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Infinity Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto
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Infinity Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto


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Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto のプログラムです。

Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto のプログラムです。

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 2011 Fall Kyoto
  • 2. Infinity Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto 2011 12 7 8 LLP Infinity Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Kyoto 550 Infinity Ventures Summit IT 2 2 2 LLP Infinity Venture Partners LLP Masashi Kobayashi Akio Tanaka Hirofumi Ono LLP LLP LLP 1970 1974 1998D CTO CEO 20002001 100 2004 Flash 400 2008 1 M&A 2007 8 2008 6 LLP LLP LLP2008 1 LLP
  • 3. Infinity Ventures Summit 2011 Fall Platinum Partners Gold Partners Launch Pad Partners Silver Partners Bronze Partners Media Partners Conference Partners
  • 4. TimetableWed. 7 Dec11:30 13:00 B Supported by13:00 13:05 A13:05 14:00 Session 1: A Speakers: Moderator: IT14:30 15:45 Session 2-A: A Session 2-B: B Speakers: Speakers: gumi Queens Road Capital Founder Fritz Demopoulos Rekoo CEO Patrick Liu gloops Founder and Chief Editor Dr. Gang Lu Co-Founder Marc van der Chijs Moderator: Youlu, Inc Co-founder and President, International CEO Richard Robinson Moderator: LLP16:15 17:30 Session 3-A: A Session 3-B: B Speakers: Speakers: Open Network Lab MOVIDA JAPAN CEO 500 Startups Founding/Managing Partner Dave McClure GMO TechStars Director,TechStar Network Patrick Riley Moderator: Moderator: LLP18:00 19:15 Session 4: A Speakers: GMO CEO Moderator: R&D CIO19:30 21:30 B22:00 24:00 VIP 3F
  • 5. Thu. 8 Dec6:30 8:45 B8:45 10:45 Session 5: A Launch Pad LLP NHN Japan Open Network Lab CEO gumi DCM MOVIDA JAPAN CEO R&D CIO11:15 12:15 Session 6: A DeNA Speakers: Moderator: LLP12:15 13:30 4F13:30 14:45 Session 7-A: A Session 7-B: B Speakers: Speakers: CFO Moderator: KKBOX CEO Chris Lin takram design engineering Mobotap Inc. CEO Yongzhi Yang RockYou Founder Jia Shen Moderator: McKinsey & Company, Inc.15:15 16:30 Session 8-A: A Session 8-B: B Speakers: Speakers: KLab CEO Moderator: LLP Speaker&Moderator: CEO17:00 18:30 Session 9: A Speaker: Moderator: LLP19:00 22:00 at
  • 6. Sessions & Speakers Session2-A Wed. 7 Dec 14:30-15:45 A1st Day Hironao Kunimitsu gumi Santa Monica College 2004Session1 2007 6 gumiWed. 7 Dec 13:05-14:00 A Taisei Yoshida Masayoshi Boku 2005 4 CGM US 2000 2006 10 11 GREE CM2011 Yoshihiro Kajiwara Cannes gloopsOne Show NY ADC D&AD CLIO LIA NY Festival Webby 2005ADFEST Spikes Asia TIAA gloopsYJICA 2007 SNS nendo 2009 Kenji Kasahara !! !! 1997 IT !! 11 Kenji Kobayashi Find Job ! 1999 6 2004 2 2005 mixi 2006 2 9 mixi 2009 1,535 2011 7 2010 1975 Akinori Harada 2011 6 COO Mobage 1998 NTT goo Moderator: Taisei Tanaka 2005 NTT i CEO CGM 2008 1976 mixi mixi mixi mixi COO mixi 2006 10 Moderator: Nobuyuki Hayashi IT CEO IT 90 IT 2007 ARis AR 200807 iPhone iPhone BP Mixi GREE IT5 1 Session2-B IT iPhone iPad iPhone iPad BP Wed. 7 Dec 14:30-15:45 B Fritz Demopoulos Founder Queens Road Capital Formerly founder and CEO Fritz Demopoulos has been involved in the Chinese Internet for over a decade. He was a founder and CEO of, Chinas largest travel website which recently sold a majority stake to Baidu. Fritz also was a founder and CEO of, Chinas largest sports website which was sold to ?Fritz also had senior positions at News Corp and He is originally from Los Angeles and educated at UCLA and Cal State Fullerton.
