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North Korean political prison camp  where love does not exist
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North Korean political prison camp where love does not exist


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Please read this and distribute to your friends. Help North Korean People and liberate them from a dictatorial.

Please read this and distribute to your friends. Help North Korean People and liberate them from a dictatorial.

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  • 1. North Korean Political Prison Camp ExhibitionWhere LoveDoes Not Exist세이지 + SAGE +세상을 이기는 그리스도의 知性 Movement forSAGE + New Intellectuals in Christ
  • 2. . 10 5~6 15 . 12 . , . , . . . , , .Where Love The North Korean Political Prison Camp is a huge place of exile where the political prisoners considered as threat to its regime are isolated from society. The North Korean regime established 10 camps, and after a process of closureDoes Not Exist and integration, 6 camps are still in operation, holding approximately 150,000 prisoners as of today. Most do not survive and return from their time, and prisoners are daily subjected to 12 hours of forced labour and various forms of violence and torture to death. SAGE prepared this exhibition gather hearts wanting to solve the North Korean human right issues, no longer through the lenses of political ideologies, but just as it is. Perhaps the dispute on ideological differences of the left and right wings whiles political prisoners are facing the worst abuse of human rights imaginable is a luxury we simply cannot afford. In this particular exhibition, we focused on presenting the simple, yet profound truth. As you closely read on, the truths that are on display will begin to speak to you, asking you to look at and not forget the place where love does not exist. We hope that the very dialogue will continue to echo in your lives.SAGE +
  • 3. The North Korean Political Prison Camps ( , , , ) 3 . Hoeryong (#22) Political Prison Camp Capacity: 50,000 prisoners , ‘0 ’ ‘ ’ , ‘ ’ . ‘0000 Chongjin (#25) Political Prison Camp Capacity: 5,000 prisoners ’ . 1947 , 6 . , 14 , 15 , 16 , 18 Gaechon (#14) Political Prison Camp Hwasung (#16) Political Prison Camp Capacity: 20,000 prisoners Capacity: 50,000 prisoners , 22 , 25 , 15 4 . 제18호 북창관리소 Yoduk (#15) Political Prison Camp Capacity: 50,000 prisoners 수용인원 :19,000여명The North Korean Political Prison Camps generally refer to politi- Pukchang(#18) Political Prison Camp Capacity: 19,000 Prisonerscal penal-labor colony where the political prisoners are isolatedfrom society with their three generation together and are pun-ished through forced labor until their death. In North Korea, thepolitical enemy is considered as threat to its regime such as anti-communists, capitalists, Christians, and recently defectors.In South Korea, those camps are referred to as political prisoncamps, but in North Korea, they are known to ‘kwan-li-so’ or ‘thecompletely control district.’The North Korean regime established camps in 1947, and af-ter a process of establishment and relocation, closure and in-tegration, 6 are in operation as of today. The Gaechon(#14),Yoduk(#15), Hwasung(#16), Pukchang(#18), Hoeryong(#22),and Chongjin(#25) political prison camps currently keep about154,000 people in the camps according to the recent report ofgovernment.
