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Koen Kas: The future of healthcare
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Koen Kas: The future of healthcare


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On the future of healthcare - it’s less about being sick, more about staying well & healthy - the ages of Genomic medicine and Self monitoring will lead to healthcare which becomes consumer-driven, …

On the future of healthcare - it’s less about being sick, more about staying well & healthy - the ages of Genomic medicine and Self monitoring will lead to healthcare which becomes consumer-driven, engaging, addictive, fun and social – in short: Precise, Participatory, Predictive & Preventive

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. The future of healthcare and thepleasure to consume iT Prof. Dr. Koen Kas Zorgidee 2013 Hasselt February 07, 2013
  • 2. Towards personalised, participatory, predictive & preventive healthcare
  • 3. “Doctors pour drugs of which they know little,to cure diseases of which they know less,into patients of whom they know nothing”MoliereFrench author sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)
  • 4. The Chinese paid their doctor to remain healthyAs soon as they got sick, they no longer had to pay
  • 5. From 100€ spend on healthcare,1€ goes toprevention - and 90€ to last 2 years of our lives
  • 6. Why do we regularly check oil and water levelin our car, but not the status of our body?
  • 7. Why do we ask about the weather, but notabout our body tomorrow?
  • 8. 1. Age of Genomic medicine
  • 9. Personal genome analysers
  • 10. CancerCollection of rare diseases
  • 11. Improved disease classification changes treatment outcome
  • 12. Cancer drugs get personal / precise Treatment ‘V600E BRAF’
  • 13. Cancer mouse Avatars
  • 14. From 1 drop mom’s blood test for 3.500 hereditary diseases
  • 15. Life build/executedfrom 6 layers code (-omes)• Genome• Epigenome - methylome• Transcriptome• Proteome• Metabolome• Microbiome
  • 16. Our genome interactswith the world around us
  • 17. Need to combine genome with other data• Personal Omics Profile (iPOP) - n=1, 1.5Y, 300 Tb• Quantified self movement• Tricorder-like devs & wearable sensors
  • 18. 2. Age of self monitoring Smartphones, devices, Apps
  • 19. Quantified self: from geeks to 6M consumers Nike Fuelband (x LoseIt!) FitBit Flex
  • 20. Wireless activity tracker Shine (Misfit Wearables)
  • 21. Star Trek -like tricorder Thermometer Scanadu Scout (2013)
  • 22. Blood glucose meters – setting goals iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter WaveSense Diabetes Manager
  • 23. Heart monitor in FDA-approved iPhone case AliveCor
  • 24. Diagnose ear infections at home Otoscope (CellScope)
  • 25. Remote eye exams iExaminer (Welch Allyn)
  • 26. Home lung health test SpiroSmart (Univ Wash, US)
  • 27. Track, score & offer advice on sleep patterns Lark: App & armband
  • 28. Contact lens embedded with a chip to measure eye pressure For people with or at risk of glaucoma (Sensimed)
  • 29. Doctors will prescribe smart phone apps But an App will not cure cancerConsumer health - seasonal allergymngmtDoctor’s office - appointment booking-> exchange messages with practicePhysical therapy - help patientsremember practice exercises at home
  • 30. Smartphone Apps melanoma detection Sensitivity from 7% to 98% (Study 01/13) MelApp (Health Discovery Operation)
  • 31. 3. Healthcare will become attractive, fun, engaging & nicely designed
  • 32. Healthcare to become fun & engaging Motivational Apps“Sitting is the new smoking”
  • 33. Healthcare to become fun and engaging Online genome games and robots Popchillas World (Interbots)
  • 34. Real-time, remote physical therapy Kinect-style video capture Home team therapy
  • 35. Your average labtest impossible to decypher? Personalising health records
  • 36. Why do we post holiday pictures on Facebook,but do we carry our X-ray pictures in a brownenvelope from Dr to Dr ?
  • 37. Viewing & annotating Radiology images Mobile MIM (FDA-approved)
  • 38. Why do we store our kids’ blood group orvaccination dates on lousy sheet of paper orbooklet we loose ?
  • 39. System for storing family’s health records HealthVault, Microsoft
  • 40. Robodocs: doctors talk to and monitor patients remotelyRP-VITA robots, iRobot Corp
  • 41. Help people remember to take their pills as prescribed GlowCaps (Vitality)
  • 42. Ingestible sensor, stomach acid-powered Proteus Digital Health
  • 43. Drug adherence to lottery access – givenpill taken yesterday
  • 44. 4. Healthcare will become social
  • 45. Growing patient awareness - Participation Healthcare will become social
  • 46. Predicting the flu Google flu trends (
  • 47. Predicting the flu, II Epidemiological algorithm scans your tweets
  • 48. Improving eating habits The Eatery(Massive Health -> Jawbone)
  • 49. Amongst top healthcare cies will be a software cie <10Y from nowxx
  • 50. IBM Watson supercomputer Cancer patient management
  • 51. Car industry
  • 52. Healthcare Innovation economy2011-> 2013: 1-> 100 healthcare startupincubators & accelerators
  • 53. Money towards digital healthcare
  • 54. Future of healthcare Less about being sick, but about staying well & healthy Consumer-driven: social, attractive, addictive, engaging Participatory & Personalised -> Predictive & Preventive
  • 55. Contact gegevensProf. Dr. Koen KasE koen.kas@inbioveritas.comW @kaskoen