Easy Jet Case Study - Mis


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Easy Jet Case Study - Mis

  2. 2. The business of Airline Company Presentation of the company Case Study EasyJet Airline Company Limited Founded in 1995, Luton (UK) : Strong Culture : Orange 12 years of amazing achievments Safety - Our number one priority, no compromises Teamwork - We'll get there faster 114 destinations together Fleet size 170 Pioneering - Breaking the mould to find new ways and new opportunities Passionate - We're ambitious to be the best we can be Integrity - We mean what we say and we do it! Upright devlopment : Hotels Booking etc..
  3. 3. Value Chain in Airline Companies Case Study Procurement Organisational infrastructure IT + IS HR In Bound Out-Bound Operations Marketing Service Logistics Logistics
  4. 4. Many Destinations Case Study Low Majors Cost Lower Quality Higher Quality Niche Charters Players ¤ Concentration ¤ 2 dominant groups ¤ Cost-killing = lowest price + safest travel
  5. 5. Competitive forces Case Study
  6. 6. Operational Difficulties Case Study - Maximize the rate of occuped seats - Maximize the price of sold seats - High cost of offline booking (call centers) - Merger with Go will increase the volume oof transactions - Being ticketless (customers, security, process) - High competition with other competitors (Ryanair) - Some problems in the booking process date, the flight doesn ›t correspond always at the choice of the customer.
  7. 7. Operational Difficulties Case Study Before : - There was only a customer service via call center, a phone number to book flights. - Easyland callcenter was overwhelmed before the website birth - Having only a manned callcenter doesn’t suit to the strategy of low-cost flights. - Website with just some informations about the company After : - Automated service via on-line trace and track functionality - Thanks to the website, Easy Jet has done the transition: upstart airline à Europe’s leading low-cost career - First airline company to provide only Internet-promotions - Bugs during the bookings è necessity to improve the XML or HTML languages? If it’s a problem from the server, Easyjet can’t deal with it. Cancelled flights è unsatisfied customers (ex: Easyjet doesn’t reimburse unless it is summonsed.) “C'est avec regret que nous ne pouvons répondre favorablement à votre demande de compensation. En effet, easyJet est une compagnie Aérienne Low- cost et c'est pour cette raison que nous limitons nos dépenses liées aux retards et annulations de nos vols. »
  8. 8. Goals of the Project - Increase sales. Case Study Abstract - Cost lower : reduce call centers - Develop the Web site of easyjet.com. - Offer real time promotions. - Take advantage of internet to change the business model. - To offer customers a reasonable choice of flights - Be more competitive on the market Concrete - Simplicity : no heavy design - No concerns with « stickyness » - Fast transaction execution - Security of transactions - Integration of GO web site
  9. 9. Succes of IS initiatives Case Study 90% of their sales are generated from the Internet Reduction of costs =>The strategy of the company allowed the firm to have a cost structure, 50% lower than those of its competitors. Sell online is cheaper than through the call center
  10. 10. Succes of IS initiatives Case Study Exemples Clear Creative Easy to Use
  11. 11. Succes of IS initiatives Case Study Exemples Check in online Booking Box
  12. 12. Succes of IS initiatives Case Study Exemples Meets customers needs
  13. 13. Potential problems Case Study Evolution of the business secteur - The cost higher and higher because of fuel (sometimes companies loose less money by canceling flight) - The concentration of the concurrence (low cost, charters, majors and niche players) - The crise: lower purchasing power - New habit of consumption ( sustain developpement) - Difficulties for the companies in being profitable
  14. 14. Potential Problems of the IS system Case Study Scaleability : Very important : two significant European airlines (merger with Go) increase the volume of transaction Site maintenance : expansive Intranet system can be busy. Microsoft ability to keep up : XML can be costly to the firm. Trivialization of the process : other companies have chosen the same kind of system.
  15. 15. With its new strategy of opening its doors to e-commerce and create a website, EasyJet has known a great success. However, some problems are related. EasyJet is still working on it and is trying to improve it... Conclusions