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inside the iPad 4 [p.20]
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inside the iPad 4 [p.20]


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  • 1. The complete guide to theAll the features of Apple’s faster, slicker, 4G-ready iPad with Retina display 1F T0S O 0 IPS INSIDE! 2 Wireless setup in under 30 minutes 2 Step-by-step tutorials & app guides 2 How to set up 4G mobile internet
  • 2. The Complete Guide to the iPad 42 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 3. Welcometo the complete guide to the iPad 4…E ven though the iPad is now in its fourth iteration, CONTACTS it still feels like a product from the future. With Editor in chief Mark Hattersley 020 7756 2879 its sleek case, large multitouch display, persistent Art director Mandie Johnson 020 7756 2881 internet and integrated speech system, the iPadstill has that futuristic, other-worldly feel to it. ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS Tony Bradley, Christopher Breen, Rob Buckley, Even if this isn’t your first Apple product, or even your Serenity Caldwell, Fred Dutton, Jonny Evans, Glenn Fleishmann, Lex Friedman, James Galbraith,first iPad, it’s still going to be a great ride. Apple’s fourth- Karen Haslam, Karl Hodge, Patrick Llewelyn-Davies, Steve Paris, David Price, Alice Ross, Jason Snellgeneration iPad takes everything great about the iPad PRODUCTIONand cranks it up a gear. Inside is an all-new A6X processor Head of production Richard Baileywith quad-core graphics, Lightning connector for super- 020 7756 2839 data transfer, and it’s the first iPad to have 4G LTE CIRCULATION & MARKETING Marketing manager Ash Patelnetworking that works with 4G networks in the UK. Despite everything feeling so high-tech, this book is PUBLISHINGdesigned to start from the ground up. All the basics are Publishing director Simon Jary, and we hope to get you started in no time; from Managing director Kit Gouldthere on in we look at some of the amazing things youcan do, from photo editing to creating amazing workdocuments on the move. The iPad is the ultimate all-rounder, a perfect home, work and travel tablet device.The iPad is the computer of the future, and we’re here to The Complete Guide to iPad 4 is a publication of IDGhelp you get started today Communications, the world’s leading IT media, research and exposition company. With more than 300 publications in 85 countries, read by more than 100 million people each month, IDG is the world’s leading publisher of computer magazinesMark Hattersley, Editor in chief and newspapers. IDG Communications, 101 Euston Road, London NW1 2RA. This is an independent journal not affiliated with Apple Computer. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer. All contents © IDG 2013, except when © Mac Publishing LLC. Project management & print by Fusion Media – Tel: 03309 991 240, email: The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 3
  • 4. Contents: The Complete Guide to the iPad 434 106 90 4 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 5. contents The complete guide… Tutorials 6 Everything iPad 42 Setting up your new iPad We explain why the iPad 4 is the must-have gadget of the year, 46 Syncing without wires and its key features 50 Set up iCloud6 54 Using Find My Phone Features 58 Buying books & apps20 20 Inside the iPad 4 62 Using Messages We take a iPad 4 apart to see what’s on the inside 66 Getting Notifications 70 Set up Notifications 74 Set up Find My Friends 78 Reminders 82 Dictating Notes 86 Playing music 90 Set up iTunes Match 94 Using Newsstand 24 Speed testing the iPad 4 98 Taking photos Discover just how much faster 102 Editing photos24 the iPad 4 is than the iPad 3 106 Editing with iPhoto 26 Get to know 4G LTE 110 Create photo albums There’s a whole new type of mobile internet in the iPad 4 114 Recording HD video 118 Set up Twitter Buyers guide 122 Tweeting your location 28 Hot iPad accessories26 From cases to stands to styluses 126 Social media contacts – check out the best add-ons 130 Using Safari Reader 34 The 30 must-have apps 134 Routes in Maps28 Add yet more functionality to 138 AirPlay Mirroring your iPad with the finest apps 142 Managing Storage Final word 146 Pages 160 The iPad name challenge 150 Numbers From iPad 2 to new iPad. Why has Apple picked that name? 154 Keynote The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 5
  • 6. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4 Getting to know theiPad 4 Everything you need to know about Apple’s amazing new iPad By Jason Snell & Serenity Caldwell, Lex Friedman S ay ‘hello’ to the brand new iPad 4, the latest and greatest addition to Apple’s revolutionary portable device. If you’ve never owned an iPad before, this feature tells you everything you need to know about this stunning piece of kit. If you’re an iPad aficionado, we’ve got in-depth information on all the new specifications, features and functions that the device now offers. Unlike the iPad 3 (which Apple referred to a ‘new iPad) this new model has a definite name and number. It’s also a very different device inside, although it seems quite similar to earlier models. The screen contains over The iPad 4 display measures 9.7-inches (diagonal), bigger than the 7.9-inches of 3.1 million pixels the iPad mini. It also doubles the number of pixels in play; that means the screen contains a whopping 2048-by-1536 pixels (264 pixels per inch) for a total of over 3.1 million pixels. Apple coins this Retina Display. It describes a screen with pixel density so high that, at normal viewing distances, the average human eye can’t discern the individual pixels. To run such a high density display, the iPad 4 is powered by the new A6X chip, which is a dual-core chip with quad-core graphics. The iPad 4 is blistering fast, especially at 3D graphics and gaming. There’s little doubt that the new iPad is the best tablet device on the market, which is why it’s also the most popular. So come with us as we look at all the new features of this incredible device.6 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 7. Get to know your way around the iPad 4 Sleep/Wake button Press this button to lock your iPhone’s screen. (The phone will still receive callsHeadphone jack and play music, butThis is a standard the screen itself will3.5mm audio jack be off ). If it’s alreadyfound on most locked, you can pressdevices (including this button and slidethe iPod and iPhone). a finger across the screen to wake it up. FaceTime camera This camera on the front works with FaceTime video chat so other people Retina display can see your face. The new display has over 3 million pixels (2048 by 1536) and a pixel density of 264 PPI (pixels per inch). It’s called ‘retina’ because the pixels are more densely packed than the average Home screen human eye can The Home screen discern between. contains app icons, and folders. Tap an icon to launch an app, while tapping folders reveals the Multi-Touch apps contained inside. interface Unlike a Swiping left and right laptop, the iPad lacks on the Home screen a physical keyboard, displays different instead you interact sets of apps and with the device folders (which you by tapping and can organise yourself ). swiping the display. Home button The only physical button on the front of the iPad is this one. Press it to instantly return to the Home screen at any time. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 7
  • 8. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4 Get to know your way around the iPad 4 iSight camera This 5-megapixel camera can shoot high-definition video and still images. Side switch This switch is used by default to lock the rotation (so the iPad stays in horizontal or vertical mode). You Sim card slot can also switch its The iPad (3G + WiFi) function in Settings uses a nano-SIM card, to act as a mute which can be inserted switch for the iPad’s and removed using volume, if you prefer. the SIM card tool or a paperclip. The new iPad can connect to regular 3G or fasterVolume buttons HSDPA networks, andThese side buttons the 4G LTE networks.adjust the iPad’svolume setting. Speaker You’ll find the speaker grill on the bottom edge of the iPad. Lightning Connector The iPad uses Apple’s Lightning connector (underneath) to hook up to your computer and other accessories. 8 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 9. Get to know your symbolsStatus symbols let you know what’s going on with the iPad 4 L ike a Mac’s menu bar, the top of the new iPad screen displays a number of status icons – shorthand for various settings and connections. The icons that tell you what phone, Internet or other connection your device is making are visible in the upper left-hand corner, while icons in charge of the device’s other functions appear on the right. With the help of this handy guide, you can learn what each symbol actually means. Signal strength These bars Battery status In the upper- reflect the network and voice right corner of your iPad is signal in your area. They the battery status icon, which fluctuate between one bar (little shows how much charge your to no service) and five (strongest reception). iPhone battery has. If your battery is charging, you’ll see a small lightning bolt. Wi-Fi strength You’ll see this fan-shaped symbol if you’re Location services When an connected to a nearby Wi-Fi application such as Maps is using network. The stronger the local location services on your iPad, this signal is, the larger the array of bars you’ll see. purple pointer will appear to the left of the battery icon. Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth, and you’ll see this icon. By Play button If you’re playing an default, the symbol is gray, but audio track in iTunes, this triangle if you make a Bluetooth connec- will appear to the left of the battery tion, it will turn blue. icon in the menu bar. If your music is paused, no icon will appear. VPN If you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Alarm clock When you have an this icon will appear. alarm set in the Clock app, this small clock appears to the right of Airplane mode If you turn on the time on the top of your iPad. Airplane mode in Settings, your phone will turn off all Internet Lock When your iPad is locked, this and Bluetooth connections, lock icon appears on the top of your and you’ll see this icon. While in tablet’s screen, replacing the time. Airplane mode, you can still use Wi-Fi. Orientation lock You can lock your Processing icon When your iPad display in Portrait mode by iPad is trying to make a network double-clicking the Home connection, it says: “Searching…” button and scrolling to the left in in the upper-left corner. This circle the multitasking bar. appears if it’s syncing something over your network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 9
  • 10. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4Get to know your gesturesDiscover how to interact with the iPad 4 with these finger gestures A lthough Apple has designed the iPad 4 (and the iPhone, iPod touch) to be simple to learn, sometimes you may want a primer on the basics. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the major Multi-Touch gestures, navigation options, Home screen tips and tricks and multitasking features you’ll need to master your iOS device. Gestures and techniques If you’ve never before owned a Multi-Touch device from Apple, you may be unfamiliar with crazy phrases like ‘pinch-to-zoom’ and the difference between flick and swipe. Have no fear: While some of these gestures may have odd names, they’re easy enough to pick up. Tap: As clicking is to a desktop Double-tap: Tap an object twice in computer, so is tapping to an succession to effect a double-tap. iOS device. Tapping is the most Double-taps are primarily used for common and basic gesture. zooming in or out on text. Tap, hold, and drag: Flick and swipe: Swiping For some functions, is one of your primary such as highlighting navigational tools. You text, copying and use a left or right swipe to pasting or deleting move through app pages and moving apps, on your Home screen or you’ll need to tap and images in the Photos app; hold down on the screen. When you do this on a piece of you use an up or down text, it will highlight in blue, and editing handles – vertical swipe to read text in Safari, lines with blue dots – will appear on either side of the iBooks, Newsstand or highlighted area. You can tap, hold and, while holding elsewhere. It’s one of the down, drag your finger to increase or decrease the selection. easiest gestures to learn. Pinch: To zoom in or to Rotate: You can even rotate open something, place your some elements with two or thumb and index finger, more fingers. Just place two pinched together, on screen fingers on the screen and and spread them apart. To make a circular gesture, zoom out, do the reverse. clockwise or counterclockwise.10 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 11. Get to know the Home screenDiscover how to navigate and customise your iPad’s main screen N ow that you’ve taken your first step into the iOS world with Multi-Touch gestures, it’s time to learn how to navigate your iPad 4. We’ll go over where your apps are stored, how to organise them, search for them and delete them. The Home screen When you first turn on your device, you’re brought to the Home screen. Here, you’ll see an assortment of icons grouped into rows, and several more icons grouped in the silver Dock along the bottom of the screen. The Home screen is where your apps live, and where you can launch them. The Dock. The grey translucent bar along the bottom of your Home screen is called the Dock. If you’ve tried swiping between app pages, you’ll notice the icons in the Dock don’t change from one app page to the next; this is because the Dock is for the most frequently used apps (up to six apps). Search in Spotlight Swipe right on your Home screen until you reach Spotlight. Edit apps Tap and hold on an app icon to enter (If you’re on the first Home screen page, pressing your Edit mode to be able to rearrange your apps, add Home button also summons the Spotlight screen.) To them to folders and delete them from your device search, just type your query in the text box at the top. Open and close an app. To open an app, all you have to do is tap its icon. Once it’s open, you can return to the Home screen at any time by pressing the Home button. Rearrange and delete apps. To rearrange the order of your icons, tap and hold any icon on the Home screen. After a few seconds, all your app icons, including the one you’re holding, will start to wiggle, and a small black X will pop up in each icon’s top-left corner. Once they do this, you can rearrange any apps on the Home screen, or even drag them into or out of the Dock. If you’ve installed a third-party app you don’t want any more, you can tap the X to delete it (you can’t delete the apps that came pre-installed on your device). When you’re finished, press the Home button, and your icons will stop wiggling and stay in their new location. Use folders. A folder is a group of apps, represented by a single icon, on your Home screen. To create a folder, start by tapping and holding any app icon to enter Edit mode; after the icons begin to wiggle, drag an app on top of another app. When you release the app, you’ll create a folder, which will open and display both apps. The multitasking bar. Switch between apps by bringing Tasking apps Double press the Home button up the multitasking bar and quickly double-press the Home to pull up your device’s multitasking bar button; a bar below the Dock will rise up with the apps most recently run. To switch to a different app, tap its icon. Multitasking shortcuts. Swipe right on the multitasking bar for further controls: rotation lock, adjust brightness, control music, adjust volume, and access the Music app. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 11
  • 12. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4Inside the iPad 4Discover the wealth of new technology found in the iPad 4 M any of the questions people and pundits have spent the past few months obsessing over have been answered – but not all. We know it has a nicer screen, a faster processor, better cameras, 4G networking, and voice dictation. Here’s a quick primer to all the new features and technology found in the new iPad… Retina display. Like the iPhone, the iPad 4 has a Retina display – a term Apple uses to describe a screen with a high- enough pixel density that you can’t discern individual pixels at normal viewing distances. The Retina display for the iPad boasts a resolution of 2048-by-1536 pixels – that’s over 3.1 million pixels in total – at the same 9.7-inch (diagonal) screen size as before. New cameras. The new iPad’s front camera – the one facing you as you use the tablet – has been improved (from 0.3 MP to 1.2 MP), and it now does FaceTime in HD resolution. The back camera still sports a 5-megapixel (2592-by-1936 pixels) iSight Retina display The new screen has an incrediblyThe iPad 4 has had a camera, much like the one in high pixel density for super sharp visualssignificant power bump the iPhone 4. Apple says the camera offers improved sharpness, and it supports auto- exposure, auto-focus, auto-face-detection, auto-exposure lock, auto-focus lock, and (for low-light images) temporal noise reduction. It can record 1080p video, and it uses the iPad’s improved processing horsepower to provide image stabilization. RAM upgrade. Apple’s tech specs webpage doesn’t include information about the amount of RAM in the new iPad, although our friends over at iFixit ( have torn the device apart and discovered that it has 1GB, compared to just 512MB in the iPad 2. The A6X processor. The iPhone 5 has the A6, and the iPad 3 has the older A5X. But the new iPad gets a significant bump in power thanks to an new, dual-core A6X processor, which contains a quad-core graphics processing unit (GPU). In addition, that improved graphics capability lets app developers increase the level of detail in their apps – and take advantage of the new Retina display. Faster innards An all-new A6X processor upgrade ensure that there’s enough power inside to keep 4G LTE wireless. Like its predecessors, the new iPad is things running smoothly available in versions with just Wi-Fi and versions with both Wi-Fi and cellular networking capabilities. But this time12 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 13. around, the cellular models include 4G/LTE wireless in the1,800 band (which ensures that it works with UK networkslike EE). 4G offers internet speeds up to a whopping100Mbps, although actual speeds are more likely to bebetween 15-20Mbps. The iPad 4 also has support for thenew DC-HSDPA 3G networks, which is the latest generationof 3G networking. DC-HSDPA combines two 3G bands intoone, offering double the speed of internet connection (upto 42Mbps, theoretically. We’ve had up to 16Mbps on it,although 8Mbps is a more reasonable average). Supportfor 4G requires a whole new contract, and DC-HSDPA isdependent upon your location and network provider. Butthe iPad 4 can still rely on two widely available 3G wirelesstechnologies: HSDPA, and HSPA+.Bluetooth 4.0. Like the iPhone 5, the iPad 4 includesBluetooth 4.0, the latest version of the Bluetooth standard.Bluetooth 4.0 includes all the features of Bluetooth2.1+EDR (the version used in the iPad 2), so existingBluetooth accessories should work fine. But version 4.0 addsa new protocol called Bluetooth low energy, which allows Faster internet Even if you can’t get onto a 4Gfor devices that require much less power to operate and network, you’ll still find the iPad has a muchconnect. (The folks behind this technology call Bluetooth faster connection to the mobile net4.0-capable devices Smart Ready.) Examples of devices thatmight take advantage of Bluetooth low energy are exerciseand medical devices such as heart-rate and blood-sugarmonitors. Bluetooth 4.0 might also be a boon for artists whowant to use pressure-sensitive styluses.Battery life. The iPad 2 claimed 10 hours of battery life forWi-Fi surfing, movie watching, and music listening, or 9hours of 3G surfing. Despite having a screen and wirelessconnectivity that use more power, and a more-powerfulprocessor, the iPad 4 has identical battery life.Say hi to Siri? Since Apple introduced iOS 6 at the sametime as the iPad 4, you’ll be able to use it with Siri (Apple’svoice technology). Press and hold the Home button andspeak, and your words will instantly be translated into Siricommands.Smart Cover. The iPad 4 has the same magnetic SmartCover functionality. The iPad 2 Smart Cover has a differentmodel number, but Apple’s website claims the new versionworks with both iPad models. This means that the original Talking voices Siri (the iPhone’s built-in voiceSmart Cover models will fit the new iPad, as well. control) makes it to the iPad 4, and you can talk dictate notes and messages if you want to The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 13
  • 14. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4Get to know MessagesDiscover how to send instant messages to your friends O ne amazing feature on iPad is that you can use it to send and receive text messages (even on the Wi-Fi version). This is thanks to Messages, an application that lets you exchange text-only SMS (Short Message Service) messages and photos and video MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages with other iOS devices. To start a message, tap the Messages app on the Home screen, and then tap the new message icon (a box with a pencil). You can enter a recipient’s mobile number, type a contact’s name (which, as with Mail, brings up a list of contacts that match; choose one by tapping it) or tap the + sign to choose an existing contact from your Contacts list. Make sure you choose the contact’s mobile number, or your message won’t go anywhere. You can send messages to multiple contacts, but they count as multiple messages, so if you’re paying per text iMessage is a new message, keep that in mind. Use the on-screen keyboard to type a text message, then tap Send. communication iMessage is Apple’s all-in-one replacement for text, group, and MMS messaging – sort of. If you’re familiar with BlackBerry Messaging, it’s Apple’s answer to that approach. platform for iOS In short, it’s a new, easy-to-use communication platform limited to iOS devices. Unlike regular SMS text messaging, iMessage supports niceties like delivery receipts (to know when your message has been delivered), read receipts (to know when your message has been read) and live typing status (so you can know that your buddy is replying). Note, however, that by default, your iOS device won’t tell your contact when you’ve read his/her message; you must enable that manually. Be careful though: on the iPad you can only send messages to other people using iOS devices (the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). Long-Distance Chats Message conversations on Conversation Picker In Edit mode, you can select the iPhone resemble an iChat exchange messages you’d like to delete or forward14 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 15. Get to know MailDiscover how to send and receive emails on the iPad A s it did with Safari, Apple slimmed down its Mail program for iOS. Mail’s fast and powerful features make up for the device’s lack of a physical keyboard. In this section, you’ll get to know its best features. Set up new accounts When you first set up your device, iTunes will ask if you want to transfer your existing email accounts from your computer. On a Mac, you can transfer accounts from Apple Mail. On a Windows PC, you can transfer account details from Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express or Outlook. If you use a different email program, you’ll have to enter your account information manually. On the Home screen, tap the Settings button and then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Under the Accounts header, tap Add Account. You’ll see a screen with buttons for Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and Other. Work with email Every time you view your Inbox – either by tapping it from the Mailboxes screen or by returning to it from another app New account The iPad simplifies adding an email – your device will check that account for new mail. You’ll see account from these services. Tap Other to add a preview of each message, including the sender, the time it an account from a different service provider was sent, the subject line and, if desired, a few lines of text. Unread messages display a blue dot to the left. Mail you’ve replied to or forwarded to another address will have small indicator arrows to the left of it. Delete messages You can delete a message, which moves it to the Trash folder, in one of several ways. If you have the email open, simply tap the Trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen. The email message will be sucked into the Trash and the next message will appear. If you’re in the list view, on the other hand, you have two options for deleting messages without opening them. The quickest way is to simply swipe your fingertip across the message and tap the Delete button. The second way is to tap the Edit button at the top of the screen, tap unwanted messages, and then tap the Delete button. Send email You can send an email message in one of several ways. The easiest is to reply to an existing message by tapping the left-arrow icon at the bottom of the viewing screen. To send Inside the Inbox Simply tap the circular arrow a new message to the sender of an existing message, tap to check manually for new mail. Slide your the person’s name in the From field and then tap Email in finger across a message’s preview to remove it the resulting screen. To start a completely fresh email, tap the new message icon (it looks like a box with a pencil) from either the message-viewing or the message-list screen. Once you’ve entered your subject and message, tap Send. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 15