  • 4. . , 20km . 혁명화구역 15 Revolutionizing . Zone/District , ( , , ) , 요덕수용소 . Yoduk Political 35km , Prison Camp , 완전통제구역 . , Completely Control Zone/District . Prison camps are largely divided into two categories - complete 요덕군 control districts are life imprisonment facilities, and revolutionizing Yoduk County district are labour camps that allow prisoners to be released after carrying out their sentence. The North Korean political prison camps are for life imprisonment. However, the Yoduk political prison camp (the Camp #15) is divided into sections called the complete control districts where the sentences are lifetime and the revolutionizing district from which prisoners eventually can be released. Since any judicial procedure shall not be provided the suspicious Complete political enemy and their family, people imprisoned in the Control revolutionizing district cannot know of their sentence. Districts Complete control districts are life imprisonment facilitiesthat do not educate prisoners on the ideology of Il- Sung Kim and Jong- Il Kim, but are only taught minimal knowledge such as skills required for mining and farming. Once imprisoned, no one can return to society, and the prisoner is subjected to merciless forced labour in mines and lumber camps until he or she dies.SAGE +
  • 5. 15 A satellite The North Korean prison camps are unlike South Korean penitentiaries that are in the form of photo , , , , a building, but in the form of a closed village, of Yo-Duk , . surrounded at their outer perimeters by barbed- (#15) 5 ,5 30 wire fences punctuated with guard towers and Prison Camp patrolled by heavily armed guards. People in . , , , the camps get up at 5 a.m. and carry out their assigned labor from 5:30 a.m. They are extremely . hard labored in mining, timber-cutting, or farming enterprises. There is no exception for children. Schools in the camp provide basic math, reading, writing etc., in the purpose of conducting labor, and students are forcibly labored.SAGE +
  • 6. Structure of So-called harmonica house, was formed with wall piled earth bricks. the Houses .1 5~6 , where the family of prisoners are . livingSAGE +
  • 7. Clothes of In the prisoners camp, basic necessities like clothes, blankets, etc. are not supplied, the Prisoners . so inmates make their necessities by , themselves. . . , .SAGE +
  • 8. Massacre 12 The political prisoners of the Camp #12 5,000 . (working in mines) numbering about 5,000 — , were all massacred for attacking the village where the prison guard and their families were living in. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 9. The only In the Complete Control District, meat is not , 22 provided, so rat meat is the only meat source. meat source . ( ) In the Camp #22, there are barely no rats . left. And the prisoners, who have no access — , to medical help, die out of epidemic hemor- rhagic fever (due to rats) every year during late fall and early winter. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 10. Human-eating 88 5 13 19 In May 1988, two middle school girls (13 years (13 ) 2 old) who were prisoners in the Camp #13 were dog . eaten by the prison guard dog on their way — , home from school. — From “Complete Control District.SAGE +
  • 11. Can’t Cry . Prison guards use political prisoners as their , practice target during their training. The pris- . . oners were not allowed to say anything even — , if they were bleeding or had broken ribs. They could only shed tears at the injustice. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 12. Human or 30 Political prisoners are allowed out of their cells 30minutes a week to get some sunlight. The animals? prisoners, men and women alike, have shaved . heads, and look like walking skeletons. They eat 100g 100g of rice with “salt soup” (water with a dash of salt), and so during their time out in the sunlight, . they eat all kinds of grass when the prison guard . is not looking. If they get caught, they are beaten — , mercilessly, and sometimes die on the spot. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 13. Who gave . In the Su-gol Valley, prisoners are secretly 89 , 17 executed. In the fall of 1989, a prison guard, them ( ) having discovered that a female prisoner was the rights to . pregnant with another guard’s child, knifed take lives? — , open the woman’s womb, took out the unborn baby and trampled the baby to death. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 14. Runaway 13 27 A 27-year old prisoner at the Camp #13 took a prison- property jeep #580131 and escaped from prison. He 580131 abandoned the jeep at the Tumen River and crossed the . border to China. But he was caught within a week by the . Chinese police and was sent back to North Korea. The furious prison ward accused the prisoner of defying Il- Sung Kim’s authority. He had the prisoner’s nose pierced . with an iron chain, and his feet nailed with a peg. The — , prison ward ordered the rest of the prisoners to stone him to death. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 15. Complete 4 . The Camp #4 located in Sam-deung-ri, Kang- , dong-gun. The camp is surrounded by electric Control . fences and there are traps with spikes made District — , from large pegs hidden away with trees and grass. — From “Complete Control District.”SAGE +
  • 16. Humans 6 3 The 6 groups of political prisoners who were . working at the mine construction ate pig food inferior , , for 3 months to the point the pigs were not to the pig growing. They took out bits of rice, cabbage, . radish leaves, bone bits from the pig sty and . ate them. The remaining liquid portion of the — , pig food were eaten together with rice. And after eating the pig food, the prisoners gave the pigs water.SAGE + — From “Complete Control District.”
