Texas A&M Basketball 1964 - SWC Champs


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Texas A&M Basketball team of 1964 became the first Aggie basketball team to win the SWC in 41 years.

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Texas A&M Basketball 1964 - SWC Champs

  1. 1. Billy Atkinson, Cecil Ferguson, Dick Stringfellow, Ken Norman, Bill Robinette, John Beasley, Tim Timmerman, Bill Gasway, Lynn Merritt, John Reynolds, Bennie Lenox, and Paul Timmins. Kneeling: David Stiles, Shelby Metcalf, and Don Wilson
  2. 2. TheThe 1963-64 Aggie team1963-64 Aggie team had lost all of the previoushad lost all of the previous years height and three of the top four scorers and inyears height and three of the top four scorers and in the preseason were picked for 6the preseason were picked for 6thth place in the eightplace in the eight team Southwest Conference.team Southwest Conference. The Aggie basketball team had not won an outright SWCThe Aggie basketball team had not won an outright SWC Championship since 1923. In 1964, they won 13 out of 14Championship since 1923. In 1964, they won 13 out of 14 SWC games with the only loss coming at the buzzer afterSWC games with the only loss coming at the buzzer after having a 19 point lead at the half at Texas Tech.having a 19 point lead at the half at Texas Tech. Legendary CoachLegendary Coach Shelby MetcalfShelby Metcalf, who went on to have, who went on to have the most wins inthe most wins in SWC history,SWC history, was in hiswas in his first year asfirst year as the Aggie coach and later won 6 SWC championships.the Aggie coach and later won 6 SWC championships. Shelb y Metca lf 438 Aggie Victorie s G. Rollie
  3. 3. Asked what he told his players after Tech fans resorted to throwing coins at the Aggies: "I told my players to show some class, & not pick up anything less than a quarter.""I told my players to show some class, & not pick up anything less than a quarter." Shelby once recruited John Reynolds by taking him fishing on the Brazos for two days: "You just can’t get real good players with catfish anymore.""You just can’t get real good players with catfish anymore." When a number of A&M players were having trouble academically, he arranged to have them enrolled in a basket weaving so that they could increase their grade point average. "Problem was a couple of them were American-Indians, and they set such a high"Problem was a couple of them were American-Indians, and they set such a high curve that they flunked the others out."curve that they flunked the others out." Commenting on the notoriously fickle A&M fans, Metcalf observed: "The only happy Aggie is an unhappy Aggie.""The only happy Aggie is an unhappy Aggie." Metcalf loved nicknames. He nicknamed a player named Smart, "Plenty." After reviewing first semester grades, Metcalf changed Smart's nickname to "Nottoo.""Nottoo." After R.C. Slocum resigned under pressure from former A&M president and CIA Chief: "R.C.'s lucky. He could have just disappeared, you know.""R.C.'s lucky. He could have just disappeared, you know." During a turbulent airline flight, an A&M player was feeling quite nauseous, a player told him “I am dizzy, sweaty, and nauseous. I think I might throw up." "Well now, now you know how I feel every time I have to put you in a game!“"Well now, now you know how I feel every time I have to put you in a game!“ His famous reply to a player who had four F's and a D on his grade report. "Son, it looks to me like you're spending too much time on one subject,""Son, it looks to me like you're spending too much time on one subject," After the NCAA went from 2 refs to 3 refs doing a basketball game: " 3 blind mice are not any better than 2 blind mice!“" 3 blind mice are not any better than 2 blind mice!“ On why he called his switching defense from zone to man-to-man the “Idabel”“Idabel” defense: “We had a girl in high school that went from man to man”“We had a girl in high school that went from man to man”
