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Knoll Product Range

  1. 1. KNOLL Maschinenbau:About the Products,the Companyand its employees
  2. 2. Products
  3. 3. Single units formachine tools
  4. 4. Chip conveyors
  5. 5. Filters
  6. 6. Extraction stations
  7. 7. Pump back stations
  8. 8. Chip reducers
  9. 9. Our customers of single units:Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH HURCO GmbH Schleifring GruppeJosef Binkert AG INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbHBurkhardt + Weber Fertigungssysteme Erwin Junker Grinding STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbHGmbH Liechti Engineering AG StarragHeckert GmbHPietro Carnaghi S.p.A. Makino GmbH Schwäbische WerkzeugmaschinenChiron Werke GmbH + Co. KG GmbH Matsuura Machinery GmbHDeckel Maho Pfronten GmbH Tecno Zug AG Mikron SA AgnoELHA-Maschinenbau Liemke KG Toyoda Mitsui Europe GmbH Mori Seiki DeutschlandEMAG Salach Waldrich Coburg GmbH & Co. Niles Werkzeugmaschinen GmbHEMCO Maier Ges.m.b.H. J.G. Weisser Söhne Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen WerkzeugmaschinenfabrikEx-Cell-O GmbH GmbH etc.Grob-Werke GmbH & Co. KG K.R. Pfiffner AGGebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbHBerthold Hermle AG SAMP S.p.A.
  10. 10. Central systems for users Central conveyor system Central conveyor system (delivery channel) (extraction technique) Central conveyor and filtering system (pump technology)
  11. 11. Central conveyor and filteringsystem (pump technology) Round tank systems for dirt and pure mediumDistribution conveyor with Collectingautomatic swivel chute Plate heat inlet exchanger High performance filter VLX 5000 Safety collecting tank Chip pre-separator Chip centrifuge
  12. 12. Vacuum conveying system Central vacuum station with automatic container distribution Suction station (supplied) Local suction station for manual feeding
  13. 13. Chip processing system Districution conveyor with automatic swivel chute Separierförderer zur Trennung -  lange und kurze Späne -  große StörteileLifting and tilting equipmentfor chip carriers Chip cutting unit Chip centrifuge
  14. 14. Our customers of central systems:Ansaldo Energia SPA Geiger Fertigungstechnologie GmbH Schlote GmbH & Co. KGBenteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH Golm GmbH & Co. KG Skoda Auto a.s.Berndorf Sondermaschinen GmbH Berthold Hermle AG Schmiedewerk Stooss AGPaul Bippus GmbH Hessapp GmbH Swarovski Optik AGBöhler-Uddeholm Bearbeitungs GmbH HSM Pressen GmbH + Co. KG UNIOR d.d.Buntmetall Amstetten Ges.m.b.H. KS Aluminium-Technologie AG Weber Automotive GmbHBurgmaier Hightech GmbH & Co. KG Pfaff Präzision GmbH ZF Friedrichshafen AGCameron Romania S.A. Ruko Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH etc.Elwetec AG Sauter Präzisionsdrehtechnik GmbH
  15. 15. Pumps
  16. 16. Screw spindle pumps
  17. 17. Centrifugal pumps
  18. 18. Progressing cavitypumps
  19. 19. Our customers of pumps:Alva Laval DAF ParkerApetito AG Daimler AG Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KGAudi Hungaria Motor Kft. DMG Rondo Food GmbH & Co. KGBakon Food Equipment bv H. Erkert GmbH Smurfit KappaBASF AGBMW AG Gea Westfalia Separator Food Tec GmbH Sollich KGRobert Bosch GmbH Griesson - de Beukelaer Sonac Burgum bvBrillux GmbH & Co. KG Grob-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Tecnica Service SASH. & J. Brüggen KG Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH Volkswagen AGMaschinenbau Bünder & Schmitt GmbH Hydac Wesergold Getränkeindustrie GmbH & Co. KGChiron Werke GmbH + Co. KG Erwin Junker Grinding Wiegers Process Innovations bvChocotech GmbH Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH etc.Coca Cola MAGComau Metso PaperConditess Feine Kuchen GmbH Nestlé Deutschland GmbH
  20. 20. Growth
  21. 21. At the beginning the covered area was 900 qm, in 2010 already 43.000 qm.
  22. 22. Sales
  23. 23. Sales partners
  24. 24. Employees
  25. 25. KNOLL employes around 670 persons in sales,development, production and service. It is ourpolicy to promote the technical competency ofeach individual through internal and externaladvanced professional training.
  26. 26. One of the key pillars of the company s growthstrategy is a high training quotient and first-classquality of training. Roughly every 9th employeeof KNOLL is a trainee.
  27. 27. Service
  28. 28. •  24/7•  Hotline•  Maintenance•  Repair•  Commissioning•  Spare parts
  29. 29. Many thanksfor your attention. KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH Schwarzachstraße 20 D-88348 Bad Saulgau Phone +49 (0) 7581 / 20 08-0 Fax +49 (0) 7581 / 20 08-230