  • 17. Reformation OO . The panoroma of a reformation camp, where defectors are imprisoned after being forcibly Camp repatriated.SAGE +
  • 18. Strip Search The scene of a strip search before defectors . are interrogated. Any valuables or money that . are found during the search are con scated.SAGE +
  • 19. Pigeon 60cm It is called “pigeon torture” because the . . prisoner is hung from the wall for a long time Torture with his hands tied behind him.SAGE +
  • 20. Various Kinds An inspector observes inmates undergoing . , , various kinds of torture: the so-called crane of Torture . torture, plane torture, and motorcycle torture (from left to right).SAGE +
  • 21. Studying The prisoners study inmate regulations on . their knees. RegulationsSAGE +
  • 22. Degrees of 170cm 42kg 1 , Level 1: 42Kg weight, 170cm height 40kg 2 , 38kg 3 . Level 2: 40Kg weight, 170cm height Malnutrition 3 . Level 3: 38Kg weight, 170cm heightSAGE +
  • 23. Secretly Eating Prisoners avoiding guards and secretly eating . . snakes or rats during forced labour. They can Snakes and withstand for a month if they eat like this. RatsSAGE +
  • 24. Solitary . The scene of a prisoner in solitary . con nement trying to lure a rat to eat it. Con nement This is the only means of sustention.SAGE +
  • 25. Forced Labor . Prisoners sometimes were pinned to death under logs they carried.SAGE +
  • 26. Forced Labor The prisoners are forced to carry excrement, . but they are too exhausted to take more than . a couple steps.SAGE +
  • 27. Disposing The bodies of prisoners dying out daily to . forced labour and violence are disposed of Corpses without cof ns.SAGE +
  • 28. The Morgue The scene of rats eating the corpses placed . . in the morgue. Corpses are heaped here daily.SAGE +
  • 29. Clock Torture The scene of a repatriated pregnant female .“ ” defector being tortured by having to use her hands to illustrate the time called out by a , guard. .SAGE +
  • 30. Forced The scene of a female defector who . conceived in China being forced to have a Abortion . miscarriage. Two prisoners are jumping on a see-saw placed on the woman’s stomach, under the threat of the guard.SAGE +
  • 31. A Kernel of A security guard beats a hunger-stricken . prisoner who tried to pick a kernel of corn from Corn animal waste.SAGE +
  • 32. ! What the hell are you eating! A security guard forces the prisoner to vomit up the kernel of corn by making him stand on his hands.SAGE +
  • 33. “ “Is it chineses or Korean?” ?”SAGE +
  • 34. A FugitiveSAGE +
  • 35. 3.5 – 4m Log Length 3.5 – 4mSAGE +
  • 36. Crying Mom and Smiling SonSAGE +
  • 37. A Human CowSAGE +
  • 38. , Half Time, Illusory SnackSAGE +
  • 39. Handicapped’s Log-draggingSAGE +
  • 40. At The Corn FieldSAGE +
  • 41. “ ? To Make Them Chiller !” In WinterSAGE +
  • 42. A Dead man’s Last PresentSAGE +
  • 43. Torture by re 14 In his age of 14, Shin Dong-Hyuk was tortured by re in secret prison when he was . imprisoned for over 6 months because his mother and brother had failed in escaping from the camp.SAGE +
