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IVS2009Spring Document Transcript

  • 1. 2009 Spring
  • 2. Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring 300 Infinity Ventures Summit IT 2 2 3 Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 1 IVP Fund 10 Infinity Ventures Summit LLP LLP Masashi Kobayashi Akio Tanaka Hirofumi Ono LLP LLP LLP 1970 1974 1998 D CTO CEO 2000 2001 100 2004 Flash 400 2008 1 M&A 2007 8 2008 6 LLP LLP LLP 2008 1 LLP
  • 3. Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring Advisers Gen Isayama Koki Sato DCM DCM 1975 1997 IT 4 1999 DCM 16 2004 12 2006 10 DCM Arch Pacific Amikai Web2.0 2006 / MBA Fillmore Advisory, JasperSoft, Ustream. TV, Star Flyer Oriental Standard, Sling Hiroshi Takeuchi Media 07 , Bittorrent, RockYou, Oak Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, Inc. Investment Partner Pacific Interactive mop.com, xiaonei.com 1995 4 Web Tetsuya Ebata 2 CEO Future/Swap/Option Value at Risk 1965 1987 5 BtoB ASP IT hands on 1996 IT 1to1 MVC 3 1998 IT 2000 about. com CEO 2004 Yahoo! JAPAN All About 2005 9 JASDAQ Dr. Shuji Honjo Tomohito Ebine CSO Computer Sciences Corp. CSK/ General 1999 Atlantic LLC 9 2001 1 SVP COO 2006 1 CEO 2008 3 Ocean CEO 2009 3 Capital SNS XSHIBUYA MBA MBA 2000 2006 Masataka Matsumoto 2008 Web R&D 2008 1970 45 7 22 38 1991 3 1993 5 Hisashi Katsuya 6 G-con 1996 8 6 IBM Venture Capital Group 1999 11 6 2000 1985 IBM 2000 IBM Venture Capital 12 9 Group Venture Yahoo! BEAT Project Everywhere 2000 12 2009 IT 10 2004 16 1 9 2006 18 4 3000 800 VC 2009 21 4 R&D Vivid Software Vision MOT Mikihiro Yasuda COO Dr. Shogo Kawada IT 10 ISP WEB 1996 1999 16 6 COO CTO 2008 19 8 COO
  • 4. Timetable Thu. 21 May 11:30 13:00 3F 13:00 13:15 3F 13:15 14:00 Session 1: 3F mixi - SNS Speakers: mixi Moderator: LLP 14:30 15:45 Session 2: 3F Speakers: mixi RockYou!, Inc. CTO and Founder Jia Shen Zynga, Inc. Co-Founder and GM of MMO Division Eric Schiermeyer Moderator: LLP 16:15 17:30 Session 3-A: 3F Session 3-B: 3F HOT KOREA - Speakers: Speakers: Google Product Manager Chang Won Kim CSO OhmyNews Co. Ltd. Former Communication Director CEO MIN, Jean K. TechnoKimchi Editor and Blogger COO Taewoo Danny Kim Moderator: LLP Moderator: CEO 18:00 19:15 Session 4: 3F i-mode10 - Speakers: R&D Moderator: Klab CEO 19:30 21:30 3F 21:30 23:30 31F
  • 5. Fri. 22 May 8:45 10:30 Session 5: 3F Launch Pad - 1 6 Sponsored by : LLP : IBM Venture Capital Group Presenters: COO KLab takram design engineering Cmune Ltd COO spice life Cerevo DCM mixi R&D 11:00 12:15 Session 6 3F Speakers: AdMob, Inc. Founder & CEO Omar Hamoui Velti CEO Alexandros Moukas Moderator: LLP 12:15 13:30 2F 13:30 14:45 Session 7-A: 3F Session 7-B: 3F - 3 - Touch Interface Speakers: Speakers: Goyoo Networks Inc. Chairman & CEO Jerry Wang CEO takram design engineering Moderator: Moderator: LLP LLP 15:15 16:30 Session 8-A: 3F Session 8-B: 3F - Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing Speakers: Speakers: Gaia Online CEO Craig Sherman Animoto.com CTO Stevie Clifton Mochi Media Chief Mochi Jameson Hsu RightScale Inc. CEO and Founder Michael Crandell COO Moderator: Moderator: LLP Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners Inc Investment Partner 17:00 18:30 Session 9: 3F Global Ventures - Speakers: AdMob, Inc. Founder & CEO Omar Hamoui DCM Gaia Online CEO Craig Sherman GSR Ventures Managing Partner Richard Lim RockYou!, Inc. CTO and Founder Jia Shen Moderator: LLP 18:45 20:30 1F
  • 6. Session2 Sessions & Thu. 21 May 14:30-15:45 3F Speakers Session1 Akinori Harada mixi Jia Shen CTO and Founder RockYou!. Inc. Jia is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of 1st Day RockYou, and has focused extensively on graphic design and usability throughout his professional web development career spanning over 10 years. Prior to RockYou, Jia has held management roles leading the user interface and technical solutions teams at Open Harbor, Session1 and managing the majority of engineering at Iconix. Jia mixi - SNS started working on scalable consumer applications at Thu. 21 May 13:15-14:00 3F shopping tools internet provider Bluedog, a Stanford based startup, and was part of the original team at Bell Laboratories which developed the VoiceXML format into Kenji Kasahara the W3C standard. In addition, Jia s experience has spanned enterprise sales and professional services functions, as he closed transactions and integrated with 1997 IT large multi-national corporation customers like Mitsubishi, Tyco, Flextronics, and DHL. Jia has a 11 double major in Computer Science and Computer Find Job ! 