  • 16. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4Get to know SiriIntroducing Apple’s new control method… your voice N ew to the iPad is Siri, Apple’s virtual voice assistant. Getting started with Siri couldn’t be easier, simply hold down the Home button to activate Siri, and start speaking. The iPad will start transcribing your voice into words. You’ll be surprised at just how good Siri is if you haven’t used Voice Control recently. It’s light years ahead of how it used to be a few years ago. Although it still gets lost and makes mistakes, Siri is great fun to use. Siri can be used to create messages, switch apps, create calendar events, create and reply to emails, and you can also dictate notes and documents. You can also ask Siri questions about just about anything, it’ll search online using Wolfram Alpha or do web searches for you. Some things to try out Some commonly used dictation instructions that the iPad can handle include: • Maps: “direct me home” or “show me Paris.” • Local info: “find a petrol station near me”, “what’s the best restaurant nearby?” Siri control Access Siri by holding down the • Stocks: “what is Google’s stock price?” Home button on the iPad 4 • Social media: “send a tweet.” • Safari: “search for BBC News”, “look for images of cats in hats”, “search for Macworld in Bing.” • Weather: “what’s the weather like this weekend?”, “what’s the weather like in Boston?” • Apps: “play angry birds”, “open the notes app.” • Email and messages: “send an email to Jane”, “send a message to John that says ‘hi, want to meet up tonight’”, “FaceTime with Steve.” • Sports: “when is the next Tottenham Hotspur match?” • Time: “what’s the time in Tokyo?”, “set an alarm for 7 o’clock tomorrow”, “timer four minutes”, “turn all alarms off.” • Contacts: “show me John Doe”, “Al Smith is my dad.” • Calendar: “meet with Jane at two o’clock tomorrow”, “move the two o’clock meeting to three o’clock”, “cancel all my meetings today.” • General knowledge: “what’s 22 x 33?”, “what’s the capital of Australia?”, “how many people live in Japan?” Siri is a fantastic way to interact with your iPad, even Your questions, answered Siri is pretty good at though it sometimes miss-hears what you say. The great answering questions, as well as performing basic thing about Siri is it learns from what you say, and the tasks on your iPad 4. options you choose. So the more you use it; the better it gets at understanding you.16 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 17. Getting started withthe keyboardTips and tricks that make using the iPad keyboard easier F or many, the biggest challenge of the iPad (aside from resisting buying one) is getting accustomed to using the virtual keyboard. But there’s nothing to worry about, it really couldn’t be any easier. Whether you’re coming from a full-size computer keyboard or a thumb-based smartphone, here are some ways to tap into the iPad’s typing features. Catch and release The iPad differs from most other keyboards as it registers the key you’ve pressed when you take your finger off the key, instead of when you tap on it. The added benefit is if you press a key and see that it’s the wrong one, you can easily slide your finger to the correct key. Punctuation slide Here’s a real time-saver: The next time you need to add a punctuation mark, press and hold the .?123 button until the numeric and punctuation keyboard appears, slide your finger to the key you want, and release it. Not only will you type the punctuation mark, but you’ll find yourself back in alphabet mode without having to press the ABC key. Unlock caps lock Typing in all caps may be considered impolite, but sometimes it’s necessary. The caps lock functionality isn’t enabled by default; to turn it on, go to Settings: General: Keyboard and tap on Enable Caps Lock. Then, when you’re typing, quickly double-tap on the Shift key; it’ll turn blue to tell you caps lock is on. Tap on it once more to disable caps lock. Department of corrections No matter how good a typist you are, mistakes happen. Fortunately, the iPad’s pretty darn smart. By looking at the letters near the ones you typed, it can deduce with surprising accuracy what you meant to type. Once you’ve typed a few more letters, the iPad will likely figure out what you meant and will offer the suggestion in a text bubble. To accept the iPad’s suggestion, just press the spacebar or a punctuation mark. If the iPad’s being a little overeager, tap on the suggestion and it’ll go away. Dismiss the iPad’s suggestion for the same word twice, and it’ll add the word you actually typed to the internal dictionary, so it will be checked for in the future. Zoom in If you discover a typo, it’s easy enough to fix. Simply tap on the spot where you want the cursor to appear, and then tap on backspace to clear your mistake. However, controlling the cursor this way can be challenging. For even more precise results, tap and hold on the text to make a magnifying loupe appear. As you drag the loupe around the body of text, the text insertion point will follow it – so you can easily position Autocorrect Type a wrong letter and the iPad will the cursor exactly where you want it. try to fix it. Click a word to insist on its spelling The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 17
  • 18. Feature: Getting to know the iPad 4Get to know ContactsDiscover how to add, manage and use contacts on the iPad 4 W ith the advent of Internet communication, the amount of contact information people have to remember has quadrupled. Phone numbers, email addresses, chat handles, usernames, aliases – needless to say, it can get complicated, fast. Thankfully, your device can store all of this and more in the Contacts app, which syncs across iOS to provide communication auto-completion across the board. To make sure your Contacts list is as up-to-date as possible, here are a few ways to keep things neat, organised and useful. Import contacts iTunes, in addition to syncing calendars, apps and email accounts, can also take care of your Contacts organisation. To sync your contacts, iTunes will require you to connect specifically with one computer. Syncing is also bi-directional – any changes made to a contact on your device will show up on the computer the next time you connect the two, and vice versa. Computer sync Use iTunes to sync contacts with Outlook, Address Book or Google18 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 19. Sync with the MacOn the Mac, your device can sync contacts from OS X’s Address Book,an online Yahoo Address Book or your Google contacts. The first time youconnect your phone to your Mac, iTunes will ask which contacts you wantto import. You can choose to import every contact in OS X’sAddress Book or specify only selected groups. Yahoo and Google users can sync their contacts byselecting the respective Sync Contacts option for their service.Supply a username and password for the correct account andiTunes will take care of the rest.Sync wirelesslyYou can synchronise your device’s contacts without havingto connect to your computer. However, you need to be usingeither Apple’s iCloud service or a Microsoft Exchange server(including Google, via the Google Mobile service). To enableover-the-air syncing, visit Settings, iCloud and tick Contactsto turn this feature on. Once you’ve set up your contacts to sync, any changesyou make on your iPhone or iPod touch will be reflected in theservice you sync with – for example, your iCloud contacts onyour Mac and on the Web, or your Exchange address book. If you turn off mobile syncing later on, the synced contactswill be removed. You’ll need to either re-enable syncing orconnect your device to your computer to restore them.Enter contacts manually Instant Sync Your free iCloud account canYou can also add contacts to your device by accessing your remotely sync your contacts, email and moreContacts list. Tap the Contacts button from the Home screen. To create a new contact, tap the + sign at the top-right ofthe screen. A blank form will appear. Tap each section to enterthe appropriate contact information, including the name,company, number (or numbers), email address and website.But you’re not limited to the default list of contact fields (see‘New Additions’). Tap Add Field at the bottom of the screento access a list of additional options, including birthday,nickname, job, IM username and a general Note field that youcan use for any other details. To delete a contact, tap the Edit button, scroll down andtap Delete Contact.Locate contactsIn the Contacts app, All Contacts alphabetically listsevery contact (you can set it to sort by first or last name inthe Settings screen). You can scroll up and down or use thealphabet running down the right side of the screen to jump tocontacts starting with a particular letter. You can also look forsomeone by using the search bar at the top. Alternatively, youcan perform a Spotlight search in the main Spotlight screen(swipe left of the first Home screen). Your results will includematching contacts, along with matching results in other New Additions Tap in each field to add contactcategories (see “Search Party”). information while you’re on the go The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 19
  • 20. Feature: Inside the iPad 4Inside the iPad 4 Discover the amazing tech inside the iPad 4 By iFixit.comW hen you hold a iPad in your hands for the first time, you realise just how incredible a piece of engineering it really is. The iPad comprises an ultra-powerful display with a full Multi-Touch interface and a few slender buttons – all held within a superbly crafted (and incredibly slender) case.As when it first launched, the iPad does feel somewhat ‘magical’ to use. It’s not that you can’t figure out howit works (it’s a tablet computer, after all), but with so much contained in such a small space you find it hardto believe how Apple have managed to cram it all in. And, like most Apple products (in fact, more than otherApple products), the iPad is a sealed unit designed to keep your prying eyes away from its innards. So what does the iPad 4 contain? Our friends at iFixIt ( are experts at taking apart technicaldevices (and showing people how to fix them). They’ve taken the iPad 4 apart, stripped it downand discovered what hides behind the screen and what holds it all together. Let’s take a look inside… Tech specs Apple has stunned the tech world once again. A mere 7 months after the announcement of the iPad 3, the iPad 4 was introduced. Here are the tech specs: ● Dual-core Apple A6X processor with quad-core GPU ● 9.7 inch LCD, backlit in-plane switching LED with 2048-by-1536 pixel Retina display ● 16, 32, or 64 GB flash memory ● 5MP HD rear-facing camera ● Lightning connector 1: Lightning One of the major differences between the 3rd and 4th generation iPads is the connector. The 3rd gen (top) has the 30-pin dock connector, while the 4th gen (bottom) has the Lightning connector. 2: New numbers 3: Glued shut The iPad 4 has a new model Our heated-up iOpener lets us apply heat just number, A1458.Continuing the where it’s needed, softening the troublesome trend, this iPad is glued shut. This adhesive. Once we’ve snuck a few guitar picks in isn’t our first adhesive-riddled iPad, the seam, we’re nearly home-free. and we’ve been working to figure out how to make the painful opening process a lot easier. 20 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 21. 5: New LG display As opposed to the Samsung display we found in the iPad 3, the new iPad LCD is manufactured by LG. Apple has reportedly been working to move away from Samsung as a primary supplier, so this LG display is not surprising. However, Apple often relies on multiple suppliers for a single component, meaning there are quite likely other LCD manufacturers lurking inside other iPad 4s.4: Opened upWith the adhesive out of the way, we open up the iPad. As expected,this stage looks no different from the previous generation.6: LCD cablesContinuing to examinedifferences in the LCDcables… well, Apple useda different colour Sharpie. 7: All aboard We lift up the LCD to reveal the battery. The battery is labeled with the same model number (A1389) as in the last round, so it’s no surprise that it’s another 3.7 V, 43 Whr package. Like the iPad 3, the battery is adhered very securely to the rear case. Since batteries are consumables that wear out, the trend of glued-in, hard-to-access batteries in iPads and other Apple devices is unfortunate. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 21
  • 22. Feature: Inside the iPad 48: The Logic BoardSkipping ahead to the good stuff, we get a quick look at the biggest improvement in the iPad 4 – the A6X and its supportinghardware: ● Apple A6X Processor ● Hynix H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16 GB NAND Flash ● Apple 338S1116 Cirrus Logic Audio Codec ● 343S0622-A1 Dialog Semi PMIC ● Apple 338S1077 Cirrus Logic Class D Amplifier ● QVP TI 261 A9P29: The board reversedThe backside of the board, however, boasts no dramatic improvements: ● Broadcom BCM5974 Touch Screen Controller ● Broadcom BCM5973A1 Touch Screen Controller ● Texas Instruments CD3240B0 Touch Screen Line Driver ● 2 x 4Gb Elpida LP DDR2 = 1 GB DRAM in separate packages in a 64-bit configuration ● 2 x Fairchild BCHAH/FDMC Voltage Regulator / Reference ● Murata 339S0171 Broadcom BCM4334 WiFi Module10: Grease LightningApple didn’t save any space by switching to the smallerLightning connector (lower); rather they let the Light-ning cable sit in a frame the same size as the 30-pindock connector (upper).22 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 23. 11: Removing the connector 12: Out with the cameraThere is a bit of adhesive holding the connector in, but nothing Despite looking almost identical in this shot, we do spotcompared to some adhered components we’ve seen before. one more difference between the 3rd (top) and 4th (bot- Repair techs, DIY-ers, and clumsy iPad-users, rejoice! The tom) generations: the front-facing camera!Lightning connector is on its very own ribbon cable, meaning that We’ve got a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera, with theprocuring a replacement connector should be fairly inexpensive. ability to shoot 720p HD video. That’s a big improvement from the .3MP FaceTime camera in the iPad 3. Compared to the iPad 3, this camera is actually slightly thicker (an extra .4 mm), but it still fits into the same space.13: This is the endiPad 4 Repairability Score: 2 out of 10 (10 iseasiest to repair)● The LCD is easy to remove once the front panel is gone.● The battery is not soldered to the logic board, making the replacement process a tad less difficult.● Just like in the iPad 2 & 3, the front panel is glued to the rest of the device, greatly increasing the chances of cracking the glass when trying to remove it.● Gobs, gobs, and gobs of adhesive hold everything in place, including the prone-to- start-a-fire-if-punctured battery.● The LCD has foam sticky tape adhering it to the front panel, increasing chances of it be- ing shattered during disassembly.● You can’t access the front panel’s connector until you remove the LCD. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 23
  • 24. Feature: Speed testing the iPad Getting quad The faster A6X processor ensures that the iPad 4 can run 3D games and complex visual graphics much quicker than the iPad 3 or iPad miniSpeed testing the iPad 4Fourth-generation iPad is faster, stronger, better By Mark Hattersley P ut a fourth-generation iPad down next to a third-generation iPad, and good luck telling them apart. In fact, the only difference between the two is what kind of cable you plug into them. The fourth-generation iPad joins the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch, and iPod nano in sporting Apple’s new Lightning connector. All the big changes take places internally: in particular the presence of the all-new A6X chipset. This contains a custom Apple designed 32nm 1.4GHz dual-core processor (based on the ARMv7) with quad-core GPU running at 300Mhz. Apple claims that this offers twice the performance of the A5 chip found in the iPad 3. (The A6 processor, found in the iPhone 5, incidentally is a dual- core, triple-core graphics chipset). Our iPad 4 GeekBench 2 test reported that the A6X was 1.39GHz with 1GB of RAM – 988MB for our exact sample. The GeekBench 2 benchmark results returned a new record of 1764 (the iPad 3 scored in the region of 759) and in the SunSpider JavaScript test the iPad 4 managed a speedy average of 840ms. Graphics performance on the iPad 4 was also considerably faster than the iPad 3. We performed a iPad 4 graphic benchmark using GLBenchmark 2.51. with a frame rate of 183fps (compared to24 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 25. 123fps for the iPad 3 and 86fps for the iPad mini). This is potentially good news for gaming on iOS, which could take a big leap forward in the coming year (especially as these boosts are also replicated in the iPhone 5). Some recent games on iOS are already looking on par with the previous generation of consoles (Xbox and PS2) and it won’t be long before they’re visually similar to the current generation. But here and now there’s little difference in graphical navigation, or iOS. Zooming around Apple Maps felt a little faster. Demanding apps such as iMovie and Garageband may also display notable improvements when rendering video and music. But on the whole we don’t think there’s a big difference between the iPad 4 that’s on sale, and the iPad 3 that it replaces: at least not for the time being. We also measured web performance, using Page Load, SunSpider and WebVizBench. The iPad 4 got the fastest score on two out of three (SunSpider and WebVizBench) although the new iPad mini beat it just slightly on Page Load (6.7sec for the iPad mini compared to 7.1sec for the iPad 4). Considering the iPad mini doesn’t have the Retina Display that’s a pretty good achievement, and the difference was only .400ms. On the whole the iPad 4 is manifestly the fastest iPad on the market, and the fastest one ever made. It’s high performance will ensure good compatibility with apps for many years to come.iPad and iPhone graphics, processor, and web tests Egypt Egypt HD Egypt Classic Pro GeekBench Page Load SunSpider WebVizBench Offscreen Offscreen Offscreen Offscreen iPad mini 756 6.7 1.44 3.6 86.7 14 49 145.3 iPad 4 1764 7.1 0.84 3.7 183.7 51 129 364 iPad 3 759 10.4 1.43 2.1 126 26.7 86.3 238 iPad 2 760 11.1 1.44 1.8 86.7 14 48.7 145.7 iPhone 5 1623 8.2 0.92 3.6 147.3 28.7 91.7 253GeekBench and WebVizBench results are scores (higher numbers are better). Page Load and Sunspider Smaller numbers are times in seconds (smaller numbers arebetter). GLBenchmark results are frames per second (higher numbers are better). Best result in bold. Macworld Lab testing by James Galbraith The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 25
  • 26. Feature: Faster browsing with 4G LTEFaster browsing with 4G LTE Discover how to access the next generation of mobile internet By Karen Haslam & David Price O ne of the disappointments about the third-gen iPad launch from a British perspective was 4G: a heavily hyped fast-internet facility that was no use to UK buyers, since the infrastructure wasn’t in place. (This was such a disappointment, in fact, that Apple was obliged to stop advertising its cellular-equipped iPad 3 model as ‘4G’ entirely.) And, when the infrastructure came along: it didn’t work with the version of 4G included with the iPad 3. The iPad 4 is equipped with the facility to use 4G internet (in fact a technically different facility, as is explained below), and this time things are looking up for UK buyers, since Everything Everywhere is offering a 4G service in this country. Here’s how to get 4G internet You should expect connectivity with your iPad 4, and answers to (hopefully) all your questions about 4G a typical speed of and the iPad mini. What is 4G all about? It’s the fourth- between 8-12 Mbps generation mobile internet network, which basically allows you to get faster, and more reliable, web access on your tablet than you’re used to at the moment. And it’s just been switched on, as part of the new EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) service. EE uses 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology which has a theoretical speed of 100Mbps (megabits per second). EE told us “Average 4G download speeds are likely to be between 8 and 10 megabits a second (Mbit/s), with possible instances of up to 40 Mbit/s. Typical upload speeds are between 5-6Mbit/s, with possible instances of up to 15Mbit/s. Typical 4G latency is only 60-70 milliseconds (ms), while 3G latency is typically 100-125ms. You can really appreciate the difference if you’re flicking through webpages or playing online action games. “ Who the heck is EE? It’s a new network in the UK being formed out of Orange and T-Mobile. EE is a new brand which will operate alongside Orange and T-Mobile – they will remain as brands and retailers in their own right. They will all use the EE network and therefore smartphones will display ‘EE’ instead of ‘Orange’ or ‘T-Mobile’ by Christmas. All existing Orange and T-Mobile stores will also be rebranded to EE and will serve customers of all three brands. Do I need an EE SIM? Yes, you’ll need to get a new Nano-SIM (that’s the26 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 27. Speedier browsing 4G LTE technology enables much faster browsing and lowerlatency which makes viewing web pages, and streaming video, more enjoyablenew smaller type introduced with the iPhone 5) and insert it into your iPadmini Wi-Fi and Cellular model (it goes without saying that you’ll need theiPad 4 with Cellular model). You’ll need a separate Nano-SIM to the one usedin your phone, and you’ll need to take out a contract with each one. Can I get it where I live? The initial rollout has seen a total of 16cities 4G-equipped. Here’s the list: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff,Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester,Nottingham, Newcastle, Sheffield and Southampton. Beyond this EE said it will reach 70 percent of the UK by the end of2013 and 98 percent by the end of 2014. The EE website ( has a coverage checker that you can useHow much does it cost? As we expected, EE is charging a premium forits new service, and iPhone 5 owners looking to use 4G will have to payconsiderably more than 3G contract owners, as well as take out a 12 or 24month contract with EE. The plans are organised by data usage from £21 per month (on a 12month contract) for 500MB. The monthly charges are: 500MB - £21 1GB - £26 3GB - £31 5GB - £36 What happens if I break the limit? EE has announced that if you go overyour data plan you stop getting Cellular data. They do not intend to chargeyou for exceeding the data plan (which is a good thing because the extracharges tend to be quite high). Which plan should I get? Your milage will vary depending on how muchyou use your iPad mini and what type of content you download. Bear in mindthat 4G internet is fast, which means you’re using more data more quickly.We find that 1GB is generally enough for one month’s worth of general webbrowsing, and email. But start adding iTunes Match and streaming servicessuch as BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Lovefilm then perhaps go up to 3GB; or 5GB. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 27
