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Sgs Admissions Guide

  1. 1. Quick Facts GRAD ROOM School Of Graduate Studies 63 St. George Street, Toronto, Canada, M5S 2Z9 » Established in 1827 Inquiries: (416) 978-6614 Fax: (416) 978-4367 » Approximately 4,400 graduate faculty Admissions Enquiries: » Over 12,000 full and part-time students » U of T library system ranks among the top five research libraries in North America » Formal linkages with over 100 research institutions around the globe » Affiliations with a growing number of leading research institutions such as: the 10 Toronto teaching hospitals, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, all 5 Ontario Centres of Excellence, all 21 federal Networks of Centres of Excellence » The birthplace of many major research achievements including the discovery of Insulin, creation of the first electronic heart pacemaker, development of the artificial larynx and the single-lung transplant » On any given week students, faculty, staff and members of the community present concerts, exhibits, plays, readings, and films at any one of our 6 Art galleries or 16 Theatres » World famous alumni including authors Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje and Stephen Leacock; filmmakers such as David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan and opera singer Maureen Forrester, among many others » U of T has 6 Nobel Prize-winning graduates, the highest number of any Canadian university Welcome Fellowships and Financial Aid Ontario Student Assistance Program Student Family Housing ULife - What Are You Doing After Class? described above. Please use the International Degree Equivalencies tool to see which The federal and provincial governments If you are a full-time student and need The ULife website gives U of T students all Welcome to the University of Toronto, the Financial support for our graduate students international credentials are required for provide financial support to qualified accommodation for you, your spouse or the information they need to get involved largest graduate school in Canada! is important to the University of Toronto. masters and doctoral admissions at U of T. students who are Canadian citizens or partner, and/or dependent children, you in the hundreds of clubs and activities We offer a combination of academic That is why U of T was the first Canadian For your information you can view a selection permanent residents of Ontario. The may be eligible to apply for Student Family running on all three campuses. So, what are excellence and world-class resources university to offer a guaranteed level of of equivalent qualifications from a number of amount of the loan depends on your Housing. you doing after class? which provide our graduate students with financial support for graduate students » Web: » Web: educational systems around the world. calculated financial need. diverse opportunities for professional and pursuing doctoral degrees. » Web: » Web: Student Housing Service Office of English Language and Writing intellectual development. Admissions_Requirements Entrance Awards Awards For Non-Canadians Support Your first stop for housing information International Student Centre Awards are offered by graduate programs Admission Requirements In addition to the internal funding normally should be the student Housing Service, The Office of English Language and Writing The International Student Centre (ISC) and departments to the best and brightest available to all international students, there where you’ll find up-to-date information Support offers individual consultations, single- promotes and supports international incoming masters and doctoral students for Listed below are the minimum admission are a number of external funding sources on campus residences, off-campus room session workshops, and non-credit courses requirements set by the School of Graduate education and offers services, programs, and full-time graduate study. that can also be explored. International lists, apartments and houses for rent by for both native and non-native speakers of Studies. Many departments require a higher facilities for international students, students Internal Awards students are encouraged to apply for all landlords throughout the city, lists of English. with international and/or intercultural » Web: average. possible funding opportunities in their students seeking roommates, as well as a The School of Graduate Studies offers a interests, and students looking for education number of internal awards to meritorious home country. Buy and Sell Board service advertising used Master’s Programs and Full-Time Services and work opportunities abroad.Visit the » Web: furniture and goods. graduate students such as the University of Special Students International Student Center web site for financial/international » Web: Toronto Fellowships (UTF), the Connaught Student Services offers a full range of » an appropriate four-year bachelor’s degree information on obtaining student visas and For further information, please contact: Massey College Scholarship as well as other endowed awards. services in the areas of career development, with a final year average of at least mid-B from health insurance (UHIP). Fellowships and Loans Office Massey College is an independent residence the University of Toronto or