Classroom expectations[1]


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  • No cheating, treating others the way you want to be treated, doing homework, not being mean
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  • Day 2: Morning procedures
  • Practice! Where are the bins to be turned into? Example of message. Attach it to this slide
  • Day 1: Classroom expectations, values, what does being respectful etc. Rewards Consqeuences
  • Classroom expectations[1]

    1. 1. Dear Students, In this room….. You will be given expectations, knowledge, and hand’s on ways to LEARN. But mostly…. You will be given a loving environment to succeed! Mrs. Knuth Ms. Drazner
    2. 2. Classroom Expectations Mrs. Knuth 2012-2013
    3. 3. Expectations Your teachers expect you to: •Be respectful, responsible, and safe wherever you are! •Set a good example for the school – you are now the LEADERS! •WORK HARD! •Always try your best. •Show good character. •Take initiative.
    4. 4. Values What does the word values mean? What values are important to you?
    5. 5. Classroom Rules Mrs. Knuth 2012-2013
    6. 6. Being Responsible What does being responsible in the classroom look like?
    7. 7. Being Respectful What does being respectful in the classroom look like?
    8. 8. Being Safe What does being safe in the classroom look like?
    9. 9. Brownie Points, Mustang Bucks, Raffle Tickets, and Scratch Offs Who doesn’t love brownies? ime our class earns a compliment from someone, you will earn a “br ery time our class earns zero marks in specials, you will earn a “brown ery time our class turns in all their homework, you will earn a “browni he entire tray of brownies has been earned, I will bring in a tray of bro and juice to enjoy! Now..let’s go to the mall!
    10. 10. Think About It We expect you to make good choices that don’t interfere with the learning of others. In the event that you choose not to I will ask you to fix your problem. •Weusethemark chart. You earn marksfor choicesyou makethat aren’t responsible, respectful, or safe. • In theevent that you need afew minutesto cool down and think about asituation I will ask you to visit another teacher’sroom or thecarol in thehallway. You will need to completeaThink About It sheet. Thissheet will need to besigned by a parent. •I expect that asa5th grader you can takeresponsibility for your choices. Thismeansthat if aphonecall homehasto bemade, it usually will comefrom you.
    11. 11. Procedures There are procedures for everything in life. Each teacher does them differently. This is what will work for us…
    12. 12. Transitions During transitions, your teacher expects: •You to clean everything up quickly and quietly before we move on. •If you have homework that has been assigned, that needs to be put away properly. Where would be a good place to put it? •I expect us to be able to transition properly the first time. If we have to try it again it takes away from your learning and free time.
    13. 13. Morning Procedure Every morning, you can expect to: •Meet me in the gym against the wall. When the rest of the school is ready to stand, we will head upstairs. •When we arrive at the classroom, I love to greet you with a hand shake and hello. Eye contact is very important to me!!!! •When you enter you will immediately vote for your lunch choice and head quietly to your seat. •Each morning there will be instructions on the board for where to turn your homework in. If your work isn’t turned in, I assume it isn’t done. •We will take attendance, lunch count, and then get ready to head to our specials. •Your agenda needs to be out on your desk each morning. Let’s Practice!
    14. 14. Getting Attention If I need to get your attention, you might hear the following: • 3-2-1 FREEZE! •This gives you three seconds to stop what you are doing and give me your attention •Magic Music Wand/Chimes •Clap Pattern •I would like for you to repeat this pattern back to me. •“5K Head’s Up” •This means look up from what you are doing and give me eye contact.
    15. 15. Sharpening Pencils I have a very simple pencil sharpening rule: Please don’t sharpen your pencils while I am teaching, during silent reading, or at a time where it would interfere with other’s learning. Please sharpen your pencils before specials in the morning, during independent work time, or at the end of the day while we are waiting for our end of the day dismissal announcement.
    16. 16. Leaving the Classroom When you need to leave the classroom, I expect: •You need to sign out on the bathroom clipboard. •If you are using the bathroom, you need to take the “bathroom pass” and place it on your desk. Let’s talk about bathroom expectations. •If you need to leave the classroom for any reason other than the bathroom, you need to ask first.
    17. 17. HOMEWORK Homework expectations in 5th grade: There will be homework every day. Do your best ~ always try! •I expect your agenda to be filled out every day and after each class. •If you get home and forget the homework, it is always posted on our class website. • You do earn a mark if you don’t do your homework. You may be asked to go to lunch homework club if your work isn’t done.
    18. 18. End of the Day At the end of the day, your teachers expects: Remember, Mrs. Lammers will call for walkers, car riders, and then buses. •We will stop every day at 3:05 to get ready to go home. •Agendas will need to be filled out. •I will hand out Smart Bead notes that have been earned that day. •Everyone is expected to clean up the floor around them. Take initiative, even if it isn’t your garbage. •While waiting for your dismissal, this time is used to silently read or work on homework.
    19. 19. Absent I expect you to be in class everyday. •Try not to miss school. •I miss you when you are gone! You have to make up the work you missed. •Homework 2 days to turn in absent work. If I am absent, where can I find my work packet?