Coaching Scorecard Guide


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Coaching is one of the most widely touted methods of moving the needle in the call center. This white paper suggests key metrics to include in your coaching scorecard.

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Coaching Scorecard Guide

  1. 1. Score! A Meaningful Scorecard to Measure Coaching Coaching is one of the most widely touted (and rightly so) methods of moving the needle in the call center. What is surprising is that so many organizations have so little information on how much, why or even the amount of coaching that is conducted in their call centers. In such a highly-measured culture where sometimes it seems as if every action is tracked, coaching is one of the last holdouts. To truly make coaching a part of your culture, try implementing some of these suggested metrics for your coaching scorecard. Implement a coaching scorecard today and find out how coaching is working for you. Coaching Impact How is coaching changing agent performance? What metrics are improving because of coaching? Is the number of activities causing a proportional rise in performance? Why Measure: This is where the rubber meets the road. If you can’t point to a correlation between coaching and performance, it highlights a problem that needs investigation. Coaching Volume How much coaching is occurring? Which supervisors are coaching more than others? How many coaching sessions are actually being held vs. scheduled? Are low performers receiving the lion’s share of coaching?
  2. 2. Why Measure: To get a handle on what’s working, you first need to know if/how much coaching is even going on. Operational pressures combined with a lack of skills can cause many supervisors to put off this critical activity. Coaching Focus What are the big topics being coached to? How do they break down into smaller problem areas? Is one group having more trouble with one performance area over another? Why Measure: Find out if coaching is focused on the areas with the most impact to your business and uncover widespread opportunities for improvement. Now You Know Now that you have some meaningful metrics to drive this powerful performance lever, it’s time to evaluate where you are and create a strategy for improvement. These additional resources can provide some of the information you need to create and manage a best practice coaching program:
  3. 3. Contact Center Coaching Best Practices: Outstanding Agents Strengthen Your Brand Seven Fundamental Plays from the Coaching All-Star Playbook Coaching Case Study: Improvements in FCR and AHT for Global Outsourcer About Knowlagent Knowlagent is the only talent management software solution specifically developed to meet the unique training, coaching, and hiring needs of the 10 million call center agents around the world. By automating traditional call center management processes, Knowlagent’s solutions for training, coaching and hiring enable clients to hire the right agents and make them better by pushing training and communications when call volumes are low. Knowlagent’s solutions are on- demand, easy to use and require no capital expenditures. Over 200,000 agents and managers around the world use Knowlagent’s talent management software solutions every day. For more information, call 888-566-9457 or visit us online at