  • 28. Feature: iPad 4 accessories20 Hot iPad AccessoriesThe iPad is fantastic by itself, but there are plenty of accessoriesthat you can get to make it even better By Mark HattersleyI f you’ve been using an iPad for a while, you’re likely well aware of its wide variety of accessories. But if your new iPad is your first, you may be wondering about the best accessories and add-ons. The good news is that because the iPad 4 is nearly identical to the iPad 2 and iPad 3, so the market isalready packed with compatible accessories. The bad news is that, for the same reason, there are so manyoptions that you may not know where to start. Here’s a quick list of the most-useful iPad accessories outthere on the market. Some of these are more essential than others. A good case is a must, as it keeps your iPad safe fromscrapes and drops. Bear in mind that the iPad 3 and iPad 4 are both slightly thicker than the iPad 2. Whichmeans that while most iPad 2 cases will fit the newer iPads, those that are especially fitting – such that0.76mm of thickness would matter – may not fit. So when buying such a case, you should make sure that themanufacturer claims it really does fit the latest iPad before parting with your cash. Cases aside, there’s a wealth of speakers, earphones, TV tuners, camera connectors, and keyboards. Allmanner of items, in fact. So let’s take a look at some of the current kit on the market… Brunswick England Company: Proporta URL: Price: £120 This all-leather folio should appeal to executives. It’s well padded and adds plenty of protection while on the move. A fold in the rear allows it to function as a stand in two positions: one raised up for presentations, and a lower one that’s for typing. All ports are easily accessible without removing the iPad from the case. It’s available in black or cranberry too. If you want a less expensive leather case, the Proporta Smart Recycled Leather version (£35) is also good. Studio Neat Cosmonaut Company: Studio Neat URL: Price: £15 If you’re looking to paint and draw on your iPad (with apps like Brushes) then you might want to invest in a stylus. The Cosmonaut, from US-based Studio Neat, was born out of the desire to create a great stylus that didn’t try to replicate the feel of pen on paper. The makers say the idea was to feel more like a dry erase marker, which should mean more responsive mark-making on iPad. Despite concerns about the size and shape, which resemble a child’s large crayon, we are still impressed. The Cosmonaut offers control and precision lacking from slighter, more traditional pen-like options, working well with not only the iPad, but iPhone and iPod touchscreens too.28 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 29. Elan Folio Matau Nylon CoverCompany: Griffin Company: MarooURL: URL: www.maroo.comPrice: £32 Price: £32Folio cases are perhaps the most common choice for an Attention-grabbing cases don’t come much brighteriPad, and Griffin’s Elan Folio is a stylish choice. It’s available than those made by Maroo. While most offer garish graf-in a variety of designs, from colourful notebook-esque fiti patterns aimed squarely at the teenage boy market,styles (the Cabana range) to those with a more demure, some like this Matau are surprisingly stylish and offer abusiness look. Built-in magnets wake the iPad when you nice alternative to theopen it, and put it to sleep when you close it. Inside is a swathe of businesssoft lining to protect the screen, and there’s an elastic loop leather cases on thefor a stylus. The cover can be flipped back to turn it into a market. The back isstand, either for watching videos in landscape mode, or made from scratch-typing with the rear raised slightly from the desk. free suede, and it’s a convincing look. We like the matching tab on the rear which the front slots into in or- der to turn the Rakou into a stand.Play:3 & BridgeCompany: SonosURL: www.sonos.comPrice: £250 (Play:3) & £42 (Bridge)Looking for the best set of wireless speakers to go withyour new iPad? Here you go: get a Sonos Play:3. With aPlay:3 and a Bridge device you can bounce audio fromyour iPad, or Mac/PC straight to the speaker. If that wasn’tgood enough, the Sonos Player app brings together the Hover Baraudio from your Mac, iPhone, iPad; services like Spotify,and Napster, alongside digital radio and services like Company: A truly superb speaker system. URL: Price: £50 (plus £15 P&P) Every now and then a product comes along that’s so crazy, yet so stunningly simple, that it becomes an instant classic. The HoverBar from TwelveSouth is one such device. It’s a malleable metal arm with a clamp at one end and an iPad mount at the other, but it’s how it’s put to work that really counts. Attaching the clamp to any surface or object allows you to hover your device at any angle or height you require. Floating next to an iMac is an obvious solution, but the HoverBar works equally well from a bedside table, kitchen counter, car seat or anything offering an inch of available area to grip. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 29
  • 30. Feature: iPad 4 accessories Skinny 3 for iPad Company: STM URL: Price: £25 The Skinny 3 has a hard shell back, which the iPad clips securely into.  The front is protected by flap, which can automatically wake your iPad. It also allows users to position the iPad in a typing position and a position ideal for FaceTime. The super soft micro-suede lining left us feeling confident that our iPad’s stunning Retina display won’t be scratched. iMage 4 iPad Sennheiser PXC 250-II Company: Accuratus Company: Sennheiser URL: URL: Price: £77 Price: £139.99 This high-quality faux leather case ensures your Sennheiser’s PXC 250-IIs are fully portable travel iPad is safely protected, but the star of the show is headphones, folding completely for ease of use. The the detachable keyboard. The layout is the standard visual styling is delightful, with precision joints and nice key arrangement Apple users will be familiar with. details, such as the integration of small foam pads on Still, its compact size means those used to touch- the otherwise plain headband. The Sennheiser 250-IIs typing will need also employ active a bit of practice. noise-reducing Chunkier- technology, with fingered users an integral volume will find the knob that’s much larger keys a easier to use than bonus. This the small buttons is a good (if on many other slightly heavy) models. Overall, way to turn these are a great your iPad into a pair of headphones portable laptop with incredible and keyboard. sound quality. EyeTV Mobile for iPad Company: Elgato URL: Price: £99.95 Elgato’s brilliant EyeTV Mobile for iPad offers viewers a way to watch and record Freeview television. The EyeTV Mobile comes with two antennae, a telescopic aerial for outdoor use, and a larger rod aerial with a magnetic base. You need Apple’s Lightning Adaptor to go with it.30 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 31. iLuv RollerCompany: iLuvURL: www.iluv.comPrice: £37We like this cool andfuturistic-looking softpadded sleeve with ahandle that folds overto create a soft stand.While the roller isn’t the most businesslike (or even adult)offering on show, its blue and white styling has a playfulness HP Photosmart 5510that’s ideal for the young-at-heart. It’s also available in blackand bright pink, but you’ll need to wear a pair of sunglasses Company: HPif you opt for the latter as it borders on fluorescent. Think URL:, and you’ll be on the right lines. Price: £79 The HP Photosmart 5510 is a printer you can use with your iPad (or iPhone or any iOS device) thanks to Apple’s AirPrint technology. This is built in to the iPad and means all you have to do is connect the printer to the same wireless network, select a document, photo, or Mail message and hit Print. It’s hard to find fault with HP’s Photosmart Premium. It’s fast, versatile and produces very good-quality prints and is a great price to boot. Shure SRH440 Company: Native Union URL: Price: £79 Shure is a firm known for professional-quality microphones and studio headsets. The SRH440s are a substantial, heavy set of phones, industrially styled in thick plastic. TheUnion Jack Sleeve cord is coiled, durable andCompany: Orbyx rubberised,URL: locking andPrice: £29.99 twisting into theThis is one for the patriots – a tri-tone leather-look sleeve. It’s headset. The cupslarge enough to accommodate the new iPad with a Smart are large, easilyCover attached, so is a good choice if you’d rather not pair fitting over theyour Smart Cover with a specific-fit rear cover. The iPad slides ears, with com-in from the right-hand side and is held in place by the slot-in fortable The interior is made from a beige faux-suede material. They have greatOur only concern is that the edge of your iPad could be sound qualityvulnerable if you were to drop it in the Orbyx. The styling is a and almost nopersonal choice, but at £30, it’s not bad value, though. sound leakage. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 31
  • 32. Feature: iPad 4 accessories Apple TV Company: Apple URL: Price: £99 The Apple TV is one of Apple’s lesser-known products (described by the company as a “hobby”). But don’t under- estimate the power of Apple’s diminutive TV device: it’s a fantastic piece of kit to have in the home. The Apple TV ena- bles you to buy, download, and stream content from iTunes on your television (you can rent and download movies); it has support for Netflix; and you can stream and play music, podcasts, videos and photos from a Mac or PC, or directly from your iPad. While it still lacks some functionality that we’d like (there’s no BBC iPlayer support, for example) it’s still the easiest way to stream iTunes content to your TV. LA robe Moorea Lightning to 30-pin Adaptor Company: Be.ez Company: Apple URL: URL: Price: £25 Price: £30 Named after the French Polynesian island of Moorea, this Lightning replaced the 30-pin connection that has been sleeve is big enough for your new iPad with a Smart Cover used on most Apple devices since the introduction attached. Each side is padded with 5mm low-resilience of the original iPod. With such a legacy behind it the polyurethane (that’s hard foam to you and I) and is lined change is something of a shock to many long-term Ap- with a soft material. An inner lip protects the iPad on every ple fans, who now find themselves having to deal with a edge, including from the zip along the top.It’s also avail- device that doesn’t physically fit many of the accessories able in green and pink, but there are other designs in the we own. 10-inch LA robe range (Allure and Club) if the Moorea is too Fortunately Apple has released this Lightning to 30- flowery for you. pin Adaptor that enables you to attach older 30-pin dock devices and cables to the newer iPhone 5. Using the adaptor is easy enough. Plug it into the iPhone and you have an older 30-pin connection as on the iPhone 4S, and earlier devices. It enables you to charge, and sync, most devices. The only thing it doesn’t do is support video output, for that you’ll need the new Digital Adaptor.32 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 33. Smart Cover Digital AV AdapterCompany: Apple Company: AppleURL: Price: £39Price: £35 This handy little adapter enables you to mirror anythingThe Smart Cover clips on to the side of the new iPad using you see on your iPad’s screen on a HDTV. It’s useful if youtwo magnets and a clever clamp that makes it easy to want a quick and easy way to show off what’s on your iPadattach and remove, while simultaneously ensuring that on a bigger screen without investing in an Apple TV. Whileit doesn’t slip off. Another set of magnets clamp it to the it’s not as versatile as anscreen of the new iPad, and opening and closing the Apple TV it’s also a thirdSmart Cover wakes up and puts the device to sleep. It also of the price, and can befolds into a triangle to form a stand for the iPad to make it carried around with you.easier to type and the inside of the Smart Cover is a micro The Digital AV Adaptor isfibre surface that helps keep the screen clean as you open a great way to play video,and close the cover. What it doesn’t do particularly well stream audio, and showis protect the new iPad, which is a virtually solid piece of off photos. It’s also usefulglass that will happily shatter if you drop it onto a concrete for doing presentations,ground. So you should seriously consider a full case as well. which are increasingly shown using HDTVs or projectors with a HDMI input. A second Dock connector input enables you to keep your iPad on charge while streaming the video out to the HDTV, which is great when play- ing long movies (which can be played up to 720p resolution on the iPad. Smart Feather Company: Incipio URL: Price: £25 Apple chose not to make a companion rear cover to go with the Smart Cover, so plenty of companies have stepped up to the plate to fill the void. Incipio has modified its original Smart Feather to fit the iPad 3 and iPad 4. It comes in the same colours as Apple’s Polyurethane Smart Covers, so looks like an original Apple cover. There’s also a screen pro- tector in the box. Look for part code IPAD-255, this is the new version, as it’s easy to confuse with the iPad 2 version IPAD-235. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 33
  • 34. Feature: The 30 best appsThe30 best appsOur picks from the App Store gems… Fred Dutton T he headline feature of the iPad 4 is of course that fast new A6X CPU and Retina screen. And what a thing of beauty it is. Crisp, vibrant and sharper than a vintage Monty Python sketch, it truly needs to be seen to be believed. Tech this good deserves to be taken advantage of. They’ll still look good on the new device, but they could look great. So, to help you fully put your new tablet through its paces, we’ve compiled a list of the best Retina-ready apps currently on the App Store. Sky Gamblers iPhoto Infinity Blade 2 Price: £2.99 Price: £2.99 Price: £4.99 The App store blurb for arcade The new iOS version of Apple’s The game that Apple originally used veteran Namco’s brilliant aerial dog- brilliantly accessible photo-editing to showcase what the iPad 2 could fight sim promises, “4x anisotropic suite is a great tool for showing off do now offers a similarly impres- filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) the new iPad screen. Not only does sive benchmark for its successor. rendering, radial blur and refractive it offer unparalleled clarity when Developer Chair Entertainment has raindrops”. Not sure what all that displaying your high definition updated its acclaimed action game means? Neither are we, but we’re photos, but it also makes it that to fully support the new screen and assuming it’s longhand for “looks much easier to accurately edit your it looks better than ever. Put this ruddy amazing”. Not only is it a fun, images. Unwanted blemishes are up against a top-end PlayStation 3 addictive shoot ‘em up, but Sky easier to spot, subtle tweaks are game and you wouldn’t be able to Gamblers squeezes every last drop easier to appreciate and crops are spot the difference. What’s more, of horsepower out of the new iPad. easier to judge. Honestly, you’ll want the touch screen swordplay action is A phenomenal showcase for what to glue a picture hook to the back of still great fun, offering some of the Apple’s machine can really do. your tablet and hang it on the wall. deepest gaming on the system.34 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 35. Sketchbook Pro iMovie PagesPrice: £2.99 Price: £2.99 Price: £6.99Not only has developer Autodesk It should come as no surprise that Apple’s popular word process-updated its popular digital sketch- one of Apple’s own flagship apps ing app was another obviousbook app so that it supports the was among the first programmes to candidate for a Retina update andnew iPad’s Retina screen, but it has receive an update adding support the platform holder has failed toalso leveraged the device’s new for the manufacturer’s new disappoint. As well as full supportprocessing power to add additional generation of tablet tech. Full HD for the new screen, the latest updatefunctionality. Artists can now make footage captured with the iPad’s has brought with it a couple ofuse of more layers on their images impressive new camera looks ace at additional features. You can now– 18 (up from 12) for the 1024 x 768 1080p. What’s more, Apple has even include a variety of charts in yourcanvas, and six (up from four) for added extra features: new cross-app documents, and there’s improvedthe 2048 x 1536 canvas. In short, content sharing with GarageBand, a Cloud support too. And on top ofone of the best art packages few new editing tools and the ability that, the new built-in dictation toolavailable on the system just got to cut together a Hollywood-style in the iPad’s virtual keyboard reallybetter, and at no extra charge. trailer for your movie. comes into its own here! The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 35
  • 36. Feature: The 30 best apps Mass Effect Infiltrator Solar Walk Numbers Price: £4.99 Price: £1.99 Price: £6.99 The iOS companion piece to mega- The fascinating interactive galactic Apple hasn’t wasted any time up- selling PC and console space RPG map app was always going to dating its Numbers spreadsheeting Mass Effect is one the first new benefit from the new iPad’s extra app to take advantage of its newly apps to come with Retina support power and developer Vito empowered tablet. As well as as standard. The game itself is a Technology doesn’t let us down. support for that razor sharp Retina stripped-down, arcadey take on The app now includes new high screen, it’s shoehorned a number its more nuanced and complex resolution textures, slick visual of performance improvements as source material, but is a fun 3D effects and a handsome new user well as the ability to display your shooter nonetheless, and a brilliant interface that makes exploring our data in an impressive array of 3D showcase for the system’s power. In galaxy even more of a sensory as- charts. It remains the best app of its a similar vein, the Dead Space app, sault. New space objects have been kind on the App Store and a hugely from the same publisher and added too including the asteroid useful office tool no matter the developer also has Retina support. belt and the moons of Neptune. scope of number crunching. PhotoshopExpress is a great way of showing off the new Retina display Real Racing 2 Labyrinth 2 HD Photoshop Express Price: £2.99 Price: £5.49 Price: Free Firemint’s best-selling racing sim Labyrinth 2’s core concept is as old Adobe’s alternative to iPhoto isn’t has made impressive use of Apple’s as the hills – you tilt the playing quite as slick and accessible as latest hardware update. Naturally, surface to guide a marble through Apple’s editing suite, but is a solid the already eye-popping visuals a maze dotted with obstacles and package nonetheless, offering a have received an additional boost pitfalls. However, developer Illusion range of tools, filters and special with full support for the Retina Labs has breathed new life into it effects with which to touch-up display. But the developer has on the iPad by upping the your snaps. Be warned, some of the gone above and beyond by adding challenge and broadening the features on offer are only available a nice new feature that lets third scope. It’s added multiplayer, } via an additional in-app purchase, generation iPad owners capture incorporated a vast array of off-the- so go in with your eyes open. As is and edit screen grabs of the racing wall new elements and included a the case with Apple’s iPhoto, the action which you can save in a full-featured level editor allowing newly Retina-friendly app is both a gallery or share with friends. It’s you to create your own stages. great way of showing off the new a fun extra that really helps What’s more, it also looks fantastic, iPad’s amazingly detailed screen showcase the new iPad’s power. thanks to a new Retina update. and all your images. 36 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 37. Keynote iStopMotion Order and ChaosPrice: £6.99 Price: £6.99 Price: £4.99Another part of Apple’s office suite, Does what it says on the tin. Let’s not beat around the bushKeynote lets you easily create iStopMotion is a rather brilliant – Order and Chaos is a fairlypresentations and slideshows from little package that lets you create shameless iOS riff on the hugelyyour iPad. Like all Apple software, your own stop-motion animation popular fantasy MMO World ofit’s extremely user-friendly and has on your iPad. Once you’ve set up Warcraft. Though it wins fewa range of clever tricks to help set your scene, you can trigger a time points for originality, Gameloft’syour work apart. You can add lapse photo sequence which takes effort scores with its moreishyour own animations, incorporate an image every few seconds, giving gameplay, classy feature set andmedia you’ve created in iMovie you time to move objects around accomplished visuals. Take note –or GarageBand, build dynamic and create a complete movie. It’s it’s a subscription title, so you havecharts and graphs, all with a few well put together, easy to use and, to pay a monthly fee on top of thequick swipes of the display. with added Retina support. purchase price to keep playing.Star Walk Flight Control RocketPrice: £1.99 Price: 69pFrom the same developer behind Flight Control remains one of thethe excellent Solar Walk app, Star true App Store classics – fun, easyWalk is an essential iOS purchase to pick up and impossible to putfor amateur astronomers. The app down. A few years on from theiroffers an astonishingly detailed Incredibooth original effort, developer Firemintmap of the night sky complete with Price: 69p has unleashed a sequel of sorts,profile pages for all of the main Just the thing for a wild night on and it’s every bit as addictive. Theheavenly bodies. What’s more, the town, Incredibooth lets you principle remains the same – youthanks to GPS, it also works in snap strips of photobooth-style need to guide your vessels ontoreal time. Just hold your device up images with friends, offering a series of landing pads whileto the night sky and the app you a range of wacky filters and avoiding other air traffic. This time,will overlay information about the backdrops to up the fun factor. the action has shifted to outerstars visible in your display. The results are often hilarious. It’s space, bringing with it a range of a straightforward point-and-shoot new gameplay possibilities. As one Star Walk is an app, but it’s also very thoughtfully put together with a wide range of the first games released in the wake of the new iPad, it fullyessential purchase of editing and sharing options. supports the new Retina display. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 37
