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  1. 1. œÁ¡Áôå ‡©Á§ÃžÃ parts 1 to 10 of 30 parts by manmadha_murthy@yahoo.com visit http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/hot-indin-telugu-stories-05/ http://teluguliterature.co.nr/ http://kama.ravi.us/cpg143/
  2. 2. œÁ¡Éå©Á§ÃžÃ - 1 ©Á ¤ÂÁÏ - £Ë ¥ÁþÁéŸÁ ¥ÁƧÃà " ƒ§ÌüÅ ¡ÁžÁ©Á œÊžÃ, þÊþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁ ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ÁŧÃÏúà ¨ÍúÃÏú©Â? þčÁÅ ¥Á Âý ‚úÃÖþÁýÅì ¡ÁžÁ©Á œÊžÃ ©Á§ÁÁÅ ÂþÁÅ " €þÁä ªÄë©Â§Ã ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ „¨ÃÃÑ ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ. ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ ¨ÊþÞà ¢Ä¬÷ þÁÅÏúà  §ÍüÅ ¨Ïú÷ Ã ‚ÏýÍà ©Á³ÂàþÁþà ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁ¡Áô™ÁÅ ªÁÖ§Áê±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ ‡ÏœÍ ÿÁŴ§Áŏ ‚ÏýÍà ©ÁúÃÖ ¤ÍüþÁÏ ÂþÃúÃÖ öÁ¨Ìì „þÁä ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁŧÃÖ¨Í ÁƧÁÅÖÏýÆ ¥É¨ÃìÂ €™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÁä ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ˆ¥ÃýÍ €§ÁãÏ €¦êÏžÃ. ÂþÄ œÁþÁÁÅ ‚úÊÖÏžÁōÁÅ þ ©ÁžÁâ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁ¥Ê ¨ÊžÁÅ. €¬Á¨Å þÁÅ ƒ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÃ §Â©ÁýÂþÍà ŠÁ ©ÃŸÁϏ Â§Á›Ï þÊþÊ. §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ©Â§Á¨ ÃëœÁÏ ŠÁ §ÂœÃë ¡Ã¨ì¨þà þÞÁë¡ÁôúÃÖ ¢Ä¬÷ þÁÅÏúà ¨Êýŏ ©Á³ÂàþÁþÁä ªÄë©Â§Ã Í¬ÁÏ ‡žÁŧÁÅ úÁƬÁÆà "¥Á¦ÁƧÃ" ¨Ì ŠÁ ªÁÅëϏ§Á ÁÁ úÁžÁÅ©ÁôœÁÅþÂäþÁÅ.  ÁÁ ¬Á£É؍÷Û ÌœÁàÂ „ÏžÃ. €žÃ ˆ¥ÃýÏýÊ, ¡É®Ãò €¦ê úÁÁя ¬Áϳ§ÁÏ úʬÁōÁÅÏýÅþÁä ŠÁ ‚¨Âì¨ÃÃ ¬Á™Éþ÷ Â œÁþÁþà œÁþÁ ¥Á Â¥ÁÂ§ÁÅ žÌϏÁ úÁÆ¡Áô¨Å úÁƬÁÅàþÁäýÅì €þÁÅ¥Á ÂþÁÏ ©Á¬ÁÅàÏžÃ. œÁþÁÅ ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬÁÅàþÁä¡Áô™ÁÅ, £ýۨŠ¥Á §ÁÅ֍ÁÅþÊ¡Áôå™ÁÅ, ±Ì§Á±Âýŏ ¡Ëý ü§ÃþÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ œÁþÁ ¥Á Â¥Á Â§Ã úÁÆ¡Áô ¥É ©ÌÏýÃ¡Ë ¡Á§ÁŏÁŨŠœÄ¬ÁÅàÏžÁþÁä ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ÁþáÉýÃÛþÁ ¥É œÁþÁ ¤Á§ÁàÁÅ ƒ ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ÁŧÃÏúà úɣŜÁÅÏžÃ. ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ©ÃþÁä œÁþÁÅ œÁþÁ œÁÏ™Ãë ¡Ë ¥Áϙà ¡Á™Â¨ÃðϞà ±Í¦, ü¨à ¡Á™ÁœÂ™ÁÅ. ±Â¡ÁÏ €¥Áé úÁþñͦþÁ¡Áåýà þÁÅÏúà ™Á ©Â¬ÁþÁ ‡§ÁŏÁ™ÁÅ, Â¬Áà úÁÆ¬Ä úÁÆ™ÁþÁýÅì ©ÁôÏ™Ã±Í €þà ¤Â§ÁêÁÅ ¬Á¨öÁ ‚³Âà™ÁÅ. žÂþÃœÍ  ‚¨Âì¨Å ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ´Â÷ œÃþÃþÂ, ¤Á§Áà €¨Â €þÊ ¬Á§ÃÃ Â©Â¨þà ¥Á Â¥Á Â§Ã ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¡Ëý ü§ÁÖýÏ, Â©Â¨þÊ ¨Í¡Á¨ £Âë ©Ê¬Áō͍Á ±Í©Á™ÁÏ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨ËþÁ©Ã úʬÁÆà œÁþÁ ¥Á Â¥ÁÂ§Ãþà §ÉúÁÖ ÌýÃÛ úéÁ§ÁÁÅ ŠÁ £¨ÿÄþÁ ¬Á¥Á¦ÁÏ¨Í €œÁþÍà œÁþÁ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä €¡ÁåÃ¬ÁÅàÏžÃ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  3. 3. ƒ ÁÁ úÁžÁÅ©ÁôœÁÅÏýÊ ‡ÏžÁÅÍ þÂ¨Í ©Ã¡Á§ÄœÁ¥ËþÁ Í§ÃÁ §ÂüōÁÅÏžÃ. ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ §ÂÂþÊ ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬà ¤ÍüþÂþÍà ÁƧÁÅÖþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅ œÁþÁœÍ ÁƧÁÅÖþà þÊþÁÆ ¤ÍüþÁÏ úʬÁÆà ˆžÍ ¥Á Âý¨Íì ƒ ÁŸÁ ÁŧÃÏúà úɱÂåþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨Å ©ÃþÁä œÁþÁÅ œÁí§ÁÂ ¤ÍüþÁÏ ¡Áõ§Ãà úʬà "¥Á¦ÁƧÃ" ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ÿÁ¨Íì ÁƧÁÅÖþà úÁžÁ©Á ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. ™ËþÃϏ÷ ýʣŨ÷ ¥ÄžÁ „þÁä ©Á¬ÁÅà©Áô¨þÄä ©ÁÏýÁžÃ¨Í ¬Á§Ãâ, ¥ÁÏúà þÄ®ÁÅò œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁžÃ ©Ë¡Áô €™ÁŏÁÅ ©É¦Áê£Í¦Ê ¨Í¡Á¨Ê "¥Á¦ÁƧÃ" ¨Í þÊþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁ ÁŸÁ úÁžÁ©ÁýÏ ¡Áõ§Ãà úʬÃþÁ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ, œÁþÁ ¨ÅϏà ©Ã¡ÁôåÁÅþà ŠÁ úÊœÃœÍ œÁþÁ £ÅüÃ؏™Ãþà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ™ÃÏúÁōÁÅÏýÆ ©ÁÏý ÁžÃ¨ÍÃ ©ÁúÂÖ§ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ˆžÍ €þÊ ¨Í¡Á¨Ê œÁþÁ þÍýÃœÍ þ þÍýÃþà ¥ÁƬéʬà þÁþÁÅä ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁþčÁÅϙ ÎÁ¨ÃÏúÁōÁÅþà þ ©ÁÏýåĞÁ þÃÏúà £ýۨŠ¨ÂÉ¦ÁêýÏ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨Å ¡ÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ. ¥Á§Í €§ÁÁÏý ©Á§ÁÁÅ ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ ©ÁÏý ÁžÃ¨ÍþÊ ¬Áí§ÂÓþÃä úÁƳ¥ÁÅ. ¥Á  Â§ÁêÁë¥ÁÏ €¦ê ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁžÃ¨ÍÃ ©É®ÁòÂþÊ œÁþÁÅ "€£ç ‡ÏœÁ £ÂÂ ‡Ïü¦÷ úʳ¥É¦÷, þÁÅ ¥Á®Ãò ¥ÉÅžÁœÃ §ÂœÃë ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåϞà þÃü¥Ê €þáÃÏúÃϞà þÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ €©ÁôþÁþÁäýÅì œÁ¨ ©Áõ±ÂþÁÅ. €žÊ þÊþÁÅ úʬÃþÁ ±Ì§Á±ÂýÅ. þÊþÁÅ €©ÁôþÁÅ €þÁ™ÁÏ úÁƬÃþÁ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ ©ÉÏýþÊ ŠÁ ¡Áë±Í¬Á¨÷ ¡ÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ. €žÃ ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ þ þÉœÃà ¥ÄžÁÃ ©ÁúÃÖ ÁƧÁÅÖÏžÃ. ‚ÏœÁÁÆ œÁþÁÅ úʬÃþÁ ¡Áë±Í¬Á¨÷ ˆ¥ÃýÏýÊ, þÊþÁōÁƙ  ÁŸÁ¨Íþà ‚¨Âì¨Ã ©Á¨Ê ¡Á§Â¦ ¥ÁÁ©Âþà ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ þ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä ¡ÁëžÁ§ÃîÏú¨ý. úÁžÃ©ÃœÊþÊ ‚ÏœÁ Á¬ÉÃÑ ±Í¦þÁ ¥Ê¥ÁÅ, ‚¨Â ‡Äðå§Ã¦Áþ÷ ¬÷ úʬÊà ‚ÏÂ £ÂÂ Á¬ÉÃÑ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ ‡Ïü¦÷ úʳÂà¥ÁþÁäžÃ ªÄë©Â§Ã ©ÂžÁþÁ. œÁþÁÅ úʬÃþÁ ¡Áë±Í¬Á¨÷ ©ÃþÁÂþÊ þÊþÁÅ ´Â÷ ÌýÃÛþÁýÅì œÁþÁ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳÂþÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  4. 4. ªÂ¬ÃàëœÍ þ ¡É®Ãò €¦ê œÌ¥ÃéžÃ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨Å Â©Ì¬ÁÅàÏžÃ. ƒ œÌ¥ÃéžÃ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨¨Í œÁþÁÅ ‚¨Â ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ ¥Á ÂýÂì™Á ¨ÊžÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥ÁþÂä ±Ì§Á±Âýŏ ©ÃþÂäþʥɠ€þà "ˆ¥Ãýϙà ¥Ä§ÁÅ €þÊžÃ" €þà œÁþÁþÁÅ €™ÃÃþÁ ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ ¥Á®Äò €žÊ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ ‚úÂÖ§ÁÅ. "¥ÄÁÅ ˆ¥ÁþÂä ¥ÁœÃ ±Í¦ÏžÂ, ¥ÄÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¬Ä €Áë¥Á ¬ÁϣϟÁÏ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþÃ, ¥Ä§ÁÅ úÁƬÁÅàÏ™ÁÂþÊ þ ªÄ¨Ï ±ÍÌýÅۍͥÁÏý§ ? þÊþÁÅ £ëœÃÁÅÏ™ÁÂ €žÃ ü§ÁÁžÁÅ" €þÂäþÁÅ. žÂþÍà œÂþÁÅ "þÃþÁÅä €Áë¥Á ¬ÁϣϟÁÏ ¡ÉýÅۍͥÁþÍ, ªÄ¨Ï ±ÍÌýÅۍͥÁþÍ €þÁýÏ ¨ÊžÍ¦÷. €ÏžÁ¥ËþÁ þÄ ©ÁÏýÃþà ÌÏúÁÏ ‡Íðå¬÷ úɦê. €žÃ úÁƬÃþÁ ¥ÁÁ ©ÉŸÁ©Á¨Å ¡ÁžÊ œÃ¡Áå¨Å úÁƬà ¥ÁþÁÏ ýÉÏ¡÷Û ÂÁ ±ÍœÊ €¡Áôå™ÁÅ €™ÁŏÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåϞà þÁÅ €¬Áð¨Å §ÁÅúÃÏúÁ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ " ‚©ÁþÄä ‡ÏžÁōÁÏ™Ä, ˆžÍ ¥ÁþÁ üÄ©ÃœÁÏ ‚¨Â Á™Ãúà ±ÍþéÁíÏ™Ã.. ¥ÁþÁÁÅ  ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ¨Í ‡ýÅ©ÁÏýà €¬ÁÏœÁÅë¡Ãà ¨ÊžÁÅ ÁžÂ" €þÂäþÁÅ. Âþà œÂþÁÅ ¡ÁýÃÛþÁ ¡ÁýÅÛ ©ÁžÁ¨ ¨ÊžÁÅ. úéÁ§ÁÁÅ þÊþÁÅ ÌÏúÉÏ ¥ÉœÁà¡Á™Ã "€¦þ þ ¥Á Â¥ÁÂ§ÁÅ ‡¡Áôå™Í úÁþà ±Í¦Á §ÁÅ ÁžÂ. þÊþÁÅ  ÁŸÁ¨Í ‚¨Âì¨Ã¨Â ‡¨Â úɦÁêþÁÅ" €þÂäþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ œÁþÁÅ "¡ÃúÃÖžÂþÂ, ¥Á Â¥Á Â§ÃÊ þÄ ©Á®ÁÅò ¡ÁëžÁ§ÃîÏú¨þà §Áƨ÷ ˆ¥Ã ¨ÊžÁÅ ÁžÂ. ±Â¨ ©Â™ÃÍ, úÁ¨Ã ©Â™ÃÍ, Ã§Â›Â ÌýÅÛ ©Â™ÃÍ ‚¨Â þÁÅ©Áôí ‡©Á§Í ©ÁÁ§Ãþà ¬É¨É÷Û úʬÁōÍ, œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ˆ¥Ã úɦÁ Âê¨Í þÊþÁÅ úɣŜÂþÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. ¡Áë¬ÁÅàœÂþÍà œÁþÁ ¡ÁýÅÛ ©ÁžÃ¨Ê¨Â ¨Ê§Áþà "¬Á§Ê þÁþÁÅä ÌÏúÁÏ ¨ÍúÃÏúÁōÍþéÁíÏ™Ã" €þÂäþÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ  ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ €ÁÑ™ÃœÍ ©ÁžÃ¨Ê³Â§Áþà €þÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. Âþà ¥Á§ÁŬÁýà §ÍüÅ ¢Ä¬÷ þÁÅÏúà §ÂÂþÊ " ˆ¥É¦÷, ˆ¥Ã þçÁߦÁÏ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÁä©÷?" €þÁä ªÄë©Â§Ã ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ £ÃœÁà§Á ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. €ÏýÊ œÁþÁÅ ƒ ©Ã«Á¦Á ÂþÃä ¬Ä§Ã¦Á¬÷ ÂþÊ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂä§ÁþÁä¥Á Âý.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  5. 5. œÁþÁÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úɱÂå¨Í €§ÁãÏ ÂÁ "‚ύ ¨ÍúÃÏúÁ¨ÊžÁÅ, þÁÅ ÌÏúÁÏ ýËÏ ‚©ÁíÏ™Ã.. ¡Äì¬÷ þÁþÁÅä œÌÏžÁ§Á ¡ÉýÛ ©ÁžÁÅâ" €þà £ëœÃ¥Á ¨ÂþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ¥ÉœÁà¡Á™ÁÝ œÁþÁÅ þÁÅ ¡ÁžÁ©Á œÊžÃ ©Á§ÁÁÅ ýËÏ ‚úÂÖ§ÁÅ.  œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ  ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ÁŧÃÏúÊ ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁ ±Í¦Ê ¬Á§ÃÃ œÁþÁÅ žÂþà ÁŧÃÏúà ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ ¥Á§ÃֱͦÁ §ʥÉ €þà þÁÏžÁ ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÁä þÁÅ ¬Á§ÃÂÓ ¡ÁžÁ©ÁœÊžÃ ˜ÁÏúÁþÁŏ €™ÃÃþÁ ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ žÃ¥Áé œÃ§ÃÃ ±Í¦ÏžÃ. œÁþÁÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¬Á¥Á žÂþÁÏ úɱÂå¨Í €§ÁãÏ ÂÁ "‚ύ ¨ÍúÃÏúÁ¨ÊžÁÏ™Ä" €þÂäþÁÅ. €ÏœÊ þ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ ©ÃþÁä œÁþÁ ¥ÁÅŽÏ¨Í ¡Áõ§Ãà þħÁ¬ÁÏ ÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. œÁþÁÅ ©ÉÏýþÊ þ ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "úÁÆ™ÁÅ ¨¨ÃœÂ, þÊþÁÅ ¥ÁþÁ ¡É®Ãò €¦þÁ ƒ 9 ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨¨Í þÃþÁÅäÂ ‡ýÅ©ÁÏýà Í§ÃÁ Í§Á¨ÊžÁÅ. €™ÁÁÁ €™ÁÁÁ ƒ ŠÁÑ Í§ÃÁ €™ÃÃœÊ, þÁÅ©Áôí ‚ÏœÁ £ÉýÅÛ úɦÁêýÏ ˆ¥Ã £ÂÂ¨ÊžÁÅ. €¦þ þÄ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ þÌ¡ÃåÏúÁýÏ þÁÅ ‚«ÁÛÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ ƒ ý¡Í÷ ‚ÁÑ™ÃœÍ ©ÁžÃ¨ÊžÂâÏ" €þʬà úÉ¡Áôå¨Å ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþà ¬Ä§Ã¦Á¬÷ Â ©É®Ãò ±Í¦Á §ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ¥ÉÅÿÁϨÍþà ¤ÂŸÁ þÁÅ ¬Áå«ÁÛϏ ÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ŠÁÑ þåëÁÏ œÁþÁþà œÁ¨ÅúÁōÁÅÏýÊ €¦ÉÂê €þáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. œÁþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåϞà þÃü¥Ê, ¥Á  ¡É®Ãò €¦þÁ ƒ 9 ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨¨Í œÁþÁÅ þÁþÁÅäÂ ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ ˆ Í§ÃÂ Í§Á¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏœÊ ÂžÁÅ ƒ§ÍüÆ þ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁōÁÅ Á«ÁÛÏ Á¨ÁÁÅϙ ‡ÏœÍ ¡Êë¥ÁÂ úÁƬÁōÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ¬Á™Éþ÷ Â œÁþÁÃ ƒ ¡ÃúÃÖ Í§ÃÁ ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ Á¨ÃÃÏžÍ €§ÁâÏ Â¨ÊžÁÅ. ±Â¡ÁÏ ƒ ¡ÁžÍ œÂ§ÄÁÅ Í¬ÁÏ ‡ÏœÁ œÁëϏ ‡žÁŧÁÅ úÁÆ³Â§Í œÁþÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ¬Á§Ê €ÏýÂþÁþà ªÁÂ ‚ÏýÍà ©ÁúÂ֧ʥÉÂ? þÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàëþà œÁ¨ÅúÁōÁÅÏýÊ ü¨à ©É¦Áê ³ÂÃÏžÃ. ±Íþà ªÂ¬Ãàë Í§ÃÁ œÄ§ÁÅžÂâ¥Á  €ÏýÊ,  ¥Á Âý €þÁōÁÅÏýÊþÊ þ ©ÁÏýÍìþÁÅϙà ‡ÁÑ™Á¨Êþà ©Á›ÅÁÅ ©Á¬ÁÅàÏžÃ. þÊþÁÅ ¡ÁôýÃÛϞà ¬ÁžÂú§Á ©ÁϪÁÏ Â©Á™ÁÏœÍ úÃþÁä¡ÁåýÃþÃÏúà ‡ÏœÍ þëÁۏ ¡ÉÏú§ÁÅ €¥Áé, þÂþÁä. ¥Á™Ã, ú§ÁÏ ©ÁË§Â¨þÃä úÃþÁä¡Áåýà þÁÅÏúÊ ±ÂýÃÏúÁ™ÁÏ þʧÁÅ֍ÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. €¥Á Âé, þÂþÁ䨍ÁÅ þÊþÁÅ ŠÁÑœÊ ÁÆœÁŧÁÅ Â©Á™ÁÏœÍ €¨Âì§ÁÅ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâÂ ¡ÉÏú§ÁÅ þÁþÁÅä.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  6. 6. ªÂ¬ÃàëœÍ þ ¡É®Ãò €¦Êê ©Á§ÁÁÅ ŠÁÑ þÂþÁä œÁ¡Áå ‚ÏÊ ¥ÁÂ™ÁÅ þÁþÁÅä œÂÃϞà Áƙ ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏœÁ þëÁۏ ¡É§ÃÃþÁ þÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë Í§ÃÁ œÄ§ÁÖ™ÁÏ €ÏœÁ ªÁŨ¤ÁÏ ˆ¥Ä ÂžÁÅ. ‚ÏÍ ©ÃŸÁϏ ¨ÍúìÊà ªÂ¬Ãàë þÁþÊä¥Ä ªÄ¨Ï Í¨Íå¥Áþà €™ÁÁýÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ. þ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä ŠÁ ¡Á§Â¦ ¥ÁþëÍà ‡Íðå¬÷ úɦÁê¥ÁÏýÅþÂä§ÁÅ. žÂþÃ¨Í ˆ¥Ã Ã÷ ©Á¬ÁÅàÏžÍ þÂËœÊ ˆ¥Ã €ÏœÁÅ¡ÁýÛ™ÁÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë þ ¤Á§ÁàÂ ¨¤ÃÏúÁ™ÁÏ þÃüϏ þÊþÁÅ ¡Áõ§ÁíüþÁé¨Í úʬÁōÁÅþÁä ¬ÁōÁÅëœÁ¥Ê. ¡É®Ãò úÁÆ¡Áô¨ þ™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàëþà úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ þ ÁÅ쪃 ü¨Åì ¥ÁÏžÃ. €ÏžÁÏ¨Í ¥ÁþÁéŸÁřè „þÂä™ÁÅ. ‡§ÁÅ¡ÁôœÍ ÁÆ™ÁōÁÅþÁä ¡ÁúÁÖþà ©ÁÏýà û¦ÁœÍ œÁþÁ ¥ÁÅŽÏ ‡ÏœÍ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâÂ ©ÁôÏýÅÏžÃ. ¥Á  ¡É®Áò¡Áôå™ËœÊ £ÏŸÁÅ©Áô¨ÏžÁ§ÁÆ ¥Á  ‚žÁÝ§ÃžÄ "¥Ê™É ¢Á§÷ ƒú÷ €žÁ§÷" üÏý €þà ŠÁýÊ ±ÌÁ™ÁýÏ. þÁþÁÆä €ÏžÁ§ÁÆ úÃþÁä¡ÁåýÃþÃÏúÄ €ÏžÁÁœÉà €þÊ ¨ÉÁÑ ÁýÂÛ§ÁÅ. ¡É®Ãò €¦Á ÂêÁ ÌÏúÁÏ ©Á®ÁÅò úʬÃþ ‚¡ÁåýÃÄ €žÁâÏ¨Í úÁƬÁōÁÅÏýÊ þÁÅ þÊþÊ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ©Á³ÂàþÁÅ. £ÏÂ§ÁÏœÍ ¥Ã÷𠀦þÁ ©ÁÏýà §ÁϏÁÅ þžÃ. ©ÁÏýÍì ¤ÂÂ¨þÃä ‡ÁљéÁÁÑ™Á €¥Á§ÃÖþÁýÅì ¡Á§Éæ÷Û Â ¡ÉýÂÛ™ÁÅ  žÊ¥ÁÅ™ÁÅ. "‚žÁâ§ÁÅ ¡Ã¨ì¨Å ¡ÁôýÃÛþ ‚ύ þÄ ©ÁÏýÍì ŠÁÑ ¥Á™ÁœÁÁƙ ÁþÁ¡Á™ÁžÍ¦÷" €ÏýÅÏý§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁžÃ¨Í þ ©ÁÏýà ¥ÄžÁ ŠÁÑ þÁƨű̏ÁÅ ©ÁôþÂä Š¡ÁôåÍ™ÁÅ œÁþÁÅ. "ƒ €ÏžÂ¨þÃä œÁþéÜħ úÁƬÊàÂþà þÁÅ þÞÁë ¡Áý۞ͦ÷" €ÏýÆ þ ©ÁÏýÍìþà ¡ÁëœÃ ¤ÂÂþÃä þåçà þåçà ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡É™ÁœÂ§ÁÅ. €§ÁÅ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨ ÃëœÁÏ œÌ¨Ã ÂþÁÅ¡Áô¨Í ¥Á  €£Âç¦ ¬ÁϞġ÷ ¡ÁôýÂۍÁ, ¥Á ÂœÁÅëœÁíÏ œÍ™Ë þ €ÏžÁÏ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ ¡É§ÃÃþÁþà ±ÌÃ™Ê ©Â§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. ‚Á §ÉÏ™Í ÂþÁÅ¡Áô¨Í 4 ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨ ÃëœÁÏ ¥Á  ±Â¡Á €§ÁÖþÁ ¡ÁôýÂۍÁ þÊþÁÅ ‚ÏœÁÁÅ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ÁþÂä ‚ÏÂ ‡ÏœÍ €ÏžÁϏ ©ÁôþÂäþÁþà ªÂ¬Ãàë €ÏýÅÏý§ÁÅ. ¥Á§Ã œÁþÁÅ þ ¬ÁϜͫÁÏ Í¬ÁÏ €ÏýÅþÂä§Í ¨ÊÁ þÃüϏÂþÊ þÊþÁÅ €ÏœÁ €ÏžÁϏ „þÂäþÍ  žÊ©ÁôþÃÊ œÉ¨Ã¦Á ¨Ã. ±Â¡Á ¡ÁôýۏÂþÊ ¥ÁÅúÁÖýÂ ‚žÁâ§ÁÅ ú¨þà ªÂ¬ÃàëÃ þÁúÁÖ úÉ¡Ãå þÊþÁÅ ²Â¥Ã¨Ä ±ÂìþÃϏ÷ ¡Á§Ê«Áþ÷ úʦÏúÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁžÃ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë ˆþ™ÁÆ þÁÅ €¬ÁÏœÁÅë¡Ãà Á¨ÃÃÏúÁ¨ÊžÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  7. 7. ªÂ¬ÃàëÃ ÌÏúÁÏ  ¦Á ©Á ‡ÁÅÑ©Á. ¡É®ËòþÁ ÌœÁà¨Í §ÍüōÁÅ ÁþĬÁÏ ¥ÁÆ™ÁÅ ³Â§ÁìþÂä „Ï™ÊžÃ. ‚žÁâ§ÁÅ ¡Ã¨ì¨Å ¡ÁôýÂۍÁ Áƙ œÁþÁÁÅ ‚ÏúÁÅ¥ÃÏúÁÅ §ÍüÆ €žÃ ¨ÊþÃžÊ þÞÁë ¡ÁýÛžÁÅ. œÁþÁœÍ úʧà þÁÅ Áƙ ¡Á™ÁÁ ¬ÁÅŽÏ £ÂÂ €¨©ÂýÅ €¦êÏžÃ. ‡¡Áôå™ÁþÂä ¡ÁôýÃÛþÃÏýÍà þ¨ŏÁÅ §ÍüŨŠ©É®Êà €¬Áð¨Å þÞÁë ¡ÁýÃÛ ú©ÁžÁÅ. ‚ÏýÍà §ÂÂþÊ œÁþÁÁÏýÊ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ þÊþÊ œÁëϏ œÁþÁ ©Á™Ã¨ÍÃ úʧʞÂþÃä. "€¥Á Âé".... ¬ÁÆѨ÷ þÃÏúà ©ÁúÃÖþÁ £Â£Å ¡Ã¨Å¡Áô ©ÃþÁÂþÊ ƒ ¨ÍÁϨ͍à ©ÁúÂÖþÁÅ þÊþÁÅ. ³Â¦ÁÏœÁëÏ ¢Ä¬÷ þÁÅÏúà ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë þÂœÍ ¥Á Â¥ÁƨŏÂþÊ £ÃÿÊ©÷ úÊ¬Ê žÂþÍà ¡Áë¦ÁœÃä¬ÁÅàþÂä œÁþÁ ¥ÁÅŽÏ ¨Íþà £ÂŸÁþà þÊþÁÅ ¡Á¬ÃÁýۍÁ¨ÃÂþÁÅ. ¥Á Â¥Áƨŏ ¢Ä¬÷ þÁÅÏúà §ÂÂþÊ £Â£Åþà œÁþÁ ©Á™Ã¨Í ÁƧÍÖ £ÉýÅۍÁÅþà  §ÍüÅ ¬ÁÆѨ÷ ©ÃªÊ´Â¨Å €™ÃÃ œÉ¨Å¬ÁōÁÅþà œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ±Â¡Áþà ¥ÁÅžÂâ™Ã Âþà œÁþÁÅ ³ÂäþÂþÍà ©É®Áò§ÁÅ. ÂþÄ ƒ§ÍüÅ §ÂÂþÊ ý©Á¨÷ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà £ÂœÁÆëÏ¨Ì žÁƧ§ÁÅ. ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬà ©ÁúÂ֍Á Áƙ œÁþÁÅ ¥Á Â¥ÁƨŠ¥ÁÆ™Íì ¨Ê§Áþà þÊþÁÅ ¡Á¬ÃÁýÂÛþÁÅ. ªÄë©Â§Ãþà €¨Â úÁƬÃþÁ þÁÅ ÁÅ쪃 œÁ§ÁōÁÅѱͦþÁýì¦êÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ŠÁ þçÁߦÁ ÂþÍÌúÂÖþÁÅ. ±Â¡ÁÁÅ, £Â£ÅÁÅ ¤Íüþ¨Š¡ÉýÃÛ ¡Á™ÁōͥÁþà úÉ¡Ãå ªÄë©Â§Ãþà ¤ÍüþÂþÍà ¡Ã¨ÃúÂþÁÅ. þ ¡Ã¨Å¡Áô ©ÃþÁÂþÊ ¨Êúà ™ËþÃϏ÷ ýʣŨ÷ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ œÁþÁœÍ "¥Ä§ÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁýÊì úʬÊÏžÁōÁÅ þÊþÁÅ §ÉžÄ" €þÂäþÁÅ. ŠÁÑ þåëÁÏ ±ÂýÅ þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úɣŜÁÅþÂäþÍ œÁþÁÁ§ÁãÏ Â¨ÊžÁÅ. €§ÁãÏ ÂÂþÊ €¦ÁêÂ§Ã ¥ÁÅŽÏ¨Í ©É¦ê ŸÄ±Â¨ ÂϜà ¥É§Ã¬ÃÏžÃ. "þÃüϏÂ?" €þÁä œÁþÁ ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ "©ÁýÅÛ, ¥Ä§ÁÅ ‡¨Â úɦÁê¥ÁÏýÊ €¨Â úʳÂàþÁÅ. ÂþÄ €žÃ Ê©Á¨Ï ŠÁÑ §ÍüÅ ¥Á ÂœÁë¥Ê. œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ¥Ä§ÁÅ þÁþÁÅä £¨©ÁÏœÁ ¡ÉýۍÁÆ™ÁžÁÅ" €þÂäþÁÅ. "ŠÁÑ §ÍüÊþÂ?" €þÁä ªÁÁ ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ " €©ÁôþÁÅ, ŠÁÑ §ÍüÅ ¥Á ÂœÁë¥Ê. ¡Äì¬÷, ‚ύ þÁþÁÅä £¨©ÁÏœÁ ¡ÉýۍÁÏ™Ã.. ƒ ŠÁÑ §ÍüōÁÅ ¬Á§Ê €þÊžÂþÃÊ þÊþÁÅ ‡ÏœÍ ¨ÍúÃÏú¨Ãð ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ" €þÂäþÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  8. 8. žÂþÍà œÁþÁÅ "€¨ÂÊ ¨¨ÃœÂ, ŠÁ ©Ê®Á þčÁÅ ‚žÁϜ þÁúÃÖ,  ŠÁÑ §ÍüÅ œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ Áƙ ÁÏýÃþÁÆê úɦÁ Âê¨Ã €þáìÊà þÁÅ ¥ÉÅÿÁ¥Á ÂýÏ ¨ÊÁÅϙ úÉ¡Áôå" €þÂä§ÁÅ. "€¨ÂÊ" €þÁä þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ œÁþÁÅ þÁÏžÁ ¡Á™Ã±ÍœÁÆ ¤ÍüþÁÏ úɦÁê™ÁÏ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨Å ¡ÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ. ¤Íüþ¨Š¡Áõ§Ãà úʳÁ, ™ËþÃϏ÷ §ÁÆÏ Äìþ÷ úʬÊÏžÁōÁÅ þÁÅ ÿɨ÷å úʳ§ÁÅ. ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ ÁžÃ ¬Á§Êâ¬Ã ¡Á™ÁÁ ÁžÃ¨ÍÃ ©ÁúÊÖ ¬Á§ÃÃ ¡Ã¨ì¨Å ‚žÁâ§ÁÆ þÞÁë ±ÍœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ©ÊªÁϏ þÁþÁÅä €¨ÅìÁÅÏýÆ "¢ËþÁ¨÷ Â þ ¡Áë±Í¬Á¨÷ ÁÅ Š¡ÁôåÁÅþÁäÏžÁōÁÅ Âύ÷𠨨ÜÂ. þÁÅ ‡ÏœÁ þÁÏžÁϏ „ÏžÍ œÉ¨Å³Â. þÁÅ©Áôí ‡ÏœÁ £ÂÂ ‡Ïü¦÷ úʳÂà©Í úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €þÁä ªÄÃë©Â§Ã ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏÁÁ "§Ê¡Áô ªÁþé§ÁÏ. §Ê¡ÁýÃþÁÅÏúà ©ÁúÊÖ ªÁōÁë©Â§ÁÏ §ÂœÃë ¨Í¡Á¨ ŠÁ §ÍüÅ ¬É¨É÷Û úʬÁōÍÏ™Ã.  §ÍüÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ ¥Ä§ÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úɦÁê ¥ÁÏýÊ €žÃ úʳÂàþÁÅ. žÂþà œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ‚Á ƒ ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ¥Á®Äò ‡¡Áôå™ÁÆ ‡œÁàþÁþà ¥Ä§ÁÅ þÁÅ ¥Á ÂýéÂí¨Ã" €þÂäþÁÅ. "±Âë¥Ã¬÷, þÁÅ©Êí úÁƳÂà©ÁôÂ, ¦ÁÅ ©Ã¨÷ ¨©÷ ‚ý÷" €ÏýÆ þ ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ ¥ÄžÁ œÁþÁ žÂ™Ã ¥ÉÅžÁ¨Å ¡ÉýÂÛ§ÁÅ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ. € §ÍüÅ ¥Á  ¬ÁϏÁ¥ÁÏ ¨Í ªÄë©Â§Ã žÁƍÁÅ™ÁÅ úÁƳÁ Âþà œÁþÁÅ ‡ÏœÁ ‡¯Ëý÷ €¦ê ©ÁôþÂä§Í þÁÅ €§ÁãÏ Â¨ÊžÁÅ. ¥Á§ÁŬÁýà §ÍüÅ „žÁ¦ÁÏ £Â£ÅþÃ, ±Â¡Áþà ¬ÁÆѨ÷ §Ã¯Â ‡ÃÑÏúà ‚ÏýÍìÃ ©ÁúÊÖ¬Á§ÃÃ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ ‚ύ ¨ÅϏĨÍþÊ ©ÁôþÂä§ÁÅ. "ˆ¥Ãýà ¥ÄÁÅ ¢Ä¬÷ ÁÅ ýËÏ €©Á™ÁÏ ¨ÊžÂ" €þÁä þ ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ "ƒ §ÍüÅ ¨Ä©÷ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂäþͦ÷. ¥ÁþÁ €™ÉíÏúÁ§÷ ƒ §ÌüÊ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. þ ÁÅ쪃 ŠÁÑ ³Â§ÃÂ ü¨Åì ¥ÁÏžÃ. œÁþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úɦÁê¥ÁÏýÂ™Í €þà ŠÁ ¡ÁÁÑ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ £ÃÁÅÑ £ÃÁÅÑ ¥ÁÏýÅÏýÊ "€¦œÊ ˆÏ úɦÁê¥ÁÏýÂ§Í úÉ¡ÁåÏ™Ã" €þÂäþÁÅ. "¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©É®Ãò ¢Éë«÷ Â ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬà §Â. ƒ ¨Í¡Á¨ þÊþÁÅ þčÁÅ ¥ÁÏúà £ýۨŠ¬É¨É÷Û úʬà ¡É™ÁœÂþÁÅ. œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ þÊþÁÅ ³ÂäþÁÏ ÂþÃúÂ֍Á ¥ÁþÞÁâ§ÁÏ €¨ÂPDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  9. 9. ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ÁÅ ©É®Ãò©ÁžÂâÏ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨œÍ ‡ÏœÍ §Ã¨Ä¢÷ ¢Ä¨¦ê "Š¬÷ð ‚ÏœÊþÂ" €þÁōÁÅÏýÆ ©É®Ãò ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬà ý©Á¨÷ úÁÅýÅۍÁÅþà £¦ÁýÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖþÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ £¦ÁýÁÅ ©ÁúÊÖ ¬Á§ÃÃ œÁþÁÅ ³ÂäþÂþÍà ±Í¦ÊÏžÁōÁÅ §ÉžÄÂ „þÁä ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ "þÁÅ©Áôí ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ©Ê¬Áōͩ¨ÃðþÁ £ýۨŠ¡Á§ÁÅ¡Áô¥ÄžÁ ¡ÉýÂÛþÁÅ, €©Ã œÁ¡ÃåœÊ ©Ê§Ê ©Ê¬ÁÅÍ ÁÆ™ÁžÁÅ. ÁŧÁÅàϞÏ ¥ÁþÁ «Á§ÁœÁÅ, ƒ§ÍüÅ þÊþÁÅ ˆžÃ úÉ£ÃœÊ €žÃ ©Ãþ¨Ã" €þà úÉ¡Ãå £ÂœÁÆëϨ͍à žÁƧ§ÁÅ. €žÁŧÁÅœÁÅþÁä ÁÅϙɨœÍ ¡Á§ÁÅ¡Áô ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™ÃúÃþÁ þÁÅ €ÁÑ™Á ŠÁ úħÁ, §Á©ÃÁ, ¨ÏÂ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ ÁþáÃÏú¦. þÁÅ ©ÁôÏ™Ê úħÁ¨þÃäýÃ¨Í Á¨Âì ¡Á¨ÖþËþÁ ¬ËÑ£Æì Á¨§÷ úħÁ, £Æì §Á©ÃÁ, £Æì ¨ÏÂ œÄ¬Ã ¡ÉýÃÛ „Ïú§ÁÅ. €ÁÑ™Á œÁþÁÅ ¡ÉýÃÛ©ÁôþÁä žÁŬÁÅà¨Íì £Âë ÂþÄ ±ÂÏýÄ ÂþÄ ¨Ê©Áô. ¬Á§Ê ˆ¥Ã €¦œÊ €žÃ €©ÁôœÁÅÏžÁþà ¨ÏÂ ÁýÅۍÁÅþà §Á©ÃÁ œÄ¬Ã ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþÁäþÁÅ. §Á©ÃÁ ÿÁōÁÅѨŠ¡ÉýÅۍͣ͜ÁÅþÁä¡Áô™ÁÅ žÂþÍà ¡Ë §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ÿÁōÁÅѨŠ¨ÊÁ±Í©ÁýÏ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÂþÁÅ. €žÃ ªÄë©Â§Ã ¡ÁþÊ €þà þÁÅ ŽúÃÖœÁϏ œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ. ‡ÏžÁōÁÏýÊ ±Í¦þÁ ©Â§Á¥Ê þÊþÁÅ ÁƧÁÅÖþà €þÃä §Á©ÃÁ¨Å úɍ÷ úʬà œÉÃ±Í¦þÁ ÿÁƍÁÅѨþÄä ÁÅýÅۍÁÅÏžÃ. ‚žÁϜ úÁƬÁÅàÏýÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ ‚™Ã¦Á ÁÅ þÊþÁÅ Š¡ÁôåÁÅÏýÊ ˆ¥Ã úɦÁ Âê¨Í €ÏœÁÁ ¥ÁÅÏžÁŏÂþÊ ¡Ãë¡Ê§÷ €¦þÁýÅì þÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ‡ÁÅÑ©ÁÂ ¨ÍúÃÏúÁÁÅϙ úħÁÁƙ ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ©É®Ãò €žÁâÏ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ þ裙à œÁ¨ žÁÅ©ÁôíÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ±Î™Á§÷ §Â¬ÁōÁÅþà ¥ÁÅŽÂþÁ £ÌýÅÛà ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà ‚ýÅ œÃ§ÃÊ¬Á§ÃÃ £ÂœÁÆëϨÍÏúà ©ÁúÃÖ §É™Ä €©ÁôœÁÅþÁä ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ ÁþáÃÏú§ÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ Áƙ §É™Ä €¦Á ÂêÁ þÁþÁÅä žÁÁÓ§ÁÂ ¡Ã¨Ãúà "€žÁ§Á Ì™ÁÅœÁÅþÂä©Í¦÷" €ÏýÆ þ ¡ËýÌϏÁÅ ¨ÂÃ úÁƳ§ÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ þÁþÁÅä €žÁâÏ©Ë¡Áô œÃ¡Ãå "‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ úÁÆ™ÁÅ ‡¨Â ©ÁôþÂä©Í" €þÂä§ÁÅ. §Á©ÃÁ ¡Ë §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ÿÁōÁÅÑ¨Æ ¨ÊÁ ±Í©Á™ÁÏœÍ ¬ÁÿÁüϏÂþÊ þÃÏ™Áŏ©Áôϙà þ ÁÅÏ™ÉþÁÏýà ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà ©ÁôÏ™Ê þ ‡žÁ £§ÁÅ©Áô¨Å ¬ÁÂþÍà ¡ËÂ £ÿçÁÓœÁÏPDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  10. 10. €©ÁôœÁÅþÂä¦. £Âë ©Ê¬Áō͍Á ±Í©Á™ÁÏœÍ ¡Á¨Öþà §Á©ÃÁ¨ÍþÃÏúà ÁÅÏ™ÁëϏÂ, ¡ÁúÁÖþà û¦ÁœÍ þ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Å, ÍŸÁÅ¥Á §ÁϏÁÅ ¥ÁÅúÃ֍Á¨Å.. €¨Íé¬÷Û £Ê§÷ Â ÁþÁ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÂä¦. €žÁâÏ¨Í þÁþÁÅä þÊþÁÅ úÁƬÁōÁÅþà ´Â÷ œÃÏýÅþÁä ¬Á¥Á¦ÁϨÍ, ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨŠþ ‡žÁ¡Ë ©Ê¬Ã þ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Å ¡Ã¬ÁōÁÅœÁÆ "ˆ¥ÁÏý©Áô ¨¨ÃœÂ, ‡ÏœÁ ¥ÁÂ™Ëþ ¬Á§Ê, þÄ©Ã úÁƬÊà ³ÌϏÁ Â§ÂÖ¨ÃðÏžÊ.. €©ÁôþÂ?" €þÂä™ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¬Á¥ÁŸÂþÁÏ úɱÂå¨Í €§ÁãÏ ÂÁ þÊþÁÅ ¥ÎþÁϏ œÁ¨ ©Áõ±ÂþÁÅ. "‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥ÁþÁÏ £¦Á¨ÅžÊ§Ã ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ÁÅ ©É®Âà¥ÁÅ. €ÁÑ™Á ¡ÁëœÃ ´Â¡Áô¨ÍþÁÆ ©Ä¨¦þÁ¡Áôå™Á¨Âì þÄ ¡Ëý ü§ÃÖ þÄ €ÏžÂ¨Å €ÁÑ™Á ©ÁôÏ™Ê ¥ÉŏÁ ©ÉŸÁ©Á¨ Á®Áò¨Í ¡Á™Ê¨Â úɦê. þÄ©Ã úÁƬà ©Â®ÁÅò ‡ÏœÁ ³ÌϏÁ Â§ÁųÂà§Í úÁÆ™ÁÅ. € žÁÅëªÁêÏ €þÁōÁÅÏýÊþÊ þÁÅ ‡Ëðý÷ ¥ÉÏý÷ ©Á¬ÁÅàÏžÃ.. ‚Á þ Á®Âò§Â úÁƬÊàþÂ...„¥÷é" €ÏýÆ ªÂ¬Ãàë þÁþÁÅä œÁþÁ ÎÃ¨Ã¨ÍÃ €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ. ..... (‚ύ ©ÁôϞà )PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  11. 11. œÁ¡Éå©Á§ÃžÃ - Part 2 - Manmadha Murthy œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ þÊþÁÅ £žÁŨŠúÉ¡ÁåÁÅϙ ©Áõ§ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ, œÁþÁÅ þ úÊœÁ úʦ¬ÁÅàþÁä ¡ÁþÁŨÁÅ þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¦ÁÁÅÏ™ÂþÊ þÂ¨Í þÉ¥ÁéžÃÂ ©Ê™Ã §ÂüōͳÃÏžÃ. Í§ÃÁœÍ þ ‡žÁ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ ±ÌϏà §Á©ÃÁÃ „þÁä ¥ÃÁœÂ ÿÁōÁÅѨŠ¡ÁÃ¨Ã±ÍœÂ¦Ê¥É €þáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. "‚Á ±ÍžÂ¥Á Â" €þÁä ªÄë©Â§Ã ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ƒ ¨ÍÁϨ͍à ©ÁúÂÖþÁÅ. ¥Ê¥ÁÅ £¦ÁýÁÅ §ÂÂþÊ œÁþÁÅ þÁþÁÅä ¬ÁÆÑý§÷ ¡Ë ‡ÃÑÏúÁōÁÅþà ¥Á  ‚Ïýà ©ÁžÁâþÃÏúà ¡ÁžÃ, ¡ÁžÃÿÊþÁÅ Ã¨Í¥Äý§Áì žÁƧÁÏ¨Í „Ï™Ê ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ÂÏ¡Éì÷ð ©ÁžÁâÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖ ±Â™ÁÅ. ¥Á  ‚Ïýà ©ÁžÁâ ©ÁôÏ™Ê ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ÂÏ¡Éì÷𠀦œÊ ‡©Á§ÁþÂä úÁƳÂà§Ê¥ÉÂþÁþà ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ üÁëœÁà ¡Á™ÁÝýÅìþÂä§ÁÅ. ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ÂÏ¡Éì÷ð ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¬ÁÆÑý§÷ ±Â§÷Ñ úʬà ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ Á¨Ã¬Ã Á¬ÁÛ¥Á§÷𠇩Á§ÁƨÊþà ŠÁ úħÁ¨ ´Â¡Áô¨ÍÃ ¡Áë©ÊªÃÏúÂ¥ÁÅ. Â«÷ ÎÏý§÷ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ŠÁ ¥ÁŬÁ¨œÁþÁÅ ÁƧÁÅÖþà ¨ÉÁѨŠ§Â¬ÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ¡ÁÁÑþÊ ŠÁ ¬ÁÆÛ¨÷ ¥ÄžÁ ÁƧÁÅÖþà ©ÁôþÁä þÁ™Ã ©Á¦Á¬ÁÅÑ™ÁÅ ¥Á¥Áé¨Ãä úÁƬÁÆàþÊ ¨Êúà "§ÁÏ™Ã, §ÁÏ™Á¥Á Âé.. ¥ÁÏúà úħÁ¨Å þÃþÁäþÊ ÌœÁà ³Âۍ÷ ©ÁúÂÖ¦... §Áϙà ³Â§÷" €ÏýÆ ÿÁíþÃÏú™ÁÅ.  ´Â¡÷ ¨Í ÃÏžÁ þʨ ¥ÄžÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ¡ÉžÁâ ¡ÉžÁâ ¡Á§ÁÅ¡Áô¨Å ©Ê¬Ã©ÁôþÂä¦. ¥Ê¥ÁÅ ©É®Ãò ¡Á§ÁÅ¡Áô¨ ¥ÄžÁ ÁƧÍ֏ÂþÊ œÁþÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ «É¨÷æ ¨ÍÏúà úħÁ¨Å œÄ¬Ã ¥Á Â¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©É¦Áê³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ  úħÁ¨Å úÁƬÁÅàþÁäýÊì þÁýìÁÆà ¥É¨ÃìÂ ¡Ëý ü§ÁÖ¥Áþà þÁÅ ¬ËÁ úʳ§ÁÅ. ŠÁ ¡ÁÁÑ €žÁŧÁÅœÁÅþÁä ÁÅϙɨœÍ úħÁ¨Å úÁƬÁÅàþÁäýÅì þÁýìÁÆà ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ ¡Ëý ÌϏÁÅþÁÅ ÃÏžÁÃ ü§ÊÖ³ÂþÁÅ. ŠÁ þåëÁÏ œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ¡Ë €§ÁþÃÏúà úħÁ¨Å œÄ¬Ã ‚ýÅ œÃ§ÃÃþÁ ´Â¡÷ ©Â™ÁÅ þͧÁÅ œÉ§Ã¬Ã €¨ÂþÊ þ ‡žÁ ©Ë¡Áô úÁÆ™ÁýÏ þÊþÁÅ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÁÁ ±Í¨ÊžÁÅ. þ €þÁÅ¥Á ÂþÁÏ þÃü¥ËœÊ œÁþÁÅ þ裙à ©ÁôþÁä ±ÌüëÁþ÷ ¨ÍþÃÏúà þ ‡žÁ œÁþÁÁÅ ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ žÁ§ÁîþÁ¥ÃúÃÖ ©Áôϙ¨Ã. §Á©ÃÁ ¡ËþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ÿÁƍÁÅѨŠ¨ÊÁ ±Í©ÁýÏ, ¨Í¡Á¨ £Âë ©Ê¬Áō͍Á ±Í©ÁýÏœÍ œÁþÁÁÅ þ ¥ÁÅúÃ֍Á¨œÍ ¬ÁöÁ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Å §ÉÏ™ÁÆ žÁ§ÁîþÁ¥ÃúÃÖ©Áôϙ¨Ã. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ þ úÉ©Ã¨Í "¨¨Ãì, ¥É¨ÃìÂ œÁ¨ ‡œÃà ±Â¡ÁÏ ¦ÁþÁ ¡ÁÏúÉ ©Ë¡Áô úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  12. 12. ªÄë©Â§Ã ¥Á Âý ©ÃþÁä þÊþÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ œÁ¨ ¡ËÃ ¨Ê¡ÃþÁ þÁÅ ´Â¡ÁœÁþà œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁžÁê ¡ÁÏúÉ Ář§ÁϨ ¨Êúà ©ÁôÏ™ÁýÏ ÁþáÃÏúÞÃ. ¨Í¡Á¨ úÉ™ÃÝ ©É¬ÁōͨʞʥÉÂ, ±Â¡ÁÏ ÁŧÁÅ™Áōà þ ‡žÁ úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ ˜ÁϏÁÅþÁ ¨Êúà þ裙à þÁýÅìÏžÃ. œÁþÁ €©Á¬Áà Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ þÊþÁÅ €¡Áôå™Ê úÁƬÃþÁýÅì ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ þ ¡Ëý ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¨ÊúÃþÁ Ář§ÂþÃä žÂúÁōÁÅþÊÏžÁÅÍ ‡¥É ´Â¡÷ €œÁþÁÅ ýÁÅÑþÁ ÃÏžÁ ÁƧÁÅÖþÃ, ¨Éë™Ä ÃÏžÁ ©Ê¬Ã ©ÁôþÁä úħÁ¨Ãä œÁþÁ œÌ™Á¨¡Ë ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþà ¥Á™ÁœÁ ©Ã¡Ãå úÁÆ¡Á³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. €œÁþà €©Á¬Áà Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ "¥ÃÁœÂ ´Â¡Áô¨Íì ÁÆ™Á úÁƬà ¥Á®Ãò ©Á³Âà¥É¦÷" €ÏýÆ ¨Êúà þ裙ÂݧÁÅ. œÁþÁœÍ±ÂýÅ þÊþÁÅ ÁÆ™Á ¨Êúà £¦Áý ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ. ¥Á§Í ¥ÁűÂå©Áô ÁÏý¨Í œÁþÁÅ þÁþÁÅä ¥Á§Í 3 ´Â¡Áô¨ÁÅ œÃ±Âå™ÁÅ. ¥ÉÅžÁý¨Í ÌÏúÁÏ £É§ÁōÁŏ €þáÃÏúÃþ ¥É¨ÃìÂ þÊþÁÅ Áƙ þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¦Á ÁÅÏ™ÂþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë ™ÁÅœÁÅþÁä ÊÏ þà þÁÏžÃÏúÁ³ÂÂþÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ £§ÃœÉÃÏúÃþÁ žÂþè þ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä ¡ÁëžÁ§ÃîÏúÁ ³ÂÂþÁÅ. §ÂþÁÅ §ÂþÁÅ þ ¡Áë©Á§ÁàþÁœÍ ©Ê™ÉÁÅÑœÁÅþÁä ¥ÁÁ©Â®ÁòþÁÅ úÁƬà þÂ¨Í ©Ã¡Á§ÄœÁ¥ËþÁ Í§ÃÂ, ©Ê™Ã §ÂüÅÍ ³ÂÂ¦. þÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¦ÁÁÅÏ™ÂþÊ þ úÊœÁŨŠœÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁê ©Ê¬Ã þ̍ÁÅэÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. €ÁÑ™Á œÁ™ÃÂ, úÉ¥ÁéÂ œÁÃ¨ÃÏžÃ. úħÁ, ¨ÏÂ¨ ¥ÄžÁ þÃÏúÊ œÁ™ÃÂ œÁÁŨŜÁÅÏžÁÏýÊ, €ÁÑ™Á ‡ÏœÁ ©Ê™ÉÃÑ ©ÁôÏžÍ €§ÁãÏ €¦êÏžÃ. ‹Á ©ÃŸÁϏ úɱÂå¨ÏýÊ ¥É¨ÃìÂ ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ ÊϨ͍à þÁþÁÅä ¨ÂÁ™ÁÏ¨Í ¬ÁÉð¬÷ €¦êþÁýÊì. ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁÆ™Á þ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÃ €§ÁâÏ úʬÁōÁÅþÁäýÅìþÂä§ÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ œÁþÁÅ "ˆžËþ ÿÍýɨ÷ Ã ©É®Ãò ÁƧÁÅÖþà ýâÃþ÷ úʬà Â¬Ê¡Áô §Ã¨Â÷𠀩ÁôžÂ¥Á Â" €þÁÂþÊ "¬Á§Ê" €þÂäþÁÅ. ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ žÁÁÓ§Á¨Í „þÁä ŠÁ §É³ÂÛ§ÉÏýÍì žÁƧ¥ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁÁÅ ¨Ëý÷ Â ýâÃþ÷ ˆžÍ §Áݧ÷ úʬÁōÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ, þÁÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ ŠýÃÛ Áƨ÷ ™Ãëύ÷ §Áݧ÷ úʳÂþÁÅ. ¥Á  §Áݧ÷ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ¬Á§Áí§÷ €ýÅ ©É®ÁòÂþÊ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ þÂœÍ "‚ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÆ ‡¨Â ©ÁôÏžÃ, ¥ÉÅÿÁ¥Á ÂýÏ ¨ÊÁÅϙ þÃüÏ úÉ¡Áôå" €þÂä§ÁÅ. þÁÅ þÃüÏ úɱÂå¨Í, €£žÁâÏ úɱÂå¨Í €§ÁãÏ Â¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ ‡ýÆ ÂÁÅϙ œÁ¨ ÃÏžÁÄ ¥ÄžÁÄ ©Áõ±ÂþÁÅ. "€¨Â œÁ¨ ©Áõ¡ÃœÊ ÂžÁÅ. ˆ¥ÁþÁä ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÅ" €þÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ "£ÂÂþÊ „ÏžÃ. ‚Á ‚ÏýÍà ©É®Ãò±ÍžÂ¥Á  €þÂäþÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  13. 13. "€¡Áôå™Ê ‚ÏýÍÂ, ˆÏ þčÁÅ þ ±Âìþ÷ þÁúÁñýϨʞÂ?" €þà ªÂ¬Ãàë þħÁ¬ÁϏ €™ÃÂ§ÁÅ. žÂþÍà þÊþÁÅ "€¦ÉÂê, €¨Â €þà ÂžÁÏ™Ä, ‚ÏýÍà ©É®Êà úÁÁя ¥ÁþÞÁâ§Á¥ÁÆ Â¬Ê¡Áô..." €ÏýÆ ¬ÃÁÅӏ ±ÂþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨þÁÅ €§ÁãÏ úʬÁōÁÅþÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë "‹ÿÍ, €¥ÁéÂ§ÃÃ £ÂÂ ÿÄýɍÃÑÏžÁþÁä¥Á Âý €þÂä§ÁÅ". ¬ÃÁÅӏ þÁ©ÂíþÁÅ. "€¦þ ÁŧÁÅàÏžÂ, ƒ §ÍüϜ ¥ÁþÁÏ ‡Ïü¦÷ úɦÁ Âê¨Ã. ¥Á®Äò 4 ÁÏý¨ÁÅ ¡Ã¨ì¨Å ¬ÁÆѨ÷ þÁÅÏúà ©Á³Âà§ÁÅ. ƒ¨Í¡Á¨ ‚ÏýÍà ©É®Ãò ¥Á®Ãò §Â©Â¨ÏýÊ ú¨ ýËÏ ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅÏžÃ. ÂþÄ žÂþÍà þÊþÍ ¥Á §ÁÓÏ ¨ÍúÃÏúÂþÁÅ ©ÁôÏ™ÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ¬Á§Áí§÷ ªÂ¬Ãà §Áݧ÷ úʬÃþÁ ýâÃþ÷, ‚žÁâ§ÃÄ ÁƨÃÝëύ÷ð œÉúÂñ™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ýâÃþ÷ œÃþʨ͡Á¨ þÊþÁÅ þ ÁƨÃÝëύ÷ ¥ÉÅœÁàÏ œÂÂþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ œÁþÁ ™Ãëύ÷ ¬ÁÁÏ œÂÃ €¨ÂÊ ÁƧÁÅÖþà ©ÁôþÂä§ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ œÂÁ™ÁÏ ¡Áõ§ÃàÂÂþÊ "úÁÆ™ÁÅ ¨¨ÃœÂ, ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÊþÁÅ ±Ì§Á±Âýŏ žÌ¨ÃìúÃÖþÁýÅì ƒ ¥ÃÁœÂ ¬ÁÁÏ Áƨ÷ ™Ãëύ÷ þÄ úħÁ ¥ÄžÁ žÌ¨Ãì³ÂàþÁÅ, ˆ¥Ã €þÁō͍Ê" €ÏýÆ þ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ Í¬ÁÏ ÁÆ™Á úÁÆ™ÁÁÅϙ ¥ÃÃ¨ÃþÁ ¡É¡Ãðþà þ úħÁ ¥ÄžÁ Š¨Á±Í³Â™ÁÅ. €¨Â ±Í¬ÃþÁ ©ÉÏýþÊ œÁþÁÅ ¨Êúà þ裙à "€¦ÉÂê, ³Â§Ä.." €ÏýÆ ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ £Ã¨÷ úɨÃìÏúà þ úÉ¦ê ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà ©Á™Ã ©Á™ÃÂ £¦ÁýÁÅ þÁ™Ãú™ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙ œÁþÁþà ²Â¨Í €¦Á ÂêþÁÅ. §É³ÂÛ§ÉÏý÷ þÁÅÏúà £¦ÁýÁÅ §ÂÂþÊ ‡žÁŧÁŏ „þÁä £Í§÷Ý ¥ÄžÁ §Â¬ÃϞà úÁžÁ©ÁÂþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë „žÊâªÁêÏ þÁÅ ÌÏúÉÏ ÌÏúÉϏ £ÍŸÁ ¡Á™Á ³ÂÃÏžÃ. ‚ÏœÁÁÆ  £Í§÷Ý ¥ÄžÁ ˆ¥Áþà §Â¬Ã©ÁôÏžÍ œÉ¨Å³Â "þÁ©Á¦Áŏ ¨Â™÷Ø". ¨Í¡Á¨Ã €™ÁŏÁÅ ¡É™ÁÅœÁÆþÊ §Ã¬É¡Áïþ÷ ©Ë¡Áô ©É®ÃòþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë €ÁÑ™Á ©ÁôÏ™Ê §Ã¬É¡Áïþ÷ Áì§÷Ñ œÍ "úÁÆ™Áϙà ¥Ê™ÁÏ, þÊþÁÅ ¥Á  ©Ã™Â ú¨ žÁƧÁÏ þÁÅÏúà ©Á¬ÁÅàþÂä¥ÁÅ. ‚ÁÑ™Á ´Â¡ÃϏ÷ ¡Áõ§Ãà úʬÁōÁÅþà 4ÁÏý¨Á¨Âì ‚¨Åì úʧ¨Ã. ƒ¨Í¡Á¨ €þÁō̍ÁÅϙ œÁþÁ úħÁ¥ÄžÁ ¡É¡Ã𠊨Íà ±Í¦ÏžÃ. ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ‚ÏýÍà ©É®Ãò úħÁ ¥Á §ÁÅ֍ÁÅþà ©ÁúÊñ ýËÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅ©Á¨ì ¥Ä§ÁÅ ŠÁ ÁÏý, ÁÏýþÁä§Á ¬Ê¡Áô ¥Á ÁÅ §ÁÆÏ ‚©ÁíÁ¨ÃÃœÊ œÁþÁ úħÁþà  ¥Á§ÁÁ ¡Á™ÃþÁÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÅ ©ÁôœÁōÁÅÑþà §Á£ÉýÅۍÁÅþà ©É®Ãò ±ÍœÂ¥ÁÅ. ¡Äì¬÷... Â©Á¨ÏýÊ ŠÁ §ÍüÅ §ÁÆÏ §ÉÏý÷ ú§÷Ø úɦÁêÏ™Ã" €þÂä§ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  14. 14. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ  §Ã¬É¡Áïþì÷Û ŠÁ þåëÁÏ ±ÂýÅ ˆ¥Ã €§ÁãÏ ÂþÁýÅì úÁƬà œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ "ŠÁÑ þåëÁÏ" €ÏýÆ ¡ÁÁÑþÊ ©ÁôþÁä §ÁÆϨ͍à ©É®Ãò ²Íþ÷ ¨Í ‡©Á§ÃœÍþÍ ¥Á ÂýÂì™Ã ©ÁúÃÖ "‚¨Â €™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÁäÏžÁōÁÅ ³Â§Ä ¬Á§÷. ÂþÄ ¥Ä§ÁÅ ¤Â§Âê ¤Á§Áà¨Å €þÊžÂþÍà §ÁÅüÅ©Áô ˆ¥ÁþÂä ©ÁôϞ €þà ¥Á  ¥ÊþÊü§÷ Â§ÁÅ €™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ €ÏžÃ". ©ÉÏýþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ ¡Á§÷ð ¨Í „þÁä ¥Á  ²Â¥Ã¨Ä ²ÍýÍ œÄ¬Ã úÁÆ¡ÃÏú§ÁÅ. žÂþÃœÍ  ¡Ã¨ì œÁÅë¡Ãà ¡Á™ÃþÁýÅìÂ ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ ¡ÉýÃÛ œÃ§ÃÃ ²Íþ÷ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™ÃúÃÏžÃ. §ÉÏ™ÁÅ þåô¨Š¥Á®Ãò ²Íþ÷ ¨Í ¥Á ÂýÂì™Ã ©ÁúÃÖ ¥Á ÂœÍ "¥Á  ¥ÊþÊü§÷ œÍ ¥Á ÂýÂì™Ã ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ úɱÂåþÁÅ ¬Á§÷. ¥Á Â¥Áƨŏ ¥Ê¥ÁÅ ‚¨Â §Ãü§Êí«Áþ÷ ¨ÊÁÅϙ §ÁÆϨŠ‚©Áí¥ÁÅ. €žÄÂÁ ŠÁ ÁÏýÂ, §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ÁÏý¨ÁÅ €¬Áð¨Å ‚©Áí¥ÁÅ. ÂþÄ ¥ÄžÃ ²Â¥Ã¨Ä ±Ìë£ìÏ Â£ýÃÛ ‚¬ÁÅàþÂäþÁÅ. ¥Á  ¥ÊþÊü§÷ ¥Ä žÁÁÓ§Á 1/2 ™Ê ú§÷Ø ¥ÁýÅÊ œÄ¬ÁōͥÁþÂä§ÁÅ. ¥Ä§ÁÅ ‡ýÃÛ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÁŨÍìþÁÆ 1:30 Á¨ì §ÁÆÏ ŽÂ®Ä úɦÁ Âê¨Ã ‡ÏžÁōÁÏýÊ 2 ÁÏý¨þÁÅÏúà ƒ §ÁÆÏ ©Ê§Ê©Â§ÃÃ §Ãü§÷í úʬà ©ÁôÏžÃ" €ÏžÃ. §ÁÆÏ §ÉÏý÷ ¡Ê úʬà œÂ®ÁÏ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà §ÁÆϨ͍à €™ÁŏÁÅ ¡ÉýۏÂþÊ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ "©ÉÏýþÊ ƒ úħÁ ¥ÄžÁ ¥Á§ÁÁ Á™ÃÃ ©É¦Á Âê¨Í¦" €ÏýÆ þ ©ÁÏýà ¥ÄžÁ úħÁþà ¨ÂÊ³Â§ÁÅ. "€¦ÉÂê ¥ÄÉÏžÁōÁÆ ªÁë¥Á, þÊþÁÅ „œÁōÁÅÑþà ©Á³ÂàþÁÅÏ™ÁÏ™Ã" €ÏýÆ þÊþÁÅ œÁþÁ úʜèÍþà úħÁþÁÅ ¨ÂÁÅÑþà £ÂœÁÆëÏ ©Ë¡Áô €™ÁŏÁÅ ©Ê³ÂþÁÅ. ¡É¡Ãð ¡Á™ÃþÁÏœÁ ¥Ê§ÁÁÅ úħÁþÁÅ ªÁÅ£ëϏ „œÃÃ, œÄ¬ÁōÌúÃÖ ²Âþ÷ ÃÏžÁ ÁŧÄÖ ¥ÄžÁ §Á©Ê¬Ã £É™÷ ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ ©Áô¨ÃÃÑ ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë €¡ÁåýÃÊ œÁþÁ £ýÛ¨þÄä ©Ã¡ÁôåÁÅþà ¡Áõ§Ãà þÁÁäϏ £É™÷ ¥ÄžÁ ©É¨ÃìÁ¨Â ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþà ©ÁôþÂä§ÁÅ. œÁþÁ £ÅüÃØ Â™ÁÅ ˜ÁϏÁÅþÁ ¨Êúà þ裙à ÁžÃ¨Íþà ¬ÄèÃϏ÷ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƬÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. þÁþÁÅä úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ "‡ÏœÁ ¬Ê¡Áô ©ÁôœÃÊžÃ. ‚ÁÑ™Á üÆþæÁ§÷ Â™ÁÅ þÄ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¥Áŧñ¨ Í¬ÁÏ €¨Âì™ÁÅœÁÅÏýÊ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÃÊ ©Ã¡Á§ÄœÁϏ ©Ê™ÃÃѱͦ ©ÁôþÁä þÊþÁÅ ©ÉÏýþÊ ¡ÁúÃ֏ "‚žÃÍ ©ÁúÊÖ¬ÁÅàþÂäÂ" €ÏýÆ £É™÷ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™Á©Á ³ÂÂþÁÅ. "ŠÁÑ þåëÁÏ. ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ €ÁÑ™Ê þ裙à  §Á©ÃÂ, ¨ÏÂ ©Ã¡Êå¬Ã þÁÁäϏ þÁ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅÏýÆ §Â" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ. "€¥Á Âé,  ¡Á¡Áôå¨Ê©Ã ©Áô™ÁÁ©Áô" €þÁä þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ¬Á¥ÁžÂþÁϏ "ÁŧÁÅàϞÏ ƒ§ÍüÅ þÊþÁÅ ˆžÃ úÉ£ÃœÊ €žÃ úɦÁ Âê¨Ã" €þà þÊþÁÅ úʬÃþÁ ±Ìë¥Ã¬÷ ÁŧÁÅà úʳ§ÁÅ. ‚Á úʬʞà ˆ¥ÁÅϞÍÁþÁōÁ. ©ÉÏýþÊ þ §Á©ÃÁÃ ©ÁôþÁä ¥ÃÃ¨ÃþÁ ¥ÁÆ™ÁÅ ÿÁōÁÅѨŠÁƙ œÄ¬Ã §Á©ÃÁ ¨ÂÃ ÃÏžÁ ©Ê³ÂþÁÅ. œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ¨ÏÂ £ÌÏžÁÅ ¨Ê¬Á§ÃÃ ¨ÏÂ þ Â®Áò ©ÁžÁ⠍ÁÅ¡ÁåÂPDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  15. 15. ¡Á™ÃÏžÃ. žÂþÃœÍ ¡Áõ§Ãà þÁÁäϏ ¥Á §ÃþÁ þÊþÁÅ ©Á™Ã ©Á™ÃÂ þÁ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅÏýÆ £É™÷ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™ÃúÂþÁÅ. þÁÁäϏ ©ÁôþÁä þ ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ ©Ë¡Ê úÁƬÁÅàþÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë úÊœÍà œÁþÁ €ÏÂþÃä ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà úÊœÃþà ÃÏžÁÄ ¡ËÃ ©Áõ¡Á³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ £É™÷ ¥ÄžÁÃ úʧÁÂþÊ þÁþÁÅä œÁþÁ ÎÃ¨Ã¨ÍÃ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà œÁþÁ þÍýÃœÍ þ þÍýÃþà ¥ÁÅžÂâ™Á ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. ÌžÃâ¬Ê¡Áô ¥Á  ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ¨Æ, ÎÃ¨ÃÏœÁ¨Æ €¦Á ÂêÁ ¥É¨ÃìÂ œÁþÁ £ÅüÃØ Â™Ãþà úÊ Ã¨ÍÃ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà þ §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþà "©Áõ §ÁÏ™Ä" €þÂäþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ©ÉÏýþÊ "€¥ÉÂé... €¡Áôå™Ê?.. úɱÂåþÁÅ ÁžÂ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ¨Æ, ¥ÁÅ§Ã±Â¨Æ €þÃ. ¥Á§Ã ‚ÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÆ þÁÅ©Áôí þÁþÁÅä ¥ÁÅžÂâ™Â©Ê Âþà ±Â¡ÁÏ £ÅüÃ؏™ÁÅ ©Â™Ãþà ¥ÁÅžÂâ™ÁþÊ ¨ÊžÁÅ ÁžÂ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ©ÁôžÊâªÁêÏ ‡¥ÃýÍ þÁÅ €§ÁãÏ €¦êÏžÃ. ¥Á  ¡É®Ãò €¦êþÁ ƒ œÌ¥ÃéžÃ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨¨Í ˆ ¡ÁžÃ ¡ÁžÃÿÊþÁÅ ³Â§Íì ªÂ¬Ãàë €ÏÂþÃä þ þÍýè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ©ÁôÏýÂþÁÅ. ƒ§ÍüÅ þÁþÁÅä ŽúÃÖœÁϏ ©ÁžÁ¨™Áþà œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ Â£ýÃÛ ¥Á§Í ¥Á Âý ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙ ©ÉÏýþÊ ¨Êúà þ œÁ¨þà €œÁþà œÌ™Á¨ ©Ë¡Áô ©ÁÏúà ‡Ã§ÉÃ§Ã ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÁä œÁþÁ Í™ÉÂ™Ãþà þ úÊœÃœÍ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà þÍýè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©ÉúÁ֏Â, „¡ÁåÂ, ©ÁÁ§ÁŏÂ, üÏÁŧÁŏ œÁÃ¨ÃϞà þ þÍýÍÃ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë úÊœÁŨŠþ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÄžÁ ¡Á™Âݦ. œÁþÁ ¥ÁŸÁê ©Ê¨Åþà ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê¨ÍþÃÏúà ¨Ì¡Á¨Ã ±ÌþÃúÃÖ ÃÏžÁÄ ¡ËÄ ©Áõ¡ÁôœÁÆ þ £ÅüÃØžÂþÃþà ‚ύ §ÉúÁÖ ÌýÛ ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. œÁþÁ úÉ«ÁÛ¨œÍ ‚ύ ©Ê™ÃÃÑ ±Í¦þÁ þÊþÁÅ þ Ářà úÊœÍà œÁþÁ £ÅüÃØ Â™Ãþà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÃ, žÂþà ¡Ë œÍ¨ÅþÁÅ ©ÉþÁÁÅÑ ¨ÂÃ ‡§Áëþà þ£÷ ¡Ë þ þ¨ōÁœÍ Á¬ÃÂ §Â¦Á ³ÂÂþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ©ÉÏýþÊ þ ¥ÉÅœÁà ¨ÍþÃÏúà œÁþÁ ©Ê¨Åþà ¨ÂÊ¬Ã, œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨœÍ þ œÁ¨ ÁýÃۏ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà œÁþÁ œÌ™Á¨Ê¬Ã €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. žÂþÃœÍ œÁþÁÆ £ÂÂ Á¬ÉÃÑ ±Í¦Á ™Áþà €§ÁãÏ úɬÁōÁÅþÁä þÊþÁÅ ŠÁÑ „žÁÅýÅþÁ ¨Êúà œÁþÁ œÌ™Á¨¡Ë €ýÍ Â¨Å ‚ýÍ Â¨Å ©Ê¬Ã þ §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í œÁþÁ ÁÆýÂþÃä ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþà þ ¥ÉÅœÁàþà Á¬ÁōÁÅÑþÁ ÃÏžÁÃ žÃÏúÂþÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÃÊ þ £ÅüÃ؞à £ÂÂ ÿÄýɍÃѱͦ §Á³Â¨Å Â§ÃÖ „Ï™ÁýÏœÍ œÁþÁ ÁÆýÏ þ §É¥Áé¨ €ÏúÁŨÃä §Â¬ÁōÁÅÏýÆ ¬Á§ÁÅëþÁ þÂ¨Í žÃÃÏžÃ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  16. 