Jp Morgan Case Study Final


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powerpoint of my first mis\'s presentation in bachelor at Euromed

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Jp Morgan Case Study Final

  1. 1. MIS Case Study
  2. 2. The business of financial services Leading global financial firm Main Sectors: Asset Management Commercial Banking Investment Bank Private Banking Securities Services Treasury Services 2 figures : 66b$ turnover 160 000 employees Sources: MintGlobal & wikipedia
  3. 3. The business of financial services Value Chain Customers Customers The demands on the firm's technology are intense
  4. 4. The business of financial services Big Competitors $22b $71b $24 b $16 b Sources: MintGlobal
  5. 5. The business of financial services High potential employees (traders); risk management; sales Competitive services etc.... forces Focus on: Need of real time information
  6. 6. The business of financial services Strategic Groups
  7. 7. Show Operational difficulties to IS deployment or project Before After - It was difficult to back up data With OneBench, applications are extended, reused and =>it’s a gain of time and future work will benefit from th - Difficult to reuse applications to solve similar problems An application can be updated globally over a weekend Using an opensource program is a gain of money - Building financial applications involved a combinasion of Exc Strategic Groups
  8. 8. Show Operational difficulties to IS deployment or project •Goals of the project: - to develop an alternative to spreadsheets as a platform for modeling applications - to be able to recover if an update goes wrong. - scalability - reusability - To gain time, money, efficency, stability - Accelerate the Java developments on the client post with the aim of standardizing them and making easier the deployment. - Rapid deployment and decentralized development are essential to meet many diverse business needs in a fast- changing market. Strategic Groups
  9. 9. Succes of IS initiatives • Gains & Critics - plug-in nature of the platform. - A lot of emplooyess are already familiar with Eclipse => more efficient, and productive - Gain of money - Onebench enables project teams - development times are reduced from weeks to hours - Graphical performance - Single Sign on system – Security - Interoperability - RCP is Open source : gain of money
  10. 10. Potential problems • Potential evolution in the business Financial Crisis (subprime) Lost of customers Securitization => Less money devoted to R&D and technology Department. Social engeneering Competitiveness improvement (thanks to Eclipse )
  11. 11. Potential problems •scaleability of the IS initiative •Specific features such as integration with the investment bank's authentification platform => single sign-on system •Eclipse sets grounds for a friendly environment for developing applications •exemples : EIS, Snapper, Qtrade
  12. 12. Conclusions • Thanks to Eclipse RCP JPMorgan has got a plug-in friendy environment which allows lower costs and promote efficiency. • With One Bench in place, they expect their developers to develop the banking world's next killer-applications