its equivalent housing, learning skills, health, personal and External Awards » School of Graduate Studies from another recognized university community of senior academic scholars and emotional development, family concerns Canadians and landed-immigrants may also International Student Exchange Office apply for external support in the form of University of Toronto full-time graduate students. and support for Aboriginal and international Doctoral Programs » an appropriate University of Toronto master’s If you are a graduate student who wishes » Web: 63 St. George Street, Rm.202 students. scholarships and fellowships offered by the to attend the University of Toronto as an Toronto, Canada, M5S 2Z9 » Web: degree or its equivalent, with an average Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Campus Life exchange student, look into the services Tel: (416) 978-2379 / Fax: (416) 978-4367 of at least B+ or demonstrated comparable Student Affairs Council of Canada (NSERC- www.nserc. » E-mail: and programs offered by the International research competence ca), the Social Sciences and Humanities There’s life outside the classroom and the Student Affairs builds community among Student Exchange Office. » some departments admit directly to the Research Council of Canada (SSHRC-www. lab! An abundance of sports, theatre, music, students at the University of Toronto. Other sources of funding: » Web: doctoral program from a bachelor’s degree and the Canadian Institutes of academic conferences and student groups Student Affairs provides services related for highly qualified candidates (minimum Teaching Assistantships Application Health Research ( All contribute to a vibrant campus life. to campus organizations, sexual diversity, average A- required) Some departments hire teaching assistants three granting councils (NSERC, SSHRC, accessibility, student crisis response, child Graduate Student Initiative Part-time Special Students who spend up to 10 hours a week The University of Toronto offers a web- and CIHR) also offer Canadian Graduate care, and community partnerships. In partnership with the Graduates Students’ » must hold a degree from a recognized conducting tutorials, grading undergraduate based graduate application to make the » Web: Scholarships (CGS). The Government of Union and School of Graduate Studies, university essays/exams and acting as a resource process quick and simple for potential servicesandlinks/studentaffairs the Province of Ontario provides graduate this program is specifically designed by for undergraduate students. For further International and Exchange Students students. A link to the web-based form scholarships tenable at Ontario universities. Hart House Student Services to offer workshops, social information, write the chair of your is available from the program’s admission The focus on academic excellence and the Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) are As the cultural, recreational, and social events and online resources to enhance the graduate department, giving full particulars requirements page when you are ready to University’s outstanding research facilities, available for graduate studies in all disciplines. student centre of the U of T, Hart graduate student experience. of your academic training and experience. begin the application. combined with its strong international Sixty of these awards are available to visa House provides students with the » Web: connections, draws over 1000 international students. Ontario Graduate Scholarships Research Assistantships chance to develop their interests in Financial Support Graduate Students’ Union students each year from all parts of the in Science and Technology (OGSST) are music, art, literature, debates, athletics Research assistants normally work with a faculty The Graduate Students’ Union at world to continue their graduate education designed to encourage excellence in graduate and recreational activities ranging from member, assisting with research projects. Apply Tuition Fees: University of Toronto represents over and research at UofT. studies in science and technology.These photography to scuba diving. directly to the department chair concerned. The total fee is normally an annual fee 11,000 students studying in over 70 awards are only available to Canadian » Web: covering a full academic year and includes departments. For many years this union Housing Applicants educated at non-Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Athletic Centre institutions should note that their educational both the academic fees plus incidental/ has advocated for increased student » Web: ancillary fees. We offer co-curricular opportunities Graduate students need to find the ideal representation, funding and provided background will be assessed for equivalency » Web: for active physical activity for the entire community for their graduate experience. services such as health insurance, with a University of Toronto degree as student body, as well as faculty, staff The University of Toronto meets this need confidential advice and a voice for the and members of the community. With by offering a wide variety of housing and graduate student body on the various English Language Score Requirements 47 intercollegiate teams, multi-tiered housing services ranging from campus committees of the