Stop violence against women


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Violence against women is huge international problem, yet it is under-recognized. No matter if the country is rich or poor, in the eastern hemisphere or west, violence against women is an issue.

We are asking you to spare only a few minutes of your time read this powerpoint and spread it.

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Kobanaa and Naziyeh

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Stop violence against women

  1. 1. STOP VIOLENCEAGAINST WOMEN"One in three women may suffer from abuse andviolence in her lifetime. This is an appallinghuman rights violation, yet it remains one of theinvisible and under-recognized pandemics of ourtime.”–Nicole Kidman
  2. 2. Violence againstwomen isfundamentally knownto be tolerated andaccepted in somecountries around theworld.
  3. 3. So many womenare being hurt andmurdered becauseof this violence.And yet, most ofthe time, it isinvisible.
  4. 4. And they‟retreated likepuppets -people thinkthey can controlthem.
  5. 5. Most countries have a law onviolence against women, but it is still a global phenomenon.
  6. 6. Violence againstwomen isnt justabout being abused, itis also a violation onwomens basic humanrights.
  7. 7. A right to havefreedom. A rightto live free fromviolence. And aright to havetheir political,social andeconomic rights.
  8. 8. Types of ViolenceDomestic violence Rape Murder Dowry Stalking
  9. 9. Why do people abuse women?• Violence against women is deeply rooted in thediscrimination against women•A belief that they can behave in whatever way they want•While they were growing up they received or saw otherpeople being abused (e.g. their siblings) would have madeabuse seem normal for these people.• They may have mental issues or disorders, for exampleanger management issues•For the sexual or financial gratifications, or simply to havepower over other people‟s lives.
  10. 10. Consequences●Long-lasting physical pain(e.g. headaches, back pains)●Psychological symptoms(e.g. depression, suicide,drugs and alcohol problems)●Stops women fromaccessing their human rights(e.g. security, health,education and work)●Increases the possibility ofhaving infections ordiseases.
  11. 11. “Globally, at least one in threewomen and girls is beaten orsexually abused in her lifetime”(UN Commission on the Status of Women 28/02/00
  12. 12. “An estimated 150million girls under18 suffered fromsome from ofviolence, in 2002alone”UNIFEM
  13. 13. “Approximately, 100 to 140 milliongirls have experienced genitalmutilation and cutting”UNIFEM
  14. 14. “In the United States ⅓ of womenmurdered, were killed by intimatepartners”UNIFEM
  15. 15. Dowry deaths happens when the womencan‟t meet the needs of the dowry. She iseither murdered or driven to suicide, bytorture and harassment.In India in 2005 alone, therewere 7,000 dowry deaths.
  16. 16. “One woman is beaten by herhusband or partner every 15seconds in the United States.”Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1991
  17. 17. What to do and what not to do if you know a woman who being abused:If you suspect a woman you know, is being abused SPEAK UP and talkto them It may seem like it‟s none of your business, but for them it maybe the difference between life and death. Do: Don’t: •Ask if something is wrong. •Wait for him or her to come to •Express concern. you. •Listen and validate. •Judge or blame. •Offer help. •Pressure him or her. •Support his or her decisions. •Give advice. •Place conditions on your support.Table Adapted from: NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic ViolenceTable Taken From:, “Domestic Violcence and Abvuse – Signs of an Abusive Relationship
  18. 18. So, what else can YOU do ?•DonateDonate money to organisations who are working to end violence againstwomen.•Find out moreGo onto websites, such as Amnesty International or simply Google „ stopviolence against women‟. Also you can Visit your local library•VolunteerVolunteer to help at a local organisation that helps stop violence againstwomen or helps abused women, for example women‟s refuges.• Spread this videoThis could be as easy putting the link of this video on facebook, twitter orany other social networking site. You would also talk about the issue to yourfamily and friends.
  19. 19. We should stop the violence againstwomen because they are humans too.They are real people, with realemotions, with real hearts.