  4. 4. wo players the 1963-64 Aggies did have were the 1962-63wo players the 1963-64 Aggies did have were the 1962-63 WC “WC “Player-of-the-YearPlayer-of-the-Year”,”, Bennie LenoxBennie Lenox andand JohJoh easleyeasley, who would later become the most prolific, who would later become the most prolific corer per gamecorer per game inin Aggie history. BothAggie history. Both would later bewould later be amed to one of theamed to one of the 25-man Helms25-man Helms All-American TeamsAll-American Teams.. Benni e Lenox John Beasle y
  5. 5. 1. Aggies 75Aggies 75 SMU 61 2. Aggies 92Aggies 92 TCU 64 3. Aggies 65Aggies 65 Texas 60 4. Aggies 74Aggies 74 Rice 70 5. Aggies 83Aggies 83 Baylor 58 6. Aggies 72Aggies 72 Arkansas 64 7. Aggies 82Aggies 82 Texas Tech 84 8. Aggies 79Aggies 79 Rice 67 9. Aggies 77Aggies 77 Baylor 71 10. Aggies 60Aggies 60 Arkansas 57 11. Aggies 82Aggies 82 Texas Tech 70 12. Aggies 73Aggies 73 SMU 70 13. Aggies 70Aggies 70 TCU 66 14. AggiesAggies 6565 Texas 63 NCAA Regionals 15. Aggies 62Aggies 62 TX Western 68 ****The Aggies were 18-7 for the seasonAggies were 18-7 for the season. Shelby Metcalf
  6. 6. With a tremendous display of poise, shooting accuracy and near-errorless basketball, A&M’s cagers gained sole possession of first placefirst place in the SWC roundball race with an ego-boosting, chances-boosting 65-60 victory over the TexasTexas LonghornsLonghorns, the pre-season favoritepre-season favorite and traditional rival. Aggie Coach Shelby MetcalfCoach Shelby Metcalf showed an overflow crowdoverflow crowd of 7,800 in Gregory Gymof 7,800 in Gregory Gym and several million TV viewersTV viewers a hustling, heads-up ball club. Tim TimmermanTim Timmerman, 6’7” sophomore from Houston, scored 1212 pointspoints and pulled down seven rebounds for team runner-up honors in both departments. KenKen NormanNorman also had 12 points12 points and Dick StringfellowDick Stringfellow had 10 points10 points and a strong defensive game. Bill RobinetteBill Robinette led the team in rebounds with eightrebounds with eight and hit two long shots. Bennie LenoxBennie Lenox was high scorer with 1717 pointspoints. The LynxLynx amply demonstrated the poise and clutch play for which he is noted by hitting three buckets in the last three minutes, each with A&M holding a one-point lead. The Aggie victory was a vivid illustration of the outstandingoutstanding job Metcalf has donejob Metcalf has done in his first year as head man. Picked to finish sixth, the Cadets are now all alone atop the SWC with a 3-0 record3-0 record including crucial road victories over SMU and Texas.
  7. 7. Texas got pushed out the back doorTexas got pushed out the back door, though not off thenot off the porchporch, in the SWC race, as Texas A&M held on in the second half to win 65-60 before 7,800 fans in Gregory Gym. The Fight That Didn’t Happen, Thanks To Police Everyone came hoping to see it or be in it, but no one wouldno one would start itstart it – the fight at the A&M gamethe fight at the A&M game, that is, and well enough, because University officials employed every device knownemployed every device known and a couple of others to control anything that might occur. Chief Hamilton had 30 men30 men from his Traffic and Security Division