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I anet e_mag_10-36-54

  1. 1. Discover The HiddenTruth
  2. 2. Your Obvious Best Choice for Single Point of ContactAppraisal Service For each claim, IAnet offers a single point-of-contact – we do not have franchises. IAnet assigns a personal customerIAnet is a nationwide insurance appraisal network that offers service representative who will see you through the entirea single point-of-contact, electronic-based claims service claims process. Plus, IAnet has a nationwide network ofthat saves you money, while our exclusive AccuracyAudit TM over 3,000 appraisers and adjusters, so the best appraiserprocedure ensures the highest level of precision on every in your area will be assigned to your claim.claim. IAnet is the obvious bestIAnet handles insurance appraisals for cars, light trucks, choice.motorcycles, classic vehicles, heavy equipment and farmmachinery, recreational vehicles (RVs), personal watercraft, Our competitors may offer all-inclusive flat-rate packages.and homeowner’s and commercial property. But, there are hidden costs in these plans. Often, flat-rate plans end up costing you thousands of dollars more thanWe offer flexible pricing, so you pay for only the services you will pay for IAnet’s outstanding service. Auto repairyou need, without compromising on IAnet’s award-winning shops know that IAnet’s appraisers thoroughly research thecustomer service. cost of parts and authenticate repair procedures to guarantee the lowest possible estimates. Our competitors don’t go this extra mile, so repair shops often take advantage by inflating their estimates. “It’s possible to save $30 upfront when you use flat-rate competitors, but without IAnet’s diligent and accurate follow through, a flat-rate estimate can end up costing an unnecessary $2,000 or more.” John Donley, CEO, IAnet
  3. 3. Our flexible plans ensurethat you pay for whatyou need, get what youpay for, and that you willnever suffer serviceshortfalls.
  4. 4. Regardless of location,clients send assignmentsto IAnet and we willimmediately dispatch theappropriate, qualifiedappraiser in closestproximity to your claim.
  5. 5. Comprehensive ClaimsIAnet Services ServiceIAnet builds quality assurance into our insurance appraisal > Standard Autoservice throughout the entire claims process. > Classic Vehicles and Specialty Vehicles > Heavy Equipment and Farm MachineryAccuracyAuditTM Team > MotorcyclesIAnet’s AccuracyAuditTM Team checks 100% of claims that > Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Personal Watercraftcome into our office, using human and electronic > Scene Investigations/Adjustmentsauditing procedures to ensure the highest level of > Commercial Propertyaccuracy. IAnet’s meticulous attention to detail uncovers > Homeowner’s Propertyproblems before they arise, which cuts down on the > Diminished Valueseverity of estimates and the need for time-consuming > Total Loss Handling (ACV Evaluations/Partnerships withrevisions and carrier audits. Copart/IAA) > Adjusting ServicesThe IAnet AccuracyAuditTM Team ensures that estimatesare in compliance with company guidelines, parts usage Centralized Dispatchingopportunities are maximized, proper repair vs. replacementtechniques are used, state disclaimers are used when IAnet immediately dispatches the most qualified,available, summaries are filed and revisions are handled in appropriate appraiser in your area, regardless of youra speedy and accurate manner. location.Tiered Pricing* Active Claims Tracking &IAnet’s flexible pricing plans ensure that you pay for only Status Monitoringthe services you need, without compromising on IAnet’soutstanding customer service. IAnet’s Status Team continually tracks every claim from start to finish and reports the status to you by whicheverValue Standard communication platform you prefer, whether it’s telephone,Single visit appraisal for straightforward claims. email, fax or some other means. Plus, your claim is(If additional visits are necessary, there is a nominal charge accessible online 24 hours a day.per visit.) Our Status Team continually utilizes IAnet’s exclusiveStandard Plus AccuracyAuditTM and delivers files within 72 hours.Appraisal with up to one supplemental site visit.(If additional visits are necessary, there is a nominal charge Integrated Vendor Servicesper visit.) IAnet’s coordinators ensure the appropriate appraiserGold Standard is assigned to each claim, including reviewing theirIAnet’s all-inclusive appraisal includes unlimited qualifications against state licensing requirements, whichsupplemental visits. cuts down on a potentially time-consuming process. Our coordinators interview each appraiser and review their work. Uploading & File Delivery IAnet delivers files via any requested carrier technology, including Audatex; CCC Autoverse; ProcessClaims; ClaimHub; Mitchell WorkCenter; Performance Claims; Nugen IT; SceneAccess and others. We upload files any hour of the day, evening and weekend to reduce file cycle time and severity.* Please note: Tiered pricing does not include Total Loss Handling service. Tiered pricing levels apply only to standard database auto claims. Value Standard and Standard Plus service chargefor additional supplemental visits is $55.00. Additional charges may also apply in the following locations: Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Canada. Onrural claims, 50 miles round-trip to claim site is included in the price at no additional charge. Mileage for rural claims over 50-mile round trip will be billed at an additional charge. Please callclient services at 480-596-1105 if you have any questions.