16.  œÂÃ™ÃÃ þ ©ÁÏýÍìþà þÁ§Â¨þÄä ŠÁÑ ³Â§ÃÂ üéÁôí¥ÁÏýÆ ¥ÁƨϦ. ˆ ©Áõ¡ÁôœÍ €¦œÊ œÁþÁ ¥ÁÁœÁþÂþÃä þ žÂþè͍à žÃÏúÁōÁÅþÂäþÍ €žÊ ©Áõ¡ÁôœÍ ©ÊªÁϏ ªÂ¬Ãàë¡Ë ÁƧÁÅÖþà þ þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅþÁÅ ©Áõ¡Á³ÂÂþÁÅ.  ©ÁõÁÅ™ÁōÁÅ þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Æ £ÏœÁŨÂì þ ‡žÁ ¥ÄžÁ ‡Á§Á³ÂÂ¦. ©Âýà œÂÃ™ÃÃ þ ¥ÁϏÁ®Á ¬ÁÆœÁëÏ ÁÆ™Á ‡Ã§ÉÃ§Ã ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÆ žÂþèÍþà Â¬ÁŨ £Ã®Áò®ÁÅ ŠÁ žÂþÍ̍Áýà §Â¬ÁōÁÅþà Á¨Åì Á¨ÅìþÁ ªÁ£ãÏ úɦÁê³ÂÂ¦. €žÃ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë þ ¥ÁϏÁ®Á ¬ÁÆœÂëþÃä ©Ä¡Áô ¥ÄžÁÁÅ œÍ¬Ã œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨÍà þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ãä ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà Á¬ÃÂ ¡Ã¬ÁōÁÅœÁÆ þ ©Áõ¡Áô¨ÁÅ ‡žÁŧ̜ÁÅà¨Å ‚©Áí³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ £ÂÂ ÿÄýɍÃÑ „þÁäÏžÁÅ©Á¨ì þʥɠ¥Á§Í §ÉÏ™ÁÅ þåô¨Á¨Âì œÁþÁÆ þÊþÁÅ ‚ÏúÁÅ ¥ÃÏúÁÅ ŠÊ³Â§Ã "„¥÷é... ¥÷ééé.. € ...¥÷éééé... ÿ÷" €þà ¥ÁƨŏÁÅœÁÆ Â§Ê֬à ŠÁ§Ã ¡Ë ŠÁ§ÁÏ Š§ÃÃ ±Í¦Á ÂÏ. ¡ÁžÃþåô¨ ±ÂýÅ ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ €¨ÂþÊ „ϙñͦÁ Â¥ÁÅ. œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ œÁþÊ ¥É¨ÃìÂ "ˆ¥ÁÏý©ͦ÷, £ÂÂ ‡Ïü¦÷ úʳ©Â, ¨ÊžÂ?" €þÂä§ÁÅ. žÂþÍà ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏ þÊþÁÅ ¨Êúà œÁþÁ £ÅÁÓ ¡Ë ¥ÁÅžÁÅâ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà " Âύ÷ð §Â" €þÂäþÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ¥Á§Ä ¥ÁÏúà ¥ÁÆ™÷ ¨Í „ÏýÊ œÁ¡Áå œÁþÁþà "§Â" €þà ¡Ã¨©ÁþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ ©É¨ÃÃ ±Í©Á™ÁÏ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÂþÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ œÁþÁÅ "±Â¡ÁÏ ©ÁõÃ ©ÁõÃ £ÂÂ €¨¬Ã ±Í¦þÁýÅìþÂä©Áô, ¨Ëý÷ Â œÃþÊžÂþÍà ˆ¥ÁþÂä œÉ¡ÃåÏúÁþÂ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. þÃü¥Ê €ÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÅ ©Ê™ÉÃÑ©ÁôþÁä þ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÍà Í§ÃÁ œÄ§Á™ÁÏœÍ Á¨Ã ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ §Â³ÂÃÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ªÂ¬ÃàëœÍ "¬Á§Ê. ¨Ëý÷ Â œÃþÊžÂþÍà ˆ¥ÁþÂä œÉ¡ÃåÏúÁϙà €þÂäþÁÅ". ªÂ¬Ãàë ¨Êúà ²ÍþÉ úʬà §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ¥Á³Â¨ žÍªÁ¨Å, Â¢Ä §Áݧ÷ úʳ§ÁÅ. ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ £ýۨŠÁƙ ÁýÅۍ͍ÁÅϙ ŠÁ§Ã¨Í ŠÁ§ÁÏ ŠžÃÃ±Í¦ Â¬Ê¡Áô €¨ÂþÊ ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþà ©ÁôϙñͦÁ Â¥ÁÅ. ‚ÏÍ ±Â©ÁôÁÏý œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ §ÁÆÏ ™Í§÷ ¥ÄžÁ "ý÷.. ý÷" €ÏýÆ ªÁ£ãÏ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. §ÁÆÏ £Ì¦÷ žÍªÁ¨Å œÉúÃÖþÁýÅìþÂä™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ ¨Êúà ý©Á¨÷ úÁÅýÅۍÁÅþà ©É®Ãò œÁ¨Å¡Áô œÄ³Â™ÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ œÁ¨Å¡Áô œÄ¦ÁÂþÊ žÍªÁ¨ ¡ÊìýìœÍ §ÁÆϨ͍à €™ÁŏÁÅ ¡ÉýÂÛ™ÁÅ §ÁÆÏ £Ì¦÷.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  17. 17. £Ì¦÷ €ÏýÊ þÃüϏÂþÊ ÁŧÁë ÁÅύÊ. œÁþÁÁÅ ¥ÁöÁ „ÏýÊ 16 ˆ®ÁÅò ©ÁôÏý¦ʥÉÂ. €¡Áôå™Á¡Áôå™Ê ¥ÁƜà ¥ÄžÁ ¥Ä³Â¨Å ¥ÉŨŬÁÅàþÂä¦. ÿÍý¨÷ ¦ÁÆþòÂÏ ¨ÂÁÅϞà ©Ëý÷ ¬ËÛë¡÷ ©ÁôþÁä ¡ÁúÁÖ «Á§÷Û, €žÊ ¥Á žçà þÍÁѧÁÅ ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþà „þÂä™ÁÅ. ú̍ÂÑ ¥ÄžÁ "þÁ©Á¦ÁŏÁ" €þà ‡Ï£Í릙Á§Ä úʬéÁôÏžÃ. ©Â™ÁÅ ¨Í¡Á¨Ã ©ÁúÊÖ ¬Á§ÃÃ þÊþÁÅ ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ £ÂìύÉý÷ Á¡ÁôåÁÅþà þ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä Á©Á§÷ úʬÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ©Â™Ê¥É €ÁÑ™Ê ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™Ã ©ÁôþÁä þ ¨ÏÂ, §Á©ÃÁ¨Ãä, ‚ÏÍ ¡ÁÁя ¡Á™Ã „þÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë «Á§÷Û, ±ÂÏý÷, €Ï™Á§÷ ©Ê§÷ ¨þà úÁƬà ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÃ €§ÁãÏ úʬÁōÁÅþÁäýÅìÏžÃ. ¥ÁŬà ¥ÁŬÏ þÁ©ÁôíÁÅÏýÆ ýʣŨ÷ ¡ËþÁ žÍªÁ¨ ¡ÊìýÅì ¬Á§ÁÅâœÁÆ ¥ÁŸÁê ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í þ ©Ë¡Áô žÌϏÁ úÁÆ¡Áô¨Å úÁÆ™ÁýÏ þÊþÁÅ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÂþÁÅ. ©Â™Ã úÁÆ¡Áô¨Å Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ þÊþÁÅ, ÌÏ¡ÁœÄ¬Ã þ ©Á®ÁÅò ˆ¥ÁþÂä ÁþÁ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅϞ €þà žÁÅ¡Áåýà ¬Á§ÃÂ ¬Á§ÁÅâÍ£Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ.  ¬Á§ÁÅâÍ©Á™ÁÏ¨Í þ úɦêü§Ã, ŠÁÑ ¯Á›Ï þ ‡žÁ¥ÄžÁ „þÁä žÁÅ¡Áåýà œÌ¨Ã±Í¦ÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ žÂþÃþà ¬Á§ÃÂ ¨ÂÁÅÑþÂäþÁÅ. ƒ ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í ŠÊ ŠÁÑ ¯Á›Ï ˆ €ûÂÖžÁþ ¨Êþà þ ‡žÁ ©Â™Ã Á®Áò¡Á™ÃÏžÃ. €ÏœÊ, ¡Ã¨ì ©ÉŸÁ©Á œÁœÁà§Á £ÃœÁà§ÁÂ úÊœÃ¨Í „þÁä ¬ÁÆåþ÷ þà ³ÂÏ£§÷ Á¡÷ ¨Í ¡Éýۣͦ ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™Á©Ê³Â™ÁÅ. "€§Ê¦÷, ˆÏý €üÁëœÁà.. œÁí§ÁÂ €©Ã €ÁÑ™Á ¡ÉýÃÛ ©É®ÁÅò, ¥Ê¥ÁÅ œÃþÁÂþÊ ¡Ã¨Å³ÂàþÁÅ" €þà ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁžÁ¥Á ¦ÏúÊ ¬Á§ÃÃ ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ œÁþÁ ýÊëþà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà §ÁÆÏ ¨ÍþÃÏúà £¦ÁýÁÅ þÁ™Ãú™ÁÅ ©Â™ÁÅ. "‡ÏžÁōÁ쪀 ±Â¡ÁÏ ©Â™Ãþà €¨Â ©Ã¬ÁōÁÅÑþÂä§ÁÅ. ©Â™Ã œÁ¡Êå¥ÁÅϞà €ÏžÁŨÍ.. ÁŧÁë ©ÉŸÁ©Á þÁþÁÅä ‚¨Â úÁÆ¬Ê ¬Á§ÃÃ £ÃœÁà§Á ±Í¦ € ¬ÁÆåþ÷ Â³Âà ÃÏžÁ ©Ê³Â™ÁÅ" €þà þÊþÁÅ €þÂäÁ Âþà ªÂ¬ÃàëÃ €§ÁãÏ Â¨ÊžÁÅ ©Â™ÉÏžÁōÁÅ €ÏœÁ œÁœÁà§Á £ÃœÁà§Á ¡Á™ÂÝ™Í. ©ÉÏœÁþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ "€¥Áé žÌϏÂ, žÁÅ¡Áåýà ±Ì§Á±ÂýÅþÁ ü§ÃÏžÂ, ¨ÊÁ þ ýËëþÃϏ÷ œÍ ¡Á§Éæ÷Û €¦±Í¦ þÃüϏÂþÊ ü§ÂÖ©Â " €þà þÁ©Âí™ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ©ÉÏýþÊ "ûÄ, ¥Ä €þÁÅ¥Á Âþ嬮 ¥Ä§ÁÆþÁÆ" €ÏýÆ žÁÅ¡Áåýà ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ ¥ÄžÁÁÅ ¨ÂÁÅÑþÂäþÁÅ. "¬ÃÁÅÓ ¡Á™ÃϞà ú¨ŏÂþà ¨Êúà Â¬Áà žÍªÁ œÃþÁϙà §Â ›ÄÂ§ÁÅ" €ÏýÆ ªÂ¬Ãàë žÍªÁ ¡Êìý÷ ¥ÄžÁ žÂ™Ã úʳ™ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ Áƙ ¨Êúà £ÂìύÉýÃä ‡žÁ ¡ËþÃÏúà ÃÏžÁ žÂÂ ÁýÅۍÌþÁÅ žÍªÁ œÃþÁ ³ÂÂþÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  18. 18. "‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Ä ‚žÁâ§Ã ¥ÁŸÁê ü§ÃÃþÁ ¬ÁÏ ÁýþÁœÍ þÁÅ ¤Á¨Ê ‚™Ã¦Á  ©ÁúÃÖϞͦ÷. ƒ ¡Êìý÷ð œÄ¬ÁōɮÊòžÂþÍà ©Â™ÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ¡Áô™ÁÅ ŠÁ œÁ¥Á ´ úʳÂàþÁÅ Âþà þÁÅ©Áôí ˆ¥Ä €™ÁÅÝ ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙ úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €þÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ „¨ÃÃÑ ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ. ¥Á®Ãò ˆ¥Ã úɦÁê £ÍœÁÅþÂä™Áŧ žÊ©Áô™Â €þÁōÁÅþà "ˆÏýà ¥ÄÁÅ ‚ύ œÁÅë¡Ãà Á¨Á¨ÊžÂ" €þÂäþÁÅ. žÂþÍà ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏ œÁþÁÅ "œÁÅë¡Ãà Á¨ÃÃϞͦ÷.. £ÂÂþÊ Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ.. ÂþÄ ‚ύ ‚ύ œÁÅë¡Ãà Á¨ÃÊ ‰™Ã¦Á  ŠÁýà þÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. þÁÅ©Áôí ¥Á§Ê¥Ä ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙ þÂœÍ ¬ÁÿÁÁ§ÃÏúÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. ‚Á œÁþÁÅ ‡ÏœÁ úÉ¡Ãåþ ©ÃþÁ™Áþà œÉ¨Å¬ÁÅ ÁþÁōÁ "€¨ÂÊ ¥ÁöÁþÁÅ ¤Â©Â.. ¥Ä ‚«ÁÛÏ" €ÏýÆ žÍªÁ œÃþÁýÏ ¡Áõ§Ãà úʳÂþÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë Áƙ œÃþÁ™ÁÏ €¦Á ÂêÁ ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ Â¢Ä œÂÂ¥ÁÅ. Â¢Ä Á¡Áôå¨Å ýʣŨ÷ ¥ÄžÁ ¡ÉýÃÛ §ÁÆÏ £Í¦÷ Í¬ÁÏ £É¨÷ ÌýÂÛ§ÁÅ ¥Á§Í §ÉÏ™ÁÅ þåô¨ œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ ™Í§÷ ¥ÄžÁ ¥Á®Ãò "ý÷.. ý÷" €þà úÁ¡Áôå™Á©ÁÂþÊ "œÁ¨Å¡Áô œÄ¬Ê ©ÁôÏžÃ.. §Â" €þÂä§ÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ¥Á®Äò €žÊ ÁŧÁë©Â™ÁÅ ¨Ì¡Á¨ÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖ "¬Á§÷" €þÂä™ÁÅ. "ŽÂ®Ä ¡ÊìýÆì, Âì¬ÁÅ¨Æ ¡ÁýÅۍɮÂà©Áþà ¡Ã¨ÂÖþͦ÷" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. ©ÉÏœÁþÊ ©É®Ãò ¥Ê¥ÁÅ œÃþÁä ¡ÊìýÅì, Á¡Áôå¨Å €þÃä ýÊë¨Í ¬Á§ÁÅâœÁÅþÁä  ÁŧÂë™Ãþà úÁƬÁÆà "þÄ ¡Ê§ÁÅ ˆÏýçÂ?" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. "§Á¥Á› €Ï™Ä" ÁŧÍë™Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ. "‡þÂä®ÁÅòÂ ¡Áþà úʬÁÅàþÂä©Áô ƒ ¨Â™÷Ø ¨Í?" ªÂ¬Ãàë ¡ÁëªÁä. " 6 þɨ¨ÅÂ ¬Á§÷"  ÁŧÍë™Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ. ©Â™ÁÅ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ úɣŝÁÆ œÁþÁÅ €ÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÅ ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþÁä ýÊëþà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà ¨Êú™ÁÅ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãà Á£ÅÁÅÑþÁ ¨Êúà ©É®Ãò œÁ¨Å¡Áô Á™Ã¡ÉýÃÛ œÁ¨Å¡ÁôÁÅ €™ÁÝϏ þ裙à "±ÍžÁÅ©Áô ÂþÄ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ  ýÊë ÃÏžÁ ¡ÉýÂë" €þÂä§ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  19. 19. žÂþÃœÍ  ÁŧÁë©ÉŸÁ©Á ˆ¥Ã ü§ÁŏÁÅœÁÅÏžÍ €§ÁãύÁ, ¤Á¦Á¡Á™ÁÅœÁÆ ýÊë ÃÏžÁ ¡ÉýÂÛ™ÁÅ. "€©ÁôþÁÆ ‚ϞÊÏýà €¥ÁéÂ§Ã ©Ë¡Áô €¨Â žÌϏÁ úÁÆ¡Áô¨Å úÁƬÁÅàþÂä©Áô" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. žÂþÃœÍ ©Â™ÁÅ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ ©Á›ÅÁÅœÁÆ €¨ÂÊ þèÅúÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. "‚ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÅ ‡©Á§ÃþËþ ™Á ©Â®Áòþà £ýۨŠ¨ÊÁÅϙ úÁƳ©Â" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. "¨ÊžÁÅ ¬Á§÷"  ÁŧÂë™ÁÅ ©Á›ÅÁÅœÁÆ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ. "‹ÿÍ €ÏžÁōÊþÁþÁä ¥Á Âý ‚ϞÁ €¨Â úÁƬÃÏžÃ" ªÂ¬Ãà ¡ÁëªÁä. §Á¥Á› Â™Ê¥É ˆ¥Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ úÉ¡Áå¨ÊžÁÅ. "þÃþÊä €™ÃÊžÃ.." €þà ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁžÁ¥Á ¦ÏúÊ ¬Á§ÃÃ "þÁþÁÅä ¯Á¥ÃÏúÁϙà ³Â§÷ €ÏýÆ ©Â™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãà Á®Áò ¥ÄžÁ ¡Á™Ã ˆ™Á©Á ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ". ©Â™Ãþà úÁƬÁÅàÏýÊ ü¨à Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ. €ÏžÁÅÊ ªÂ¬ÃàëœÍ "€¦ÉÂê ©Â™Ãþà ©ÁžÃ¨É¦Áêϙà ±Â¡ÁÏ" €þÂäþÁÅ. žÂþÍà ¬Á¥Á žÂþÁϏ ªÂ¬Ãàë "þčÁÅ œÉ¨Ã¦ÁžÁÅ, þÁÅ©Áôí ©Áõ§ÁōÍ... ‚ýÅ©ÁÏýà ©Â®ÁòþÁÅ ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨÃ ¡ÁýÃÛ¬ÊàÂþà £ÅžÃ⠧žÁÅ" €ÏýÆ þ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƬà ÁþÁÅä ÌýÂÛ§ÁÅ. žÂþÃœÍ ªÂ¬Ãàë ˆžÍ ¡ÁÁÁÏ ©Ê³Â™Áþà €§Áã¥ËþÁ þÊþÁÅ ÂÏ Â „ϙà ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ.  ÁŧÁë©Â™ÁÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ "©ÁžÁÅ⠳§÷, ±Í¨Ä¬÷ ¨ žÂÂ ©ÁžÁÅ⠳§÷, ¥Á  €¦ÁêÃ œÉ¨Ã¬Êà þÁþÁÅä úÁϡʳÂà™ÁÅ ³Â§÷" €ÏýÆ ˆ™Á©Á ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. "±ÍþÄ ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨÃ úÉ¡ÁåþÁÅ Âþà þÊþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁ ¡Áþà úʳÂà©Â" €þÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. "úʳÂàþÁÅ ³Â§÷" €þÁä ©Â™Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ ©Ãþà "€¦œÊ ©É®Ãò ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ þÄ ¥ÁÅ ŽÏ ªÁŤÁëϏ Á™ÁōÁÅѧÂ, ™Á žÂþ蠁 ÁþÄä®ÁÆò þÁÅ©Áõí" €þà ©Ã¬ÁōÁÅÑþÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë.  ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ©Â™ÁÅ ¨Êúà £ÂœÁÆëÏ ¨ÍÃ ¡Á§ÁŏÉýÂÛ™ÁÅ. "ˆÏýÏ™Ä... ©Â™Ãþà ˆ¥Ã úʳÂà§ÁÅ" €þÁä þ ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏ "«÷.." €ÏýÆ þÍýà ¥ÄžÁ ©Ê¨Å ©Ê¬Ã úÁƱ§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  20. 20. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ¥ÁÅŽÏ £ÂÂ Á™ÁōÁÅÑþà œÁþÁ ú̍ÂÑœÍ œÁÅ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅÏýÆ ¨Í¡Á¨Ã ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ §Á¥Á›. "Á™ÁōÁÅÑþÂä©Â, ÁÅ™÷ ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÄ ú̍ÂÑ, þÍÁѧÁÅ ©Ã¡Ãå €ÁÑ™Á ©É¦ê" €þÂä™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. "©ÁžÁÅ⠳§÷..." €ÏýÆ §Á¥ÁþÁ ˆžÍ Ì›Á £Í¦Êê ¬Á§ÃÃ.. "‰œÊ ±Í¨Ä¬ÁŨÃä ¡Ã¨©Â¨ÃðÏžÊ" €þà ²Íþ÷ ‡œÁÅàÁÅþÂä§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë. §Á¥Á› ©ÉÏýþÊ "¨ÊžÁÅ ³Â§÷.. œÄ¬Ê³ÂàþÁÅ" €ÏýÆ œÁþÁ ú̍ÂÑ, ¨ÂÁÅ ©Ã¡Ãå ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™Á©Ê³Â™ÁÅ. ¨ÂÁÅ ¨Í¡Á¨ €Ï™Á§Êí¦Á§÷ ¨ÊÁ ±Í©Á™ÁÏœÍ ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÏ þÁÅ žÁ§ÁîþÁ¥ÃúÃÖÏžÃ. ©Â™Ã ¥ÉŨ¡Ë €¡Áôå™Á¡Áôå™Ê ¥ÉŨŬÁÅàþÁä ©ÉÏýÅëÁ¨Å ¨Ëý÷ ©É¨ÅÁÅ¨Í ¥É§ÁŬÁÅàþÂä¦. ªÂ¬Ãàë €§ÁÅ¡Áô¨ÁÅ £ÉžÃ§Ã±Í¦ „þÂä™Ê¥É ©Â™Ã €ÏÁÏ úÃþÁäžÃÂ ¥ÁÅ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅ ±Ì¦ „ÏžÃ. ©Â™ÁÅ €¨Â þ裙ÁÂþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë þ ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "‚ϞÁ þÃþÁÅä ¬ÁÁÏ £ýÛ¨œÍ úÁƳ™Áŏ €ÏžÁÅÊ ©Â™Ãþà ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ £ýۨŠ¨ÊÁÅϙ þè£ÉýÂÛþÁÅ... ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ©Â™Ãþà úÁÆ™ÁÅ ‡¨Â „þÂä™Ì" €ÏýÆ þ ¡ÁÁэÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖ ÁƧÁÅÖþÂä§ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¥Á ÂýÂì™Á¨ÊžÁÅ. ....( ‚ύ ©ÁôϞà )PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  21. 21. œÁ¡Éå©Á§ÃžÃ - Part 3 - Manmadha Murthy ¥Á®Äò œÁþÊ §Á¥Á›©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "‡ÏýÂë ‚ÏžÂÁ €¥ÁéÂ§Ãþà ‡ÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÁÅ úÁƳ©Áô? ‚ÏœÁ ©Á§ÁÂ..." €ÏýÆ þ ‡žÁ ©Ë¡Áô œÁþÁ ©Ê¨Å úÁơìÁÆà €þÂä§ÁÅ. §Á¥Á› ˆ¥Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ úÉ¡ÁåÁÅϙ £ÃÁÅÑ £ÃÁÅÑ ¥ÁÏýÆ ¥Á  ©Ë¡Ê úÁƬÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. "þÃþÊä €™ÃÊžÃ... ‚ϞÁ úÁƬÃϞà ú¨ ‚ύ úÁƳÂà©Â...? ‚ύ úÁƬÊýÅìÏýÊ úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €ÏýÆ ªÂ¬Ãàë ŠÁѳ§Ï þ ©ÁÏýà ¥ÄžÁ Á¡ÁôåÁÅþà ©ÁôþÁä žÁÅ¡ÁåýÃþà ¨ÂÃ žÁƧÁϏ ©Ã¬Ã§Ê³Â™ÁÅ. €ÏœÊ, ªÂ¬Äà €¨Â úʳÂà§Áþà ˆ ¥Á ÂœÁë¥Ëþ ©ÁõÿÃÏúÁþà þÊþÁÅ ¬ÃÁÅÓœÍ £ÃÁÑúÍÃÑ ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. þ üÄ©ÃœÁÏ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥ÃþÁöÁ ‚ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÆ ƒ ¡Á§Â¦ ¥ÉŏÁ©Â™ÁÆ þÁþÁÅä þÁÁäϏ úÁƬÃϞà ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ýÅ©ÁÏýÞà ªÂ¬Ãàë úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ 16 ¬ÁÏ©ÁÁð§Á¨ ŠÁ ÁŧÁë ©ÉŸÁ©Á ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¡Á§ÁÅ¡Áô¡Ë þÁÁäϏ ¡Á™Ã©ÁôþÂäþÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÍÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÁþÁÅä þÊþÁÅ Á©Á§÷ úʬÁōÁÅþÊÏžÁōÁÅ žÁÁÓ§Á¨Í žÁÅ¡Áåýà Áƙ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨÍà þ ‡žÁþà Á¡ÁôåÌþÃ, Â®ÁÅò §ÉÏ™ÁÆ ¥ÁÅ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅþà ¨ÅϏÁ úÁÅýÅۍÁűͦ ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. ¬ÃÁÅÓœÍ ¥ÁÅ™ÁōÁÅÑ ±ÍœÁÅþÁä þÁþÁÅä úÁƬÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë "‡ÏýÃ, €ÏœÁ ¬ÃÁÅÓ €¦œÊ ‡¨Â. €¨Â úÁÆ™ÁÅ €ÏœÁ ¤Á¦ÁÏ ¨Í Áƙ þÄ €ÏžÂ¨Ãä úÁƬà ©Â™Ã üÆþæÁ§÷ Â™ÁÅ ‡¨Â §ÉúÃֱͦ ¨Ê¬ÁÅàþÂä™Í" €ÏýÆ ¥É¨ÃìÂ ¬Á¥ÁަÏúÁ ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. €¦þ þ¨Íþà ¬ÃÁÅÓ ©ÁžÁ¨ÊìžÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ €¨ÂÊ Á®ÁÅò ÁýÃۏ ¥ÁƬÁōÌþà ¥ÁÅ™ÁōÁÅÑþà ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþÊ ©ÁôþÂäþÁÅ. þ ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÃ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë þ ¡ÁÁэÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖ ÁƧÁÅÖþà þ ©Ä¡Áô ¥ÄžÁ úɦê©Ê¬Ã ¥É¨ÃìÂ þÃ¥ÁŧÁÅœÁÆ "¡Äìü÷ ¨¨ÃœÂ, þÁÅ ‚úÃÖþÁ ¥Á Âý ¥Á§ÃÖ ±Í¦Á ©Â? þÄ ªÄ¨ÂþÍà ˆ¥Ã ÂžÁþà þÊþÁÅ öÁ¥Ã ‚¬ÁÅàþÂäÂ ¡Äìü÷.. Â¬Áà ¬ÃÁÅÓ ©ÁžÃ¨Ê¬Ã þÂœÍ ¬ÁÿÁÁ§ÃÏúÁÅ" €ÏýÆ £ëœÃ¥Ã¨Â™Á ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  22. 22. Âþà þÊþÁÅ ‡ÏœÁ ¡Áë¦ÁœÃäÏúÃþ þ¨Íþà ¬ÃÁÅÓ þÁþÁÅä ©ÁžÁ¨ýÏ ¨ÊžÁÅ. €¬Á¨Å ‡©Á™Í ŠÁ §ÁÆÏ £Í¦÷ ©ÉŸÁ©Á ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ €¨Â þÁþÁÅä þÁÁäϏ ¡Á™ÁÅÍ £ÉýÃÛþÁ ªÄë©Â§Ã ¥ÄžÁ ‡ÁÑ™Á ¨Êþà Í¡ÁÏ ¥ÁÅÏúÁōÁÅ §Â³ÂÃÏžÃ. þÊþÁÅ œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ Á§ÁÁÁ ±Í©Á™ÁÏœÍ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ þÁÅ ¥Á§ÃÏœÁ žÁÁÓ§ÁÂ ü§ÃÃ œÁþÁ úÊœÃþà þ ¡Ã§Áë¨ ¥ÄžÁ ©Ê¬Ã þÃ¥ÁŧÁÅœÁÆ "¨¨Ãì, ¡Äìü÷ €§ÁãÏ úʬÁōÍ.. ÁŧÁÅàÏžÂ, ƒ §ÍüÅ þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úʬÃþ ¬ÁÿÁÁ§Ã³ÂàþÁþÂä©Áô, ¥Á§Ã  ¥Á ÂýÊ ¥Á§ÃÖ ±Í¦Á © ˆÏýÃ. ‚úÃÖþÁ ¥Á Âý þè£ÉýÅۍͩ¨à ¥Á§Ã. ¥Á  £ÏÂ§ÁÅ ÁžÁÆ" €ÏýÆ £Åü؏ÃÏúÁ ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ þÂœÍ ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÅœÁÅþÁä¡ÁôžÁÅ œÁþÁ úʜà ©Ê®ÁÅòì þ ¡Ã§Áë¨ ¥ÁŸÁêþÃÏúà þ ™Á œÁþÁÏœÍ ™ÁōÁÅÏýÅþÂä¦. œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨Å þ œÁ¨ÁÅ ‡ÂѦÉ ¨ÊžÍ ÂþÄ œÁþÁÅ úʬÁÅàþÁä ¡ÁþÁŨ©Á¨ì þÂ¨Í ¬ÃÁÅÓ, £É§ÁōÁÅ ÌÏúÉÏ œÁÃÓ  ³ÂàþÂþÊ Í§ÃÁ §ÂüōͳÃÏžÃ. ¡Á§Ã¬ÃàœÃ Á¥ÁþÃÏúÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ úÊœÃþà þ ¡Ã§Áë¨ ¥ÁŸÁêþÃÏúà ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅ ü§Ã¡Ã œÁþÁ £ÌýþÁ©Ê¨Å, úÁÆ¡Áô™ÁÅ ©Ê®Áò ¥ÁŸÁê þ Â¥Á¡Ä˜ÂþÃä ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà þÁ¨¡Á ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. €ÏœÊ þÁÅ ©Á®ÁòϜ œÃ¥Ãé§Ã ¡ÁýÃÛþÁýÅì €©Áí³ÂÃÏžÃ. €¡Áåýà ©Á§ÁÁÅ ¥ÁÅ™ÁōÁÅÑþà ¡Á™ÁōÁÅþà ©ÁôþÁä þÊþÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ ªÁ§Ä§ÂþÃä ¬Á™Á¨ÃÏúÁ ³ÂÂþÁÅ. þ ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ¨Í ÁžÁ¨ÃÁ¨Ãä úÁƬÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ œÁ¨þà œÁþÁ ©Á™Ã¨ÍÃ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà þ £ÅÁӨŠþÃ¥ÁŧÁÆà "ÁÅ™÷, žÁý÷ ƒü÷ ¥Ë Á§÷ì. ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ Á®ÁÅò ©Ã¡Ãå þÄ ©Ë¡Ä Á®ÁÅò §Áå ÁÅϙ úÁƬÁÅàþÁä ©Â™Ã ©Ë¡Áô úÁÆ™ÁÅ. ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ þÊþÁÅ ©Áõ €þÂ¨Ê ÂþÄ þÄ ¥ÄžÁ ‡Á£™Ã ±Í¦Ê¨Â „þÁä™ÁÅ" €þÂä§ÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁÏ úÉ¡Áå¨ÊžÁÅ. ¥Á®Äò œÁþÊ "þÁÅ©Áôí ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ Á®ÁÅò œÉ§Á©Á¨ÊžÁþÁōÍ, þÊþÁÅ ©Áõ €þ¨Ãð ©Á¬ÁÅàϞà ¥Á§Ã" €þÂä§ÁÅ. €ÏœÊ œÁþÁÅ €þÁäÏœÁ ¡Áþà ‡ÁÑ™Á úʳÂà™Í €þà úÁýōÁÅÑþÁ Á®ÁÅò œÉ§Ãúà ¨Êúà ÁƧÁÅÖþà §Á¥Á› ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳÂþÁÅ. ¡Áõ§Ãà þÁÁäϏ „þÁä þ ªÁ§Ä§ÁÏ úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ ©Â™Ã üϤÁÏ ŠÁ ¡ÉžÁâ §ÁÆ®Áò Á§Áë¨Â þÍÃÑ §ÁÆÏ ¡Ë Á¡ÁôåÊ¬Ã úÁƬÁÆà ˜ÁϏÁÅþÁ þ裙à ©ÁôÏžÃ. ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÏ ¬Ëü÷ úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ þ ÁÅ쪃 ü¨Åì ¥ÁÏžÃ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁÆýÏ ÁÏýÊ 1 1/2 §ÉýÅì ¡ÉžÁâžÃ ©ÁôÏýÅϞà ©Â™ÃžÃ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁƧÁÅÖþà ©ÁôþÁä þÁþÁÅä ©ÉþÁōÁþÁÅÏúà ÎÃ¨ÃÏúÁōÁÅþà þ ¤ÁÅü¨ ÃÏžÁŏ œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨŠ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅ ü¡à þ ‡žÁ¡Ë ©Ê¬Ã  §ÉÏ™ÃýÃþÄ ¡Ã¬ÁÁ ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  23. 23. €¡ÁåýÃÊ œÁþÁ ©ÁÏýà ¥ÊžÁ ©ÁôþÁä ý©Á¨÷ ¨ÂÊ¬ÃþÁýÅìþÂä§Ê¥ÉÂ, œÁþÁ ¥ÁÁœÁþÁÏ þ ©Ä¡ÁôÁÅ ÁÅúÁÅ֍ÁÅÏœÍÏžÃ. œÁþÁÆ Í§ÃÁœÍ §ÉúÃֱ͜ÁÅþÁäýÅìþÂä§ÁÅ, œÁþÁ ©Áõ¡Ã§Ã ©ÉúÁ֏ þ ¥É™ÁÁÅ œÁÁŨŜÍÏžÃ. Â¬Ê¡Áô  §ÁÆÏ¨Í „þÁä §Á¥Á› Â™Ãþà ¥Á§Ãֱͦ þÊþÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ ¬ÁåÏžÃÏúÁ ³ÂÂþÁÅ. œÁþÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ œÁþÁ œÁ¨þà ©ÁÏúà þ €¥Á ¥ÁÅúÃ֍Áþà œÁþÁ þÍýè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà úÁ¡Áå§Ã¬ÁÆà... ŠÁ úÊœÍà þ Ářà ¥ÁÅúÃ֍Áþà þÁ¨¡Á³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë úÊ«ÁÛ¨œÍ þÂ¨Í ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ ¬ÃÁÅÓ œÁÃÓ  ¤ÂÂþÃä Í§ÃÁ Áë¥ÃÏúÁÅÍ ³ÂÃÏžÃ. §ÉÏ™ÁÅ þåô¨ ¬Ê¡Áô þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ãä ¥Á §ÃÖ ¥Á §ÃÖ účÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ œÁ¨ ‡œÃà §Á¥Á› ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳ™ÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÍà þÊþÁÅ Áƙ ¥ÁœÁÅàÂ ¥ÁƬÁōÁÅþà ©ÁôþÁä þ Á®ÁÅò ©Ã¡Ãå §Á¥Á›Â™Ã ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳÂþÁÅ. ¥Á  úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ £ÂÂ §ÉúÃÖ ±Í¦þÁýÅìþÂä™ÁÅ ©Â™ÁÅ. ¥Ê¥ÁÅ œÁþÁÊ¬Ã úÁƬÊý¡ÁåýÍà ©Â™ÁÅ þ ‡žÁ ©ÁÏÊ Á®ÁÅò §ÁåÁÅϙ úÁƬÁÆà ŠÁ úɦê þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅ ¥ÄžÁ ¡ÉýÅۍÁÅþà ¥Á§Í úÉœÍà œÁþÁ žÁÏ™ÂþÃä ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÆ ©ÉþÁÁÆÑ ™Ã¬ÁÅàþÂä™ÁÅ. ©Â™ÁÅ úʬÁÅàþÁä ¡ÁþÍà žÂþà œÍ¨Å ©ÉþÁÁÅÑ ©É®Ãò ‡§Áëýà þ£÷ ¥ÁÅžÁÅâÂ £¦Áý¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅÏžÃ. žÂþÃþà úÁƬÁÅàþÁä ÌžÄâ þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁê üè¡Á§ÁÏ ‡ÁÅÑ©Á €©Áí³ÂÃÏžÃ. ªÂ¬Ãàëþà ¡ÁÁэÁŜͬà §Á¥Á›Â™ÃžÃ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà þ £ÅüÃØžÂþè͍à žÍ¡ÁôÍ©Â¨þÊ œÄ©Áë¥ËþÁ Í§ÃÁ Á¨Á³ÂÃÏžÃ. ‚ύ¬ʡÁô ©Â™Ã ©Ë¡Ê úÁƬÊà  ¡Áþà úʬÃþ úʳÂàþʥɠ€þÁä ¤Á¦ÁÏœÍ ¥ÁÏúÁÏ ¥ÄžÁÁÅ ©Â¨Ã±Í¦ ªÂ¬Ãàëþà þ ¥ÄžÁÁÅ ¨ÂÁÅÑþÂäþÁÅ. þ ÎÃ¨Ã¨Íþà ¡ÁýÅÛþãýÃÛ þÊþÉÏœÁ Á¬ÉÃÑ ±Í¦ ©ÁôþÂäþÍ ªÂ¬ÃàëÃ €§ÁâÏ €¦êþÁýÅìÏžÃ. œÁþÁ úÊœÁŨŠ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ ¥ÉŝÁ ©Ë¡Áô ü§Ã¡Ã €§Á úÊœÍà þ ¡Á¡Áåþà œÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅœÁÆ œÁþÁ úÁÆ¡Áô™ÁÅ ©Ê¨Åþà žÂþà §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê¨ÍÃ Á¬ÁōÁÅÑþÁ žÃÏú™ÁÅ. þÂ¨Í ±Âë›Ï ±ÍœÁÅϞʥÉ €þÁäÏœÁ ¬ÁÅŽÏ Á¨ÃÃÏžÃ... "„¥ÁÁ Á Áéééé" €ÏýÆ ¥ÁƨÏÂþÁÅ. "žÊ©ÃÂ§ÃÃ £ÂÂ ©Ê™ÃÃÑþÁýÅìÏžÊ... þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã úɦÁêÁÅÏ™ÂþÊ Â§Ê֬à „þÂä§ÁÅ.. úÁÆ™ÁÏ™Ã" €ÏýÆ œÁþÁ ©Ê¨Åþà £¦ÁýÁÅ ¨ÂÃ þÁÅ úÁÆ¡ÃÏú§ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  24. 24. œÁþÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåϞà þÃü¥Ä. œÁþÁ ©Ê¨ÏœÂ þ §Á³Â¨œÍ üÏÁŧÁÅ üÏÁŧÁŏ ©ÁôÏžÃ. œÁþÁ ©Ê¨Å ©Ë¡Ê úÁƬÁÅàþÁä þÁþÁÅä úÁƬÁÆà "£ÂŸÁ ¡Á™ÁÁÅ ™Ã¦Á§÷.. ƒ §Á³Â¨þÄä ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ©Â™Ã úÊœÁ ‡¨Â Äìþ÷ úʦ³ÂàþÍ úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €ÏýÆ ©Â™Ã ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ‚¨Â §Â§Â" €ÏýÆ ¡Ã¨Ãú™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ¨Í ¥Á®Äò ‡ýÅ©ÁÏýà ¨ÍúÁþÁ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÍ €§ÁãÏ Âþà þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥Ã ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÁÁÅϙ €¨ÂþÊ ¡Á™ÁōÁÅϙà ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. ªÁ¬Ãàë ¡Ã¨ÃúÃϞà ‡ÏžÁōÁÅ €þÁōÁÅþÂä™Í ˆ¥É ©Â™ÁÅ ¥Á ÂœÁëÏ €ÁÑ™Á þÁÅÏúà ÁžÁ¨¨ÊžÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á®Äò Í¡ÁϏ "§Ê¦÷, þÃþÊä.. ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ‚ÁÑ™ÁÁÅ §Â" €þà €§Ãú§ÁÅ.  €§ÁÅ¡ÁôÁÅ £ÃœÁà§Á ±Í¦þÁ ©Â™ÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ þÁ™ÁÅúÁōÁÅÏýÆ ¥Ê¥ÁÅ „þÁä ¥ÁÏúÁÏ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖ™ÁÅ. ©Â™ÁÅ þÁ™Ãúà ©Á¬ÁÅàþÁä¡Áôå™ÁÅ þĨōÁÅÑþÁä ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÏ úéÁ§Á þ£÷ ˜ÁϏÁÅ ˜ÁϏÁÅþÁ ©Â™Ã ±ÌýۍÁÅ œÁÁŨŜÁÆ œÁ¥Á ´ ÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. þÃüϏÂþÊ ©Â™ÃžÃ ‡ÏœÁ ¡ÉžÁâÂ ©ÁôÏžÍ ¥Á Âý¨Íì úÉ¡Áå¨ÊþÁÅ..  ¬Ëü÷ úÁƬÁÅàÏýÊ þ Á®ÁÅò œÃ¡ÁôåÍ ¨ÊÁ ±Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. þ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ¨Í ˆ ¥ÁÆ¨Í ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Â™ÃœÍ þÁþÁÅä úɦêÏúÁōͥÁÏýÊ £ÂÁÅÏ™ÁÅþÁÅ €þáÃÏúÁ³ÂÃÏžÃ. ( ‚ύ ©ÁôϞà )PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  25. 25. œÁ¡Éå©Á§ÃžÃ - Part 4 - Manmadha Murthy ©Â™ÁÅ ¥Á  ¥ÁÏúÁÏ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ §ÂÁþÊ ªÂ¬Ãàë þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÄžÁ œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨŠ©Ê¬Ã €ýÆ ‚ýÆ ¨ÂÃ þ œÌ™Á¨þÁÅ ©Ã™ÁžÄ³Â™ÁÅ. úĨÃþÁ þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁê œÁ®Á œÁ®Á ¥É§Ã¬Ã ±ÍœÁÆ žÁ§ÁîþÁ ¥ÃúÃÖþÁ þ £ÅüÃØ žÂþÃä ©Â™ÃÊ¬Ã úÁÆ¡ÁôœÁÆ "‡¡Áôå™Ëþ ˆ €¥Á Â馞Ëþ ‚¨Â úÁƳ©ÁýÂë?" €þà €™ÃÂ™ÁÅ. ©Â™ÁÅ ¤Á¦ÁϏ ¨ÊžÁÅ €þÁäýÅì œÁ¨ ©Áõ±Â™ÁÅ. "¥Ê™ÁÏ Â§ÃžÃ £ÂÁÅÏžÂ?" ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Â™Ãþà ¡ÁëªÃäÏú§ÁÅ. £ÂÁÅÏžÁþÁäýÅì œÁ¨ ©Áõ±Â™ÁÅ ©Â™ÁÅ. "€¦œÊ §Â, ©ÁúÃÖ žÄþÃä þÁÅ" €þÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ §Á¥Á› Â™Ã ¬ÁϏÁœÃ ˆ¥ÉÂþà þÊþÁÅ ©Áô¨ÃÃÑ ¡Á™ÂÝþÁÅ. þÊþÁÅ ‚ÏœÁÁÅ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ úÉ¡ÃåþÁýÅìÂ ¥Á  ¡É®Ãò €¦þÁ ƒ œÌ¥ÃéžÃ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Â¨¨Í ˆ ¡ÁžÃ ¡ÁžÉÿÊþÁÅ ³Â§Íì ªÂ¬Ãàë €ÏÂþÃä þ þÍýè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÌþà ©ÁôÏýÂþÁÅ ÂþÄ ªÂ¬Ãàë þͧÁÅ ‚ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÅ þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁê ¡ÉýÃÛþÁžÃ ¨ÊžÁÅ. ŠÁ ©Ê®Á ªÂ¬Ãàë §Áݧ÷ð ÁÅ ¤Á¦Á¡Á™Ã §Á¥Á›Â™ÁÅ þ ¥ÉÅœÁà þÂÃœÊ €žÃ þ œÌ¨Ã €þÁŤÁ©ÁÏ €©ÁôœÁÅÏžÃ. ‡¡Áôå™Í ŠÁ³Â§Ã ‡žÍ ¡Áô¬ÁàÁÏ¨Í úÁžÃ©ÃþÁ¡Áôå™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàëþà €™ÃÃ þ ¥ÉÅœÁà þÃÏúÁōÁÅÏýÊ ‡¨Â ©ÁôÏýÅϞà €þÁä ‰™Ã¦Á  ©ÁúÃÖϞà ÂþÄ, €™ÁÁýÂþÍà ¬ÃÁÅÓ €™ÌÝúÃÖ, €™ÃÃœÊ œÁþÁÅ ˆ¥ÁþÁōÁÅÏýÂ™Í €þÁä ¤Á¦ÁÏ Á¨ÃÃ €™ÁÁ¨ÊžÁÅ. ‚ÏœÁ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Â™ÃœÍ "þÄÊ úÉ¡ÁôàÏžÃ. ©ÁúÃÖ €¥ÁéÂ§Ã ¡Á¡Áåþà þÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅ¨Í ˆ¥Ã œÁ¡Áôå ¨ÊžÁÅ. Â©Â¨ÏýÊ úÁÆ™ÁÅ ¥Ä €¥ÁéÂ§ÁÅ þžà ‡¨Â účÁŜ§Í" €ÏýÆ þÁþÁÅä £É™÷ ¡Ë ©É¨ÃìÃ¨Â œÍ¬Ã œÁþÁ §Â™Ãä þ þÍýéÁžÁâÁÅ œÄ¬ÁōÌúÂÖ§ÁÅ. €¬Á¨Å ªÂ¬Ãà ©ÁôžÊâªÁêÏ ˆ¥ÃýÍ, ƒ§ÍüÅ €œÁþÁÅ ‡ÏœÁ žÁƧÁÏ ±ÍžÁ¨ÅúÁōÁÅþÂä§Í €§ÁãÏ Âþà þÊþÁÅ, ˆžÃ €¦œÊ €žÃ €©ÁôœÁÅÏžÁþà €þÁōÁÅþà þ þͧÁÅ œÉ§Ãúà œÁþÁ §Â™Ãä þ þÍýè͍à œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. þ úÊ«ÁۨŠúÁƬÃþÁ §Á¥Á› Â™ÃÃ Áƙ ÌÏúÉÏ ŸË§ÁêÏ ©ÁúÃÖþÁýÅìÏžÃ, ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ Â®Áò ¥ÁŸÁê¨Í ¥É®Áò¡Ë ÁƧÁÅÖþà þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ œÌ™Á¨¡Ë œÁþÁ úÊœÁŨŠ©Ê³Â™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë £ÅüÃ؏™Ãþà účÁÅœÁÅþÁä þ ©Á®ÁÅò ©Â™Ã úʜà ¬Áå§ÁîœÍ ŠÁѳ§Ï ü¨Åì¥ÁÏžÃ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  26. 