What's new in SEO in iOS6 (and iOS7) App Store

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A quick preview of the new App Store.

A quick preview of the new App Store.

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  • 1. Hello iOS 6 (&7)!how to optimize for thenew App Storeby AppCod.esJune 2013
  • 2. SEO-wise, no news in iOS7 for now - weplayed with it, and it seems like the searchis the same as in iOS6.One minor difference in iOS7 vs. iOS6 - theGenius was replaced by Near Me.AppCod.es
  • 3. What used to matter in the iOS5 App Store...AppCod.es
  • 4. What used to matterAppCod.esbeing featuredorbeing on top
  • 5. What used to matter in iOS 5AppCod.es1. icon2. title3. ratings
  • 6. What matters now...AppCod.eswith over 100M devices running iOS 6
  • 7. What matters todayAppCod.esthe Top lists still do(screenshots "om iOS6,iOS7 is sti# behind NDA andwe’re not a#owed to publish details)
  • 8. What matters todayAppCod.esbut more space isdedicated to lesspopular apps
  • 9. App Store OptimizationAppCod.esthe title is seriously truncatedmost people won’t look past5-10 first results.
  • 10. App Store OptimizationAppCod.estreat your first screenshot as anadvertisement for your app.people may not read yourdescription, but they will see thefirst screenshot
  • 11. App Store OptimizationAppCod.esdoes it explain what your appdoes?
  • 12. App Store OptimizationAppCod.esis it readable when scaled downto ~200pt?
  • 13. by the way...AppCod.eswhen you’re on saleask people to share the news!
  • 14. And that’s it :)The same rules apply to iPad btw.
  • 15. Quick checklistAppCod.es- is your main screenshot readable when scaled down?- does your main screenshot explain the app?- do you have more than 5 reviews?- do you show up within the first 10 results for the mostimportant searches?with this last point, AppCod.escan help, check out our otherslideshares
  • 16. About AppCod.esThe toolbox for App Store Optimization.It allows you to easily:- find good phrases- fix your keywords & search position- track your competitors, their press releases etc.- dispense app promo codesYou may register at http://appcod.es/register14-day money back guaranteeAppCod.es