  • 7. Patrick Liu Session3-A CEO Rekoo Patrick Liu is the Founder and CEO of Rekoo. He Wed. 7 Dec 16:15-17:30 A obtained his BS from Beijing University. Later in the United States, he obtained M.Sc. from University of Mikihiro Yasuda Illinois at Urbana Champaign and MBA from Kellog Open Network Lab School of Management in Northwestern University. InNovember 2003, he co-founded eFriendsNet, one of China s first and biggestSNS platforms, which was in 2006 acquired by a French public company. In ISPearly 2008, he founded Rekoo, the top social game company in Asia. Dr. Gang Lu Founder & Chief-Editor co-founder 2004 6 CTO OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup co-founder 2007 TechNode, an independent tech blog written in both 8 COO English and Chinese, is now the No.1 English tech 2011 7 CTO media and one of the most influential Chinese startup- Media Incubation focus medias, covering the latest news in China/Asia Open Network Labweb industry. Gang Lu was the Asia Business Development Director, the world leading personalized homepage and widgettechnology provider. He is one of the first introducing Widget economy and Taizou SonOpen Platform into Asian market. As an independent industry observer, Gang MOVIDA JAPAN CEOLu has been invited to deliver keynote speeches and panel discussion at diverse MOVIDA JAPAN 1996international events/conference such as TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing , APEC Yahoo!JapanSME Summit, SXSW Technology Summit, Global Mobile Internet Conference GMIC , the China Internet Annual Summit etc. Gang Lu was awardedTOP10 Best Expert of 2008 by iResearch, the leading Internet consulting 2002company in China, and he is also the guest writer for the world leading tech 2005blog TechCrunch. Gang Lu has MSc, PhD in wireless communications from J/Vthe University of Sheffield, UK. 2030 Startup Accelerator Marc van der Chijs MOVIDA JAPAN Co-Founder Marc van der Chijs is a Dutch serial entrepreneur, who has been living in China for over 12 years. Among others he co-founded leading online video site Tudou. Dave McClure com NASDAQ: TUDO , and he set up Spil Games Founding/Managing Partner 500 Startups operations in Asia. His latest venture is user generated Dave McClure is a greedy venture capitalist &fashion site, where users all over the world can design their founding partner at 500 Startups, an internet startupown fashion. Marc is also an angel investor, with a focus on Chinese high tech seed fund and incubator program in Mountain View,and Internet companies. In his spare time he loves endurance sports such as CA. He likes to hang out with entrepreneurs, andmarathon running and long distance biking. occasionally help or invest in their startups if they are foolish enough to let him.Dave has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over Richard Robinson twenty years, and has worked with companies such as PayPal, Mint, Founders Co-founder and President, International Youlu, Inc Fund, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twilio, Simply Hired, OReilly Media, Richard is the Co-founder and President, International Intel, & Microsoft. Years ago he used to do real work like coding or marketing of Youlu Inc and the Co-founder and Chairman of or running conferences, but these days he mostly does useless stuff like sending Kooky Panda. Hes an active entrepreneur, advisor and lots of email, blogging, and hanging out on Facebook and Twitter.Dave also angel investor in China. Over the past 14 years in likes to play ultimate Frisbee when his