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Katie mc aree ireland presentation

Katie mc aree ireland presentation






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    Katie mc aree ireland presentation Katie mc aree ireland presentation Presentation Transcript

    • by: Katie McAree
    •  The communication style in Ireland is very friendly and forward, but not in a bad way! In Ireland the language and body language is almost identical to the U.S. Although, their accents are very different! Their lingo is much different than ours. For instance, if we want to say something along the lines of “What’s happening?!” or “What’s going on?” they say “what’s the feckin crack” They use the word crack and feck often
    •  Greetings and salutations are very similar to what they are in the U.S. When you greet someone you usually give a handshake or wave and say hi Smiling is also very important when greeting
    •  Hi-fives are a very common gesture Another popular gesture in Ireland is the “peace sign,” if you are holding up a peace sign and your fingers are facing outward, that is fine, but if your fingers are facing toward you it means “bug off” or “leave me alone,” 
    •  Traveling to Ireland is very safe The flight from here is about 7 hours and there are no restrictions Just like any other country you travel to you need a passport and will need to go through customs At this time there are no high risk alerts very welcoming and friendly
    •  A lot of different looking people in Ireland. You could definitely tell who was 100% Irish though The people who were 100% Irish had a distinct look to their face, everything seemed to be a little closer together on the face, their skin is very fair and a lot of them do have red hair Dressed well and very fashion forward. The style is so cute
    •  Ireland, is NOT the place you want to go if you are a vegetarian or vegan They have Italian restaurants, Mexican, etc. True Irish food is heavy. There is a lot of meats and bread and TONS of potatoes Put ketchup and mayonnaise on fries! They have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner like we do and the times are about the same Use their time to eat as a social time Tables and chairs in the pub environment are very low to the ground and close together “High-tea” time is considered a meal time… It occurs at 4:00pm usually daily and right before supper. It is pretty much just a relaxing time where you sit and drink tea and enjoy pastries
    •  The general attitude in Ireland is very friendly Everyone is very welcoming and warm Ireland is prominently Catholic so their values usually sway with the Catholic beliefs and values Did you know that Ireland didn’t legalize birth control until the 1980s? In the United States it was legal to married women in 1965 and then legal to everyone in 1972
    •  Ireland is known as “the land of saints and scholars” Religion has always been immensely important in Ireland, especially Catholicism 88.4% of the population in Ireland is Roman Catholic. Ireland takes pride in their Churches, they are stunning! I was surprised by how dirty their language was in Ireland for being such a religious area
    •  The last census in Ireland occurred in 2009. At that time the population was 6 million The republic of Ireland has a population of about 4,470,700 residents Northern Ireland has a population of about 1,775,000
    •  St. Patricks Day Christmas Easter Holidays (vacations) are taken at the beginning or end of some months St. Stephens day, which is the day after Christmas
    •  The language in Ireland is English A small portion of the Irish community speaks Gaelic, it is an Indo-European language which originated in Ireland and is only spoken by the Irish Street signs have the roads or cities written in Gaelic in parenthesis
    •  Imagine America, but a little slower paced! There are many secluded parts of Ireland, but there are also thriving cities such as Dublin that are more fast paced The younger generation loves to have a good time, go to pubs to catch a pint, and love live music A slower paced country…unlike America! They love American entertainment; Movies, music, and television
    •  Family is very important in Ireland The Irish usually have very large families The divorce rate in Ireland is much lower because of their Catholic roots It used to be that women stayed home and men went to work. But as time changed, women now are part of the working force
    •  Ireland suffered and is still suffering from a recession People graduating from prestigious colleges are having to leave the country to find work There are nearly half a million people who are unemployed in Ireland at this time People continue to emigrate, and over the next few years it is estimated that 200,000 people will emigrate out of Ireland
    •  Marriage in Ireland is taken much more serious due to their Roman Catholic roots Catholics believe that divorce is a sin and no marriage should ever come to an end Dating in Ireland is very similar to here in the U.S. online dating has also become popular within the recent years
    •  The Irish love sports Horse races and rugby are the sports of choice Love live music Love going to the movies
    •  Just like most countries Ireland has different social classes There isn’t an upper class in Ireland They follow in the footsteps of Britain, and the upper class is considered royalty which there is none of in Ireland The middle class is divide into the upper middle classes which consist of doctors, lawyers, etc. and teachers and nurses, etc. Then there is the working class which can be described as not well off, but are capable of attaining the resources they need to become wealthy. There is the workless classes which are unemployed or unemployable
    •  President of Ireland is not a member of the government Presidents term is 7 years and a max of 2 terms. The presidency largely a ceremonial office The Prime Minster is the head of the government The government is regulated fundamentally by the Constitution of Ireland Ireland is divided into two countries; The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which are run by two different parties
    •  You drive on the opposite side of the road, and the driver’s side is opposite too They drive quickly Round-about’s outweigh street lights They have a train station which apparently isn’t run very well and not very many people like to use it. It is similar to the Metro here Their cars are the same cars we have here, but are different!
    •  Ireland is known for its long and honorable tradition in education Ireland has one of the highest education participation rates in the world. 81% of students in Ireland complete second-level education and about 60% will move on to complete a higher education. International companies look to hire Irish graduates for top class positions.
    •  Ireland is great for Healthcare and medicine Healthcare is free in Ireland Every citizen is entitled to free healthcare, but there are 2 different levels of it depending on how much income you have There are also great universities for medicine in Ireland including the University College of Dublin
    •  Ireland is known as Emerald Isle because it is SO green Ireland’s climate is considered to be temperate maritime which includes rain quite often Their climate is pretty similar to what it is here in the U.S. They have rain, shine, snow, sleet, hale, etc. as well as hot and cold temperatures
    •  Ireland has had a very vibrant and flourishing economy up until 2008 In 2010 Ireland experienced a double digit unemployment rate There are thousands of workers and new graduates emigrating out of Ireland simply to find work It is estimated that over 200,000 people will emigrate out of Ireland due to the downfall of the economy
    • The End
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