university. intramural leagues in 24 sports, extensive » Web: residences, including our own Graduate offerings in movement, fitness and dance, Test Academic Division Minimum Score Requirement * House, to off-campus shared and private Grad Escapes and many children’s classes, we conduct accommodation. Disconnect yourself from the PC and come Paper-Based Test and TWE Computer-Based Internet-Based one of the broadest programs in North TOEFL Graduate House explore Toronto’s great cultural riches in Test and Essay Test and Writing America. the company of other like-minded grad The multi-award winning residence offers Rating Score and Speaking Sections » Web: students. apartment-style accommodation for 437 Humanities Overall 580 Overall 237 Overall 93 » Web: full-time single students registered in the Social Sciences TWE 5 Essay Rating 5 Writing 22 School of Graduate Studies or in second- Training Programs for Graduate Life Sciences Speaking 22 entry professional programs. Graduate Students in University Teaching Physical Sciences Overall 580 Overall 237 Overall 93 House is close to many of the university’s Graduate students interested in improving TWE 4 Essay Rating 4 Writing 22 facilities including Robarts Library (the main Speaking 22 their teaching skills can do so through a research library) and the Athletic Centre. IELTS All 7.0 variety of courses and training programs. » Web: » Web: MELAB Al 85 training.asp COPE All 4 (with at least 1 in each component and 2 in writing) * valid until December 31, 2007 76 (with at least 22 in each component and 32 in writing) * valid from January 1, 2008
  2. 2. Collaborative Programs Department, Centre, Institute Degrees Telephone Web site In addition to degree programs, our graduate departments, must be admitted to and enrolled in one of the collaborating centres, and institutes, also offer unique, non-degree granting, graduate units (listed below under the name of the collaborative Aerospace Science & Engineering (D) M.A.Sc. M. Eng* Ph.D. 416-667-7714 collaborative programs. These innovative programs emerge from program), and must fulfill all the requirements for the degree in Anthropology (D) M.A.* M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-5416 cooperation between two or more graduate units, which provides that home unit, in order to participate in a collaborative program. a broader base from which to explore a novel interdisciplinary On successful completion of requirements for the collaborative Architecture, Landscape & Design (D) M.Arch.* M.L.A.* M.U.D.* 416-978-5038 area or a special development in a particular discipline. A student program, a notation is added to the student’s transcript. Art (D) M.A.* Ph.D. M.V.S 416-946-3960 Collaborative Program* Telephone Web site Asian Institute (I) 416-978-8996 Astronomy & Astrophysics (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-2016 Aboriginal Health : Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, 416-978-0298 Biochemistry (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-4815 Anthropology, Geography, Nursing Science, Public Health Sciences, Sociology Bioethics M.H.Sc. 416-978-2709 and Equity Studies in Education Biomedical Communications M.Sc.BMC 416-978-2659 Addiction Studies : Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, 416-978-2751 Anthropology, Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, Criminology, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical M.A.Sc. M.H.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-4841 Information Studies, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology Program M.Biotech 905-569-4737 Pharmacology, Psychology, Public Health Sciences, Social Work, Sociology Cell and Systems Biology M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-8532 Aging, Palliative and Supportive Care Across the Life Course : Adult 416-978-0377 Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (D) M.A.Sc. M.Eng.* Ph.D. 416-978-7137 Education and Counselling Psychology, Anthropology; Dentistry; Exercise 416-978-7037 Sciences; Health Policy, Management & Evaluation; Information Studies; Chemistry (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-3605 Medical Science; Nursing Science; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Psychology; Cinema Studies M.A. 416-978-0839 Public Health Sciences; Rehabilitation Science; Social Work; Sociology; Speech-Language Pathology Civil Engineering (D) M.A.Sc. M.Eng.* Ph.D. 416-978-5904 Classics (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-5513 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy : Classics, Medieval Studies, Philosophy 416-978-3178 Comparative Literature (C) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-813-4041 Ancient Greek and Roman History : Classics (U of T); History (York 416-978-5513 University) Computer Science (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-8762 Asia Pacific Studies : Anthropology, East Asian Studies, Economics, 416-946-8996 J.D./M.A.††M.A.* Ph.D Criminology (C) 416-978-7124 Geography, Social Work Ph.D.† Dentistry (D) M.Sc.* 416-979-4901 Astrophysics : Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics,, The Canadian Institute of 416-946-3044 Drama (C) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-7980 Theoretical Astrophysics East Asian Studies (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-946-3624 Bioethics : Health Policy, Management & Evaluation; Law; Medical Science; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-8514 Biomedical Engineering : Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering & Applied 416-978-4317 J.D./M.A.