Sf short story assignment
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Sf short story assignment






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Sf short story assignment Document Transcript

  • 1. Science Fiction Short Story Assignment 25 points During this unit, we have discussed a number of ideas that make suitable material for science fiction stories. Such ideas include cloning, ethics of technology (EPICAC) and ethics of life support (Fortitude). Your assignment involves composing a science fiction short story that involves one or more of these or other concepts. The story must be word- processed and must be at least 2 pages in length, double-spaced. Your writing could include a dialogue between two individuals, an actual plot that develops, or merely a shortened segment of a larger plot. The only limitations on this assignment will be those set by time, effort, and your own imagination. Use the scoring rubric below in order to maximize your performance. 1. Technology Usage 0 – failed to word process story. 3 – word processed story but edited using pencil or pen 5 – completely word processed story with 0-1 mechanical errors 2. Inclusion of Concepts 0 – failed to include a concept within the story 2 – concept was included within the story; yet reference to it was not clearly stated 3 – more than one concept was included within the story; at least one concept was stated and discussed. 5 – more than one concept was included within the story; all concepts were explicitly stated and discussed. 3. Quality of understanding Concepts 0 – there was no evidence of any understanding of the concepts discussed. Concepts were not applied to a science fiction plot. 2 – understanding of concepts was not clear. Storyline was inaccurate and irrelevant. Ability to apply concept to a science fiction plot failed. 3-4 – Concepts were understood; this was evidenced by a story that was shows accuracy of concept. At least once concept was discussed. Ability to apply concept to a science fiction plot was a success. 5-10 – Concepts were well understood. This was evidenced by an abundant and accurate storyline of at least two concepts. Ability to apply concepts to a science fiction plot was a success. 4. Mechanics (spelling, grammar, usage, spacing) 2 – over 4 mechanical errors 4 – 2-3 mechanical errors 5 – 0-1 mechanical errors Your story is due in class on Thursday, November 13.