  • 38. Feature: The 30 best apps Garageband Barefoot World Atlas iBooks Price: £2.99 Price: £5.49 Price: Free Ever fancied yourself as the next This fantastic new kids app is an One of the iPad’s few weaknesses is Phil Spector or Brian Eno? Well, iPad-only interactive atlas that that, as an e-reader, it can’t hope to GarageBand is the app for you. colourfully immerses youngsters match up to a Kindle’s E Ink display. Either plug in one of your own in the myriad wonders of planet The tablet’s more traditional screen instruments or use the virtual Earth. It’s a great way of engaging is harder to read for longer periods keyboards, drumkits and guitars children in geography, detailing than the competition’s virtual included, and record your own different wildlife, the world’s great paper. However, with the advent mini-masterpiece. It’s as complex cities, geological features and of the Retina display and a and sophisticated as you want it to weather systems. There’s spoken corresponding iBooks update, be. Newcomers can record a brief narration as well as written text, that’s much less of an issue. The jingle, while experts can work on vibrant photography, lovely added clarity makes it much easier an epic multi-track symphony. illustrations and a massive library on the eye with a number of new No musical ability is required. of sound effects and music. functionality enhancements too. Need for Speed: Another Monster at Touchgrind BMX Most Wanted the End of This Book Price: £2.99 Price: £2.99 Price: £2.49 A great example of a game that The iPad’s a great device for racing This Sesame Street interactive story could only ever work on a touch games, and we’ve got a few in this book is one of the most charming screen device. This ingenious feature. While Real Racing 2 has kids’ apps currently available on creation sees you pulling off BMX the realism, and Asphalt has all the App Store. And there’s a fair stunts by manipulating your bike the action, it’s this game, Need For few young-at-heart adults who’ll in real time using the multi-touch Speed: Most Wanted that has the get some chuckles out of it too. It’s display. It’s an ambitious concept graphics. One of the most visually not terribly complicated – it’s just but work beautifully in practice, arresting games you can buy, and a well-told story dotted with a few offering some of the purest fun it’s fun too: tearing along streets lively mini-games and animations of any App Store game. In a nice and avoiding the cops! designed to build youngsters’ touch, it even lets you record One of the most vocabulary and spatial-relations skills. And a new Retina update your most outrageous tricks for posterity and share them with visually arresting really helps bring things to life, with vibrant colours and smooth friends. The latest stunning Retina display update has it looking games you can buy transitions. Highly recommended. even better than ever to boot.38 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 39. Modern Combat 3 Ashphalt 6: Evernote Price: £4.99 Adrenaline Price: Free The closest thing you’ll get to a Price: 69p Simply put, Evernote is one of full Call of Duty game on the App This slick racer from iOS special- the very best productivity apps Store. The first person shooter ists Gameloft runs Real Racing 2 available for iOS devices. This genre isn’t naturally a great fit for pretty close for pole position as hugely popular piece of software touch screen controls, but Modern the best motorsport game on the lets you draw up lists, jot down Combat 3 does its best within App Store. The newly Retina- reminder notes, take photos and the limitations, offering up a fun, friendly visuals are up there with record voice memos, and then slick and perfectly playable action the very best on the system, the file them by date and/or location. game. It wins no points for customisable tilt steering controls You can sync everything across originality – this is an app that are intuitive and smooth, and there multiple devices, email items to knows exactly who its audience is – are some fun online multiplayer friends and colleagues, and post but as shooting galleries go, this is modes that let you duke it out with content to various social networks. a solid, Retina-enabled choice with friends. There’s heaps of content to It’s a great way to stay organised great multiplayer functionality. work with too. Start your engines. and reduce your paper trail. Ashphalt 6’s new Retina- friendly visuals areup there with the best on Macworld Express LogMeIn Art Authority the system Price: Free Price: Free (basic); From £8.99 per Price: £2.99 The Macworld Express app is a month (Pro version) Another app that really shines by great way of staying abreast of all LogMeIn is an iOS app that allows virtue of being on the new iPad’s the latest Apple news. Updated users to access and remotely con- Retina display. It’s essentially the 24/7, not only does it offer timely trol work and home computers via world’s best art gallery distilled into reporting on all the latest Apple iPhone, iPod touch and ideally iPad, your iPad. There are thousands of happenings, but you also get anywhere you have an Internet masterpieces available for viewing product reviews, features and connection. Aimed essentially at from the greatest artists the world handy tutorials to help you get the business users, it also has much has ever seen, including Botti- best from your device. Not only wider appeal. Set-up is simple and celli, Leonardo da Vinci and Edvard that, but it’s fully customisable so requires users to pair the free iOS Munch all searchable by name you only need to read exactly the app with any computer, although or movement. On top of that, sort of content that you’re after. that computer needs to be on, or at there’s expert commentary, What’s more, it’s currently least woken from sleep to be seen. interactive timelines and a neat completely free to download. Do The Free version is good enough feature that searches for similar you need any other reason to fo rmost people, although the Pro works in a gallery near your give it a go? We didn’t think so. version adds a lot of extra features. location. A must for art lovers. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 39
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  • 42. Tutorial: PC-free setup Setting up your iPad 4 for the first time get your iPad 4 up and running without a PC or Mac yOu’VE FINALLy gOT yOuR HANdS ON THE bRANd new iPad 4 and now it’s time to get it set up and ready for KIT LIST: ■ New iPad use. The excitement of buying a iPad has, over the years, ■ Sim card been tempered by the fact that to get your device up and ■ Wi-Fi connection running you were first required to plug your tablet into a Time required: 5 mins computer. Whether you stood in line for two weeks to get Difficulty: beginner your hands on one, or pre-ordered for it to be delivered to your house, the rush of delight was often held in check by the necessity to wait until iTunes told you that your shiny new tablet was ready. Ever since iOS 5.1 your new iPad no longer needs to be physically connected to a computer first in order for it to work. As you might expect from Apple, the process is simple and quick; about the most technically difficult part is inserting the nano SIM card into the iPad 4. However, in typical Apple style there’s a SIM tray pin included in the box to make this task even easier. We’ll assume that you have all the boring stuff like tablet price plan sorted out and have un-boxed and inserted the SIM card into your new iPad. From here on in it’s no more than a five-minute process. Wire-free setup is a breeze and all you have to do is follow the simple steps here to make sure that you and your tablet are ready to go as quickly as possible. After that, there’s a whole world of calling, texting, tweeting, internet browsing and taking photos, as well as all the apps to enjoy.42 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 43. Mobile strengthThe signal indicatorslet you know if youhave a mobile signal Battery Lifeand are connected All important batterysuccessfully to your life is displayed here.wireless network. you can display this as a percentage for greater accuracy in Settings.Tap to startOnce you’ve gone throughall the setup steps it’s justone tap to get started.Tap Start using iPad andyou’re done. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 43
  • 44. Tutorial: PC-free setup STEP by STEP guIdE: Set up your iPad 4 for the first time 1 Turn on Press and hold the button on the top 2 Pick your language The first screen lets of the new iPad until you see the Apple logo on you choose what language to use on your iPad. screen. After a few moments you’ll see the above Tap on the language you want and a blue tick will screen. Slide to get started. appear next to it. Now tap the blue arrow. 3 Where am I? Pick your country next. It’s likely 4 Location tracking If you want your new that the new iPad will have your location as the top iPad and apps to know where you are – handy for choice. If it’s not, tap on ‘Show More…’ Pick your mapping and social media tools, enable it by taping location and then tap Next. ‘Enable Location Services’ and then Next.44 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 45. Home screen5 Connect to Wi-Fi If you have a wireless 6 Terms and conditions before you start by default yournetwork at home or at work, you can connect to using the new iPad, take time to read the terms and Home screen isit here. Tap on the wireless network name, if you conditions. Click the blue Agree button when you filled with Appledon’t just use your mobile connection. are ready to continue. apps. To move them around, tap and hold an icon until they start to wobble. drag to move them around.7 Activation If this is your first iPad, choose Set 8 Sign in you need an Apple Id to fully useup as New iPad and click next. Otherwise you can your iPad. Click Sign In if you already have one, oruse iCloud or iTunes to transfer the data from one Create a Free Apple Id to go through the process ofiPad to another. signing up with Apple. you’re now good to go. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 45
  • 46. tutorial: Wireless sync Syncing your iPad 4 wirelessly to iTunes Completely cut the cord between your ipad 4 and computer SyNCiNg AN ipAd ANd ituNeS uSed tO MeAN tHAt you had to plug your tablet into your Mac or PC and either Kit LiSt: ■ IPad 4 sit and watch the progress bar or leave it and pop back ■ Wireless network whenever you thought it might be ready. Happily, there is ■ PC or Mac with iTunes now a better solution to syncing your iPad 4. Now you can keep your iPad 4 and iTunes account on Time required: 10 mins Difficulty: easy your PC or Mac completely in tune wirelessly. No more hunting around for that white cable. Never again will you have to scrabble around under your desk to try to plug the USB cable into your PC. Wireless syncing works when both your iPad 4 and computer are connected to the same wireless network and when your tablet is connected to a power source. You’ll have to keep your computer on and running iTunes, too. This means that you can leave your iPad 4 charging overnight and wake up to a fully synced tablet and iTunes. The more content you’ve purchased the longer it will take, but wireless sync covers everything: applications, music, bookmarks, books, contacts calendars, movies, photos, notes, documents and ringtones are all synced wirelessly over your network. When your iPad 4 is connected to a power source and on the Wi-Fi network, it shows up just as it would, were it plugged into your computer through a USB cable. This means you can change settings and other options wirelessly, too. Somewhat ironically, you have to plug your iPad 4 into your computer to enable wireless syncing, but after that, it’s all wire free.46 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 47. iTunes Wi-Fi Syncthe itunes Wi-Fi Syncoptions are found insidethe general tab of the Sync NowSettings. to force the wireless sync simply tap on Sync Now. Make sure that itunes is open on Last Sync your computer and Keep an eye on when connected to Wi-Fi. the last sync took place as the more and more data there is to sync, the longer it will take. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 47
  • 48. tutorial: Wireless sync Step by Step guide: Wirelessly syncing your ipad 4 1 Connect your ipad 4 the first step of setting up a wireless sync is to connect your ipad 4 to your computer and open itunes. Once itunes has launched, click on your ipad 4. 2 Start Wireless Sync in itunes, click on the Summary tab and under the Options section, tick the box next to ‘Sync with this ipad over Wi-Fi’. Now click Apply in the itunes window. 3 Connect to Wi-Fi Make sure your ipad 4 is 4 Sync wirelessly to ensure that your wireless connected by going to Settings and tapping on sync is set up, disconnect your ipad 4 from your Network then Wi-Fi. Select your wireless network computer and plug it in to a power source. Open and enter the passwords as necessary. the Settings app and tap on ‘itunes Wi-Fi Sync’.48 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 49. Wired first if you have loads of apps, music, photos and videos to sync to your ipad5 Sync apps With the ipad 4 showing in itunes, click on the Apps tab. Here you can choose which apps 4, it’s best to do itto sync to your ipad 4. you can sort them by kind, name, category, date and size. over uSb before going fully wireless.6 Sync new apps if you’d like all new apps that you buy to automatically sync to your device, simply this makes anycheck the option ‘Automatically sync new apps’. later syncs much smaller and faster. Once you’ve got all your stuff synced up, the incremental additions will be smoother.7 Sync music if you have a large music collection you may find that your ipad 4 gets filled up prettyfast. Click on the Music tab to choose which playlists to add.8 Wireless speeds it’s worth noting that the speed of your sync can be affected by other traffic on thenetwork. So, if you can, avoid running a sync when you’re surfing the web. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 49
  • 50. Tutorial: Setting up iCloud Setting up and configuring iCloud Get everything in sync and stored safely online with iCloud iCLOuD RePLACeS THe MObILeMe SeRVICe THAT Apple used to offer. This new and improved service is KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 completely free and helps you to keep all your data in sync ■ Apple ID and backed up with ease. iCloud stores all your music, ■ Wi-Fi connection photos, documents and apps securely and allows you to Time required: 10 mins automatically download them whenever and wherever Difficulty: beginner you are. The best thing about the iCloud service is there’s no syncing required – everything just happens automatically. Buy an app on your iPad 4, for example, and it’s automatically sent to your iPhone. Similarly, if you download a new album on your iPhone, it’s ready and waiting for you on your iPad 4. It works seamlessly and invisibly in the background. It’s not just for music and apps though, as iCloud ensures that your email, contacts and calendars are all kept up to date, too. It doesn’t matter which of your devices the change is made on, every single one will simply update itself to match when the change is made. You get 5GB of free storage, but as apps, books, music and TV shows don’t count towards this space, it’s a generous allowance. If you need more space you can buy it. You can also back up your iPad 4 to iCloud for an added level of protection. No matter what happens, your data will be safe. iCloud also includes Photo Stream that immediately pushes any pictures you take on your iPad 4 to your Mac. There’s a lot more to iCloud and it’s sure to be greatly expanded in the future. We’ll show you how to set it up here.50 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 51. iCloud settings Toggle the switches to choose what to sync with iCloud. You can pick and choose what to have managed by iCloud. Documents in the Cloud Store all the documents you make on your iPhone securely in the iCloud.Photo Streamenable Photo Streamfor really easy photosharing on your Mac,iPhone, Apple TV oriPod touch. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 51
  • 52. Tutorial: Setting up iCloud STeP bY STeP GuIDe: Setting up iCloud 1 Get an Apple ID If you don’t already have 2 New ID You can use an existing email address an Apple ID then you’ll need to create a new one. or get a new one for free. Next, choose a Tap on Settings then select iCloud. From here, tap password and location information. on ‘Create a Free Apple ID’. 3 iCloud settings Click OK to Allow iCloud to 4 Find My iPad Should you lose your tablet, Sync The Location of Your iPad. This will help with the ‘Find My iPad’ function of iCloud will be services such as Find My iPad. invaluable. Make sure it’s turned on and you’ll be able to locate your phone any time, anywhere.52 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 53. Photo Stream5 Storage capacity To see how much of your 6 Get more space If 5Gb isn’t enough storage, If you want to share5Gb data allowance you are using simply tap on you can buy more iCloud space. It’s available in your pictures easily,Storage and backup. Here you’ll see how much is 10Gb, 20Gb and 50Gb portions and costs £14, £28 turn on the Photoleft for your documents, photos and settings. and £70 per year respectively. Stream part of iCloud. This lets you share up to 1,000 photos between an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV and your Mac. As soon as you take a picture with your iPhone, it’s put in your Photo Stream.7 Documents & Data You can let your iPad 8 iCloud backup You can use your iCloudapps use the iCloud service to store any documents storage space as a backup location for all your data.and data saved on them. Simply toggle the option beware: this will eat up your data allowance andto on in Documents & Data. only works when connected to Wi-Fi. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 53
  • 54. Tutorial: Find My iPhone Finding Apple devices with the Find My iPhone app use your iPad 4’s GPS capabilities to never lose track of where it is IF YOu WeRe TO LOSe YOuR IPAD 4 IT COuLD be a disaster, but thankfully, Apple has already thought of KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 this. Find My iPhone is a tool that – as the name suggests – ■ iCloud account will help you locate your iPhone, but it also enables you to ■ Find My iPad app find Mac and iPad devices. Time required: 5 mins The app isn’t just for those terrible worst-case scenarios Difficulty: beginner where you actually do lose your iPad 4, but for the more mundane times when you’ve discovered that you’ve left your iPad 4 at home or at work, too. The relief of finding out that your missing tablet is, in fact, still in your house somewhere is great. There have even been reports of people using technology to find iPad 4s that were actually stolen and having the police recover them. You have to remember to keep the Find My iPad service on at all times, but this will use some battery power. However, slightly less battery life is probably better than a completely lost tablet. Once you’ve turned the GPS tracking on you’ll need the Find My iPad app, to use on another iOS device, or you can track your device down online. Best of all, you can send a message to your iPad 4, so if someone has found it, you can let whoever does know that it’s yours. In addition, you can completely wipe your tablet should it go astray. This means that if you do lose your iPad 4, no one can steal your data and all your contact details are kept completely safe. If nothing else, Find My iPad offers complete piece of mind. Discover exactly how it works here.54 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 55. Wipe your iPad 4 If you tap on the blue arrow that appears next to your iPad, you find other options that allow you to send a message, lock it or remotely wipe all of its data.Device iconTo make things clearer,the Find My iPad appshows you exactly whichdevice it’s tracking. Which device? If you have a few devices registered, Find My iPad will help you to locate them all, even your iPhone, despite what the app is called. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 55
  • 56. Tutorial: Find My iPad STeP bY STeP GuIDe: Find My iPad 1 Turn Find My iPad on To make sure that 2 iCloud settings Once you have opened the iCloud and the Find my iPad app work you have to iCloud settings, scroll down the page until you see turn the application on first. Go to the Settings the Find My iPad option. Switch Find My iPad on by app and tap on iCloud to begin this process. sliding the switch from OFF to ON. 3 Find My iPhone You track other iOS devices 4 Log in Once you have downloaded the Find on your iPad using the Find My iPhone app. Get this My iPhone app, simply enter your Apple ID and from the App Store. password and it will immediately track down all of your devices and display them on a map.56 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 57. Lost tablet5 Found devices The iOS devices that Find 6 Located device The map will show you You can use eitherMy iPhone can find will be displayed with a green exactly where your iOS device is. You can see the another iOS devicelight. Any devices that the app cannot locate will map in classic view or in Satellite view. It also tells to locate yourhave a red dot next to them. you the last time the device was at that address. missing iPad 4 or the iCloud website to find it, no matter where it’s hiding.7 Lock or wipe You can also lock an iOS device 8 Send a message You can send an SOSwith the Find My iPad software. Tap on the blue message to your iPad 4 so that anyone who findsarrow next to the device then on Remote Wipe. This it will know exactly where to return it to. Type yourwill permanently erase all the data on that device. message with or without an alert sound. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 57
  • 58. Tutorial: download books and apps Downloading books and apps on to your iPad 4 Grab all the best apps and books for your iPad 4 with ease ONe OF THe THINGS THAT MAKeS THe IPAd 4 experience so fantastic is the range of apps that are KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 available for it. From the mundane productivity apps ■ Apple ID that help you work more efficiently to the fun stuff like ■ Internet connection games, the iPad 4 has more than enough to keep anybody Time required: 5 mins entertained. The App Store is a major success story for Difficulty: Beginner Apple and the developers that make apps for it with billions of dollars paid out over the years. It’s not just apps that Apple has turned its hand to either; books are now a major part of the iPad 4 world. The fantastically sharp Retina display on the iPad 4 means that it’s great for reading on the go. You can pack hundreds of books into your phone and take them anywhere. Or, simply add to your collection from wherever you are in the world – no more hardback books to fit into your suitcase. The App Store and iBookstore are, as you might expect from Apple, beautifully designed and getting content from either of them is supremely simple. All that stands between you and millions of books and apps is a few taps on an iPad’s screen. Being able to get apps that enhance your iPad 4 or books to keep you entertained, wherever you are at any time, day or night, is amazing. There are restrictions that stop you from downloading the bigger apps over your mobile data connection, so you may need to be on a wireless network for some. Let’s discover how to download apps onto your iPad 4.58 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 59. Quick categoriesTap on the New andWhat’s Hot for quickapp suggestions.Genius will offersuggestions based onprevious purchases. Search apps Tap on the magnifying glass to access the Search function to find exactly the right app you’re after. Apple suggestions At the top of the App Store you’ll find App of the Week and Game of the Week. Simply tap for more apps to download. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 59