knees dont hurt. China Richard has been co-founder and CEO of DadaAsia; co-founder of Shouji Mobile; VP of Intl for Linktone (NASDAQ:LTON); Patrick Rileyfounder and CEO of MIG which was acquired by Glu Mobile Director, TechStar Network TechStars(NASDAQ:GLUU) and a founding executive as VP of Marketing and Sales for Patrick Riley currently oversees the TechStars Network, an affiliation of short-term mentorship-drivenRichard is the co-founder of the first Beijing Chapter for EO (Entrepreneurs accelerators, as the Director of the TechStars Network.Organization) and the co-founder of Chop Schticks Comedy. Richard received He started his career working for W.L. Gore andan MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University in Associates the makers of Gore-Tex doing businessThe Netherlands in 1996, and a B.S. in Business Administration from the development and moved into the executive leadership of the American RedUniversity of Southern California in Los Angeles in 1989. Richard is proficient Cross in Washington, D.C. In this role he oversaw the Office of the Chiefin Mandarin Chinese and has two small boys Made in China. Operating Officer and later acted as a financial consultant to the organization. Patrick left the Red Cross to manage the sales and operations for the western Moderator: Akio Tanaka half of the United States for a venture backed healthcare technology start-up LLP company. Following his passion to support start-up companies around the 1970 world, Patrick moved into his current role at TechStars. Outside of work, he is CTO finishing his MBA at the University of Colorado and enjoys spending time CEO with his wife, bike riding and skiing around Colorado. Moderator: Akio Tanaka Flash LLP M&A Session2-B2008 6 LLP
  • 8. Session3-B Session4 Wed. 7 Dec 18:00-19:15 AWed. 7 Dec 16:15-17:30 B Yoshikazu Tanaka Daisuke Yanasawa 1999 1974 2 19 2000 2 2004 2 1998 GREE 10 12 Web 100 2010 Masatoshi Kumagai 2010 2011 Yahoo! GMOWeb BP 1963 GMO Kazunori Nakanishi WEB EC 1999 3 45 2,200 1999 4 2005 Super CEOs 10 20 2010 1 Yusaku Maezawa CEO 1975 Tetsuhito Soyama CD 98 1974 2000 1999 2005 2008 04 ZOZOTOWN 07 3092 11 ZOZOTOWN CHINA ZOZOTOWN Masashi Yasuda eBay Gmarket GMO eBay Auction ZOZOTOWN 1971 1994 KPMG M&A 2000 GMO 2002 Moderator: Masataka Matsumoto 2003 2005 R&D CIO GMO paperboy&co. 1970 7 22 41 1991 3GMO GMO 93 6 G-con 4 IPO M 96 6 A GMO 99 611 GMO 2000 9 CFO 2000 Yahoo! Everywhere 10 Moderator: Koki Sato 2004 1 2006 4 2009 4 R&D 1975 2011 7 R&D CIO 1997 4 1999 2006 10 2009 12 Web2.0 2006 /
  • 9. 2nd Day Shogo Kawada 1996Session5 IT Lunch Pad 1999Thu. 8 Dec 8:45-10:45 A COO Akira Morikawa 2008 2011 NHN Japan 1989 Gen Isayama 2000 DCM DCM 2003 Japan 2004 9 2006 10 Ustream 2007 10 11 DCM Mikihiro Yasuda Open Network Lab BASESSession3-A E-Challenge Tomohito Ebine MBA Shuji Honjo 1999 9 2001 1 COO CEO CEO CSO 2010 1 Computer Sciences Corp. CSK MBA General Atlantic LLC SVP MBA 2000 BRIDGE 2008 e 2009 2010 Fumiaki Koizumi Tetsuya Ebata CEO 2003 1965 1987 SMBC 5 IT IPO 1996 IT 2006 12 1to1 SMBC 2007 1 1998 2007 7 PR IR 2000 about. 2008 2com 2008 6 2003 3 CEO 2004 Yahoo! JAPAN 1980 All About 2005 9 JASDAQ Taizou Son MOVIDA JAPAN CEO Session3-A Hisashi Katsuya Masataka Matsumoto R&D CIO Ultimate Connection Machine with LOVE Session4 NICT ICT MOT Photo IBM Venture Capital Group IPA IT 12 25000 800 VC 1962 twitter id: katchamans Hironao Kunimitsu gumiSession2-A