with him as six Austin Police Department patrolmensix Austin Police Department patrolmen armed with billy clubsbilly clubs and six highway patrolmensix highway patrolmen also appeared. [The Department of Public Safety reported five of their men there, but sixsix were inside the gum.] Officers were stationed at all stairways and exits and within large contingents of fans. Pat Culpepper, assistant football coach, stood by the usual roost of UT athletes, and Hank FoldbergHank Foldberg, A&M athletic director, strode menacinglystrode menacingly in front of the Aggies largest group as the game ended. One fan even had three personalthree personal bodyguardsbodyguards in the event anything started. She was Lynda Bird JohnsonLynda Bird Johnson, daughter of the President, escorted by a trio of Secret Service mentrio of Secret Service men. Lynda Bird Watching for “Fight That Never Came”
  8. 8. By Jim Butler Battalion Sports Editor While Cassius Clay was taking the title from Sonny Liston, the Aggies virtually clinched their first SWC crown in 41 years with an 82-70 win over Texas Tech before a capacity crowd of 8,500 in G. Rollie White Coliseum. The victory that put the Cadets two games out in front of their nearest rival –Tech - was even sweeter considering Tech’s win over the Aggies in Lubbock, but this time the clock kept runningthis time the clock kept running. A&M IS NOW 10-1 in league play while the Red Raiders are 8-3. The Maroon has three games to play –SMU & UT here and TCU in Fort Worth. One win will cinch a tie while two will cinch the title. Tech took their first, last and only lead of the game when sophomore Dub Malaise opened the contest with a free shot. Then A&M’s top sophomore John Beasley took over and it was all Big John for the next two and a half minutes. Beasley hit four jump shots and a free throw to boost the Cadets to a 12-5 margin. The Matadors closed it to 12-9 but just couldn’t contend with Beasley’s touch. The smooth postman from Kildare ended the first 20 minutes with 15 points and the Aggies held a 45-29 lead, hitting 53.8 per cent of their shots to 39.3 for Tech. For four minutes in the first half, the league-leading Cadets defense held the league-leading Raider offense scoreless. A&M Coach Shelby MetcalfCoach Shelby Metcalf played 11 men and all 11 played like all- conference selections. Billy AtkinsonBilly Atkinson and Cecil FergusonCecil Ferguson played great games on defense while Ken NormanKen Norman and Tim TimmermanTim Timmerman chipped in And then there was JohnJohn ReynoldsReynolds. The soph from Possum Walk was hardly in a minute before being hit by Tech’s Glen Hallum and returning in kind. Fouls were called on both after a minor riot and the two werethe two were
  9. 9. Lynn Merritt Cecil Ferguso By Charles Carder [Sports Staff] College Station – Bill RobinetteBill Robinette, who scatters 180 pounds over a 6-7 frame, and John BeasleyJohn Beasley, who weighs 40 pounds more and is just an inch taller, combined efforts to pick up a faltering Texas A&M basketball squad here Friday night and pace the Cadets to a sure share of the SWC basketball title. RobinetteRobinette, a senior from Port Arthur, broke open the SMU Mustangs’ tight zone defense with his outside shooting and BeasleyBeasley, collected 13 rebounds to set a new A&M single record, as the Cadets clipped the Ponies 75-70 before 8,1008,100 fansfans. Bennie LenoxBennie Lenox, the top scorer in the league was held scoreless in the first half and the Ponies were in front by one point, 39-38, at the intermission. The longest lead of the first half was SMU’s five-point bulge at 11-6.