  • 60. Tutorial: download books and apps STeP BY STeP GuIde: downloading books and apps 1 App Store To get started buying and 2 Store front The first time you open the App downloading all the very best and latest apps, Store it will prompt you to download iBooks. You simply tap on the App Store icon on the home can also find a link to all Apple Apps at the bottom screen of your iPad 4. of the Featurured page. 3 Get iBooks iBooks isn’t one of the default iPad 4 Find an app Tap on Search to find the exact apps. You have to download iBooks from the App app you’re after. Type the name in and automatic Store to buy books for your phone. Tap suggestions will pop up. Tap on Search again if on iBooks, Free and Install to get the app.. none of the suggestions are correct.60 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 61. Large print5 Buy your app Once you’ve found an app you 6 empty shelves When you open iBooks One of thewant, all you have to do to get it is to tap on the for the first time your library is empty. To start advantages ofprice, or Free, if it’s a free app, and then simply tap downloading books, tap on Store at the top right reading books onInstall to get it on your device. to flip the screen and open the iBooks store. your iPad 4 is you can edit the layout to suit your taste. Tap on the font icon – the one that looks like two different sized capital As – to make the print bigger or smaller, or on the magnifying glass to search its pages.7 iBookstore As with the App Store, there 8 Full library All the books you buy willare suggestions and charts. Simply tap on a book automatically be added to your library. To startthen the price and finally, Buy Book to get it. The reading just tap on the cover. To remove a bookdownload will start immediately. tap on edit then the book and then delete. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 61
  • 62. Tutorial: using Messages Getting the most from Apple’s Messages service Messages lets you send text and video for free to other iOS 5 devices WOuLdN’T iT be gReAT iF YOu didN’T HAVe TO PAY for text messages? Well, now you don’t. iMessage is built in to KiT LiST: ■ iPad iOS and lets you send free messages to anyone else with ■ Contacts with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can send pictures and iOS devices ■ Internet connection video, as well as just plain text messages, as long as the recipients are running an Apple device. Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: beginner The best part is there’s no setup involved. Your iPad will automatically detect if that person has a device with iOS and send the message to them using a system Apple calls iMessage, which you access using the Messages app. There’s often some confusion betwen the two: Messages is the App you use, iMessage is the name of the service that sends free messages to other iOS devices. So The Messages app can send iMessages (and also SMS text messages on the iPhone, but not on the iPad). You can send group messages, so if you need to let everyone in the family know what’s going on, just add them to the conversation and type away. You can see when the other person is typing a reply and there are delivery and read receipts so that you know when your message got through. All the messages are encrypted with the latest security software so there’s no chance your conversations can be read by anyone else. Also, thanks to the new voice recognition system, you can dictate messages direct to your iPad. This makes sending those short messages even faster, and it’s surprisingly accurate, too. Don’t worry though, you can still use the keyboard if talking to your phone makes you feel a little bit self-conscious.62 The Complete guide to the iPad 4
  • 63. Messagesit’s possible to switchbetween differentmessages using thislist on the left of thescreen. iMessage text Your messages are on the right, the other person’s are on the left. if you are using an iPhone instead (or as well) with SMS, those messages turn up green and not blue. Speak your words instead of typing your messages you can now dictate them. The speech recognition tool does a great job of recognising your voice. The Complete guide to the iPad 4 63
  • 64. Tutorial: using Messages STeP bY STeP guide: Setting up and using Messages 1 Make a message The Messages app may 2 Spot iMessage users As you begin to look no different to previous versions, but iMessage type, your contacts show up below the To: line. is built-in and works automatically. Tap on the new Any contact name with a blue speech bubble next message icon at the top of the screen. to it is an iMessages user. 3 Write a message Simply tap on the name 4 iOS only On the iPad you can only send of the contact you want to message and start to Messages to other people using iMessage. On the type. You’ll notice that the space says iMessage and iPhone it uses SMS to send messages as well. So the speech bubbles are blue. bear in mind your sorry non-iOS owning friends.64 The Complete guide to the iPad 4
  • 65. Clear your5 Picture message if you want to send a 6 Read receipts if you want people to know messagespicture, just tap on the camera icon. Here you can for certain that you’ve read their message, you can Over time you’rechoose an image from your library or take a new switch on read receipts. enable these receipts in likely to getpicture with the iPad’s camera. the Settings app. hundreds of messages. This can make navigating the Messages screen tricky. You can delete conversations in the Messages app. Swipe across the message from right to left and then tap delete.7 See the response When the other person 8 Speak your messages instead ofis typing a response you can see it in the chat typing messages you can dictate them. Tap thewindow. The speech bubble with three dots microphone button and speak. Tap done whenindicates that the other person is writing a reply. finished. The iPad turns your speech into text. The Complete guide to the iPad 4 65
  • 66. tutorial: Notification Center Getting to grips with the Notification Center Notification Center is the perfect way to see your alerts and messages pReViOuS VeRSiONS OF iOS NOtiFiCAtiONS COuLd become a bit of a pain. The single message windows that Kit LiSt: ■ New iPad popped up and interrupted whatever you were doing were ■ Internet connection really distracting. Halfway through reading a web page ■ Notification- enabled apps it would suddenly pause and you’d get a message that someone had just checked in on Foursquare, or that you’d Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: beginner been mentioned on Twitter. Not to mention that if you had a lot of apps with notifications, it could take ages to wade through and dismiss them all. It made using your new iPad a bit of a pain, if we’re honest. With Notification Center in iOS all this has changed and now your new iPad experience is much more streamlined. The Notification Centre lets you see far more detail about exactly what’s going on, and you can get to it from anywhere at any time. You can happily continue to do what you were doing, be that watching a movie, playing a game or editing a document, and your other apps won’t get in the way. You still get to see what notifications are coming in, but it’s on your terms. The Notification Center doesn’t have to be restricted to standard messages though. It will display the weather forecast and – if you’re interested – stock prices, too. All the notifications are kept hidden away until you really need them. Don’t worry, you can still get all those old-style notifications back if you wish. You’ll find out how in the next tutorial.66 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 67. Delete Notifications to remove notifications tap on the X to the right of the message. Not all notifications can be dismissed though.Notification CenterAll the notifications arekept in this one simplescreen that slidesdown with a singleswipe from the top ofyour ipad screen. Hide Notification Center Simply put your finger on the tab at the bottom of Notification Center and swipe up to get rid of the notifications screen. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 67
  • 68. tutorial: Notification Centre Step by Step guide: Notification Centre 1 Lock screen One of the big advantages of 2 Notification Center to get to the the Notification Center is updates are displayed on Notification Center you simply swipe down the your lock screen. Say, if you get a text message, you screen with your fingertip, from the top of the can quickly see who it’s from and what it says. screen to the bottom, in one fluid movement. 3 Notification in games if you’re playing a game and you get a text message, you’ll get a discreet notification at the top of the screen. the message disappears after a few seconds. 4 get the message if the message is more important than the game you’re playing or the movie you’re watching, simply tap on the notification to go to the relevant app.68 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 69. Stay alert5 Remove a notification With text messages and mail the Notifcation Center can get a bit cramped. if you like the oldFree up space by removing the read messages from the list. tap on the X to remove them. style of pop-up alerts and badges,6 Scroll down the Notification Center has all your alerts, but you can’t see every one on a single you can still seescreen. Once Notification Centre is open, swipe down to see more of your messages and notifications. those red badges to tell you of any activity, such as text messages and missed calls.7 More detail if you want to get more detail 8 Home screen even if you’re in the homeon any of the items in Notification Center, simply screen, your notifications will still appear at thetap on it to be taken to the relevant app. Here we top of the screen. So, no matter what you’re doing,tapped on a twitter mesage. you’ll always get those important messages. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 69
  • 70. Tutorial: Notification settings Managing your notification settings Control which notifications you get from each of your apps THe MAiN ADVANTAGe OF THe NeW NOTiFiCATiON Center in iOS is all your alerts are kept in one place. It’s a KiT LiST: ■ IPad 4 simple, easy-to-launch part of the iPad 4 OS that makes ■ Notification- getting your messages and notifications supremely easy. enabled apps Swipe your finger down the screen and there they all are. Time required: 5 mins With the additional iCloud support you can easily see Difficulty: Beginner all your appointments and mail in one place. Messages and emails can all be read and assessed for importance at a glance. In short, it’s a truly effective way of seeing all your updates in one simple screen. The only problem with this approach, however, is there are so many apps that want to send you alerts and notifications that the Notification Center itself can become overwhelmed. Too much information to scroll through and the usefulness of Notification Center is gone. Happily, you can manage how your notifications will appear and which apps will be able to use them. Want to use an app but not allow it to send you notifications? That’s not a problem. Even better, you can decide what type of notifications you receive, be they banners or old-style alerts. The Notification Centre is based entirely around your preferences. Spend a short time following this tutorial and you will get the most from Notification Centre and always get the alerts you want most. Each and every app is configurable to match your specific needs.70 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 71. Banner or AlertYou can choose between How many itemspop-up window alerts For things like email youor banners for all of can choose how manyyour apps that provide recent items to display innotifications. Mix and Notification Centre.match as you prefer. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 71
  • 72. Tutorial: Notification settings STeP BY STeP GuiDe: Choosing Notification Center settings 1 Get to notifications To start and manage 2 Notification Centre apps All the your notifications you’ll need to get into the applications that use Notification Center are listed Settings app. Tap on Settings, and you’ll find – just swipe up to see more of them. You can Notifications is the third option down in the list. arrange by the most recent update or manually. 3 Banner or Alert To change notification 4 Other notification options Decide if settings for an app tap on it and you choose the apps can use a badge, or how often alerts are style of notification, such as a banner at the top of repeated. You can choose to include or exclude the screen or a pop-up window. the notification from the iPad lock screen.72 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 73. Notification5 Alert repeat By default, alerts are set to 6 Show messages if you want to see more setuprepeat just the once. if you often find yourself of your messages, simply tap on Recent items. You When you installmissing alerts, you can have them repeated up to can choose to show just 1, 5 or 10 recent items in a new app on10 times so that you never miss a notification. the list in Notification Center. your iPad it may ask you if it can send you updates and notifications. Tap on OK to set up notifications automatically or Don’t Allow if you don’t want it to. You can always edit the settings later.7 Stock off if you don’t have any interest in 8 Dismiss notifications in the Notificationtracking stocks and shares, you can turn off the Centre you can dismiss notifications individually;stock prices in Notification Centre. in the Settings just tap on the X next to the message then Clearapp tap on Notifications then Stock Widget. to remove the notification. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 73
  • 74. Tutorial: Find My Friends Keep track of people with the Find My Friends app Know where everybody is instantly with handy app WANT TO bE AbLE TO FIND yOuR FRIENDS NO matter where they are in the world, day or night? It might KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 sound a bit creepy, but the Find My Friends application ■ Internet connection can really be very useful and a bit of fun too. ■ Find My Friends app By utilising the GPS that’s built into iPad 4s, it’s possible Time required: 5 mins for you to see exactly where your friends are on a map. Difficulty: beginner Say, you’ve gone shopping with some friends and have been split up, you can easily find your way back to each other. Though it might sound a bit strange to be tracked, or to track your friends and family, you have to allow people to follow you. Likewise, they have to allow you to track them. It’s worth noting that you can turn off tracking at any time. Best of all you, can set up temporary tracking and invite loads of people to see exactly where you are. This means that they can see your location, though only for a given period of time, which is great if you’re having a party or similar and need people to be able to find you easily. You can use Find My Friends to let you know where people are, too. All this tracking can seem a bit like ‘Big Brother’, but you can turn it off easily and hide yourself away, whenever you choose. And it’s incredible useful to know where people are, and be able to share your location with them. Find out more about the app by reading on.74 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 75. All Friends Tap on All Friends to see a zoomed-out view of where all your friends are at any one time. Obviously, if your friends are all over the world, the image is zoomed out to take in the distance between people.Find FriendsWith their permission,Find My Friends locatesall of your friends andcontacts. you can zoom infor a closer, more accuratelook or flip the map forSatellite view. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 75
  • 76. Tutorial: Find My Friends STEp by STEp GuIDE: Finding your friends 1 Get Find My Friends Go to the App 2 Log in Now you need to log in to start using Store and download Find My Friends. When the the service. For this you’ll need an Apple ID. Simply app appears on your home screen it’s called Find enter your details here or, if you haven’t set up an Friends because the ‘My’ makes the title too big. account yet, tap on ‘Get a free account’. 3 Add friends To start finding your friends tap 4 Search contacts Type in the name of the on Requests. Here you’ll see if anyone wants to add person you want to add. Each letter that you type you to their Find My Friends service. Tap on Invite will narrow down your contacts. Simply tap on a Friends to start inviting people. name to send a request.76 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 77. Custom labels5 See friends Once you’ve sent some requests 6 Different maps by default, the view you see To make it easer toand been authorised to find them, your friends of the map is a standard Google street map. Tap know where yourwill show up on the map. The blue dot is you, the on the bottom-right to see other options. you can friends are you canpurple dots are your friends. choose between a Satellite or Hybrid view. add labels to their locations. So, you can add the tag ‘Home’ to a location so that you know when your friend is at home. you can also customise your tag name.7 Temporary sharing you can set up short- 8 Set the date Give your sharing ‘event’ a nameterm Find My Friends location sharing for those you and set a date and time for when the locationmight not want a permanent location for. Tap on sharing will end. It can be for a short period of just aTemporary and then Invite Friends. few hours or weeks at a time. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 77
  • 78. Tutorial: Reminders Using the Reminders app to remember things Never forget a thing with the Reminders app on your ipad uSINg yOuR ipAD FOR REMINDERS AND TO-DO LISTS is a great idea. You’re likely to have your iPad 4 with you KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 at all times so it just makes sense. Odd, then that it took ■ Internet connection Apple so long to add a reminders app. ■ iCloud account Now, however, the rather aptly named Reminders app Time required: 5 mins is here to help you with all your to-do lists. The app itself is Difficulty: beginner built into iOS 5 and has some neat touches. Integrations with Voice Dictation is just one of the great features of Reminders. Additionally, you can use the GPS to activate reminders when you leave or arrive at certain places. So, your phone will remind you to pick up some milk on the way home as you leave work. Naturally, you can set your own time-sensitive reminder too, and if you have a lot of reminders you can easily search through them. They can be sorted in a list or by date and you can see a calendar view of all your reminders a month at a time. If you’re using the iCloud service all your reminders can be synced across devices. If you set a reminder on your iPad it will show on your iPhone and vice versa. Thanks to the Notification Center your reminders will show up, even on a locked iPad 4 so you can still see what you need to remember. If you’re cursed with the forgetful gene, have no fear, the Reminders app is here. You’ll never forget your wedding anniversary again.78 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 79. List or Date you can easily order your reminders in either a simple list or by date. Simply tap on either button at the top. New Reminder Creating a new reminder is easy by tapping on the +Completed Reminders icon or, if you prefer, simplyWhen you’ve done firing up Siri and have itwhatever it is that your create a new reminder.reminder was set for, tapthe box to add it to theCompleted list. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 79
  • 80. Tutorial: Reminders STEp by STEp guIDE: Setting up Reminders 1 Reminders app Open the Reminders app 2 New reminder Tap on the + icon to create to add a ‘to-do’ item to your list. Here you’ll see a new reminder and the standard keyboard pops all your reminders and if you’re using iCloud, the up. Type the reminder and tap Return. To edit it account name used to synchronise reminders. further, simply tap on the reminder again. 3 Dictate reminder If you don’t want to 4 Edit reminders To change a reminder, when type your reminder, you don’t have to. Tap on the you are prompted about an event, simply tap on microphone icon next to the spacebar and simply it to change the reminder time and alert Repeat speak your reminder. Tap Done to enter it. settings, as well as Delete the event.80 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 81. Feel good5 Location-based reminders you can 6 See your month you can see all your abouthave a reminder pop up when you leave or arrive reminders in the month by tapping on Date then completionsomewhere. The ipad uses gpS to track you and the calendar icon in the top-left of screen. Simply you can checkwhen at the right spot, it sends an alert. swipe up or down to see your monthly reminders. out the tasks that you’ve done by clicking Completed. Ticking things off and seeing the things you’ve done is a great way to feel better about achieving things during the day.7 Search reminders If you can’t see the 8 Completed tasks Once you’ve completedreminder you’re after, use the Search tool. In List all your tasks, you just tick them off, but your ipador Date view tap on the top-left button to bring keeps them handy in case you want to double-up the Search field. check that you’ve done them. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 81
  • 82. Tutorial: Voice Dictation Use Voice Dictation to create notes and messages Speak out messages to your iPad with Voice Dictation YOu CAN CREATE MESSAGES JuST BY SPEAKiNG your words and watch as your iPad transcribes KiT LiST: ■ IPad 4 them into any app you’re currently using. ■ Internet connection This can be a great timesaver, especially if you’re still Time required: 5 mins getting used to typing on a glass keyboard. It’s true that Difficulty: Beginner some people can reach truly amazing typing speeds, but those blisteringly fast wordsmiths definitely reside on the tail end of the bell curve. For most of us, typing on an iPad is slightly slower than using an actual keyboard, so the dictation tool could prove highly useful. And, it has to be said, there’s just something plain cool about being able to dictate messages and notes directly on the iPad. Be aware though that your iPad needs to be connected to the internet in order to work: all the grunt work of transcribing your voice is done by Apple’s giant server farms, but it’s a small price to pay for not even having to train your device to recognise your voice. If you’re used to dictation tools on traditional computers, you’ll love just being able to dive right in without hours of teaching your machine that you meant “six”, not “sucks”. We’ll show you the ins and outs of dictating some text onto your iPad 4, and where you can enable and disable that feature at will.82 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 83. It really works Every word and point of punctuation you see on this page was dictated into the iPad 4 by voice. Processing Depending on the length of your sentence, it could take a few seconds for the results Speak up to come back to you. Tapping on the microphone button brings up this larger one. Start talking. When finished, tap on either microphone button.The mic buttonWhen your microphoneis enabled, this buttonappears to the left of thekeyboard’s spacebar. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 83