1999 6 Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. 2004 2 mixi 2006 2 9 Eric Schiermeyer Co-Founder and GM of MMO Division Zynga, Inc. mixi 1,630 2008 12 31 A life-long gamer who started out playing Atari and Intellivision games. Prior to launching Zynga, he co- 1975 12 6 2008 12 31 founded 3 successful start-ups including Intermix Media. Eric studied philosophy and economics at U.C. Santa Cruz and maintains an interest in world Akinori Harada mixi religions, philosophy, martial arts and yoga. He currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two children, ages 3 and 5. 1998 NTT 2001 NTT BROBA NTT Moderator: Akio Tanaka LLP goo 2005 NTT LLP i SNS i i 2007 12 2008 1 Session3-A 2008 11 1975 7 2008 12 31 Thu. 21 May 16:15-17:30 3F Moderator: Hirofumi Ono LLP Kouhei Takashima LLP 2000 5 E 2000 6 2007 2007 250 Tomohito Ebine CSO Advisers Tetsuya Ebata CEO Advisers
  • 7. Mikihiro Yasuda Jean K. Min (Mr) COO Former Communications Director, OhmyNews International Advisers Jean K. Min joined OhmyNews as a director of Susumu Tsubaki international division in early 2004. Since then he programmed and executed the launching of OhmyNews International, its English language edition with an aim to BCG replicate OhmyNews success home on the global stage. http://english.ohmynews.com A life-time follower of Marshall McLuhan, he M&A experimented with various medium as a communication 95 -96 designer at Cheil Communications, Samsung s in- house advertising agency. He also contributed to the IT launching of Seoprise.com, an influential political web 15 zine in Korea that, together with OhmyNews, played a 2006 vital role in electing the former South Korean reformist president Roh in 2002. He is currently profiling the latest development in 2008 Korean technology sector and adding his insight in Planet Size Brain. Danny Kim is also the author of Meconomy, a book on the economic analysis of Web 2.0. Prior to becoming a full-time blogger, he worked for Samsung SDS as a researcher for 4 years and is currently helping Moderator: Etsuko Okazima Openmaru with global marketing. Danny holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in computer science from Cornell University. MBA 2002 Taewoo Danny Kim Editor and Blogger, TechnoKimchi 2005 2007 Co-founder, Cosmic StatioN Taewoo Danny Kim is one of the leading Web 2.0/Tech bloggers in Korea behind TechnoKimchiand qOoOp Media and Taewoo s log. He s also known as the very 2008 first full-time blogger in Korea. His passion is about Young Global informing the rest of the world about the cool digital Leader 2007 things happening in Korea. He s been featured on numerous mainstream media, such as CNN, SBS, and several other newspapers also has spoken at conferences such as X Media Lab, Open Web Asia, and Le Web. Danny Kim s latest adventure is with a startup company named CosmicStatioN, a company dedicated Session3-B to bringing in reasonable innovation to the business HOT KOREA - world, by creating a platform on which many players from diverse fields can come together and grow Thu. 21 May 16:15-17:30 3F together in a connected fashion. Danny s main role within the company is to develop a loosely networked business platform. Chang W. Kim Product Manager Google Moderator: Akio Tanaka LLP Chang W. Kim is a product manager at Google s Seoul LLP office. Chang joined Google in September 2008 when TNC, the company he served as co-CEO, was acquired. At TNC, Chang led the company s strategic planning and product development. TNC was Korea s leading blog solutions company that had the highest market share among professional bloggers. Prior to TNC, Chang developed mobile web strategies at Samsung Electronics Mobile division, in partnership with world s leading wireless carriers. Chang is actively involved in introducing Asia s web innovations to the world, as a conference organizer (Open Web Asia) and as a blogger (Web 2.0 Asia). Chang holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and also studied at Seoul National University in Korea.