†† M.A.* Economics (D) 416-978-6713 Chemistry, Dentistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Laboratory Medicine J.D./Ph.D.††Ph.D. & Pathobiology, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Physiology, Education (For the following five departments 416-923-6641 Rehabilitation apply directly to OISE/UT) ext. 2663 M.Ed.* M.A.* Ed.D.* Ph.D† Adult Education and Counselling Psychology (D) Biomedical Toxicology : Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology; Medical 416-978-5244 M.Ed.* M.A.* M.T. Ed.D.* Ph.D.† Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (D) Science; Nutritional Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Pharmacology; Zoology Human Development and Applied Psychology (D) M.Ed.* M.A.* M.A.(CS&E) Ed.D.* Ph.D. Biomolecular Structure : Biochemistry, Chemistry, Medical Biophysics, 416-978-0557 Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (D) M.Ed.* M.A.* Ed.D.* Ph.D. Molecular & Medical Genetics M.Ed.* M.A.* Ed.D.* Ph.D.† Theory and Policy Studies in Education (D) Book History & Print Culture : Comparative Literature, English, French Language 416-946-3560 Electrical & Computer Engineering (D) M.A.Sc. M.Eng.* M.Eng.Tel.* Ph.D. 416-978-3122 & Literature, Information Studies, Italian Studies, Medieval Studies, Music English (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-5027 Cardiovascular Sciences : Biomedical Engineering, Exercise Sciences, Health 416-978-0746 Environment (C) M.Env.Sc. 416-978-7077 Policy, Management & Evaluation, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, menvsci/ Medical Biophysics, Medical Science, Pharmacology, Physiology, Public Health Sciences, Rehabilitation Science M.A. J.D./M.A.†† European, Russian and Eurasian Studies 416-946-8938 M.B.A./M.A. Community Development : Adult Education and Community Development; 416-978-2072 M.Sc.* Ph.D.† Counselling Psychology; Planning; Public Health Sciences; Social Work Exercise Sciences (D) 416-978-6087 Financial Economics M.F.E. 416-978-8623 Comparative, International and Development Education : Adult Education; 416-923-6641 Curriculum; Second Language Education; Sociology in Education; Higher ext. 2361 Forestry (D) M.Sc.F. M.F.C. Ph.D. 416-946-7952 Education; History and Philosophy of Education; Educational Administration French Language & Literature (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-926-2307 Developmental Biology : Biochemistry, Botany, Immunology, Laboratory 416-946-7006 Genetic Couselling M.Sc Medicine & Pathobiology, Medical Biophysics Molecular & Medical Genetics, Physiology, Zoology Geography (D) M.A.* M.Sc* Ph.D. 416-978-3377 Developmental Science : Human Development & Applied Psychology; Geology (D) M.Sc.* M.A.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-1240 Psychology Germanic Languages & Literatures (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-926-2321 Editing Medieval Texts : Classics, English, French Language & Literature, 416-978-4884 Health Policy, Management & Evaluation (D) M.H.Sc. M.Sc.* M.H.Sc./M.N. 416-978-1108 History, Italian Studies, Medieval Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish M.H.Sc./M.S.W. Ph.D. MMI Environment & Health : Geography, Medical Science, Planning, Public 416-978-7077 History (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-5800 Health Science History & Philosophy of Science & Technology M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-5397 Environmental Engineering : Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, 416-978-3532 Immunology (D) M.Sc.. Ph.D. 416-978-6382 Civil Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Industrial Relations and Human Resources (C) M.I.R.H.R. *Ph.D. 416-978-2927 M.I.St*. G.Dip.I.St., J.D./M.I.St. †† Ph.D. 416-978-3234 Environmental Studies : Adult Education & Counselling Psychology; Information Studies (D) 416-978-7077 M.M.St. Anthropology; Botany; Chemistry; Curriculum, Teaching & Learning; Economics; Forestry; Geography; Geology; Information Studies; Management; Philosophy; Italian Studies (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-926-2349 Political Science; Sociology; Sociology & Equity Studies; Zoology Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-2550 Ethnic and Pluralism Studies : Anthropology, Geography, History, Industrial 416-978-4783 Law (D) LL.M.* M.S.L. S.J.D. 416-978-0213 Relations, Nursing Science, Political Science, Religion, Russian & East European Studies, Social Work, Sociology Linguistics (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-4029 Geology & Physics : Geology, Physics 416-978-3231 B.A.Sc./M.B.A.††, J.D./M.B.A.†† Management (D) M.B.A. 416-978-3499, gpcollab.html *Ph.D. M.A./M.B.A.†† M.M.P.A. 416-978-4441, E.M.B.A. G.Dip.IFA M.F. 416-978-4226, Health Care, Technology & Place : Biomedical Engineering; English; Health 416-978-2067 905-828-3985 Policy, Mgmt. & Evaluation; Nursing Science; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Public Materials Science & Engineering (D) M.A.Sc. M.Eng.