  • 44. Scars 2005 14 IShin Dong-Hyuk ‘s scars injured from . electrical fence when his escaping from Gaechon prison camp.SAGE +
  • 45. A nger lost to 14 Dong-Hyuk Shin, who used to work in a textile factory within the Gaechon (#14) political a sewing . prison camp, got his nger cut off by a base machine of a sewing machine that was dropped on it as a punishment.SAGE +
  • 46. A nger lost to 14 Dong-Hyuk Shin, who used to work in a textile factory within the Gaechon (#14) political a sewing . prison camp, got his nger cut off by a base machine of a sewing machine that was dropped on it as a punishment.SAGE +
  • 47. 신동혁의 용어 인식시점 조사 Research on Dong-Hyuk Shins Expression Terminology Recognition Phase 제14호 개천수용소에서 태어나 24년간 완전통제구역에서 생활했던 신동혁씨가 각 용어를 알게된 시점을 정리한 표. A table that illustrates the point of time Dong-Hyuk, Shin, who was born In the 14th Gaechon political prison camp and lived in the com- plete restricted zone for 24 years, began to understand the following expressions. 용어를 들어보거나 알았던 시점을 표시 신동혁 : 정치범수용소 경험자 Phase of time when expression term were heard or understood are indicated Dong-Hyuk Shin : former prisoner of North Korean Prison Camps 항목 정서표현목록 수용소 북한 중국 남한 Category Emotional ExpressionsP rison Camp N. Korea China S. Korea 우울하다 Depressed 슬프다 Sad 슬픔 및 근심 사랑받지못하다 Unloved Sadness 처참하다 Horrible and Worries 절망하다 Despair 걱정하다 Worry 근심하다 Apprehensive 두렵다 Afraid 불안하다 Anxious 두려움 및 불안 겁먹다 Scared Fear 절망적이다 Despair and Anxiety 거절당하다 Rejected 무섭다 Frightened 좌절되다 Discouraged 화나다 Angry 증오하다 Hatred 분노 및 화 공격하다 Aggression Rage and 저주하다 Curs e Anger 억울하다 Unjust 저항하다 Resist 싫어하다 Dislike 기쁘다 Happy 흐뭇하다 Pleased 만족하다 평화롭다 Peaceful 기쁨 즐겁다 Joyful Happiness 행복하다 Bliss 기분좋다 Good mood 감격스럽다 Moved 활기차다 Lively 희망적이다 Hopeful 다정하다 Tender 친절하다 Kind 예쁘다 Pretty 사랑스럽다 Lovely 애정 및 관심 따뜻하다 Warm Affection and 애정이깊다 Affectionate Concern 선하다 Good 순수하다 Pure 진실하다 Genuine 사랑이넘친다 사랑한다 I love youSAGE +
  • 48. ,Hye-Won, Gyu-Won Oh . Hye-Won Oh was born in Kiel, Germany, on September 17, 1976, and 1976 9 17 , 1978 6 21 . Gyu-Won Oh was born in Kiel, Germany, on June 21, 1978 to South , Korean parents. Gyu-Won played the violin well, while Hye-Won was . talented in painting and writing. Hye-Won entered elementary school , 1983 in Kronshagen on September 1, 1983, and she was beloved by . German friends and teachers. . In 1985, a North Korean agent approached Mr. Oh and offered 1985 , him a government position in North Korea, as well as free rst class medical treatment for his wife, who was then suffering from . hepatitis. Despite his wife’s objections, Mr. Oh decided to accept the 3 offer, believing that the promise made by the agent was legitimate.1986 6 11 Soon, though, authorities ordered Oh to return to Germany and . recruit more South Korean students to live in North Korea. His wife , and daughters, he was told, could not accompany him. Enroute to , Germany, Oh turned himself over to authorities in Copenhagen, and 1987 ‘ ’ . was granted political asylum. Mr. Oh was successful in his escape 11 , 9 . 