  • 8. Session4 i-mode10 Thu. 21 May - 18:00-19:15 3F 2nd Day Takeshi Natsuno Session5 Launch Pad - 1 6 1988 Fri. 22 May 8:45-10:30 3F 95 96 97 NTT Sponsored by i 2005 08 Presenters: KLab SBI Paintica NTT IT Yoshikazu Tanaka Ameba Cmune Ltd 1999 3D Social Game Paradise Paintball 2000 2 spice life tmix 2004 2 GREE 10 Cerevo 12 Web WiFi Cerevo Masataka Matsumoto R&D vizoo Advisers Moderator: Tetsuya Sanada Jingoo Klab MotionPortrait 1989 i Q2 FAX 1997 SNS Lang-8 ACCESS i 1998 CTO 2000 R D KLab CEO No.1 iPhone LightBike 2004 KLab Akio Tanaka LLP LLP : Hisahi Katsuya IBM Venture Capital Group Advisers Mikihiro Yasuda COO Advisers Koki Sato Advisers
  • 9. Kinya Tagawa Alexandros Moukas takram design engineering CEO Velti 99 01 Alex is a co-founder of Velti and, as CEO of one of the world s biggest mobile marketing companies, is responsible for its overall performance, strategic 06 takram direction and global development. Velti operates in 35 design engineering countries at present and Alex oversees moving into new markets that provide the company with opportunities to deliver innovative mobile marketing and advertising solutions. Previously Alex co-founded, and was Chief tagype Scientist, of U.S. strategic sourcing software provider Afterglow NTT i i FCI, and he holds a M.Sc. from MIT Media Lab in Software Agents, a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from 2007 Microsoft Innovation Award the University of Edinburgh and a B.Sc. in Business red dot award: product design 2009 Administration from the American College of Greece. http://www.takram.com/ Moderator: Hirofumi Ono Isao Moriyasu LLP COO LLP 1998 1999 Session7-A 2004 4 2006 6 - Web Touch Interface 2009 4 COO Fri. 22 May 13:30-14:45 3F Dr. Shogo Kawada Dr. Masahiko Inami Advisers Gen Isayama DCM Advisers 2008 4 / Dr. Shuji Honjo Advisers ERATO Akinori Harada mixi Session1 IEEE Virtual Reality Best Paper Award TIME Coolest Inventions Masataka Matsumoto R&D Advisers Kinya Tagawa takram design engineering Session5 Session6 Junichi Rekimoto Fri. 22 May 11:00-12:15 3F 1986 Omar Hamoui 1994 Founder & CEO AdMob (Sony CSL) 1999 Sony CSL Omar Hamoui is the Chief Executive Officer of AdMob 2007 and a member of the company s board of directors. He PlaceEngine founded AdMob in January 2006 while in the MBA program at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, Omar started and ran several companies in the mobile, Internet, and computer PLAYSATATION3 VAIO NFC software industries including Vertical Blue, GoPix and 1990 30 fotochatter, a mobile to mobile image sharing network. 1998 MMCA Omar holds a BS in Computer Science from the 1999 University of California, Los Angeles and is on leave 2003 2008 BP from The Wharton School. 2007 ACM SIGCHI Academy Moderator: Masashi Kobayashi LLP LLP
  • 10. Session7-B Jameson Hsu 3 - Chief Mochi Mochi Media Fri. 22 May 13:30-14:45 3F Jameson Hsu is Chief Mochi and co-founder of the Jerry (Hao) Wang online games network, Mochi Media. Prior to starting Chairman and CEO Goyoo Networks Inc. Mochi Media, Jameson co-founded the award winning interactive design agency WDDG where he led Mr. Jerry Wang is the founder & CEO of Goyoo campaign strategies with major brands such as Kraft, Networks. Goyoo is a leading provider of one-stop HP, Burger King and many more. Jameson has been at entertainment portal platform for broadband content the intersection of online games, advertising and Flash distribution. Goyoo s platform has been deployed to technologies for the past 10 years. over millions PCs within 10,000+ internet cafe shops all over china, millions users play and pay for game, Shinichi Saijo entertainment content through this integrated portal COO platform every day. Jerry Wang has more than ten years experience in internet and multimedia industry, used to 1996 4 found Hdt*- the top 1 rich media advertisement 2000 company in China which became the first HBS case 3 study in Chinese internet industry. Before that, Jerry worked as the Macromedia senior consultant for 5 years to develop the china market. 