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Word of mouth

  1. 1. FocusDirect : Word of Mouth Telephone: 070 606 94202Email: contact@wordofmouth.com.ng
  2. 2. About FocusDirect : Word of MouthFocusDirect : Word Of Mouth provides a well integrated social media and content delivery services thatfocuses on attracting new customers and generating explosive word-of-mouth for your brand. Weutilizes the most sophisticated social media monitoring tools in order to give you a detailed analysis ofonline word of mouth. By researching and constructing relevant keyword groups and competitors wealso offer online sentiment analysis, letting you know whether your online mentions are positive ornegative, so you can take action accordingly.Our ServicesAt FocusDirect : Word Of Mouth, we genuinely love working with social platforms and always stretch theboundaries of what can be done within them concerning the objectives of brands we work with. Weoffer the following services: • Social Media Monitoring • Online Reputation Management • Social Media Strategy • Social Media Advertising • Social Media Management • Facebook Application (Contest, Sweepstake, Coupons. fCommerce, Polls, and User Generated Content platforms) • Facebook MarketingHow we do it • Strategy: Align your online marketing strategy to achieve business goals and objectives. • Search Engine Optimization: Increase your visibility and referrals from the search engines. • Websites: Turn traffic into customers by building a clean, interactive, search and social media friendly, lead generating website. • Social Media: Attract and engage your customers and prospects inside of social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and with tools like business blogging and video marketing. FocusDirect : Word of Mouth Telephone: 070 606 94202 Email: contact@wordofmouth.com.ng
  3. 3. • Outreach & Online Advertising: Generate word-of-mouth and awareness by launching targeted social media marketing and advertising campaigns.What we MeasureWe measure brand awareness by measuring: • How much buzz was generated about your brand, across which channels? • Number of “Actionable” social media conversations tracked across Twitter, Facebook, video sites, blogs and comments. • What is the overall sentiment of brand conversations? • How many people “like” your company or your brand on Facebook? • How many people follow your company or brand on Twitter? • How many of those people retweet your conversations and what is their reach/influence? • Post campaigns, how many people are still talking about your brand?To ensure you don’t miss a thing, we monitor billions of conversations in across the entire socialmedia universe from sources including: • Micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and identi.ca • Blogs including Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and LiveJournal • Video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Bliptv • Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace • Discussion forums and boards • Images sites such as Flickr • Corporate sites • Whatever is online to track FocusDirect : Word of Mouth Telephone: 070 606 94202 Email: contact@wordofmouth.com.ng
  4. 4. Contact usContact us now to start a discussion on how we can add great value to your social media campaign andonline marketing efforts.Call Kola Grey on 070 6069 4202 or email contact@wordofmouth.com.ng FocusDirect : Word of Mouth Telephone: 070 606 94202 Email: contact@wordofmouth.com.ng