  6. 6. Your Best Choice for Claims Expedited StatusAppraisal Service Your personal customer service representative offers quick access to the most up-to-date information. We buildIAnet is your best obvious choice for accurate appraisals, relationships with appraisers and provide them with aresponsive service, technology innovation and pricing that steady flow of business, which in return ensures that ourlets you select the exact level of service you need. appraisers provide quick response times and timely status reports.Call us or visit IAnetwork.net to begin experiencing thedifference between the best and the rest. Centralized Billing IAnet is capable of billing per file or by bulk. Moreover, because appraisers are contracted through IAnet, we360 of Efficiency, 0 handle all 1099 tax reporting, which eliminates the timeAccuracy and Savings. that adjusters would need to gather tax information and the potential of carriers sending out thousands of 1099 tax statements. Str eamline Dispatch O ed Eff ptim dit s ici u petatu en S m y Ex c Acco Billing ed Totalntability Centr aliz u Loss urit nts I nte endo Secpleme y V gra r ted p Su Acc u d Tea racy Tiereing m Pric
  7. 7. Our staff monitors theprogress on a daily basisensuring that appraisals donot slip through the cracksor demand hours of followup from the adjuster.
  8. 8. AccuracyAuditTMUncover challenges beforethey hit the carriers toreduce estimate severity,reduce revision time, and cutback dramatically on carrieraudit issues.
  9. 9. Supplements SecuritySupplements are prioritized through the IAnet systemand tracked for fastest cycle time. Audits are conductedfor invoices, proper negotiations between the shopand appraiser and guideline compliance. Physicalre-inspections ensure that claim severity, fraud andunnecessary repairs are greatly reduced.Total Loss AccountabilityIAnet has a dedicated Total Loss team who save carrierstime for each total loss file. Our team of industry expertshandle calling in bids, movement of salvage, tracking totalloss and, when requested, total loss settlements.Are You Spending$2000 to Save $30?If You’re Not Using IAnet forClaims, Here’s What You’reMissing...> Fully Managed, Monitored and Expedited End-to-End Claims Processing> Experienced Staff Answering Phones Monday through Friday> Personal Customer Service Representative Assigned to Your Account Pr operty ft & Water onal StaAuto cr a ndar d Recreati nt Sp las me C sic ialty uip ec Ve and Eq arm vy hic les Hea & F
  10. 10. NationwideNetwork of www.ianetwork.net3,000 IAnet is the Obvious BestExperienced Choice for Appraisal ServiceAppraisers > > Nationwide Appraiser Network Nationwide Adjuster NetworkMeans No > Single Point of Contact (No Franchises) > Cutting-Edge Technology Backed by Experienced Industry VeteransClaim is > > Flexible Pricing Plans AccuracyAuditTM Ensures Precision and Low Claim“Out-of-Area” Severity > Appraisers and Adjusters in Canada Our competitors often waste time trying to find appraisers for each claim, sometimes conducting online searches or thumbing through directories. IAnet eliminates this inefficiency with a standing nationwide network of experienced appraisers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  11. 11. For more information visitwww.ianetwork.net
  12. 12. Office: 480.596.1105Fax: 480.596.1140www.ianetwork.netassignments@ianetwork.netNational DispatchVoice: 888.645.5979Fax: 888.344.70433,000 Adjusters & Appraisers and GrowingAll trademarks are property of their respective owners. © IAnet 2011