* Ph.D. 416-978-3012 Health Sciences, Social Work Mathematical Finance Program M.M.F. 416-946-5206 Health Services & Policy Research : Health Policy, Mgmt. & Evaluation; 416-978-1108 Nursing Science; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Public Health Sciences; Mathematics (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-7894 Rehabilitation Science; Social Work Mechanical and Industrial Engineering M.A.Sc. M.Eng.*. M.Eng./D.M. *Ph.D. 416-978-2922 Integrated Manufacturing : Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, 416-978-2922 Medical Biophysics (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-946-2819 Materials Science & Engineering,Mechanical & Industrial Engineering integmanu.html Medical Science (I) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-5012 International Relations : Anthropology; Economics; Geography; Health 416-946-8917 Medieval Studies (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-4884 Policy, Management & Evaluation, History; Philosophy; Political Science; Sociology; Religion Molecular and Medical Genetics (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-7145 Jewish Studies : Anthropology; English; Germanic Languages & Literatures; 416-978-8118 Music M.A. Ph.D. Mus.M. D.M.A. 416-978-5772 History; Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations; Philosophy; Political Science; Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-3181 Religion; Sociology M.N.* M.H.Sc./M.N Ph.D.† PMNP Dip. Nursing Science (D) 416-978-8727 Knowledge Media Design : Architecture, Landscape & Design; Computer 416-946-8515 Science; Information Studies; Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Medical Nutritional Sciences (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-6071 Science, Sociology Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (D) M.Sc. OT 416-978-2765 Management and Economics : Economics, Management 416-978-7169 † Pharmaceutical Sciences (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-2179 collaborative.htm graduate Neuroscience : Biochemistry, Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, 416-978-4894 Pharmacology (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-5244 Dentistry, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Medical Science, Molecular M.A.* Ph.D. J.D./Ph.D.†† Philosophy (D) 416-978-3312 www. & Medical Genetics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychology, Rehabilitation Science, Speech-Language Pathology, Zoology Physical Therapy (D) M.Sc.PT 416-978-2765 Genome Biology and Bioinformatics : Biochemistry; Botany; Laboratory 416-946-7006 Physics (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-2945 Medicine & Pathobiology; Medical Biophysics; Medical Science; Molecular & Physiology (D) M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-2601 Medical Genetics; Zoology Planning M.Sc.Pl.*.M.U.D.S.*, Ph.D. 416-978-3377 South Asian Studies : Anthropology, English, Geography, History; Political 416-978-4294 J.D./M.A.††,J.D./Ph.D.†† Political Science (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-2017 Science, Religion, Social Work Psychology (D) M.A. Ph.D. 416-978-3404 Women’s Health 416-978-0896 Ph.D.† Public Health Sciences (D) M.Sc.* M.H.Sc.* ‡ M.Sc.C.H. 416-978-2058 Women’s Studies : Adult Education & Counselling Psychology; Anthropology; 416-978-3668 Criminology; Curriculum, Teaching & Learning; Comparative Literature; Drama; Public Policy and Governance M.P.P. 416-978-5120 English; Exercise Sciences; French; Geography; Health Policy, Management Rehabilitation Science (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-0300 & Evaluation; History; Information Studies; Law; Medieval Studies; Near & Religion (C) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-3057 Middle Eastern Civilizations; Nursing; Philosophy; Political Science; Public Health Sciences; Religion; Sociology & Equity Studies in Education; Social Work; Slavic Languages and Literatures (D) M.A. Ph.D. 416-926-2075 Sociology; Spanish; Theory & Policy Studies in Education J.D./M.S.W.†† ††, Social Work (D) , M.H.Sc./M.S.W. 416-978-3257 *Applications are to be submitted to one of the Collaborating Units and the Collaborative Program Office, as appropriate M.S.W.*, Ph.D.† Sociology (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-978-3414 Spanish (D) M.A.* Ph.D. 416-813-4080 portuguese City of Toronto Speech Language Pathology (D) M.H.Sc.* M.Sc. Ph.D. 416-978-2765 Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America and the beautiful architecture, an amazing array of parks, and world class Statistics (D) M.Sc.* Ph.D. 416-978-5136 most culturally diverse city in the world. The many different cuisine – all of it accessible by the Toronto Transit System’s network Women and Gender Studies (I) M.A. 416-978-3668 neighbourhoods and ethnic communities in this intimate of subways, buses and streetcars. metropolis, like the university’s individual colleges and departments, D= Department C= Centre I= Institute *Part-time Studies are available † Flexible-time Program Available †† Combined Degree ‡ Pending OCGS Approval create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Size does have an Join us for your graduate education and become part of a world advantage though: the city offers over 1000 festivals every year, class community. world renowned museums, galleries, symphony orchestra and zoo,