  • 84. Tutorial: Voice Dictation STEP BY STEP GuiDE: Voice Dictation 1 Where’s the mic? Launch an app like ‘Notes’ 2 Enable dictation To enable the dictation and you’ll notice that the keyboard looks just like it feature, you must take a trip to the Settings app, did on the previous iPads. Where’s the microphone? tap on General and locate the Keyboard options. That’s because it’s not enabled by default. Slide Dictation to ‘On’, then tap on ‘Enable’. 3 Back to notes Go back to the Notes app and 4 Tap and speak Tap on that key and speak you’ll notice that your keyboard now has a small your first sentence of dictation. Your iPad will listen microphone to the left of the spacebar (notice to you until you tap on either the large or small that this shrinks the spacebar a little). microphone buttons again.84 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 85. Fixing typos5 it’s thinking Once you’ve stopped the 6 Punctuation You may be disappointed to Any wordrecording, the iPad will then send your dictation see that the dictation tool doesn’t add punctuation highlighted into Apple’s server who will transcribe it for you and automatically, so your first sentence may not look blue could havebring it back. This could take a little time. quite as you had expected. been a mistake. Tap on it and you’ll be offered an alternative transcription. if that alternative is the correct answer, tap on it to replace the typo. if it isn’t, you don’t have to resort to your keyboard: with the work selected, turn the microphone on and speak the correction instead.7 Try again Dictate your sentence again, only 8 Disable if you wish to stop your iPad fromthis time, when you want to add a comma, say listening to you, you can disable that feature by‘comma’. A full stop, ‘full stop’ (not ‘period’), a dash, going back to the Setting app and sliding the‘dash’, etc. it takes a little getting used to. ‘Dictate’ option back to ‘Off ’. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 85
  • 86. Tutorial: The Music app t Getting the most from your iPad’s Music app Get to grips with the music app on your iPad 4 THE MUSIC APP ON THE iPAd REPLACES THE iPOd app that was on some older iPads and iPhones. As you KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 might expect the Music app is where you’ll find all your ■ Apple ID audio files. In it, you’ll find all your iTunes songs, albums, ■ Music and podcasts playlists and more. It’s not just all your music either, Time required: 5 mins because it’s here that you’ll also find your podcasts and Difficulty: beginner audiobooks. Although the name of the app has changed, the functionality hasn’t altered all that much. If you’ve used the iPod app on a previous iOS device, you’ll probably not notice the changes – they’re that subtle in implementation. One thing that has stayed the same is the flexibility of the app, though it remains easy to use. Getting to your favourite music is easy with options to create your own playlists on the iPad or have the Music app create some for you with Genius Playlists. With album artwork you can use the coverflow view to swipe through your albums by cover. As well as helping you manage all the music you own, there’s also a quick link to the iTunes Store to let you get your hands on even more. And if you have iTunes Match you can stream and download all the tracks from all of your iTunes collections. So, whether you want to hear the same song over and over again, or shuffle your songs to add a bit of variety, or just have Genius go to work and create some creative playlists for those long journeys to and from work or in the gym, this tutorial will help you get to grips with the app.86 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 87. Now Playing Return quickly to the song that is currently playing in the Music app by tapping here.Store frontYou can quickly expand your Toolbarmusic collection from within The toolbar at the bottomthe Music app by going to of the app gives you accessthe iTunes Store directly. to all the controls. You can edit what appears here. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 87
  • 88. Tutorial: The Music app STEP bY STEP GUIdE: Using the Music app 1 Genius Mixes You can make your own 2 Search songs Tap on Songs to see all your personal playlists right on the iPad, or can have music in alphabetical order. Tap Shuffle to listen to the iPad create Genius Playlists. You can also make all your songs at random. Search for a specific song playlists in iTunes and sync them. or simply swipe up and down. 3 More audio Tap on More in the toolbar to 4 Edit the playlists If you don’t like the access the other content in the Music app. Audio playlists you can customise them. Simply tap on books and podcasts are found here. Other content Playlists then new. Give it a name and you can start such as iTunes U can be found here, too. adding tracks to the playlist.88 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 89. Coverflow Tap the album cover to the right of the shuffle controls. to view5 Now playing When you tap on the Now 6 double-tap When in the Now Playing view the album cover fullPlaying button you can see album artwork, time you can double-tap on the artwork image to get screen. Flicking leftremaining and access playback controls. Here you a full track listing. Swipe across the dots at the top and right movescan set the repeat and shuffle options on or off. to rate the album. between tracks, and tapping the screen again brings up a set of controls.7 Music store Adding music to your collection 8 Music wherever Even if your iPad is lockedis easier than ever. Simply tap on Store and you’ll you can still control the music without havingbe taken directly to the iTunes Store. Check out the to launch the Music app. double-click the homeoffers and Top Tens. button to bring up playback controls. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 89
  • 90. Tutorial: iTunes Match Listen to all your music using iTunes Match Stream every song you have in any iTunes with iTunes Match ONe OF THe bIGGeST TeCH TReNDS OF THe LAST year or so is the shift to cloud computing, where you save KIT LIST: ■ iTunes Match data, and then access it, from a remote server rather than ■ iPad on your own machine. ■ Music tracks Naturally, Apple has put this to excellent use in iTunes, Time required: 5 mins allowing users to store their entire music library ‘in the Difficulty: beginner cloud’ and access it from any device without using up memory. Apple’s service, called iTunes Match, scans your music library and either matches the track with a high quality version from the iTunes Store or, if it doesn’t have the track in its database, uploads your version to cloud. Once complete, you can stream your tracks from any device (providing you have an active internet connection) without having to download them to that device. If you do want a hard copy of a song on one of your machines, Match also lets you download it from the cloud free of charge. The best part? You can store up to 25,000 tracks, transforming your humble iPad into a serious music archive. What’s more, you can access your songs from up to 10 different iTunes-enabled devices. Unsurprisingly, the service doesn’t come for free – it will set you back £21.99 a year. However, as our tutorial will demonstrate it’s easy to set up, easy to use and very versatile.90 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 91. Playing tracksJust tap a cloud-stored trackto play it, as you normallywould in iTunes. be warned,it’ll only play if you have aninternet connection. In the cloud This icon means a track is currently stored in the cloud, not on your device. Tap it to download. Search your music you can search your iTunes Match library as normal. Just type the name of a track or artist into the window bottom right. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 91 93
  • 92. Tutorial: iTunes Match STeP by STeP GUIDe: iTunes Match 1 Getting started First things first, you need to sign up to the Match service. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC desktop and hit the iTunes Match link under the Store tab in the left hand menu. 2 Matching tracks Follow the prompts and iTunes Match will then automatically cycle through your music library, either matching tracks with those in its central database or uploading any it doesn’t recognise. to. its servers. 3 Access tracks To listen to your library from 4 Use cellular data Streaming music can your iPad, open Settings and then tap the Music quickly eat up a lot of your data contract. If you tab in the left-hand menu. Toggle the iTunes Match have an iPad 4G+WiFi you might want to switch switch to On. Hey presto, you’re good to go. the Use Cellular Data switch to Off.92 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 93. Multiple devices you can use iTunes Match on up to 10 different devices5 Downloading Should you want to 6 Deleting tracks If you find your device filling per account. To linkdownload a track onto your device so you can listen up and want to remove a song from your library a device, make sureto it when you don’t have an internet connection, and send it back to the cloud, just swipe over a your signed in tojut tap the the cloud icon to the right of a track. track to the left to bring up a Delete tab. your Apple ID. If it’s an iOS device, go to Settings > Music > iTunes Match, and if it’s a computer just hit the iTunes Match tab in your iTunes menu panel.7 Hiding cloud tracks If you’d rather your 8 Resyncing To resync your cloud library wheniPad only displays tracks that you currently have you buy new music via your desktop iTunes hub,stored on your device, go back to Settings, bring up just bring up Settings, tap on the Store tab andthe music tab and toggle Show All Music to Off. toggle Automatic downloads to On. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 93
  • 94. Tutorial: Newsstand Read the latest digital magazines with Newsstand Subscribe to your favourite magazines right from your ipad IN THe dAyS beFORe THe INTeRNeT, SUbSCRIbINg to a magazine was a great way to keep up to date with the KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 latest news about your favourite subjects. But the web has ■ Internet connection changed this for many and the lure of instant information ■ iTunes account has been hard to resist. Time required: 5 mins How can you cope with the deluge of data available Difficulty: beginner in a web browser? It’s possible to spend all day reading garbage online and not learn a thing. Many people long to read in-depth articles, books (like this one), and classic magazines like Macworld all in a new digital form. Newsstand is designed to try and help bridge the gap between the print and online publishing worlds by combining the richness of published material with a highly convenient way of accessing that information wherever you happen to be, all from the comfort of your iPad (the best part is that you can also get the same content for your iPhone and iPod touch via the same app). You can choose to buy individual issues or subscribe for a set period of time. When you select the latter, new issues will appear automatically in your Newsstand without you even having to get up and pick up the mail. Newsstand isn’t an exclusive feature of the iPad 4. In fact, it can be used on any iOS device, even the earlier iPads, but the sheer quality of the iPad 4’s screen makes reading magazines and newspapers that much more of a pleasant experience since it feels like you’re looking at glossy print. So let’s discover how to download and read magazines on the iPad.94 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 95. Thumbnails Swipe left and right to navigate through the pages thumbnails. Tap on the one you’re interested to go straight to it. Help Feeling lost in your digital edition? The Help button will give you a quick rundown of the important gestures you need.BookmarkingIf there’s a page you’dlike to refer back to in thefuture, bookmark it bytapping here. Contents The content of the magazine is accessed from this button. Scroll up or down until you find the page you want. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 95
  • 96. Tutorial: Newsstand STep by STep gUIde: Newsstand 1 The Newsstand Find the Newsstand 2 The Store If this is the first time you’ve icon which is a specialised folder where all your opened it, there should be nothing there, so tap magazines and newspapers are stored. Tap on it to on the Store button, to the right. This launches the reveal any available publications that you can read. App Store since the Newsstand’s store is a subset of it. Here you can download publications. 3 Search field There’s no obvious search field 4 Results Let’s look for a magazine to purchase. to find what you’re looking for so tap on one of the Type Macworld in the search field and see what you buttons at the bottom of the screen to get out of come up with. Select Macworld UK Magazine from Newsstand and reveal the search field. the results.96 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 97. Reordering5 preview you can tap on its icon in the list to 6 download Select your magazine and it’ll Magazines aresee a detailed description of what you’re about download to your ipad. To get back to Newsstand, organised in theto get. Macworld’s price includes an issue of your press the Home button once. you’ll then see your Newsstand in thechoice to download. new magazine waiting for you. order in which they were purchased, with the latest ones appearing on the left. This can be changed, just like with regular apps: tap and hold on one of them and they all start to jiggle, then drag and drop them into the order that works best for you.7 Issue selection Following the Macworld 8 enjoy Once downloaded, you can then selectexample, you then get to choose your free issue. your issue and swipe through the pages (left toyou can also purchase any other issue on an right, not up and down). Tap once on the page toindividual basis. reveal a set of menus to help with navigation. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 97
  • 98. Tutorial: Camera Take amazing photos with the Camera app Capture great photographs and save them direct to your iPad 4 THe IPAd 4 HAS AN AMAZING SeT OF CAMeRAS. Much better than those found on the iPad 2, which appeared to KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 be the same type as the one found on the iPod touch. ■ Something to shoot However, such poor images wouldn’t have done the ■ The urge to shoot it iPad 4’s amazing screen justice, so Apple beefed up the Time required: 5 mins camera and brought it on par to the iPhone 4, capable Difficulty: beginner of taking 5MP shots with the iSight camera, and 1.2MP shots with the front-facing FaceTime camera. It can also record video in high- definition (1080p) just like the iPhone 4S. In addition to this vastly superior camera, Apple has updated the Camera app, making it much easier to take photos with this rather bulky device – compared with a regular camera or even an iPhone. So even though that camera is of a lesser quality, you won’t struggle to take pictures with your iPad. The Camera app enables you to snap photographs, and shoot video using both the rear-facing (iSight) and front-facing (FaceTime) cameras. The Camera app keeps things simple, but there are a few options available to you. This tutorial will guide you through the new Camera app’s various options at your disposal. Follow this guide and you’ll be capturing amazing photographs in no time at all…98 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 99. Take a shot This button stays on your right no matter which way you’re holding the iPad, making it easy to take a shot at any time. Still or video? Want to take a video instead of a still image? This slider is what you need to reach for.The Camera RollYou don’t need to accessthe Pictures app to see allthe shots you’ve taken:tap on this button insteadto view them. Spin around This button lets you switch from the front to the back camera… and back again. Note that the best lens is the rear one. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 99
  • 100. Tutorial: Camera STeP bY STeP GuIde: Camera 1 To the right Launch the Camera app. You 2 Focus You may spot white lines forming a may notice it looks quite different from the iPhone hollow square appear from time to time. This is version. Rotate your iPad 4 and check out that the your camera’s focus. Tap anywhere to manually tell ‘record’ button stays on the right. the iPad 4 where to focus. 3 The grid Tap on the Options button, lower left 4 Take a shot When you’re ready, take a shot of the interface and slide the Grid slider to ‘On’. Thin by pressing on the big record button. If you prefer, lines now appear to help you frame your shot based you can also use the physical volume up button to on the ‘rule of thirds’. take your photo.100 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 101. Trimming5 Video Slide the slider, lower right of the iPad 6 Roll call To see the photos you’ve taken, tap You can’t edit video,4 to the right to turn your stills camera into a on the button, lower left of the interface. This but you can trimcamcorder. When you hit the record button, you’ll shows you the last shot you took. Swipe to the left your footage to getsee a timer, top right. to see others, one at a time. rid of unwanted seconds at the start and finish. To do this, tap on your video to reveal a mini timeline at the top. drag its edges inward and tap on ‘Trim’ to delete the parts you don’t want.7 edit Tap on the Camera Roll button to see 8 done You can also share your shots in variousthumbnails of all your shots. You can also edit your ways or delete a failed image. To get back to yourphotos with the ‘edit’ button, like rotating shots, camera and take more shots, tap on the blue ‘done’cropping, or enhancing them. button and you’ll be able to continue shooting. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 101
  • 102. Tutorial: Editing photos Using the iPad 4 to edit your photographs Edit photos on your iPad 4 to make them even better NOW THAT YOu’VE TAKEN YOuR PICTuRES ANd, IF you’re using iCloud, sent them to your Photo Stream, KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 you might just want to leave them there. However, no ■ Photos matter how good a camera you possess, some judicious Time required: 2 mins editing can always help to improve the final result. Difficulty: beginner You might want to make the colours and contrast really stand out, and sometimes a small crop is all that’s needed to make a good picture a fantastic one. If you’ve taken a photo of friends and they all have the dreaded red-eye, you’ll want to get rid of that. Luckily, thanks to the power of the dual-core A6X chip inside the iPad 4, your tablet is a powerful image-editing tool. The Retina display also helps you to be more accurate, thanks to the fantastic detail it provides. The iPad 4 itself lets you make your pictures look better with a single tap. It can also help you with some of the usual pitfalls of photography. If you take a shot of people with the flash, then sometimes they’ll have red-eye. To help you make your subjects look a little less like they’ve been possessed by the devil you can remove it quickly and simply. As well as this, there’s a crop tool that allows you to cut out the best bit of a photo and reframe your shot for a better result. If you want to take image editing further you can download any number of apps to help you do more with your pictures, too.102 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 103. Save When you’re done editing your images, all you have to do is tap on Save and all your changes will be confirmed.CancelIf you decide you don’t wantthe changes to be accepted, it’ssimply a case of tapping Cancel. Toolbar The editing options are displayed across the bottom of the images. Simply tap on them to access the options. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 103
  • 104. Tutorial: Editing photos STEP bY STEP GuIdE: Editing photos on your iPad 4 1 Start editing Go to your images in the 2 Editing tools The iPad 4’s editing tools are Photos app and then tap on the one that you’d displayed across the bottom of the screen. You can like to begin editing. Simply tap on Edit to bring rotate, enhance, remove red-eye and crop your up the iPad’s editing options. image. Simply tap on one to get started. 3 Rotate your pictures If you’ve taken a 4 Enhance your images The iPad has a picture at a funny angle, or just want to have some simple Enhance mode that improves the colour fun with a picture, you can rotate it. Tap on Rotate and contrast of your images automatically. Tap the at the bottom left to spin your image. magic wand icon to enhance your photos.104 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 105. App Store5 Fix red-eye If the image has been taken with 6 Tap the eye Tap each of the eyes to remove The built-in photosa flash on the iPhone (or other camera) it can end the red circle. When done, tap on Apply to save for editing photosup with nasty red-eye ruining your shot. Tap on the your changes. It might not always work perfectly, are pretty good,red-eye button and then on the ‘infected’ eye. but it’s generally effective. but they are very basic. You can get more advanced image-editing tools from the App Store. Many of these are free or, at the very least, cheap.7 Crop images To crop images tap on the Crop 8 Constrain crop You don’t have to usetool then drag in the corners of the grid to suit. You the standard crop box on your images. Tap oncan move the crop box around until you find the Constrain to see the various crop ratios you canbest fit. Tap on Crop when you’re done. select for your photos – great help when printing. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 105
  • 106. Tutorial: iPhoto Use iPhoto to make your photographs look amazing discover how to use the iPhoto app and create great-looking shots AS ANy PHOTOgRAPHER WORTH THEiR SALT WiLL tell you, there’s much more to taking a great picture than KiT LiST: ■ IPad 4 simply pointing your camera at something and releasing ■ iPhoto apps the shutter. Often, it’s what you do after the fact that ■ Some photos makes an image memorable. Time required: 20 mins Every shot you see in a magazine or newspaper has Difficulty: intermediate generally been enhanced in a variety of ways to make it as eye-catching as possible. Crooked images can be straightened, dull colours can be enhanced, strong focal points can be cropped in on, filters can be applied for dramatic effect – the list goes on. With Apple’s supremely easy to use iPhoto editing suite finally making its way to the iPad, you can now harness just this sort of magic from your new tablet device. The iOS version of the popular Mac programme has survived the transition to iPad with almost all of its features intact, and a handful of new ones thrown in. What’s more, the new touch screen functionality makes it more intuitive and accessible than ever before. With a little practice you’ll be able to work on your images with a number of clearly defined tools, before cataloguing them, tagging them and sharing them with friends via email or social networks. And with the iPad 4’s crystal clear Retina screen and added processing oomph, they’ll look better than ever to boot. Read on for our step-by-step guide.106 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 107. Undo if you’re not happy with Show original one of the changes you’ve Hitting this tab will remove made, just tap this arrow all the changes you’ve made to go back a step. to an image and revert back to the original shot. Just swipe this slider to the right.Look at the loupeTouch the screen with two fingersand twist to bring up the magnifyingglass tool, allowing you to zoom inon your shot. Flagged upEditing tools Tap the flag button andyou’ll find all your filters, your image will be filedbrushes, effects and in the Flagged folder forcropping tools here. A future reference. Tap itblue marker above a tab again to remove the flag.means you’ve already used it in your image.used it in your image. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 107
