Deficiency disorders


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Deficiency disorders

  1. 1. Boost your immunity and maintain good health Dr Falguni Parikh Consultant Internal Medicine
  2. 2. Immunity• Capacity of the body to keep infections at bay• Occasional breakdown of defense system leading to illness• Age and immunity Biological Micronutrient malnutrition
  3. 3. • Lifestyle diseases• Deficiency diseases• Infectious diseases• Age related diseases cataract,prostate,hearing disorders,cognitive decline
  4. 4. Prevention• Non infectious diseases/lifestyle diseases• Deficiency diseases Infectious diseases
  5. 5. Lifestyle and diseases
  6. 6. Lifestyle changes
  7. 7. Vitamin B12• Red blood cell production• Functioning of nervous system• Immune system• Memory and concentration• Deficiency very widespread• Specially amongst vegetarians
  8. 8. Manifestations of B12 deficiency• Weakness, tiredness• Irritability• Depression• Tingling and numbness in hands and feet• Palpitations and dizziness
  9. 9. Treatment• Failure to treat can cause anemia, neuropathy and dementia• Early recognition and prompt treatment has good prognosis• Oral supplementation/intravenous• Diet mainly non vegetarian like meat, poultry and dairy products
  10. 10. Folic acid• Pre conception in all females• Development of spine and brain of fetus• Megaloblastic anemia
  11. 11. Vitamin D• Helps in calcium absorption and maintenance of calcium-phosphorus balance• Rickets and osteomalacia.• Osteoporosis - increased fracture risk• Bones and joints• Deficiency co exists with many diseases• Sunscreens prevent absorption
  12. 12. Vitamin D deficiency• Poor growth in children• Teeth deformities• Muscle aches and cramps• Bone pain• Spinal deformities and posture abnormalities
  13. 13. Management of vitamin D deficiency• Oral vitamin D replacement or intramuscular injections• Sunlight Food sources -• Milk and milk products• Codliver oil,eggs,fish
  14. 14. Iron deficiency
  15. 15. Clinical features of Iron Deficiency
  16. 16. Treatment of Iron Deficiency
  17. 17. Vitamin A• Needed for healthy teeth, bones, skin and tissues• Needed for good vision• deficiency causes Night blindness
  18. 18. Vitamin C• For tissue wear and tear• Teeth,bones,cartilage• Antioxidant• Cancer,heart disease• Needs to be supplemented• Scurvy,bleeding gums,decreased immunity,joint pains
  19. 19. Vitamin E• Free radical scavenger• Protects from ill effects of free radicals on cells and tissues• To be taken with doctors advice
  20. 20. Vitamin K• Necessary for blood clotting• Deficiency causes bleeding disorders• Liver disease, drugs.
  21. 21. Preventing infections
  22. 22. Common infections• Viral infections - influenza• Pneumonia• Mosquito borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue• Food and water borne diseases like Typhoid fever and hepatitis• Tuberculosis• Prevention by vaccines
  23. 23. Prevention is the key• Regular physician visits• Evaluation of baseline data- Age ,risk factors, BP monitoring,sugar,lipid profile• Lifestyle changes• Vaccines• Medications
  24. 24. Thank you
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