  • 10. Session6 Session7-A DeNAThu. 8 Dec 11:15-12:15 A Thu. 8 Dec 13:30-14:45 A Isao Moriyasu Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro 1998 1963 1999 ATR 2004 32006 5COO TeamOSAKA Synectics 2007 26 100 Shogo Kawada 2009Session5 Dr.Masahiko Inami Moderator: Hirohumi Ono LLP 1999 1974 2000 2008 4 100 ERATO 2008 1 LLP IEEE Virtual Reality Best Paper Award TIME Coolest Inventions of the Year Toshiyuki Inoko Web CG iza 11 54 WEB Moderator: Kinya Tagawa takram design engineering 99 2001 MUJI NOTEBOOK NTT i tagtype 2007 Microsoft Innovation Award red dot award: product design 2009 tagtype Session7-B Thu. 8 Dec 13:30-14:45 B Ken Tamagawa MBA MSE IBM IBM Rational 2010 AWS Amazon Web Services Twitter: @KenTamagawa
  • 11. Naoki Aoyagi Session8-A CFO 2002 Thu. 8 Dec 15:15-16:30 A M&A Kotaro Yamagishi 2006 3 2006 7 1999 2011 1 GREE International, Inc. BPCEO 2003 1 CNET Japan Chris Lin 2004 12 CEO KKBOX Chris Lin is the co-founder and CEO of KKBOX, Asias leading cloud music service provider. John Kim K K B OX i s t h e m a r k e t - d o m i n a n t m u s i c subscription service in Taiwan and Hong Kong and also the largest Chinese online music servicein the world. KKBOX offers unlimited, on- demand music streamingservice to popular Internet connected devices such as iPhone, Android 2004smartphones, PC, Mac, and IPTVs.KKBOX was acquired by Japans BStelecom giant KDDI group in December, 2010 and is aggressivelyexpanding its cloud music platform to Japan and other Asian countries. Yongzhi Yang CEO Mobotap Inc. Moderator: Masashi Kobayashi Yongzhi Yang is the founder and CEO of MoboTap, LLP Inc,creator and company behind of Dolphin Browser. 1998 D Dolphin Browser is the world first Gestures, Webzine and Add-ons enabled mobile browser and was recently named #1 Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011 by 2001PC Magazine. Under Yongzhis leadership, Dolphin Browser achieved over 10million downloads in less than 15 months. In 2010, MoboTap became 2004 400Sequoias very first and only mobile browser investment. 2007 8 LLP Jia Shen 2008 1 LLP Founder RockYou Named one of Businessweek s top twenty-something entrepreneurs in 2008, Jia helped grow the company to over 200 people since its founding. Jia helped raise over 120 Million dollars from Sequoia Capital, Softbank, and Doll Capital Management. He scaledRockYou s infrastructure to support some of the world s biggest socialapplications and games and the largest social ad network. In RockYou s firstyear, Jia developed and oversaw its early growth to 1 million usersin 3 months, scaling the operations to serve over 100 million widgets a day. Jiahas always had a passion for cutting-edge technologies, and is a die-hard gamerand hacker/programmer at heart. Prior to founding RockYou at 25, Jia haddeep experience across a range of technology companies, including consumershopping, email authentication and security, Enterprise International SupplyChain Management, and VoiceXML / telephony. Jia was a contributingmember of the original team at Bell Laboratories that developed the VoiceXMLformat into the W3C standard. Moderator: Kotaro Ueda McKinsey & Company, Inc. MBA
  • 12. Session8-B Session9 Thu. 8 Dec 17:00-18:30 AThu. 8 Dec 15:15-16:30 B Yoshiharu Habu Tetsuya Sanada KLab 45 9 27 6 12 6 1989 i 60 Q2 FAX 97 ACCESS i 1-10 98 CTO 2000 R D KLab CEO 2011 9 Moderator: Masashi Kobayashi LLP Session8-A Takahito Iguchi CEO 1999 2008 2009 TechCrunch50 2009 12 77 Kohtaro Chiba Web 2000 2001 K KLab 2009 NPO Twitter @chibakotaro Daisuke Iwase 1976 1998 2006 2009 2 2010 2010 MBA 2006 BP 2009 2011 2011 2011 612Speaker&Moderator: Taisei Tanaka CEOSession2-A PC
  • 13. 4F 3F12 8 605-0035TEL 075-561-2345