2004 12 2006 4 2008 10 Kensuke Chikaishi COO FX CEO 1975 2001 6 CEO http://ameblo.jp/saijo/ 2006 3 CCO 2006 Moderator: Hirofumi Ono 2007 4 LLP - - LLP Moderator: Akio Tanaka LLP LLP Session8-B Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing Fri. 22 May 15:15-16:30 3F Session8-A - Stevie Clifton Fri. 22 May 15:15-16:30 3F CTO and co-founder Animoto.com Stevie is co-founder and CTO of Animoto Productions, a Craig Sherman web service for automatically producing unique music Chief Executive Officer Gaia Online videos from a user s images and music. He designed and implemented Animoto s systems architecture on top of During business hours, Craig Sherman lives in Amazon s Web Services infrastructure, and is a member gaiaonline.com, the leading online hangout for teens of the AWS Developer Advisory Council. Stevie is the and young adults. Prior to joining Gaia Online, Craig primar y inventor of Animoto s patent filing of served as Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark Automatically Generating Audiovisual Works. Stevie is Capital. Craig was also COO of MyFamily.com/ a software architect and motion graphics artist. Prior to ancestry.com (now called The Generations Network), Animoto, he worked as technology consultant and lead where he helped grow the company from $10 million animator for Peter Jennings Productions for four years. to $150 million in sales and transformed it from an Stevie received his bachelor s degree in both Computer advertising-based site to a highly profitable consumer Science and Japanese from Dartmouth College. subscription business. Before this, Craig held senior positions at American International Group, where he Michael Crandell ran marketing for all divisions of AIG in Japan and CEO and Founder RightScale Inc. Korea plus managed the region s highest margin subsidiary. Previous to AIG, Craig was CEO of Michael has worked as CEO or EVP for 10 years in Cendant Japan, a joint venture founded by Cendant Internet-based, software-as-a-service companies, and Mitsubishi Corporation. Craig is currently on the i n c l u d i n g e Fa x ( In t e r n e t f a x ) a n d C e l e b ro s boards of kongregate, Netquote and Singlefeed. (e-commerce search). Earlier, he founded and ran two Previously, Craig also held board positions with software companies in document creation and Photobucket, prior to its sale to the Fox network, communications. Michael is equally comfortable with Homestead, prior to its sale to Intuit, and Logoworks, the business and technology sides of a company, and prior to its sale to Hewlett Packard. Craig graduated has experience taking a company from early stage to magna cum laude from Princeton University. IPO. Michael received his B.A. from Stanford University with graduate studies at Harvard University.
  • 11. Toru Nishikawa Richard Lim Managing Partner GSR Ventures Preferred Richard manages the GSR Silicon Valley office, and Infrastructure focuses on investments in the Internet and green technology. Prior to GSR, Richard founded three venture-backed Internet and software companies in the United States. He was also an executive at Lotus Preferred Infrastructure Development Corporation. Richard grew up in Singapore and has a MBA from Stanford University (Arjay Miller Scholar) and a Bachelor degree from National University of Singapore. Richard is a Charter member of Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA). Moderator: Hiroshi Takeuchi Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, Inc. Investment Partner Jia Shen Advisers CTO and Founder RockYou!. Inc. Session2 Moderator: Akio Tanaka Session9 LLP Global Ventures - LLP Fri. 22 May 17:00-18:30 3F Tomoko Namba 1962 4 1984 9 1985 6 1986 3 1986 4 1988 5 1990 6 MBA 1990 9 1996 12 3 1999 3 DeNA 1999 8 DeNA 2003 2 IT 2004 4 2007 8 Omar Hamoui Founder & CEO AdMob Session6 Katsuhito Tyao DCM Apple 9424 Doll Capital Management DCM DCM 120 16 51job (Nasdaq:JOBS) Kabu.com (TSE: 8703) Recourse Technologies (Symantec M&A) Sling Media SMIC (NYSE: SMI) BitTorrent Oak Pacific InterActive (Mop.com, Xiaonei.com) 99Bill Outspark RockYou 2006 Forbes Midas 10 2004 Zero2IPO 3 MBA Craig Sherman Chief Executive Officer Gaia Online Session8-A
  • 12. 3F 2F PC
  • 13. Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring Launch Pad Partners Platinum Partner Silver Partners ISAO NTT HIKARI Bronze Partners I&G NEC NTT Media Partners Conference Partners
  • 14. Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Spring 2009 5 21 22 Infinity Ventures Summit 2009 Fall 2009 11 12 13