26. þ üÄ©ÃœÁÏ¨Í ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ þ œÌ™Á¨¥ÄžÁ úɦê©Ê¬ÃþÁ ¥ÉÅžÁýà ©Â™ÁÅ §Á¥Á›. þÊþÁÅ œÁþÁé¦ÁœÁíÏ þÁÅÏúà œÊ§ÁōÁÅþÊ ¨Í¡Á¨ ©Â™ÁÅ œÁþÁ œÁ¨ ©ÁÏúà þ £ÅüÃØžÂþà ¥ÄžÁ œÁþÁ þÍýÃœÍ žÂ™Ã ±Âë§ÁϤÃÏú™ÁÅ. ©Â™Ã þ¨ōÁ þ ¥ÉÅœÁà ¡Ë œÁÁ¨ÂþÊ þ ©ÁÏýÍìþà §ÁÁà¥ÁϜ ŠÁÑ ³Â§ÃÂ þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁžÁêÁÅ úʧÃþÁÏœÁ ¢Ä¨ÃϏ÷ ©ÁúÃÖÏŸÃ. ªÂ¬ÃàëœÍ Á™Ã¡ÃþÁ þ œÌ¨Ã§Ê¦ §ÍüōÁÏýÊ ‡ÁÅÑ©Á ¥ÁœÁÅà þÁþÁÅä ©ÁÿÃÏúÁ³ÂÃÏžÃ. "…¥÷ééé" €þà ¥ÁƨŏÁÅœÁÆ ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁÆýþÃä þ þÍýè͍à £¨ÏÂ €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. þ ¥ÁƨŏÁÅ §Á¥Á› Â™ÃÃ £ÂÂ ‡ÏÁ§Êü÷ ¥ÉÏý÷ ‚úÃÖþÁýÅìÏžÃ. þ œÌ™Á¨þà ¥Á§ÃÏœÁÂ ©Ã™ÁœÄ¬Ã þ §É¥Áé¨ úÁÅýÆÛ œÁþÁ þ¨ōÁœÍ §Â¦Á³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. þÁÅ ¬Áí§ÁÓÏ¨Í œÊ¨Ã ±ÍœÁÅþÁä ¢Ä¨ÃϏ÷ Á¨Á³ÂÃÏžÃ. þ þÍýÃ¨Í „þÁä ¥Á  ©Â§Ã ÁÆýÂþÃä ŠÁ úÊœÍà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÃ, §ÉÏ™Í úÊœÃþà §Á¥Á› Â™Ã œÁ¨ ¥ÄžÁ©Ê¬Ã þ ¥ÉÅœÁàÊ¬Ã €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. €¬Á¨Å ¬ÃÁÅÓ, £Ã™Ã¦ÁÏ €þÄä ¥Á§Ãֱͦ þÂþÍýÃ¨Í ©ÁôþÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë £ÅüÃ؏™Ãþà ÌÏœÁÅ©Á§ÁÁÅ ¡Ä¨Å¬ÁÆà, žÂþà œÍ¨ÅþÁÅ ¨ÂÃ ‡§Áëýà ÁÅÏ™ÁÅþÁÅ þÁÅœÁÆ, €§ÁŬÁÆà, ¥ÁƨŏÁÅœÁÆ þÂþ ÿÁϏ¥Á  úɦÁê³ÂÂþÁÅ. ÌþÃä þåô¨ŠþÁÅ®ÁÅò, účÁÅ®ÁÅò €¨Â ÌþÁ³ÂÂÁ, ªÂ¬Ãàë þ þÍýèÍþà œÁþÁ £ÅüÃ؏™Ãþà £¦ÁýÁÅ ¨ÂÃ, §Á¥Á› Â™Ã ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "þÃϞà úÂ¨Å¨Ê ‚Á ¨Ê©Á§Â" €þà €§Ãú™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë €§ÁÅ¡Áô¨ÁÅ £ÃœÁà§Á ±Í¦þÁ §Á¥Á› þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁêþÁÅÏúà œÁþÁ œÁ¨þà ¡ËÉœÃà ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳ™ÁÅ. €¡Áôå™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Â™ÃœÍ "‚ÏœÁ©Á§ÁÁÅ þÃϞà ú¨ŏÂþÃ, ¨Êúà ©É®Ãò €žÃÍ €ÁÑ™Á þ裙à ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ¥Ê™ÁÏ þà þÊþÁÅ ˆ¥ÃúʳÂàþÍ úÁÆ™ÁÅ" €ÏýÆ þ œÌ™Á¨ ¥ÁŸÁêÁÅ ©ÁúÂÖ§ÁÅ. ‡¡Áô™É¡Áô™ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁÆýÏ þ ÁÅÿÁ¨ÍÃ ¡Áë©ÊªÃ¬ÁÅàϞ €þà ‡žÁŧÁÅ úÁƬÁÅàþÁä þÊþÁÅ €ÁÑ™Á §Á¥Á› „þÂä™ÁþÁä ¬ÁÅåëÿÁ €¦þ ¨ÉÁÅÏ™Â, ªÂ¬Ãàë £ÅüÃ؏™Ãþà Ářà úÊœÍà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà þ §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê ¬Á§ÁÅâÁÅþà ‚Á ¥ÄžÊ ¨ªÁêÏ €þÁäýÅì ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳÂþÁÅ. þ ©ÁôžÊâªÂêþÃä €§ÁãÏ úʬÁōÁÅþÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁþÁ þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅþÁÅ ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ¨͍à žÃÏúÁ ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. €¡ÁåýÃÊ §Á¥Á› Â™Ã þÁÅ™ÁÅœÍ £ÂÁÁ Á¬ÉÃÑ ±Í¦ „þÂä þ £ÅüÃØžÂþè͍à ¥Á  ©Â§ÃPDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  27. 27. ÁŧÁÅ™ÁÅ "£Å§ÁžÁ¨ÍÃ žÃÁÅœÁÅþÁä Á§Áë ¥ÁōÁѨÂ" £Ã§ÁÅëÂ žÃÁ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. € ¬ÁÅŽÏ ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ¬Áí§ÁÓÏ €þʞà ‡ÏžÁōÁÆ ¡ÁþÍà §ÂžÁþáÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ §É¥Áé¨ ¥ÁŸÁê üϙ ±ÂœÃþÁ ªÄë©Â§ÁÅ œÁþÁ þÍýè͍à þ Ářà §Ì¥ÁÅéþà œÄ¬ÁōÁÅþà účÁÅœÁÆ œÁþÁ þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅþà ÃÏžÁÄ ¡ËÄ ©Áõ¡Á ³ÂÂ§ÁÅ. €ÏœÊ þÂ¨Í ¥Á®Äò Á¬Ã §ÊÃ ±Ì³ÂÃÏžÃ. þ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ãä účÁÅœÁÅþÁä ªÂ¬Ãàë œÁ¨¨ÍÃ þ ©Ê®ÁÅò ±ÍþÃúÃÖ œÁþÁ œÁ¨þà þ ÁÅϙɨÊ¬Ã €žÁÅ¥ÁōÁÅÏýÆ "„¥÷é... „¥÷éé... ¥÷éé...€" €þà ¥ÁƨŏÁÅœÁÆ ¥É¨ÃìÂ œÁþÁ žÁÏ¡Áô™ÁōÁÅ ‡žÁŧ̜ÁÅà¨Å ‚©Áí³ÂÂþÁÅ. £ÂÂ Á¬ÉÃÑ ©ÁôþÂä¥Ê¥É ¥Á§Í §ÉÏ™ÁÅ þåô¨Á¨Âì ‚žÁâ§ÁÏ ‚ÏúÁÅ ¥ÃÏúÁÅ ŠÊ³Â§Ã Œý¦ ±Ì¦Á Â¥ÁÅ. ©ÁõÃ ©ÁõÃ þ ¥ÄžÁ €¨ÂÄ ³Í¨Ã ±Í¦þÁ ªÄë©Â§Ãþà Á§ÁÅúÁōÁÅþà Á®ÁÅò ¥ÁƬÁōÁÅþà €¨Â ‡ÏœÁ ¬Ê¡Áô ©ÁôϙñͦÁ ¥ɠÁŧÁÅàÁƙ ¨ÊžÁÅ. "¬Á§÷ þÊþÁÅ ‚Á ©É®Áò©ÁúÂÖ? ¥Á®Äò ¥Á  ¥ÊþÊü§÷ ³Â§÷ Ì¡Áå™ÁœÂ§ÁÅ" €þà §Á¥Á› Â™Ã ¥Á Âý¨Å ©ÃþáÃÏúà ©Áô¨ÃÃÑ ¡Á™Ã Á®ÁÅò œÉ§ÃúÂþÁÅ. €¡Áåýà ©Á§ÁÁÅ  ÁžÃ¨Í ¥Ä¥ÃžÁâ§Á¥Ê ÂÁ ‚ÏÍ ©ÁêÃà ©ÁôþÂä™ÁþÁä üÂä¡ÁÁÏ Áƙ ¨Êþà þÁÅ ¬Á™Éþ÷ Â ¬ÃÁÅÓ ¥ÁÅÏúÁōÌúÃÖñÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ þ ¥ÄŸÁ „þÁä ªÄë©Â§Ãþà ¡ÁÁэÁŜͬà ÃÏžÁ ¡Á™ÁÅþÁä žÁÅ¡ÁåýÃþà €ÏžÁōÁÅþà þ ©ÁÏýà ¡ËÃ ¨ÂÁÅÑþÂäþÁÅ. ©Â™Ã ¡ÁëªÁäÁÅ þœͱÂýÊ Á®ÁÅò œÉ§Ã¬ÃþÁ ªÂ¬Ãà ¨ÊúÃ, "€£Âç œÌ™Á¨ÏœÂ üÏÁý üÏÁýÂ €¦Á Âê¦, ©É®Ãò ³ÂäþÁÏ úÉžÂâ¥Á Â?" €þÂä§ÁÅ. žÂþÍà ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏ "¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ ©Â™Ãþà ¡ÁÏ¡ÃÏúà ¥Ä§ÁÅ ©É®Ãò ³ÂäþÁÏ úʬà §ÁÏ™Ã, þÊþÁÅ œÁ§ÁÅ©ÂœÁ úʳÂàþÁÅ" €þÂäþÁÅ. €ÏžÁōÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãà "úÃœÁàÏ ¥Ê™ÁÏ, œÁ¥Á§Ã üß" €þà ¨Êúà ¥Á  ¥ÁÏúÁύÁÅ ÌÏúÉÏ žÁƧÁϏ ¡Áõ§Ãà þÁÁäϏ þ裙à ©ÁôþÁä §Á¥Á›þà úÁƬà þÁ©ÁôíœÁÆ "§Ê¦÷, ‚ÁÑ™Á ü§ÃÃþÁ ©Ã«Á¦Á ¨Š‡©Á§ÃœÍ þÁþÂä úɱÂå©Â, ˆžÍ þʧÁÏ ©Ê¬Ã þÃþÁÅä £ÌÁÑ¨Í œÍ¦³Âà, þ ¢ÉëÏ™÷ð ú¨ ¥ÁϞà ±Í¨Ä¬÷ ¬ÊÛ«Áþ÷ ¨Í ¡Áþà úʳÂà§ÁÅ. €§ÁãÏ €¦êÏžÂ?" €þÂä™ÁÅ. œÁþÁ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ €§ÁãÏ €¦êϞà €þÁäýÅìÂ ¤Á¦ÁÏ ¤Á¦ÁϏ œÁ¨ ©Áõ±Â™ÁÅ §Á¥Á›. "¬Á§Ê €¦œÊ, ©É®Ãò £ýۨŠ©Ê¬ÁōÁÅþà £¦ÁýÁÅ œÁÁ¨™ÁÅ" €þà ©Â™ÃœÍ €þà þ ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "þ ¡Á§÷ð ¨ÍþÃÏúà ©Â™ÃÍ 10 §ÁơĬ÷ ‚úÃÖ¡ÁÏ¡Áô" €þà úÉ¡Ãå £ÂœÁÆëÏ Ê¬Ã þÁ™Ãú§ÁÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  28. 28. ªÂ¬Ãàë ¥Á Âý¨Å ©ÃþÁÂþÊ §Á¥Á›Â™Ã ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ¨Í ‡ÏœÍ §Ã¨Ä¢÷ ÁþÁ¡Á™ÃÏžÃ. ªÂ¬Ãàë €ýÅ £ÂœÁÆëÏ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™Á©ÁÂþÊ ©Â™ÁÅ œÁþÁÅ þ裙à „þÁä úÍýÅþÁÅÏúà ©É®Ãò ÃÏžÁ¡Á™Ã ©ÁôþÁä £ýۨŠœÄ¬ÁōÁÅþÂä™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë §ÁÆÏ¨Í ¨ÊÁ ±Í¦Ê¬Á§ÃÃ ÌÏúÉÏ ŸË§ÁêϏ ©Â™Ã £Í¬Ã ¥ÉŨ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳÂþÁÅ. ¤Á¦ÁÏ ©Á¨ìþÍ, ¨ÊÁ £É§ÁōÁÅ ©Á¨ìþÍ ©Â™Ã £ÅüÃ؏™ÁÅ ¥ÁÅ™ÁÅúÁōÁűͦ „þÂä™ÁÅ. ÃÏžÁ¡Á™Ã ©ÁôþÁä ú̍ÂÑ, ¨ÂÁÅ €ÏžÁōÁÅþà ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ ¨ÂÁÅ œÌ™ÁōÁÅÑþÃ, ú̍ÁÑ £ÌœÂà¨Å ¡ÉýÅÛÍ ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ©Â™ÃÃ ™Á£Åç¨Å ‚©Áí¥ÁþÁä ©Ã«Á¦ÁÏ ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ þÊþÁÅ, ¥É™Á ÃÏžÁþÃÏúà ¡Áõ§ÃàÂ žÁÅ¡Áåýà Á¡ÁôåÁÅþà €¨ÂþÊ ¨Êúà ÁƧÁÅÖþà ªÂ¬Ãàë ±ÂÏý÷ €ÏžÁōÁÅþÃ, ¡Á§÷ð œÄ¬Ã ŠÁ 1 0 §ÁơĬ÷ þÍý÷ œÄ¬Ã ©Â™ÃÃ ‚©Áí£Í¦Á ÂþÁÅ. "©ÁžÁÅ⠥ʙÁÏ" €þà Ì›ÃÂ™ÁÅ. "¡Á§ÊìžÁÅ¨Ê œÄ¬ÁōÍ" €þà £¨©ÁÏœÁ ¡ÉýÂÛþÁÅ. €¦þ ©ÃþÁÁÅϙ "©ÁžÁÅ⠥ʙÁÏ" €ÏýÆ €ÁÑ™Ê þ裙ÂÝ™ÁÅ. ±ÍþÄ 10 §ÁơĬ÷ œÁÁÅÑ©Á €þÁōÁÅþÂä™Ê¥É €þà ¥Á§Í 10 œÄ¬Ã.. "‚žÃÌ 20 §ÁơĬ÷ œÄ¬ÁōÍ" €þÂäþÁÅ. "€¦ÉÂê, ©ÁžÁÅ⠥ʙÁÏ" €þÂä™ÁÅ ¥Á®Äò. "ˆÏýÂë, 20 Áƙ ú¨©Â, ¥Á§Ã ‡ÏœÁ ‚¥ÁéÏý©Áô €þÂäþÁÅ". žÂþÍà ¬Á¥Á ŸÂþÁϏ "™Á£Åç¨Å ©ÁžÁÅ⠥ʙÁÏ" €þà ±Â™ÁÅ. ˆžÍ €þÁÅ¥Á ÂþÁÏ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ þÊþÁÅ "™Á£Åç¨Å ©ÁžÂâ? ¥Á§Ã, ‚ύʥà Â©Â¨Âë?" €þÂäþÁÅ. ŠÁ þåëÁÏ ±ÂýÅ £ÃÁÅÑ £ÃÁÅяÂúÁƬÃ, €ýÅ œÃ§ÃÃ £ÂœÁÆëÏ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳ™ÁÅ. ¨Í¡Á¨ þÃÏúà þÄ®ÁÅò ¡Á™ÁÅœÁÅþÁä ªÁ£ãÏ ©Á¬ÁÅ áÏžÃ. ªÂ¬Ãàë ³ÂäþÁÏ¨Í ©ÁôþÂä™ÁþÁä ŸË§ÁêÏœÍþÍ ˆ¥É þ ©Ë¡Áô œÃ§ÃÃ "¥Á®Äò ³Â§÷ œÍ €þÁÁϙà ¥Ê™ÁÏ. ¥Ä§ÁÅ Š¡ÁôåÁÅÏœÊ, ³Â§÷ ©ÁúÊ֨͡Á¨ ¥Ä©Ã ŠÁÑ ³Â§Ã œÂÁþéÁíϙà ¥Ê™ÁÏ" €ÏýÆ þ ‡žÁ ©Ë¡Áô úÁƳ™ÁÅ. þÁÅ ŠÁ þåëÁÏ ±ÂýÅ ©Â™ÁÅ ˆ¥Ã €™ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÂä™Í €§ÁãÏ Â¨ÊŸÁÅ. €§ÁãÏ €¦þÁ ¥Á§ÁÅ ¯Á›¥Ê þÂ¨Í Í¡ÁÏ ¥ÁÅÏúÁōÌúÃÖÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ "ˆÏýç þÄ ŸË§ÁêÏ, ˆÏýà þÁÅ©Áôí ¥Á ÂýÂì™ÊžÃ, ³Â§÷ þÁÅ ¡Ã¨©Â¨Â" €þÂäþÁÅ Í¡ÁϏÂ. €ÏœÊ „þÁä ¡Á®ÂþÁ ©ÁϏà þ Â®ÁÅò ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà "€¦ÉÂê, ©ÁžÁÅ⠥ʙÁÏ.. ‚¡Áôå™Ê ©É®Ãò±ÍœÂþÁÅ ¥Ê™ÁÏ. žÁ¦Áúʬà ³Â§÷ ÁÅ úÉ¡ÁåÁϙà ¥Ê™ÁÏ" €ÏýÆ ˆ™ÁÅ¡Áô ÌÏœÁÅœÍ þÁþÁÅä £ëœÃ¥Ã¨Â™ÁÅÍ ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  29. 29. ‡ÏžÁÅÍ ©Â™Ãþà €¨Â úÁÆ™ÁÂþÊ þÂ¨Í ü¨à Á¨Á³ÂÃÏžÃ. 1 0 þåô¨ ÃëœÁÏ þ ¥ÉÅœÁà þÁÅœÁÆ ©Â™ÁÅ þÃúÃÖþÁ ¬ÁÅŽÏ ÁŧÁÅàÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖÏžÃ. ±Â¡ÁÏ ¡Ã¨ì ©ÉŸÁ©Á, ©Â™Ãþà ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà úɦÁê ÁÆ™Áþà ¡ÁþÁŨþÄä úɦêÏúà ‚¡Áôå™ÁÅ ‚¨Â £ÉžÁ§Á ÌýÛ™ÁÏ £ÂÂ¨ÊžÁþà ¡ÃÏúÃÏžÃ. ƒ§ÍüÅ ü§ÃÃþÁ ©Ã«Á¦Á ¨þÃäýÃœÍ ±Ì¨Å֍ÁÅÏýÊ ©Â™ÁÅ ŠÁÑ ³Â§Ã þ ‡žÁ ¥ÄžÁ úÉ¦ê ©Ê¬ÃþÁÏœÁ ¥Á ÂœÁëþÁ þÁÅ ü§ÃÊ þÁ«ÁÛÏ ˆ¥Ä ¨ÊžÁÅ. €ÏžÁÅÊ þ Â®Áò ¥ÄžÁ ¡Á™Ã ©ÁôþÁä ©Â™ÃœÍ "¬Á§Ê úÉ¡ÁåþÁÅ ÂþÃ, ¥ÁÅϞ ˆ™ÁÅ¡Áô ¡Ã ¨Ê" €þÂäþÁÅ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ¨Êúà þ裙ÂÝ™ÁÅ. £ÂœÁÆëÏ ©Ë¡Áô ŠÁ ³Â§Ã úÁƳÂþÁÅ, ‚ύ þÄ®Áò ªÁ£ãÏ žÂþÃœÍ ±ÂýÅ ªÂ¬Ãàë ÁÆþà §ÂÁÏ ©ÃþáìÁÅàÏžÃ. þ Â®Áò ¥ÄžÁþÃÏúà ¨Êúà ÿÁ™Â©Ã™ÃÂ ™Í§÷ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™ÁŬÁÅàþÁä §Á¥Á›Â™Ãþà úÁƬà "Á§Â, ‚¨Â §Â" €þÂäþÁÅ. ¡Ã¨©ÁÂþÊ þ žÁÁÓ§ÁÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ©Â™Ãþà úÁƬà "³Â§÷ œÍ úÉ¡ÁåþÁÅ ÂþÄ, ™Á£Åç¨Å ©ÁžÁâþÂä©Áô ÁþÁōÁ €¨ÂÊ ŠÁÑ ³Â§Ã œÂÁÅ. œÁí§ÁÂ, ¥Á®Äò ³Â§÷ ©Á³Âà§ÁÅ" €þÂäþÁÅ. þ ¥Á Âý¨ÁÅ ©Â™Ã ¥ÉÅÿÁÏ ©É¨ÃÃ±Í¦ÏžÃ. £ÂœÁÆëÏ ©Ë¡Áô ŠÁ ³Â§Ã úÁƬà ©ÉÏýþÊ þ ¥ÁÅÏžÁōÁÅ ©ÁúÃÖ þ裙à œÁþÁ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ úÊœÁŨŠþ ‡žÁ ¡Ë ©Ê¬Ã, þ §ÉÏ™ÁÅ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ãä žÁÅ¡Áåýà ¡ËþÃÏúÄ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà Á¬ÁōÁÅÑþÁ ¡Ã¬ÃÂ™ÁÅ. ©Â™Ã úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ þ ©Á®ÁÅò ŠÁÑ ³Â§ÃÂ ü¨Åì¥ÁÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ ©Â™Ã úÊœÁŨŠ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà "¥É¨ìÂ" €þÂäþÁÅ. ‚ϞÁ ªÂ¬Ãàë úʬÃþÁ ¡ÁþÁŨþÃä úÁƳ™ʥÉ ¥É¨ÃìÂ þ ¥ÁÅúÃ֍Á¨Ãä žÁÅ¡Áåýà ¡ËþÃÏúÊ ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþà §ÉÏ™ÁÅ ©Ê®ÁòœÍ þÁ¨¡Á ³ÂÂ™ÁÅ. ©Â™Ã úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ ¥Á®Äò þÂ¨Í Í§ÃÁ §ÂüÅÍ ³ÂÃÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ þ žÁÅë«ÃÛþà ©Â™Ã ¨ÂÁÅ ¥ÄžÁÁÅ ³Â§ÃÏúÂþÁÅ. þ §Ì¥ÁÅé¨Ãä œÂÁÂþÊ ©Â™Ã¨Í ¥Á®Äò ÁžÁ¨ÃÁ ¥ÉÅžÁ¨¦êϞʥÉÂ, ©Â™Ã ¨ÂÁÅ Ář§ÁϨ ¨Êúà ©ÁôÏžÃ. ©ÉÏýþÊ þ úÉ¦ê ©Â™Ã þÁ™ÁÅ¥ÁÅ ¥ÄžÁÁÅ ±ÌþÃúÃÖ ©Â™Ã úÉ™ÄÝþà ÃÏžÁÃ ¨ÂÊ³ÂþÁÅ. €ÏœÊ, ˜ÁϏÁÅþÁ §ÁÆ®Áò Á§Áë¨Â ¨Êúà ÁžÃ ¬Ä¨ÃϏ÷ ©Ë¡Áô þÍÃÑ úÁƬÁÆà þ裙ÃϞà ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÏ. Í™É œÂúÁŨ £Å¬Á¨Å Ì™ÁÅœÁÆ þ Á®Áò ¥ÁÅÏžÁÅ þ裙ÃþÁ ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÂþÃä úÁƬÁÅàÏýÊ žÁþÃþà œÂÁÁÅϙ ©ÁžÁ¨£ÅžÃ⠩ɦÁê¨ÊžÁÅ. ŠÁ ³Â§Ã £ÂœÁÆëÏ œÁ¨Å¡Áô ©Ë¡Áô úÁƬÃ, ©Á›ÅÁÅœÁÅþÁä úÊœÍà ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÂþÃä ¡ÁýÅۍÁÅþÂäþÁÅ. þ úÊ«ÁÛ¨ÁÅ ©Â™Ã¨Í Í§ÃÁ ¡É§ÁŏÁÅœÁÅþÁäýÅìÏžÃ, ©Â™Ã ÁÆýÏ ŠÁÑ ³Â§ÃÂ ‡Ã¬ÃPDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com