1990 from North Korea, but was unable to help his wife and daughtersee. ’ ’ For this reason, Hye-Won and Gyu-Won were imprisoned with . their mother in the “Revolution izing District” of the Yoduk Camp at the end of 1987. At the time of imprisonment, Hye-Won was 11 years old and Gyu-Won was 9 years old. Later, for unknown reasons, they were moved to the “Completely Control District,” where one must serve an unwavering life sentence.SAGE +
  • 49. SAGE +
  • 50. SAGE +
  • 51. SAGE +
  • 52. A photograph . A photograph showing Dr. Gil-Nam Oh’s , , . family who are imprisoned in Yoduk Camp: showing 1991 1 20 “ Wife Sook-Ja Shin, younger daughter Dr. Gil-Nam ” Gyu-Won, older daughter Hye-Won. One of Ohs family the 6 photographers sent together with a who are . cassette tape recording of family members’ imprisoned in . voices through composer Yi-Sang Yoon on Yoduk Camp Jan 20, 1991 with the demand that Dr. Oh re-enter North Korea.SAGE +
  • 53. Ahn Myung Chul , 1987 4 . 1994 9 22 , 10 . [ ] He became prison camp guard when he was enlisted for military service in 1987. He had worked at four different camps. In 1994, he escaped from his service, no.22 Hoeryung political prision camp, stopped over china, sought asylum in South Korea in October. He published his autobiography “The Complete Control District” in 2007. : Period of Work : 1987 – 1994 1987 – 1994 : Place of Work : 11 No.11 Kyungsung Political Prison Camp 13 No.13 Jongsung Political Prison Camp 22 No.22 Hoeryung Political Prison Camp 26 No.26 Seungho-Ree Reformation CampSAGE +
  • 54. Kang Chul Hwan 9 . 10 . [ ][ ] . When he was 9, his grandfather who was of Jochongnyeon background, was charged with espionage. His entire family, excluding only his mother, was found guilty by association and was imprisoned in Yo-Duk political prison camp in the Southern Ham-Kyung province. He was held under brutal captivity for 10 years. Published his autobiography, “The Aquariums of Pyongyang”. : Period of 1977—1987 Imprisonment: 1977—1987 : 15 Place of Imprisonment: 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 55. Kim Young Sun . . . [ ] . She grew up in an upper class family in North Korea, and was a talented person, graduating from Pyongyang College of Arts’ Department of Dancing, and teaching the dancer, Seung-Hee, Choi. Her entire family was imprisoned for the reason that Hye-Rim’s, Sung Jung-Il,Kim’s rst wife, was her friend. Both her parents died of starvation. Published autobiography, “I was Hye- Rim, Sung’s friend.” : Period of Imprisonment: 1970—1979 1970—1979 : Place of Imprisonment: 15 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 56. Kim Hae Suk 13 . 