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Teacher's copy

  1. 1. Teacher’s Copy WEEK: 4, 5, & 6 (C) TOPIC: LITERACY APPRECIATION (MOVIE) Moral Value (as): Courage, Liberation, Responsibility and Determination PART 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE LESSON 1. To begin the class, introduce the topic of the day by asking the students to identity the word below. Provide necessary assistance according to your students’ capacity to identify the word. P_ _ V _ K _ D (Answer: PROVOKED) Next, ask the students for the meaning of this word and start a short discussion asking the students to provide situations when someone could or would be provoked. Finally, announce to the class that the topic for the day will be based on the movie ‘Provoked.’ 2. To go further into the lesson, let the students watch the trailer of the movie (2 minutes). As they watch, require them to predict what the story is about. Have a short discussion to get their attention and interest to watch the movie. 3. Next, play the movie and let them watch it. Inform them to take note of the important incidents involving Kiranjit’s marital problems. PART 2: MOVIE REVIEW Request the students to work in group of four. Provide each group with a set of questions. Allocate 10 minutes for the students to prepare for the questions and have an open class discussion over the remaining time. Get the students to reflect to the class discussion. 1. Kiranjit is charged with murder and awarded life-imprisonment. Yet, the lady feels liberated! How do you explain her feelings? 2. Kiranjit took revenge on her husband by setting him on fire, was her act of revenge brutal? KMPP2010/KK
  2. 2. Teacher’s Copy 3. Why do you think Kiranjit did something so drastic after ten years suffering in silence? 4. How would you describe Kiranjit and what would you have done if you were in her shoes? 5. Provoked is a film based on real life. In your opinion, do you think this movie would make a difference to many people’s lives. Provide reasons and examples for your explanation. 6. Why do you think the movie is named ‘PROVOKED’? Explain your point of view on the suitability of the movie to its title. You may draw some scenes from the movie to support your explanation. PART 3: PERSONAL RESPONSE (PAIR WORK) At the end of the class, assign the students the following task; require them to submit it during the next hour of their English class. This will enrich the students’ literacy appreciation. TASK: Inspired by the real life traumatic story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia's biography, Provoked traces the anguish and agony and delivers an act that would leave everyone thinking. In your opinion, should we take the law in our own hands when provoked? Express your agreement/disagreement over the issue and justify your point of view maturely in not more than 300 words. ~The end~ KMPP2010/KK
  3. 3. Teacher’s Copy WEEK: 4, 5 & 6 (C) TOPIC: LITERACY APPRECIATION (MOVIE) Moral Values: Courage, Liberty, Responsibility and Determination OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: (Duration: 1 hour) Divide the class into two big groups. One group opposes Kiranjit’s brutal act of setting her husband on fire in order to take revenge on him. They have to argue that it is against human rights to take such sadistic means just to take revenge from anyone for this matter. And the other group supports Kiranjit’s act as she has gone through years of ill-treatment living with her husband and that her act was the result of her long buried agony. They have to argue that Kiranjit’s act was due to her own husband’s provocation and not in any way a planned intention. The teacher should provide the groups 10 minutes to discuss and prepare appropriate points to support their discussion session later. KMPP2010/KK