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Koen Kas TEDx Flanders - Oct20, 2012
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Koen Kas TEDx Flanders - Oct20, 2012






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Koen Kas TEDx Flanders - Oct20, 2012 Koen Kas TEDx Flanders - Oct20, 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Dealing with your personal genome Prof. Dr. Koen Kas TEDxFlanders Antwerp October 20, 2012
  • 1 thing in commonwith 7B people
  • Human genomeproject:1989 - 2001/2003
  • DNA (genome orgenetic code): 99,9 % identical 2% differences x10 characters 3x longer genome
  • The building blocks of life 1% exome = 21.000 building block genes 14.000 meaning 3.500 disease
  • ENCODE :1% real parts – 79% - 99% instructions
  • Soon, essentially for free X 1.000
  • Personal genome analysers
  • Opportunities vs Challenges
  • Cancer:Collection of rare diseases of the genome
  • Cancer drugs get personal Treatment ‘V600E BRAF’
  • Fetal sequencingfrom 1 drop mom’sbloodNo more invasive testingIDs 3.500 disease/all
  • But can we handle ourpersonal genome ?
  • Incidental findingsto report
  • How many ‘personal genomes’ around?250.000+ 106K = 0,03%25.000+ Whole exome = 1%2.500+ Whole genomecf accounts
  • Time for some introspection‘Typical odds’ not Could loose eyesight – being bald but when? Detailed numbers of SNPs Nr Number of SNPs in exome 22247 Number of missense mutations 10617 Number synonymous mutations 11121 Gain of stop codon mutations 83 Loss of stop codon mutations 15
  • So what does our codereally tells us today ?And can we act upon it ?
  • Life build/executedfrom 6 layers code (-omes)• Genome• Epigenome - methylome• Transcriptome• Proteome• Metabolome• Microbiome
  • Our genome interactswith the world around us
  • Need to combine -omes data
  • Need to combine -omes (and other) data• Personal Omics Profile (iPOP) - n=1, 1.5Y, 300 Tb• Quantified self movement• Tricorder-like devs & wearable sensors
  • Finding novel features mining shared genomes
  • Growing patient awareness - Participation
  • New findings start to pour in...Gene defends against Thrill seekingAlzheimer’s disease ‘cheating gene’
  • The promise of exploring your genomeJoin panel based on taste corianderRequest the right drugs subscribed
  • Incentives from exploiting your genome Online genome games Sign up for clinical trial based on your genome
  • 14 years ago“nonsense” to build search engine “There is not enough to search for”
  • To help dealing with your genomeLifeskout Summer 2013
  • Personalised PredictiveParticipatory Preventive