28 . When he was 13, it was suspected that his grandfather had defected to South Korea, and his entire family was imprisoned in the Buk-Chang political prison camp. During the 28 years under captivity, his grandmother died of starvation and he lost both his mother and brother to an accident. : Period of Imprisonment: 1975—2002 1975—2002 : Place of Imprisonment: 18 18th Buk-Chang Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 57. Shin Dong Hyuk . 24 2005 . [ ] . He was born in a political prison camp, birthed out of the commended marriage of his parents, who were also prisoners. In 2005, after 24 years of imprisonment, he was the rst to successfully escape from a complete restricted zone. Publised autobiography, “Enter into the world from the complete restricted zone of a political prison camp.” : Period of Imprisonment: 1982—2005 1982—2005 : Place of Imprisonment: 14 14th Gye-Cheon Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 58. Jung Gwang Ila 3 . He was imprisoned for 3 years on the charge of espionage for coming into contact with a South Korean personage while based in China as the branch manager of Chosun Pyong-Yang Commerce Corporation. : Period of Imprisonment: 2000—2002 2000—2002 : Place of Imprisonment: 15 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 59. 난 꿈을 꾸었죠 Tuesday, march, 1, 2011 북한의 축구영웅 당대 최고의 이야기꾼 신불출 조선의 마라도나 박승진 임방울이 당대 최고의 ‘소리 꾼’이었다면 신불출은 최고의 ‘이야기꾼’이었다. 공교롭게 도 두 사람은 같은 1905년생으 로, 살아 있다. 올해로 100살이 된다. 일본 식민지배 아래 청· 장년기 대부분을 보내야 했던 이 들은 타고난 재능으로 백성의 울 분과 서민의 아픔을 달랬다. “ 쑥대머리구신형용 ~”으로 시작 되는 임방울의 <옥중가>는 동편 제와 서편제를 버무린 특유의 ‘ 임방울제’에 실려 나라 잃은 슬 픔에 젖어 있던 뭇사람의 심금 을 울렸다. 무대에서 실수가 너무 잦아 예 명을 ‘난다’(難多)에서 ‘불 출’(못난이)로 바꾼신불출은 서민 생활에 밀착한 갖가지 만담 으로 웃음을 선사했다. 신불출은 구한말의 재담가 박 춘재의 공연을 눈여겨 본 뒤 만 담이라는 새로운 대중예술갈래 를 개척했다. 서민의 삶에 깊숙 이 뿌리내린 그의 만담은 광복 <한국웃음사>를 쓴 반재식씨 청국장을 빼면 무슨 장(長)이 남 직후 좌익으로 빠르게 기울었다. 는 만담을 “조선시대의 재담과 나?” 대범한 만담으로 통제사회 46년 ‘실소사전’이라는 만담 텔레비전 시대의 코미디를 이어 를 풍자하던 그는 62년, 모든 공 으로 ‘제국주의 미국’을 통렬 주는 우리 웃음사의 연결고리” 직을 빼앗기고 협동농장으로 추 해방이전 평양에서 시계방을 운 니 마음을 모르고 축구에만 미쳐 러나 축구공만 보면 어느새 그런 가대표에 뽑히면서 잉글랜드로 하게 공격하다 ‘설화사건’을 라고 했다. 그러나 승승장구하던 방된 뒤 숨진 것으로 전해진다. 영하던 어머니. 그 어머니는 47 살았다, 수업 중간 몰래 빠져나 다짐은 하늘로 날아가버리고 철 향하는 비행기를 타게 된다. 당 일으킨 뒤 이듬해 월북했다. 한 신불출의 말로는 비참하기 짝이 소리꾼 임방울 탄생 100돌은 기 세 당시 할머니 소리 들을 나이 가 친구들과 공을 차서 혼나기 일 없는 아이는 성장해서 소년이 되 시 23살아직도 앳띤 얼굴에 항 국전쟁 때 문화선전대 활동으로 없었다. 당의 완고한 문예정책도 념행사로 요란한데, 현대사 최초 에 아들을 낳는다. 47살에 본 외 쑤였다. 그럴때마다 어머니는 매 고 소년은 축구구락부에 들어가 상 웃음 가득한 천진난만한 소 57년에 공로배우가 된 데 이어, 천부적 광대의 끼는 어쩔 수없었 의 웃음꾼 신불출은 사람들의 기 아들 쥐면 부서질까 불면 날아갈 를 들어보기도 하고 눈물로 애원 제대로 축구를 배우기 시작했고 년의 모습을 하고 있던 선수 하 61년에는 문예총 직속의 신불출 던 모양이다. “모란봉에 올라 돌 억에서 너무 멀어졌다. <한겨레> 까 정말 애지중지 키웠는데 아들 도 하면서 말을 들으라고 달래기 학교 졸업후 상업체육선수단에 지만 이 미소년은 세계축구계를 만담연구소 소장에 오르는 파격 을 던지니 장에 맞더라. 두번째도 이 2살 되던해에 남편을 잃었지 도 했다. 아무리 철이 없어도 불 입단하면서 직업축구선수로서 놀라게하면서 세계축구계의 별 적 예우를 받기에 이른다. 장,세번째도 장, 간장·고추장· 만 아들을 큰 사람으로 키우겠다 효가 뭔지 모르는 나이였어도 아 발을 내딛는다. 로 떠오르는데 그가 바로 66년 는 꿈을 안고 재가는 생각지도 않 들은 그런 어머니를 보면서 다시 이 소년은 상업체육선수단 입단 잉글랜드 월드컵에서 인민공화 으면서 악착스럽게 아들을 키웠 는 어머니를 노여워하지 않으리 과 동시에 발군의 기량을 선보 국을 8강으로 이끈 박승진이다. 다. 그러나 철없는 아들은 어머 라 마음 먹으며 다짐을 했다. 그 였고 결국 스무살의 나이에 국 <olgigang> 北인권영화 제작나선 신상옥씨 신 감독은 "북한 인권상황을 최초의 한류 엔터테이너 최승희 현대무용가 다룬다고 해서 반공.