gutenberg’s Printing Press – Catalyst to the French Revolution @aknecht
  13. 13. Social Media Through the Ages• Sound familiar? – The Arab Spring (Facebook & Twitter) @aknecht
  14. 14. Social As Marketing Tool @aknecht
  15. 15. Social As Marketing Tool @aknecht
  16. 16. Social Marketing 80’ Style @aknecht
  17. 17. Social Marketing 80’ Style @aknecht
  18. 18. How Big is Your Social Fire?And How Do You Measure It? @aknecht
  19. 19. Measure the Right Stuff• Bigger fires don’t always mean: – More site traffic – More in-store sales – More online sales – More profit @aknecht
  20. 20. Measuring Your Fire/Success• Fires require 3 things to be successful – Kindling & Fuel – Oxygen – Spark/Heat• How do you measure these? @aknecht
  21. 21. Fuel/Kindling• Followers• Fans• Contacts• Head Count @aknecht
  22. 22. The Oxygen• Your Content• Does it motivate people• Does the message help generate the necessary heat/ignition @aknecht
  23. 23. The Heat• Is the content being passed on/acted on• Measure – Likes/Shares – Comments – Retweets – G+ – etc @aknecht
  24. 24. Need Balance• If you don’t have the right mix of fuel, oxygen and heat• You get @aknecht
  25. 25. Need Balance• If you don’t have the right mix of fuel, oxygen and heat• You get @aknecht
  26. 26. The Future of Social Measurement• Think old school/back to the basics – Overall success for fun & profit relates to volume & quality changes in • Fuel (audience) • Oxygen (amount of content published) • Heat (shares & actions)• Creating a successful camp fire @aknecht
  27. 27. Measure Attraction Not BTUsBuild camp fires - not forest fires• Draw your community in• Don’t drive people away @aknecht
  28. 28. Final Thoughts• In the immortal words of the Barenaked Ladies “It’s all been done before”• Let’s stop reinventing the wheel, instead learn from history to use it more wisely! @aknecht
  29. 29. Thank You Alan K’necht @aknecht Just type my name into Google @aknecht
  30. 30. Thank You Alan K’necht @aknecht Just type my name into Google @aknecht