  10. 10. By Jim Butler [Battalion Sports Editor] The Aggies came within a lung’s shout of pulling defeat from the jaws of victory Thursday night but Texas choked twice and the Cadets squeezed out a 65-63 win. With 0:42 on the clock, A&M had control and a 64-62 lead. Having a hard time finding the basket, the ball had little trouble finding the hands of Texas’ Tommy Nelms. Joe Fisher took the pass, threw the ball over his head toward the basket and turned around to watch it drop through, 64-63. Nineteen seconds remained when the Aggies inbounded the ball. UT’s Jim Bob Smith intercepted an Aggie pass and was fouled by Paul TimminsPaul Timmins. Smith went to the free throw line amid a screaming 8,5008,500 fansfans. Oblivious to the yelling and with an Orange aura of supreme confidence, Smith calmly flipped it up – and missed. But old lady luck waved her Orange cape and Fisher tipped the missed shot back to Smith. The 6-2 senior drove for the winning goal with 0:04 left but was fouled again, this time by John BeasleyJohn Beasley. The staunch Aggie supporters pushed their vocal cords to the limit. And once again Smith blew the shot that could have given the Steers a win over the Champs. Little Billy AtkinsonBilly Atkinson snatched the ball, the buzzer sounded and the Aggies wheezed. Fans covered the floor and trundled the happy cagers off to the showers. But the action wasn’t over. AtkinsonAtkinson had to be retrieved from the dressing room to shoot a free throws Billy
  11. 11. Dick Stringfellow College Station-The Texas Aggies propelled like a Model-T with a dirty spark plugs the first half, went into orbit in the second period here Tuesday night to bounce the Baylor Bears, 73-58. It was the fifth straight winfifth straight win of the SWC race for the Aggies and the fifth straight defeat for the Bear. But the Cadets didn’t play like the SWC leaders in the initial period while Baylor, hitting on 16 of 17 free-shot attempts the first half, performed like a title contender. Baylor was in front 34-28 at the intermission and led by the same six-point margin two minutes deep in the second half. But from that point the Aggies took command. During the next four minutes and 58 seconds the Aggies scored 16 points while limited the Bruins to two free shots. Baylor got only one field goal in their first 16 possessions in the second half and trailed by 25 points by games end. Bennie LenoxBennie Lenox, the big bomberbig bomber from Clear Creek, paced the Aggies with 2424 pointspoints. 20 of them in the second half. Ken NormanKen Norman was next with 11 points11 points and Dickie StringfellowDickie Stringfellow followed with 1010 pointspoints. By Jim Butler [Battalion Sports Editor] A complacent squad of Aggie cagers took a 20 minute shock treatment from the Baylor Bears. But the 2nd half showed why the Cadets are riding atop the SWC as the maroon scored 55 points for an 83-58 win. A&M hit intermission facing a 34-28 deficit. A revived crew greeted the second half tipoff with a flurry of buckets, grabbed the lead and ran the winning margin to 25 points before time ran out. The rally was ignited by All-American candidate Bennie LenoxAll-American candidate Bennie Lenox and a talented newcomer to Aggieland who was playing only his fourth game in G. Rollie White – Ken NormanKen Norman. Lenox scored 20 of his 24 points24 points in the 2nd half. NormanNorman dropped in 9 points in the final period and finished with 1111 to take runner-up honors in scoring.
  12. 12. STUDENTS SWAMP RETURNING PLAYERS Approximately 3,000 students were at the 1:30 a.m. arrival.
  13. 13. Bill Dick Stringfellow Texas A&M had to put on another Garrison finishGarrison finish Saturday night but Ken NormanKen Norman powered them to a come-from-behind victory over Arkansas, 72-64, to keep the Aggies unbeaten at the top of the SWCtop of the SWC basketball standingsbasketball standings at 6-06-0. Trailing 54-43 with 10 minutes to play, the Aggies called on the 6-66-6 NormanNorman, a junior, and he pumped in 12 of his 14 points in a stretch that gave the Aggies a 61-59 lead. NormanNorman drove down the middle for four of his goals and tapped in the rest. It was A&M’s sixth SWC win without defeat and gave one-time contender Arkansas a 3-3 record. The Aggies and the Razorbacks were tied 35-35 at halftime and when the visitors pulled away to that 11-point lead Coach Shelby Metcalf sent his men into a full court press, out of the zone defense they had played since the opening tipoff. Scoring Ace Bennie LenoxBennie Lenox topped A&M with 20 points20 points. BillBill RobinetteRobinette had 16 points16 points. Arkansas hit 47.5 per cent of its shots but only 8 of 18 on free throws. The Aggies hit 41.3 per cent from the floor and 12 of 22 on FTs. Metcalf Gives Norman Credit When the Aggies were 11 points behind Arkansas with 9:33 left in the game, Coach Shelby Metcalf said he was very nervous. But Ken NormanKen Norman came to the rescue, eased the coach’s tension and paid for his scholarship in about twopaid for his scholarship in about two minutesminutes. ““Norman sparked the drive that put us ahead and deserves credit for theNorman sparked the drive that put us ahead and deserves credit for the win. He paid for his scholarship in this one.”win. He paid for his scholarship in this one.”