반김정일을 부르짖거나 흑백논리를 내세우 자는 게 아니다" 라며 "내 구상 겨져 있던 한국의 춤은 최승희로 의 일본 데뷔 무대를 보고 장편 은 쉰들러와 같은 영웅이 아니라 인해 무대를 찾았다. 무희에서 그녀의 예술세계를 다 수난받는 북한 사람들의 삶을 있 최승희는 열 여섯살이 되던 해 루기도 했다. 하지만 해외에서 최 는 그대로 그리자는 것" 이라고 한국을 찾은 이시이 바쿠의 공연 승희를 대표하는 춤으로 평가받 설명했다. 을 보고 무용수로서의 자신의 인 은 것은 보살춤 이었다. 여러 지 영화제작 배경과 관련, 그는 생을 결정했다. 이시이 바쿠의 수 방의 무당춤을 직접 보고 만들어 "내가 직접 겪어봤듯이 북한의 제자로 들어갔지만 그의 무대는 낸 최승희만의 춤사위는 창조적 인권상황은 세계 최악" 이라며 일본이 전부가 아니었다. 인 의상으로 다시 태어났다. "세계의 양심이 북한 인권에 1938년 최승희는 당시 프랑 최승희는 신라장군 황창을 기 관심을 갖도록 하고 싶고 그래 스 파리에서 두 번째로 큰 극장 리는 춤인 검무 고려말기 황진 서 영화개봉도 외국에서 할 계 인 샬르 플레엘에서 유럽 첫 공 이가 고승을 유혹하려 춘 승무 획" 이라고 덧붙였다. 연을 가졌다. 그때 선보인 작품 뿐 아니라 아리랑 화랑의 춤으 북한 인권을 다룬 영화이기 초립동 덕분에 유행에 민감한 파 로 한국을 표현했다. 이 밖에 신 는 하더라도, 영화의 기본기능 리에서는 초립동 모자가 유행하 라시대를 배경으로 한 3막 4장의 인 오락성과 예술성을 모두 갖 기도 했다. 초립동 은 일찍 장가 무용극 반야월성곡과 영화로 제 춘 세계적 수준의 영화로 만들 가는 어린 총각이 새각시를 맞는 작된 사도성 이야기 로 동양 발 어 국제영화제에도 나가고 판매 기쁜 마음과 부끄러움을 표현해 레의 꿈을 춤으로 실현하기도 했 "북한의 인권상황을 다루되 월 탈북한 뒤 현재 경기도 안양에 도 하려고 한다는 게 그의 생각 낸 작품이다. 다. <헤럴드> 쉰들러리스트와 같은 감동적 서 `안양 신필름 인스티튜드’를 이다. <연합> 이후 유럽 순회공연을 끝내고 인 영화, 세계 어디에서도 통할 운영하고 있는 신상옥 감독은 20 다시 파리로 돌아왔을 때는 최승 수 있는 그런 영화를 만들고 싶 일 연합뉴스와 가진 인터뷰에서 희의 무대를 보기 위해 피카소, 습니다” 북한의 인권을 소재로 해 영화를 장 콕도, 로망 롤랑 등 문화예술 지난 78년 납북됐다가 86년 3 만들 계획이라며 이렇게 말했다. 계 명사들이 자리를 잡고 있었다. 프랑스의 피가로 지는 최승희에 대해 "선이 환상적인 동양 최고 배우 최민수 외조부 강홍식 의 무희"라고 극찬했다. 주은래는 최승희의 춤 중 신노 북한 정치범수용소에서 사망 심불로를 좋아했다고 알려져 있 ‘봄은 왔네 봄이 와~ 숫처 고 소달구지를 끌고 다니는 모습 고, 가와바타 야스나리는 최승희 녀의 가슴에도 나물 캐러 간 이 아직도 눈앞에 선하다고 말했 다고...’ 다. 강홍식씨는 김영순씨에게 “ 이 처녀총각 이라는 노래로 영순아, 내가 영화에 다시 출연 유명한 1930년대 인기가수 겸 할 수 있을까?”라고 묻는 등 여 배우 강홍식이 북한의 정치범 수 전히 영화에 대한 열정을 가지고 용소인 요덕수용소 에서 사망한 있었다고 기억했다. 한 때 북한 것으로 최근 밝혀졌다. 강홍식은 의 공훈예술가로 칭송받던 강홍 인기배우 최민수의 외할아버지 식은 1949년 북한의 최초의 예 이자 눈물의 여왕 으로 불리던 술영화 내 고향 을 연출했고 북 1930년대 한국은 암울했다. 한국에서 첫 울음을 터뜨린 최 전옥의 남편으로서 남북 분단 직 한에서 유명한 영화인 최학신 나라를 빼앗긴 식민지의 현실. 승희는 북한에서 마지막 숨을 내 후에 월북해 북한 영화계에서도 일가 에서 리처드 목사역을 맡 어둠 속에서도 빛나는 존재, 그 쉬었다. 그러나 남북 어디에서도 배우 겸 감독으로 활발한 활동을 기도 했다. 것은 희망이었다. 베를린올림픽 인정하지 않으려 한 비운의 인물 한 북한의 유명 인사였다. 한편 1975년경 김정일이 후계 마라톤에서 금메달을 딴 손기정, 이기도 했다. 한국에서 그는 친 김영순은 정치범 수용소에서 자로 확정된 이후 영화 선전 사 다른 한편엔 춤으로 세계를 누빈 일, 친북 인사였고 북한에서는 숙 강홍식을 만난 것으로 증언했다. 업을 강조하여 북한의 첫 예술 과 운명-노동계급편’에 공장 최승희(1911~1969)가 있었다. 청의 대상이었다. 특히 김영순은 강홍식이 강제 노 영화 내 고향(19749년 상영) 강선제강소 지배인으로 출연하 한국 최초의 현대무용가이자 최승희는 승무와 칼춤, 부채춤과 동에 시달리다 ‘펠라그라병’( 의 연출가로 강홍식을 발탁하려 일종의 비타민B군 결핍증)에 걸 했으나 이미 그는 작고한 후였다 기도 했다. 김영순이 탈북을 하 1920~30년대에 활약했던 모 가면춤 등을 무대 위로 올려놓았 던 걸 인 최승희는 춤으로 세계 다. 춤은 화류계 여자들이 추는 려 사망하기까지의 과정을 생생 고 김 씨는 증언했다. 또한 김정 던 2001년 당시 강홍식의 남은 무대에 오른 최초의 한류 엔터테 것 이라는 편견에서 벗어나 춤 하게 곁에서 보고 증언해 더욱 안 일의 호의로 그 가족들은 1975 가족들은 평양통일거리에 살고 이너였다. 을 예술로 승화시켰다. 기방에 숨 타까움을 사고 있다. 년도에 수용소를 나갔으며, 이후 있었다고 한다. <뉴스타운> 김영순은 당시 강홍식의 얼굴 배우로 활동한 바 있는 강효선( 이 흑인처럼 새까맣게 타 있었 강홍식의 아들)은 영화 ‘민족SAGE +
