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App Store SEO #2 choosing keywords


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This time, we're showing how to choose the right search phrases / keywords for your iPhone/iPad app to position for. …

This time, we're showing how to choose the right search phrases / keywords for your iPhone/iPad app to position for.

The second part of App Store SEO tutorial by

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  • Transcript

    • 1. App Store SEO #2choosing the right keywordsby AppCodesFebruary 2013
    • 2. Special note for games&entertainment- attach yourself* to a known brand (like “Disney Puzzle”), or- have a theme (“Space Puzzle”, “Photo Puzzle”), or- have an occassion (“Royal Wedding Puzzle”, “St. Patrick’s puzzle”)1.Without the above, you probably won’t be able to do App Store SEO, andyou’! need to go with traditional marketing strategies2. Utilize in-App Purchases - for example, make a generic Puzzle Game, andput “Space Puzzle” in one of the in-app purchase titles. Just don’t spam pls.* - of course only if you have the rights to use the brand!
    • 3. Brainstorm the search phrasesJust write down whichever phrases come to your mindUse Google AdWords Keyword toolfor extra suggestions Google searches differ from App Store searches but you might get some interesting suggestions
    • 4. lack ideas? e.g. Olympics, X-mass, theme 19th century Europe assuming you have the trademarks rights, or the rights have expired/are abandoned things your target what is your target? whataudience searches for else do they search for?
    • 5. Use the free find your competitors the guess of your competitor keywords the phrases your competitors use in their titles
    • 6. Analyzehow many competitors are there for each phrase? less than 25? guaranteed top position more than 50? may be hardbtw. paid AppCodes will do this for you automatically
    • 7. How many people search for the thing?Google Keyword Tool AppCodes + free - paid + more data - doesn’t show data for less - people search for slightly popular phrases different things on the web + reflects the true App Store than in the App Store search popularity
    • 8. Get inspired by the words your competitors use descriptions and names iTunes keyword list press release tags(available for registered users)
    • 9. Concluding- learn from your competitors- you want phrases that are popular, but have little competition- it’s better to be Top10 for a less popular phrase than Top120for a very popular one » don’t focus on popularity too muchgood luck!
    • 10. About AppCodesThe toolbox for App Store Optimization.It allows you to easily:- find good phrases- fix your keywords & search position- track your competitors, their press releases etc.- dispense app promo codes You may register at