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Bill Zapper

  1. 1. Condition your Power Supply – Benefit Your Business Isn't the electric utility responsible to fix my power quality Overview problems? Electrical Power Quality problems can occur anywhere, anytime. Due to these Netindia's BillZapper can certify power quality problems, Yes and no. problems the electrical equipments may damage or fail. With the ever increasing like brownouts, power factor, over-voltage, sags, line noise Yes – as long as they, the utility, are cause of the problem and use of sophisticated controls and equipment in industrial, commercial, and others issues that increase the cost of electricity bills of your organization each month and each year. BillZapper it is within their capability to fix it. But electric utilities are institutional and governmental facilities, the continuity, reliability and quality of only required to provide power within a broad set of limits. from Netindia can rectify these power quality problems and electrical service has become extremely crucial to many power users. Electrical help you improve your organization's bottom line. No – the electric utility can't and won't take responsibility for systems are subject to wide variety of power quality problems which can interrupt Built for a Tough World problems that are outside of their control or acts of nature, production processes, affect sensitive equipment and cause downtime, scrap and Many similar power rectifiers have limitations on where and God, etc. capacity losses. Momentary voltage fluctuations can disastrously impact how they will work. Netindia's BillZapper provides the The long and short of the matter is that most electric utilities production therefore extended outages have a greater impact. The Bill Zapper highest level of performance and protection as well as being designed for duty in hardcore real world applications - deliver power as they are required to do: nothing more and protects your equipment from the most common power problems including where other power savers can't even work. nothing less. It is very easy to determine if a problem is the powerfactor corruption. fault of utility which it rarely is. The vast majority of time, What is power quality? power quality problems arises due to situations and The Bill Zapper is microcontroller-based electrical Equipment that provides Power quality means difference things to different people, conditions downstream from the electric meter (where the "clean" AC power to sensitive electrical load. Typical Bill Zapper can be but it is generally an all-encompassing term used to describe the consistency and desirable characteristics, or lack utility's responsibility ends). customisable for any Home / Office / Showroom / Club / Mill / Crusher and thereof, of electrical power from its generation, delivery Factories. This Equipment provides surge suppression and improves the power and usage. In nearly all cases, power quality is synonymous Can you help me with my power quality problem? factor of the system without adding any switching noise and thereby reduces with voltage quality. Read more about power quality… Call us. We will be happy to help you find a solution to your electrical billing cost by Up to 30% when inductive loads are connected. power quality problem. Even if we don't have a solution What are power quality problems? For most people, power quality problems are anything within our product line, we will do our best to point you to Environmental Benifits related with electric power that interferes with the power someone who does. operation of their electrical devices. There are numerous Reduction of power consumption du to improve energy specific types of power quality problems, each with own What types of power quality problems do UST products efficiency causes and effects. Read more about power quality address? Reduction power consumption means less Green house effect, problems... UST produces a unique line of products to solve broad range BILL APPER Gas emission and Fissile fuel, depletion by power stations AC voltage problems for commercial and industrial How do I fix a power quality problem? Reduction of electricity bills applications. Size range from 3 to 2,000 kVA and up to 600 Solutions to power quality problems are dictated by 1) the volts. Chronically high, low or fluctuating voltages, deep Extra KVA is available from existing supply cause of the problem and its effect, 2) to what extent the problem needs to be corrected , and 3) most importantly, voltage sags, unbalanced voltages and unbalanced currents BILL APPER Reduction of power losses are just some of the power quality solutions provided by UST. the financial value of correcting the problem. There is no Extended equipment life. single solution to any power quality problem and it's effects. Read more about UST products… Key Features For virtually any application Highlights Protects your equipment from · Validation of Load, Power Sizes 5 to 1000KVA(Modular) Application can · Surge Suppression/protection be installed at: factor Variation to justify Over / Under Voltage · Load Monitoring and 50HZ Bypass manual change over switch Manufacturing Units capacitor switching controlling is provided Machining Voltage Fluctuations · Manual changeover switch Single phase, Three phase Industrial Automation · Continuous sensing of Voltage (SAVE/BYPASS) Power Saving Upto- 30 % Broadcasting Poor Powerfactor and Current Compatible with all Loads · Three phase power Pre-programmable load Food processing · MCB Protection for Internal Sags indications Indoor & Outdoor (optional) disconnection at exceeded Factories circuitry Showroom · Load bar graph thresholds Line Noise · Lead / Lag Angle measurement Office between voltage and current · Voltage and Power display Dynamic capacitor switching Petrochemical Short Circuits Pulp & Paper · Adaptive capacitor bank · Capacitor switching indication BILL APPER Serial Interface Home switching Surges
  2. 2. Billzapper power saver Typical specifications, Technical Data BILL APPER Applications Power Rating(KVA) 5,10,15,20,25,30,50,75,100 above 100 split modular technology BILL APPER Phase-Frequency(Hz) Single Phase, Three Phase - 50Hz +/- 4% Hz Input/Output Voltages LT 440V, Earth/GND Connections Star input / Star output Cable entry Side, back, top, bottom, depending on enclosure type Operating Characteristics Powerfactor duration Unit will capable of continuous Powerfactor correction Powerfactor Variation Powerfactor will be maintained constant for any load Capacitor Switching No load current interruption during capacitor switching Overload/Inrush Capability 15% more the selected load Minimum Load No minimum load or part load conditions are required Load Power Factor Compatible with all load types Harmonic Distortion No distortion added at any load or power factor Angle Measurement Lead/Lag Angle Measurment between Voltage and load current Response Time Load Tripping 5 cycle typical; 7 cycle maximum regardless of load or load power factor Powerfactor HOLD response time 1 minute Efficiency 97% possible Operating Frequency +/-4% of nominal frequency Noise Suppression/Load Protection Surge Suppression Included, with defined load Internal Circuit Breaker Included to portect internal circuitary Protecting switch Included, Standard Construction Technology Electronically-controlled capacitor switching using micro-controller Controls Microcontroller based control Cooling Cooling fan used Enclosure Depending on the load selected LCD Display Phase voltage, load display Phase Indications R-Y-B Phase LED indications Power Save Indication Power Save LED Indication Load indication Load bar graph is provided to indicate load present Common Options Instrumentation Digital Voltage and power display with communication capability Maintenance Bypass Manual Mechanical bypass Switch is provided to isolate Unit netindia Protecting switch Pre programmed load equipment protection Enclosures Depending on the load selected Temperature - Humidity Operating Altitude Listings netindia inspiring.thoughts netindia inspiring.thoughts 3-6-438/4, Naspur House, 4th Floor #30,Himayathnagar, Hyderabad-500029. AP, INDIA. Ph: +91(040)27654956 / 57 / 58 POWER SAFETY