  • 108. Tutorial: iPhoto STEP by STEP guidE: iPhoto 1 Organisation iPhoto organises your images 2 Select an image To edit an image, either by Album, Photo, Event and Journal. Pictures tap on a folder in Albums or Events or cycle you take using the iPad’s camera will appear in a through your image library in Photos. Once Camera Roll folder. To import images from your you’ve found the shot you want to work on, tap it computer simply sync them in iTunes. once to bring it up, then hit the Edit tab. 3 Straighten up This shot is clearly off centre. 4 Enhancing colours iPhoto has a number To correct it, hit the Crop & Straighten button of tools that let you sharpen the colours in your bottom left and slowly drag the wheel at the image. Hit the Auto-Enhance button (the one bottom until the horizon is horizontal. that looks like a magic wand).108 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 109. built in help5 do it yourself if you want a more hands-on 6 Add a filter Reckon your image might look iPhoto offers oneapproach, hit the Colour Palette tab on the bottom better in black and white? No problem – just bring of the best helpmenu bar to bring up a variety of more detailed up the Effects menu from the tool bar. As you can features we’ve seentools that let you tweak saturation, sky colour, see, there are a range of different filters to choose in a piece of Applevegetation clarity, skin tones and white balance. from – select one then swipe from left to right. software. Just hit the ‘question mark’ tab on the top menu bar and a comprehensive overlay of labels explaining what every button does will appear on the screen. Tap it one more time to toggle back to the normal view.7 Remove blemishes if there’s a smudge on 8 Title and share Once you’ve finishedyour lens or a small unwanted detail in your shot tweaking your image, you can label it for futureyou can quickly remove it using iPhoto’s smart reference by tapping on “add a caption” at theRepair tool. you’ll find it under the brushes icon. top of the screen. Finally, tap Share. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 109
  • 110. Tutorial: Photo albums Creating and using photo albums on the iPad 4 Make sorting and accessing your images easier with photo albums THE IPAD 4 DOubLES AS A FANTASTIC DEVICE for taking photographs. It’s large screen make snapping KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 a joy, and the new powerful cameras ensure you get ■ Photos high-quality photos. You can quickly end up with ■ iCloud account hundreds of pictures and these are kept in the Photos Time required: 5 mins app. By default these are stored in the Camera Roll. Difficulty: beginner However, as you take more pictures, it can be tricky finding the good ones. To keep things in order you can create your own photo albums to collect the pictures you like, or to help you sort through the various places you’ve taken photos in. As well as the Camera Roll, the Photo Stream album will be in the Photos app as standard. Photo Stream holds the last 1,000 images and makes it easy to share them. If you’ve turned on the camera’s Location Services feature it can also be used to sort your images by location. Simply tap on the various pins to see how many pictures there are in that location. Putting your pictures in albums makes it really easy for you to create fantastic slideshows that you can display on your iPad 4’s screen or use with AirPlay to show off on your big-screen TV. You can also share the images in a number of different ways from within the Photos app. Find out more about photo albums in this tutorial.110 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 111. Edit albumsCamera Roll To create your ownEvery picture you take with albums tap on the Edityour iPad will be stored in button to get started.the Camera Roll. The numberdenotes how many photos arein the album. Manual albums It’s easy to make your own albums on the iPad. Call them whatever you want and store as many or as few images in them as you like. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 111
  • 112. Tutorial: Photo albums STEP by STEP GuIDE: Photo albums on the iPad 4 1 Make an album Open the Photos app and 2 Add images Select photos for the new tap on Edit. Now tap on Add and you will be asked album by tapping on your existing albums and to give the album a name. Give your album a name selecting the pictures to add. Selected images and then tap Save. have a blue tick. Tap Done to add these. 3 Create an album If you’re looking at your 4 Add to existing albums If you’ve created Camera Roll and want to make an album, just tap an album already, you can easily add more images on the top-right icon then tap on the images. Tap to it. Select the images as described in Step Three on Add To then ‘Add to New Album’ to do this. and tap on ‘Add to Existing Album’.112 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 113. Pinch to zoom5 Places If you have the location information 6 Slideshows Once all your images are in Remember thatsettings turned on, you can see exactly where your the appropriate album, you can create automatic you can use theimages were taken. Tap on Places to see the pins slideshows. Simply tap on an image in the album screen gestures tothen tap on a pin to see the images. then the play icon to get to the slideshow options. get more out of the Photos app. Pinch to zoom in to your pictures to get a closer look.7 AirPlay pictures If you have an Apple TV 8 Share your images Tap on an image thenyou can show off your images on the big screen. the sharing icon at the bottom-left to share yourTap on the image then tap the AirPlay icon to pictures via email, iMessage and Tweet, or do a hostchoose which screen to show the image on. of other things to share your pictures. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 113
  • 114. Tutorial: Video capture Capture and edit video directly on your iPad discover how to capture and edit video clips WHiLe THe iPAd 4’S CRySTAL CLeAR ReTiNA display might have hogged all the headlines, one of Apple’s other KiT LiST: key enhancements deserves its fair share of the limelight ■ IPad 4 ■ Something to shoot too. The new iSight camera is a quiet revolution for the tablet, offering a 5-megapixel lens and the ability to shoot Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner sharp 1080p video footage with clever auto stabilisation to smooth bumps and shakes. That’s a really significant improvement over the iPad 2, which boasted a humble 0.7 megapixel lens capable of shooting only in 720p. You’ll really notice the difference, especially on that lovely new Retina display. The camera is an important part of the iPad’s impressive feature set, making it a true jack-of-all-trades multimedia device. Spot something film-worthy going on? Pick up your iPad, bring up the camera app and hit record. Once your done, head over to iMovie and edit your footage into a proper movie, perhaps adding some music you’ve composed in GarageBand. Quickly upload it directly to YouTube in-app, and within 30 minutes of filming a video clip you could be an internet sensation. It’s all extremely easy to use. There are no calibrations to make, dials to twiddle or menus to navigate – just point at your subject and start shooting. There’s even an idiot-proof auto-focus feature to ensure your film always looks professional. And Apple makes it easy to trim your video, or you can edit it using a professional app like iMovie. With a bit of practice you’ll be turning around feature films in no time.114 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 115. Start filming This is your record button. Just tap it once to start filming, and then tap it once again to stop. Movie mode Before you start filming, make sure you’re on video mode rather than camera. Just swipe this slider to the right.Film libraryThis small square icontakes you straightthrough to your library ofvideo clips, starting withthe most recent. Lens toggle you can easily switch between the iPad’s rear and front-facing lenses by tapping this button. Remember that the rear lens is more powerful. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 115
  • 116. Tutorial: Camera STeP By STeP Guide: Camera 1 Getting started First things first, there’s 2 Hit record To begin filming, switch to video not a separate app for video capture so don’t go mode by toggling the slider in the bottom right looking for one. Just tap on your iPad’s Camera app of the screen to the camera icon. Then set up your to get started. shot and hit the red record button. 3 Stay in focus The iPad includes a clever auto- 4 Keeping time As you’re filming a timer focus feature to help keep your footage sharp. Just will appear in the top right hand corner of the tap once on the screen at the area you want in focus screen. Bear in mind that video can take up a lot of and it will automatically make adjustments. memory space, so keep your videos short.116 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 117. don’t spin it you can record video in either portrait or landscape mode.5 Switching lenses if you want to switch 6 Video playback When you’re done Landscapebetween the forward and back-facing camera recording, tap the small square icon in the bottom generally lookslenses, just tap the icon on the bottom menu bar. left corner to bring up your library. Then just tap on better on aHowever, remember that the back facing camera the play icon to watch it back. television, but bothoffers a much higher picture resolution. are pretty good for just showing off on the iPad. don’t switch from one to the other while filming though. The display will orientate itself and you think everything is okay, but it’ll be recording footage at a 90 degree angle. Be careful to stick to either one or the other.7 Share with friends To immediately share 8 editing in iMovie To really make the mostthe clip with a friend, upload it to youTube or of your footage, it’s worth picking the iMovie appsimply email it to yourself, just tap the arrow icon (£2.99). Apple’s acclaimed editing software lets youon the top menu bar and make your choice. cut clips together into a full movie. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 117
  • 118. Tutorial: Set up Twitter Integrating Twitter into your iPad 4 Using Twitter on the iPad 4 is even easier with Twitter integration FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW, TWITTER IS a social-networking and micro-blogging site whose KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years. ■ Twitter username Celebrities get closer to their fans and people from all and password ■ Internet connection over the globe converse in 140 character bursts about everything from politics to Saturday night TV. Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner It’s one of the few external services that has seen deeper iOS integration. You can enter your Twitter username and password to send locations data and pictures to the social networking site. You don’t even need to download a Twitter client from the App Store get tweeting your pictures and locations. Setting up Twitter integration is very simple. You can use an account you already have or create a brand new one. In addition, you can also use multiple accounts. So, if you have personal and business accounts you can tweet to both and keep your personal and private accounts separate. The Twitter integration isn’t fully complete as you can’t use Siri to send a tweet just yet. If you have a Twitter app on your iPad you can dictate your message into the text entry field, but you can’t ask Siri to send your tweet directly. The advantage of having Twitter built right into the system is that other apps will be able to integrate your account much more easily. You’ll be able to tweet more info from more apps with ease. Learn more about tweeting on your iPad 4 right here.118 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 119. Username and password If you have a Twitter account, enter the details here to integrate iOS and Twitter. New AccountSetting up If you aren’t tweeting justYou can easily install the Twitter yet, you can set up anapp if you haven’t already. go account from within theto Settings and tap on Twitter. Settings app. Simply tap ‘Create New Account’. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 119
  • 120. Tutorial: Set up Twitter STEp bY STEp gUIdE: Setting up Twitter 1 Twitter built in Now that Twitter is part of 2 Twitter settings In Settings you can access the iOS system you don’t even need a Twitter client a Twitter account you may already have or set up to post things to the social network. To get started a new one. You can also download and install the with Twitter on iOS tap on Settings. Twitter app itself, but it’s not essential. 3 Existing account If you already have a 4 New account If you don’t already have Twitter username and password enter it here by a Twitter account you can do it from within the tapping on the Username field. The @ part of your Settings here. Tap on ‘Create New Account’ and Twitter name is entered automatically. enter all the necessary details.120 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 121. Contacts5 Multiple accounts Many people keep 6 Account details To enter a secondary If you have friendsmultiple Twitter accounts for personal or business Twitter account name and password simply enter that use Twitteruse. Others have business and personal accounts. the details and then tap on Sign In. Your accounts in your AddressTap on Add Account to add another account. will be verified for use instantly. book you can use the Twitter integration to add their own name to the contacts automatically. This adds their photos from Twitter to the Contacts card.7 Install Twitter The Twitter app is still the 8 Use Twitter The side benefit to the Twitterbest way to experience the site on your phone. Tap integration is when you have downloaded andon Install and enter your iTunes Store password to installed the Twitter app, all the sign-in details areautomatically get and install the app. entered for you and the app is ready to go. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 121
  • 122. Tutorial: Tweeting photos and locations Tweeting photos and locations from your iPad 4 Tweet your photos and location without opening the Twitter app TWITTeR MIgHT NOT be FOR eVeRYbOdY, buT its popularity is unquestionable. As well as the 140 KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 characters of text that make up a tweet, Twitter is ■ Twitter account used amazingly well as a photo-sharing site. When an ■ Internet connection American Airlines jet crash landed in the Hudson River Time required: 5 mins it was Twitter that got the pictures out there quickest. Difficulty: beginner Images from all over the world at sporting events and political rallies appear first on Twitter more and more often. In iOSt tweeting images has become even simpler with the integration of Twitter services. You can now take a picture and tweet it within a matter of seconds using just the Camera app – no need for any other Twitter software. As well as sharing images on Twitter, you can also now share your location more easily. Location sharing might not be to all tastes, but if you have a small band of trustworthy followers, it’s quite fun. Location sharing is also a good way to show off to your friends when you’re somewhere special like an Apple store. Of course, you could always do photo and location sharing through the Twitter app, but the integrated features make doing both of these simpler. Follow this guide to tweeting your photos and locations from your iPad 4.122 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 123. Tweet textWhen you attach an image youcan add some text to go with it.Type your message here. Add Location 140 limit Let people know where each tweet is limited to you’re tweeting from by 140 characters and with tapping the Add Location your picture attached button. Tap it again to cancel. you lose some. Here you can see just how many characters are left. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 123
  • 124. Tutorial: Tweeting photos and locations STep bY STep guIde: Set up Twitter photo and location sharing 1 Tweet a picture You’ve taken a picture that 2 Share an image There are a variety of ways you want to share with all your all your Twitter to share your image, but to upload the picture to followers. Tap on the share icon at the top-right of Twitter, tap on Tweet. All the authorisation and the screen. uploading is handled in the background. 3 Add text Your image will be attached and 4 Allow location sharing If you’d like to let shown as being ‘paper-clipped’ to your tweet. The your followers know where you’re posting from number of remaining characters is also shown. Here tap on Add Location. You’ll have to allow Twitter to we have 93 left for the rest of this tweet. share your location by tapping on OK.124 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 125. Twitter app5 Send a tweet Once you’ve been located the 6 Share your location If you just want to Tweeting fromarrow will turn purple to indicate it’s found you. tweet where you are and not attach a picture, open the Twitter app isTap on X to delete the location information. When the Maps app and tap the red pin of your location, still possible andyou’re ready to tweet tap Send. then tap the blue ‘i’ button and Share Location. even easier with Twitter integration. You’ll get a better feel for what’s going on Twitter if you use the app. photo and location sharing is possible both from within the Twitter app as well as the maps and photos apps.7 How to share To share your location with 8 Current location As with picture sharingTwitter you just need to tap on Tweet, and your the location data will be ‘paper-clipped’ to thelocation will be recorded and a Tweet created and tweet. My Current Location is automatically added,sent out to all your followers. though you can delete this, if you wish. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 125
  • 126. Tutorial: Social media in Contacts Merging your social media contacts effortlessly Combine Twitter and Contacts data to automatically update contacts We SHARe MORe dATA AbOUT OURSeLVeS THeSe days than ever before. Social media apps hold plenty of KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 details about us, and this means sharing information is ■ Twitter account made that much easier. In many cases you still have to Time required: 5 mins enter contact information manually, but thankfully that Difficulty: beginner process is slowly becoming automated. Now that Twitter has been integrated into the system setting of iOS, you can combine Twitter friends with your contacts. This means that your iPad 4 can search through your Twitter friends and where they match people in your address book, automatically add their Twitter username to the Contacts app. As well as this, your iPad 4 will drag across your friends’ avatars, so there’s consistency across social media and contacts apps. When they change their picture, this is reflected in your Contacts app. The other advantage to this close integration is that you can tweet your friends directly from the Contacts app. Simply find the person you want to send a message to and tap on their Twitter username. As you might expect, you can add location data and photos to the tweet before you send it. Here we’ll show you how to take your Contacts and Twitter accounts, and scan your Twitter friends to see if they are also in your address book. The ones that are can easily be merged to show their Twitter information in their Contacts entry. And all this only takes a few simple taps.126 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 127. GroupsKeeping your contacts ingroups is a handy way tokeep in touch with friends. Your contacts Keeping your contacts in sync is easy with iCloud. Changes made on your Mac or iphone are automatically registered on the ipad. Add a contact To add a contact, just tap on the ‘+’ icon. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 127
  • 128. Tutorial: Social media in Contacts STep bY STep GUIde: Integrating Twitter and Contacts 1 Contacts app The Contacts app has been 2 Manually update You can manually add relegated to the Utilities folder, however, you can Twitter information to your contacts, but that still put it somewhere else if you prefer. Tap and would take some time. Instead it’s easier to use the hold the icon until shakes to move it. built-in Twitter function in Contacts. 3 Merge Twitter Go to Settings and then tap 4 Update contacts To get the Twitter info for on Twitter. Once here, you can see how many of your contacts, simply tap on Update Contacts. This your contacts share Twitter information. can take around five minutes.128 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 129. Twitter client5 Check contacts Once the merge has 6 Tweet options Once the accounts have You can do allfinished, simply tap on a contact to see their shared the contact information, it’s easy to start sorts of thingsTwitter username. Their account’s avatar will also tweeting. Tap on a Twitter name to begin. Here you with Twitter thankshave been copied across. can Tweet them or view tweets. to the closer integration of the service with iOS. However, the standalone apps still have much to offer and can make tweeting your friends and contacts much easier. Check out the App Store for alternatives.7 Send a tweet If you tap on Tweet, then you 8 Recent tweets Tap on View Tweets to becan immediately send them a message. You can shown a list of that contact’s recent postings. Thisalso add location information and photos. is a great way of finding out what your friends have been saying without having to visit Twitter. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 129
  • 130. Tutorial: Safari Reader Using Safari Reader on your iPad 4 to view web pages Safari Reader makes websites and blog posts much easier to read SAFARi iS ONe OF THe BeST MOBiLe WeB BROWSeRS out there. The fast and accurate way it renders pages is KiT LiST: ■ IPad 4 incredibly impressive. The browser is no doubt helped ■ Safari by the superfast A6X chip in the iPad 4. With a 4G LTE or ■ Internet connection good 3G internet connection, the faster your browser Time required: 5 mins can render a page the better as it all reduces the time Difficulty: Beginner you have to wait to see the page you want. Some website designs make it difficult to see the actual content that you want to get at . This isn’t too much of an issue where you can pinch to zoom in or double-tap on text to get a closer view, but it can still be a pain when you just want to read the text. To get a better view of the main body text on web pages Apple has included a feature in Safari called Reader. Reader automatically cuts out all the design elements of a page and just gives you the text. Reader is great for longer blog posts and news stories. You can enlarge the text to make it even easier to read, too. In the Reader view you also have quick access to other sharing options such as Reading list, Tweet and Print. The Reader function might not work on every web page, and you’ll have to wait for the page to fully load before you can take advantage of this feature, but it makes reading on the web a much more pleasant experience. Read on to find out how to get the best out of the new Reader feature and make reading online news and blog posts at lot simpler.130 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 131. Done Click on this Reader button to switch betweenFont the Reader view and theenlarge text in Reader normal web page view.view to make words muchlarger and easier to read. Simple text All of the main body of text from a web page is put on an easy-to-read background with no image distractions. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 131