  • 60. Kang Hong Shik 1930—40 . . ( ). . He was both a famous actor and singer in the 1930’s and 40’s. He also gained fame by direction North Korea’s rst art lm, “My Hometown.” It is speculated that he was imprisoned for his carefree nature, as it was considered to be a hindrance in the process of deifying Il-Sung, Kim (Testimony of Young-Sun, Kim). He is also the grandfather of actor Min-Su, Choi. : Period of Imprisonment: ?—1971( ) ?—1971( ) : Place of Imprisonment: 15 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 61. Park Seung Jin 1966 . . . The North Korean soccer team was imprisoned in Yo-Duk political prison camp for partying the night before their match with Portugal in the 1966 England World Cup He was imprisoned in a reformation camp, after consideration of the contributions that he had made to North Korea’s soccer, but was later released. It is known that the other players were imprisoned in complete restricted zones. : Period of Imprisonment: 19??—19?? 19??—19?? : Place of Imprisonment: 15 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 62. Shin Bul Chul . 1947 , , . . A renowned actor and comedian during Japan’s colonial rule. After defecting to North Korea in 1974, he received review that he was politically successful after being awarded different titles and awards, but was imprisoned in the Yo-Duk political prison camp for satirizing North Korea’s situation by a slip of tongue. He tragically died of undernourishment. : Period of Imprisonment: 1972—1976( ) 1972—1976( ) : Place of Imprisonment: 15 15th Yo-Duk Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 63. Choi Seung Hee 1930 . , , . . She gained international fame in 1930’s for founding Korea’s own unique modern dance. After Korea’s liberation from Japan, she defected North, and was given various titles and positions but was imprisoned in the Buk-Chang political prison camp because dancing was considered to be decadent in a socialist society. She died while imprisoned, and was reinstated after her death. : Period of Imprisonment: ?—1967( ) ?—1967( ) : Place of Imprisonment: 18 18th Buk-Chang Political Prison CampSAGE +
  • 64. Shin Sang Ok 1978 1 , 7 . . [ ], [ ] 1986 . After his wife Eun-Hee, Choi, an actress, was kidnapped in Hong Kong in January, 1978 by a North Korean secret agent, he was also kidnapped in July of the same year in Hong Kong, while looking for his wife. After his numerous attempts to defect, he was imprisoned in Seung-Ho-Ree reformation camp, but was released. He became the president of North Korea’s New Films and Movies Association, and produced movies like, “Salt,” and “Star sh.” He defected with his wife in 1986. : Period of Imprisonment: 19??—19?? 19??—19?? : Place of Imprisonment: 26 26th Seung-Ho-ReeSAGE + Reformation Camp
  • 65. 21 21 North Korean Cheerleaders 2002 2003 . . They visited South Korea as the cheering squad for the 2002 Busan Asian Games, and 2003 Dae-Gu Universiad. They were imprisoned in the Dae-Heung prison after they breached their pledge to not divulge anything they’ve seen or heard during their trips. : Period of Imprisonment: 2005— 2005— : Place of Imprisonment: Dae-Heung PrisonSAGE +
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