How to Shoot and Kill a Deer with a Mossberg 500
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  • 1.   by: Chris Penrod How to Shoot a Deer With a Mossberg 500 How to Shoot and Kill a Deer With a Mossberg 500 By:Chris Penrod
  • 2.
      • Mossberg 500 (a shotgun)
      • Place To Shoot (like the U.P.)
      • Camoflage Cloths
      • Slug Round (amo)
  • 3.
    Introduction Do you know how to shoot and kill a deer with a Mossberg 500. Well if you don't ,keep reading to find out more!
  • 4.  
                  Step #1      First you must find a place to shoot, like in the U.P where there is deer and a clear shot when you shoot
  • 5.  
    •                    Step #2
    • Once you are at your good hunting site.Then you must locate a deer. Look for markings on trees like that the bark of a tree has been scraped off, this will show you that a deer has been there.  
  • 6.  
                      Step #3     Once you get your deer in site, get into your comfortable shooting position, then look into your scope.
  • 7.   Then you will find what we call crosshairs. Locate the deer in the crosshairs. Step #4
  • 8. Step #5    Next when you locate the deer aim the center of the crosshairs behind the front leg. That's where the vitals are like the lungs and the heart. P.S the yellow dot (1) is where you want to shoot.
  • 9.                           Step #6     Finally you get to pull the trigger.      
  • 10.   Step #7     Next you must go and track your deer that you shot.    
  • 11. Step #8     Next you must track it. After you've shot it it will leave a blood trail, follow it and you will find your deer.
  • 12.            Conclusion   i hope when you go on your next hunt u will try to rember my steps to killing your own trophy buck.