  • 132. Tutorial: Safari Reader STep By STep guide: using Safari Reader 1 Basic page Safari is already very good at 2 Reader view When you’ve stripped out all rendering web pages and the Retina display the other web page elements it’s immediately makes text look extra sharp, but it can be easier to clear just how much easier the page is to read. Any read. Tap on the Reader button in the address bar. images in the article are still displayed. 3 Font size One of the best features of Reader 4 Sharing service As well as giving you a is it gives you control over the text size. Tap on clearer view of web pages, Reader lets you share a the ‘AA’ icon at the top-left then tap to select for page in a number or ways. Send articles via email, larger or smaller text. Twitter or even print them out.132 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 133. Mobile sites5 images in posts even if you make the text 6 Tweet an article if you use Twitter you can if you visit asize in Reader view very large, any images that are quickly let your followers know about an article, website that has ain the main body of the article remain in the place directly from the Reader view. Tap on the Share dedicated mobilethey are supposed to be in. icon then on Tweet. version you may not be able to use the Safari Reader function. Navigating to the desktop version of the site will allow you to see the Reader function.7 email an article if you’re not on Twitter 8 Normal view Once you’ve read the articleyou can still share any articles via email. Tap on you can go back to the standard web view to seethe Share icon and select email, and your link and and read all the elements that Reader cut out.subject will be automatically filled in. Simply tap on done. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 133
  • 134. Tutorial: Maps Use Maps on the iPad 4 tto get from A to B use the Maps app to help you navigate your way around with ease IF YOu ARE FOREVER GETTING LOST, THEN THE iPad 4 could prove to be a real lifesaver. It’s great at KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 knowing where you are, even if you aren’t quite sure. ■ Destination The powerful GPS inside your handset combines with ■ Internet connection local mobile phone reception towers to give incredibly Time required: 5 mins accurate positioning. This means that Apple’s device is Difficulty: beginner great at mapping, which is why one of the default apps on every iPad 4 is Maps. The app, used in conjunction with the GPS capabilities of the iPad 4, makes it incredibly simple to find where you are, and provide directions for you to make it from A to B as quickly as possible. You can map your journey by car, public transport or by walking, and there are alternative routes for you to choose from, too. You can search around you for local businesses or, indeed, companies in any location. So if, for example, you need to find the nearest garage, you can use your iPad 4 to find it and then have it tell you the quickest route. ’s maps app can show you the standard map view of your route or, if you prefer, it’ll show you the satellite view overhead. There’s also the option to get a hybrid view of the two together. You can even see the street view if it’s available, giving you an idea of what your final destination looks like. If you have an AirPrint-compatible printer, you can get hard copies of the map before you set out on your journey just in case your battery runs out. If the graphics get too much for you, it’s possible to see your journey in list view so that it’s just the instructions.134 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 135. Search You can search for a specific address or company here. Tap enter your text and hit Search.Your LocationThe blue dot signifies exactlywhere you are. The outerblue circle gives you awnapproximate area if yourlocation can’t be identified. Other options Tap here to get other options such as the different map types. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 135
  • 136. Tutorial: Maps STEP bY STEP GuIDE: Routes in Maps 1 Map your route Open Maps and tap on 2 Suggested routes Your route will be Directions. Your start Location will be set to Current returned with alterative options if you’re going by Location by default. Simply enter your End address car or public transport. Pick the one you want and and tap Route. Tap OK to the Safety Warning. tap Start to begin step-by-step directions. 3 Walking If you’re not in the car, tap on the 4 Search locally If you need to find a local walking icon when entering directions, this will business, tap on Search and then type in its name. render a single route for getting to your destination The nearest results will show as dropped pins. Tap on two feet. the Green icon to get directions to the business.136 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 137. Traffic5 More options To see a satellite view or to 6 Routes as a list If you find the map view trackingshow the traffic congestion on your route, tap the too daunting, you can see a list of instructions for Thanks to Maps,curled up page corner in the bottom right. your journey. Tap on the page curl and then List to you can now see see your route details. what the state of the roads will be along your journey. As you look at the map you’ll see that some of the roads have flashing red lines on them. This means there’s congestion, so these roads should be avoided.7 Print your maps As well as having all the different view options if you have an AirPrint-enableddevice, you can print them out from your iPad 4. Tap on the page curl icon and select Print.8 Flyover Once you have seen your route and printed out the steps, you can use the Maps app to showyour a 3D aerial photograpic view. Choose Satellite, zoom in and push two fingers up to view Flyover mode. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 137
  • 138. Tutorial: AirPlay Mirroring Show off your iPad 4’s display on the big screen Mirroring your iPad’s screen to a TV is easy with AirPlay yOuR iPAD’S ReTiNA DiSPLAy ReALLy HeLPS MAKe what’s on its screen stand out. The sharp detail and KiT LiST: ■ iPad fantastic brightness are fantastic. However, there are ■ Apple TV some occasions when only a big screen will do. Thanks ■ Wi-Fi connection to the AirPlay technology that’s built into iOS you can Time required: 5 mins put the output of your iPad 4 screen onto your TV Difficulty: beginner screen. You’ll need an Apple TV to connect the two, but once you’ve hooked it up, sharing is easy. You can show video and pictures on the big screen. Lots of the TV and video apps have AirPlay enabled too, allowing you to have the television signal sent from your iPad to your TV. In addition, you can send the audio from the music app over to AirPlay-enabled devices – many new iPod and iPhone hi-fi docks let you wirelessly stream music to them. AirPlay Mirroring also means that even if an app doesn’t have a designated AirPlay capability you can still show it off on the big screen. Even if you rotate the screen, the image on your TV will rotate, and you can pinch to zoom in and out. As well as photo slideshows, music, video and games, you can AirPlay your web browser to give yourself a front-room browsing experience.138 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 139. Blue barWhen you are mirroringthe iPad’s screen to an AirPlay iconApple TV, the top status To help you identifybar turns blue. that the Apple AirPlay functionality is set to display on your Apple TV the AirPlay icon is shown in the blue status bar. The screen Whenever AirPlay Mirroring is enabled, your entire screen will be displayed on your TV. Great for presentations. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 139
  • 140. Tutorial: AirPlay Mirroring STeP by STeP GuiDe: using AirPlay Mirroring 1 Home Sharing To successfully mirror your 2 Get to AiPlay To launch AirPlay you’ll have display to an Apple TV, first make sure AirPlay is to bring up the multitasking bar. From the home enabled. Go to Settings > AirPlay on your Apple TV screen press the home button twice quickly, then and make sure that it’s turned on. swipe left to access to the music controls. 3 Swipe left Once you’ve got to the music 4 Turn AirPlay on The AirPlay menu will list controls you need to swipe left again to get to the all of your Apple TVs, should you have more than AirPlay menu. Here, you’ll see the volume control one. Tap on Apple TV then slide Mirroring to On. and AirPlay button. Tap it to get started. Tap Done when you’re finished.140 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 141. youTube5 Watch TV Within a few seconds you should see your iPad’s screen replicated on your TV. it won’t fill it’s not just thethe display, but you’ll see exactly what you do on Apple’s tablet. use the iPad to navigate. videos, photos and music apps that6 browse the web Fire up Safari to see what the web looks like on your TV. you can zoom in and out support AirPlay.with a pinch on the iPad screen and both orientations will show on the TV screen, too. you can also view youTube video on your television via the Apple TV. use the iPad as a controller just as with other apps.7 AirPlay movies you can use the AirPlay functionality to watch movies and other video full-screen.Just start the video and tap on the AirPlay icon to send the video signal to your Apple TV.8 Music and pictures As well as video, you can also use AirPlay to display slideshows of images onyour iPad on the TV screen, or just to listen to the music you have on your tablet. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 141
  • 142. Tutorial: Managing storage Keep tabs on how much storage apps are using Use iOS’s tools to see which apps are using up space THe STORAGe CAPACITY ON YOUR IPAD 4 IS small by the standards of most computers. Filling it up KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 takes no time at all, especially with all the video and ■ Apps music you can so easily download from the iTunes Store. Time required: 5 mins And as apps get increasingly complex, they balloon in Difficulty: beginner size. It’s entirely possible to fill up even a 64GB iPad just with apps. It’s twice as easy to fill up a 32GB model too. This would leave you no space for music, videos or any of the other fun stuff. Thankfully, iOS lets you see exactly which apps are taking up the most space. This is great if you are running low on storage and need to dump some apps you don’t need or use. Remember that you can always re-download any of your apps. Deleting apps to make temporary space is perfectly plausible now and easily done. The ability to back up your iPad to iCloud is great for your phone security and this storage can also be managed right on your tablet. See how much of your allowance you are using and buy more space if you need it, all directly on the iPad itself. Managing your precious storage space might seem a bit dull, compared to all the other exciting things you could be doing on your iPad 4, but you can do it easily by following this simple tutorial.142 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 143. App size Space left each app takes up a You can see how much different amount of space, space is left on your iPad depending on what it in the Usage screen in the does. You can see exactly General area of Settings how much space an app eats up right here.Tap an appTo get more detail onan app and any furtherstorage space it may betaking up simply tap onthe app name. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 143
  • 144. Tutorial: Managing storage STeP bY STeP GUIDe: Managing storage space 1 See app size Go to the Settings app and 2 See all apps If you want to see the space tap on general then Usage. Here you’ll see a list of taken up by all the apps on your iPad tap on ‘Show the top 10 space-eating apps. You’ll also see the all Apps’ and the list will expand – the more apps storage state of your iCloud subscription. you have, longer this might take. 3 More app data The actual size of an app 4 Delete an app If you don’t use an app isn’t the only storage room it takes up; some apps anymore and it’s taking up space, or you just want have Documents and Data that take up space. Tap to temporarily free up some space, tap on the app on an app to see how much extra space it takes. then tap on Delete App.144 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 145. Music app5 iCloud storage Your iCloud account includes 6 iCloud backup You can back up your iPad Not all of the apps5Gb of free space. You can review how much space to the iCloud; simply turn iCloud backup on. and associated datayou’re using on your iPad. Tap on Settings then Remember that your computer will no longer back can be removed –iCloud and Storage and backup. up your iPad when connected to iTunes. it’s impossible to delete your Music app, for example. This is good as the last thing you want to do is accidentally delete all of your music.7 Space required If you need more storage 8 iCloud in detail You can easily see what’sspace on the iCloud server you can always eating up all the data on your iCloud service bypurchase up to 50Gb a year from Apple. It’s £70 for go to Settings, iCloud, Storage & backup then50Gb and £28 for 20Gb. Manage Storage. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 145
  • 146. Tutorial: Pages Creating documents on your iPad 4 with Pages for iOS Pages for the iPad will help you make documents on the go PAgeS IS A POWeRFuL WORd PROCeSSOR ON THe Mac and it’s available on the iPad, too. Naturally, it’s not KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 quite the same application on the phone as it is on the ■ Pages desktop, but the iPad version is great. ■ iCloud account You can create simple letters or more complex Time required: 10 mins documents like newsletters and posters right on your Difficulty: Beginner iPad 4. There are 16 templates to choose from that range from blank pages to three-column layouts with images and charts. Just because Pages for the iPad is a mobile app doesn’t meant it’s not powerful. You can edit margins and page layouts, as well as tabs and rulers. You can have images in your documents and resize and rotate them to suit. If someone emails you a Microsoft Word or Plain text document Pages can open these, so it’s compatible with other apps, too. Obviously, it’s unlikely you are going to be writing your next 100,000 word novel on the iPad, but the keyboard is fine for getting your thoughts down on the page. If you find the keyboard a bit of a pain there’s the dictation option in iOS that lets you speak your words directly onto the page. Pages has iCloud syncing built right in so changes you make are always tracked and any edits you make on the road are ready for you when you get back to the office. This tutorial shows you how to get started using this great piece of software.146 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 147. Edit items Here, you can edit the items on your documents screen. Move them about, Documents area or duplicate and delete. This is where all your Pages files will appear. You can arrange this space to suit your friends.Getting StartedClick on the ‘+’ icon to bringup the Template Chooser toselect a template. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 147
  • 148. Tutorial: Pages STeP BY STeP guIde: Pages 1 Create a document To make a new blank 2 Template chooser When you create a new document from a template tap on the ‘+’ icon. If document you can choose between a selection of you have a Pages document stored elsewhere, you ready-made templates, or just select Blank to start can connect here to download it. creating your own document style. 3 Add text When you open up a new template 4 Add graphics You can easily add charts, the space is filled with dummy text. To edit it, tables and pictures to your documents. Tap on the simply double-tap and the keyboard will pop up for photo logo in the toolbar to add these elements to you to start typing. your pages.148 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 149. Open5 Resize a graphic If you’d like to change the 6 document setup Pages may be on a tablet, and sharesize of one of the visual elements, just tap on it but it’s still quite advance. You can edit document If you are emailedand grab one of the blue anchor points to alter the setup, such as paper size, by tapping on the Mirosoft Word files,scale. Tap on done when you’re finished. spanner icon then document Setup. you can share them from within Pages. email documents, print them, share them in iTunes or at Word count To get a permanently displayed 8 edit styles If you’d like to edit the font orword count you need to edit the settings. Tap on style of any of the text it’s really easy. Tap on anythe Spanner icon in the toolbar then on Settings, text or a blank space then tap on the ‘i’ in theand turn Word Count ON or OFF. toolbar to make the changes. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 149
  • 150. Tutorial: Numbers Getting the most from Numbers on your iPad 4 Editing spreadsheets might sound dull, but Numbers makes it easy CREATINg SpREAdSHEETS IS HARdLY THE MOST exciting of tasks, but Numbers for the iPad is a great KIT LIST: ■ IPad 4 piece of software. It’s surprisingly powerful for a tool ■ Numbers that’s designed to work on a tablet. Thanks to the fast ■ iCloud account A6X chip inside the iPad 4 you can use the tablet for Time required: 10 mins business documents. The Retina display screen also Difficulty: beginner makes creating and editing documents a breeze. Though the iPad version of Numbers isn’t what you could call a fully featured application it does have a lot of power. Tabbed documents, equations and charts can all be created on Apple’s tablet. Combine Numbers with iCloud compatibility and you have a truly mobile office application. Start your spreadsheet on the iPad 4 at home and work on it during your trip to work on your iPhone. As well as starting from scratch, there are templates designed to help you get your data into a spreadsheet and looking good in the shortest time possible. The standard image browser tools are also available, so you can add your own images to your documents with ease. If you have colleagues that don’t use Numbers, you can still use Numbers as it allows you to export in Excel format, as well as letting you create a PDF that you can share with just about anyone. If someone emails you an Excel document or .CSV spreadsheet Numbers can open this – so now there’s no excuse to avoid that work. Get started using Numbers with this quick tutorial.150 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 151. Toolbar Tap here to access more settings to make Numbers work for you. Even on the ipad 4 your options are quite impressive.TabsYou can easily create moresheets for your documentby clicking on the tab.It’s a really great way ofnavigating your data. Tables Just because Numbers on the ipad 4 lacks some functionality doesn’t mean it’s not capable of having tables with equations. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 151
  • 152. Tutorial: Numbers STEp bY STEp guIdE: Numbers 1 Template chooser When you open a 2 Table styles You can easily change your new Numbers document you can choose from table style if it’s not to your taste. Simply tap on a selection of templates to get exactly the result a cell, then tap on the ‘i’ in the Toolbar. Select a you’re after. Tap on one to get started. table or tap on table options. 3 Edit cell text To edit the text in a cell 4 Charts To add a chart to your spreadsheet double‑tap on it, then tap in the text entry bar. tap on the picture icon in the toolbar then select If it’s not a plain‑text cell, you’ll have to tap on the T Charts. Here you can add a host of chart types to in the toolbar. your document.152 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 153. Remote5 New sheet To add a new sheet to your 6 Change cell format If you’d like a cell to storageNumbers document simply tap on the tab with be a currency or a percentage, instead of just a It makes sensethe ‘+’ icon. Now you can choose between a new number, single‑tap on a cell then in the ‘i’ in the integrating thesheet or form. toolbar. Select Format. Numbers app with iCloud. If you link the account to Apple’s application, you’ll be able to store Numbers files in the cloud and always have them to hand.7 Change text style If you’d like to edit the 8 Share and print To share your Numbersappearance of text in a cell by making it bold, spreadsheet tap on the spanner icon in the toolbar.for instance, tap on the cell then on the ‘i’ in the Here you have options to send to iTunes, print ortoolbar. Select Cells and choose your styles. email the document. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 153
  • 154. tutorial: Keynote The ins and outs of using Keynote on the iPad 4 Keynote is a powerful presentation creation tool to learn and master KeyNOte iS WeLL-KNOWN AS ONe OF tHe beSt presentation tools in the business. It’s no secret Kit LiSt: ■ IPad 4 that Steve Jobs was a big fan and used it for all his ■ Keynote keynote presentations. The slick interface and easy- ■ iCloud account to-create slides make it an incredibly simple to use Time required: 10 mins tool, and creating effective and professional-looking Difficulty: beginner presentations is a breeze. Keynote on the iPad 4 lacks the full range of features of the desktop equivalent, but it’s still surprisingly competent. You can realistically create some amazing presentations on Apple’s tablet. And if you have an iPhone, you can also use iCloud syncing to work seamlessly between the two. You can, for example, open and edit a Keynote presentation on your iPad 4, then continue editing it on an iPhone. Any changes you make within either version of Keynote will be uploaded to the other so you are always working on the latest version. Thanks to the iPad 4’s fantastic screen, creating documents and making accurate edits and changes is really simple. Your presentation can have charts, tables, images and shapes, not to mention a host of other elements. Keynote is an incredibly powerful application, but it’s easy to get started. Follow these steps to discover how you can be making Apple quality presentations in no time.154 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 155. Toolbar Double tap the toolbar gives you to edit an element on access to all the options screen, be it text or image, that are available in simply double-tap it. you Keynote on the ipad 4. can pinch to zoom in or out on a page.Slidesthe slides that make upyour presentation areshown to the left. tapon one to edit it. Save changes When you are done, simply tap on done to get back to making your presentation. Presenter notes you can add presenter notes to help you remember what to say for each slide. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 155
  • 156. tutorial: Keynote Step by Step guide: Mastering Keynote 1 iCloud When you launch Keynote you are given the option to use iCloud for storage and syncing your documents. Simply tap on use iCloud to make sure that your work is saved to iCloud. 2 Create a new slideshow to create a new presentation tap on the ‘+’ symbol at the top-left, then on Create presentation. you can select a Keynote file from itunes or another remote storage here. 3 Keynote theme Keynote has a number of fantastic themes for you to choose from. Some are simple black or white, others offer more texture. tap on one to start building your presentation. 4 get started When you’ve picked a theme you’ll see the document has a single page for you to start editing. tap on the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom-left of the screen to add more pages.156 The Complete Guide to the iPad 4
  • 157. using themes though you only get one example image when you start your new5 Add text to add your own title just double-tap on the text and the keyboard will pop up. type to add presentation on theyour titles, or you can dictate your text, too, by tapping on the microphone icon to start recording. ipad, each theme has a variety of6 Resize and move and image to change the size of a picture just double-tap on it and the blue pages to match.anchor points appear. Resize or reshape the image, or create a mask to hide the edges of the picture. this means you end up with a stylish and consistent look to all your Keynote presentation slides.7 toolbar For any selected element simply tap the ‘i’ button to see what editing options are available;images can be flipped and given styled boarders, for instance.8 tools to access more of the setting you just tap on the spanner icon. Here, you’ll see advancedoptions and extras like presenter Notes. you’ll also be able to print and share your presentation from here. The Complete Guide to the iPad 4 157
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