10 things you can do to improve your small business


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A step by step process for good business planning,management,marketing and improvement for a small business.

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10 things you can do to improve your small business

  1. 1. 10 Things you can do
  2. 2. One Outline what you want to do Make a  Business plan  Work plan  Marketing plan  Any plan you need
  3. 3. . Have a suitable location  Where customers can easily access products or services  On the internet  At home  In a business area Two
  4. 4. Three Believe that this business will succeed.  Avoid having negative conversations about your business.  Talk to people who believe in your business.  Be focused.
  5. 5. Four Have a good contact and respond promptly  A telephone no.  An e-mail address.  Any contact that customers can easily connect with you to make enquiries.  Have suitable working hours that both you and the customer are comfortable with.
  6. 6. Five Find the right people to work with  Find experts for every position.  Choose as many as you need and can afford.  Find out the best payment plan that suits both parties.
  7. 7. Number six Advertise your company to reach all categories of customers Do  Print advertising  On -line advertising on related websites  Outdoor advertising on billboards  Radio commercials and  TV commercials  Sponsor events etc.
  8. 8. Seven Find ways to network with partners in your industry .  Attend trade shows  Participate in conferences
  9. 9. Eight Give free consultation when you can. It may pay off later.  Join social websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc  Share information on the business  Respond to relevant comments and questions
  10. 10. Nine Contact clients after the service to know what they think.  This is to help assess your performance.  Let your surveys have gift rewards
  11. 11. Ten Reward loyal customers.  Let it be periodical  Let it some be linked to an amount purchased  Let some be for just staying as a customer.
  12. 12. Review your plan periodically Make relevant changes and updates  Have periodical meetings with stakeholders to brainstorm.  Receive every comment first and ask questions later.  Compile the relevant information after brainstorming and asking questions.  Update the original plan