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Sales Success
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Sales Success


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Slides from the Sales Success webinar presented by the Australian Businesswomen's Network on 30/7/08

Slides from the Sales Success webinar presented by the Australian Businesswomen's Network on 30/7/08

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Finding Sales Tough? Increase your revenue and maximise your profits with great sales strategies. Sales are your business life-line. So, let us show you how to get people to buy! sponsored by: Business Success Webinar Series. Know-How Now!
    • 2. Suzi Dafnis Australian Businesswomen’s Network Sales Success Webinar Sassy Sales Strategies to Improve Your Bottom-Line
    • 3. Sales Success Webinar Sassy Sales Strategies to Improve Your Bottom-Line Fiona De Zotti Australian Businesswomen’s Network
    • 4. Leanne Griffiths Griffin Theatre Company Sales Success Webinar Sassy Sales Strategies to Improve Your Bottom-Line
    • 5.
      • Information on how to increase your sales
      • How to improve your sales technique
      • Workshops and issues or challenges you have in your company right now
      Agenda Sales Success Webinar
    • 6.
      • New Clients - where are they and how do you get them?
      • Revenue and Profits - what is the right balance?
      • Pricing Structures - what works?
      • Case Study - How a successful small business increased its client base
      Part One Sales Success Webinar
    • 7.
      • Where are they and how do you get them?
        • Word of mouth - referrals
        • Associations - e.g. ABN, CISPA (purchasing association)
        • Cold call - either employ or outsource this function
        • What are some others?
      New Clients Sales Success Webinar
    • 8.
      • What is the right balance?
        • Revenue doesn’t necessarily mean you are making money
        • To get the right balance you need to know two things:
          • What is the COST OF SALE to your business (to provide your products or services) ?
          • What profit do you want to make?
      Revenue and Profits Sales Success Webinar
    • 9.
      • What does your company offer?
      • How do you know how much you will make on sales?
      • How do you calculate your cost of sale?
      • How do you calculate your profit margin?
      Questions Sales Success Webinar
    • 10.
      • What Works?
        • Depending on the product or service you have, competitors in the marketplace and how you position yourself is what will determine your pricing.
      • Examples of pricing structures:
        • Revenue based
        • Set Prices
        • Discounts
      Pricing Structures Sales Success Webinar
    • 11.
      • Examples?
      What pricing structures do you use? Sales Success Webinar
    • 12.
      • How a small business increased its client base
        • Travel Agency in Sydney
          • From their business plan created sales target for the next 12 months (revenue AND profits)
          • Discussed different option on how to achieve this
          • Implemented solution and KPIs to measure and monitor success.
      Case Study Sales Success Webinar
    • 13.
      • No longer ‘sales at all costs’
      • Get smart about where you spend your time and effort
      Part Two - Innovative Sales Techniques Sales Success Webinar
    • 14.
      • Questioning techniques
        • Don’t have a predetermined product or service in mind that you want to sell them
        • Ask lots of questions and ‘dig deeper’ with questioning to uncover the clients needs
      Innovative Sales Technique 1 Sales Success Webinar
    • 15.
      • Killer questions
        • What…
        • How…
        • Explain to me…
        • Give me an example of…
        • I’d like to understand more about when you said… or…
        • What exactly did you mean by…
      Innovative Sales Technique 2 Sales Success Webinar
    • 16.
      • Customers buying decision is based on 30% rational thoughts and 70% emotional thoughts
        • Find out what the emotional factors are with your questions to uncover what the emotional needs of the client are
        • You’ll be more likely to win new business this way
      Innovative Sales Technique 3 Sales Success Webinar
    • 17.
      • What issues or challenges do you have within your business to do with sales?
        • Give us an example
      Part Three – Workshop Sales Success Webinar
    • 18.
      • Issues / Challenges
      • Solutions?
      Issues and Challenges Sales Success Webinar
    • 19. Question Time Sales Success Webinar
    • 20. Know-How Now! Business Success Webinar Series. How to be an Online Marketing Superstar Success strategies for super web marketing. National – 6 August 2008 sponsored by:
    • 21. Belonging has Benefits Pay-as-you-go membership is just $20 a month
    • 22. MentorNet Grow Your Business with the Help of a Mentor. Imagine the success your business could achieve with the help of a Mentor. Hurry! The next MentorNet program starts on 23 September .
    • 23.
      • Join the The Know-How Now! Community
      • Start a discussion
      • Participate
      • Network
      What’s Next? Know-How Now! the Online Community Thank you!