  14. 14. Against Baylor, Ken NormanKen Norman continued to play impressive ball. He connected on 6 of 11 shots and totaled 19 points19 points. His sweeping hook shothook shot is eye-catching and practically indefensibleis eye-catching and practically indefensible. John BeasleyJohn Beasley and Paul TimminsPaul Timmins shared game high-point honors with 20 apiece20 apiece. BeasleyBeasley was the night’s leading rebounder with 10leading rebounder with 10. Baylor’s scoring was well balanced as usual. Hardy and Spencer Carlson each canned 16, to rank behind Ed Horne’s 17. Tom Hatfield had 14. A&M shot 43.3 per cent for the game, compared to Baylor’s 46.7. The Bears outrebounded the Aggies, 41-34. The Aggies didn’t collect a single offensive rebound the last seven minutes of play. Foul trouble hurt the Cadets. DickieDickie StringfellowStringfellow, Ken NormanKen Norman and GaswayGasway all left via the fifth foul route. BeasleyBeasley was saddled with four fouls. A&M was tremendous from the foul linefoul line, meshing 25 of 2625 of 26 chanceschances.
  15. 15. The Aggies edged the TCU Horned Frogs 70- 66 Tuesday night pulling away in the last 3 minutes of a double overtime period, bringing their firstfirst outright SWC basketball title since 1923outright SWC basketball title since 1923. Junior guard Paul TimminsPaul Timmins started the late rally when he hit a field goal, breaking a 62-62 tie with 3:51 left. Timmins was fouled on his scoring drive and then added another point to the Aggie cause, putting A&M in front 65-62. A foul shot by John BeasleyJohn Beasley and two by DickDick StringfellowStringfellow shoved the Cadet’s to a 68-62 lead with 2:08 left. But TCU’s Gary Turner and Jim Torbert scored to narrow the margin to 68-66. Paul Timmins Tim Timmerma n
  16. 16. Bill Robinett John Reynold s James Earl Rudder Statue At A&M
  17. 17. 1964 SWC Basketball Champs [38 years later in 2001]1964 SWC Basketball Champs [38 years later in 2001] Ken Norman, Gary SKen Norman, Gary Schmidtchmidt, David Stiles, Billy A, David Stiles, Billy Atkinsontkinson, C, Coachoach Metcalf,Metcalf, Tim Timmerman, Bennie Lenox, Paul Timmins, John Reynolds, CecilTim Timmerman, Bennie Lenox, Paul Timmins, John Reynolds, Cecil Ferguson, Bill Robinette, and Lynn Merritt.Ferguson, Bill Robinette, and Lynn Merritt. Missing: Bill Gasway, John Beasley, and Dick SMissing: Bill Gasway, John Beasley, and Dick Stringfellowtringfellow.. Ken Norman Janis Metcalf Eddie Dominquez
  18. 18. Gary SGary Schmidtchmidt, Billy A, Billy Atkinsontkinson, Ken Norman, T, Ken Norman, Timim TTimmermanimmerman, C, Coachoach Metcalf,Metcalf, Bennie Lenox, Bill Robinette, Paul Timmins, David Stiles, Cecil Ferguson,Bennie Lenox, Bill Robinette, Paul Timmins, David Stiles, Cecil Ferguson, Lynn Merritt,Lynn Merritt, andand John RJohn Reynoldseynolds. Missing: Bill Gasway, John Beasley, and. Missing: Bill Gasway, John Beasley, and Dick SDick Stringfellowtringfellow.. 1964 SWC Basketball Champs [38 years later in 2001]1964 SWC Basketball Champs [38 years later in 2001]