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  • 1. Modern Humanities – Mid-Term Mrs. Lehman-2005 Name _________________________ Pd. _________ Directions: Please choose the BEST answer for each question below. (Although more than one answer may be partially correct; only the BEST answer will be accepted as correct.) Section I. – Senior Project 1. Meaningful research projects are developed from a a. Research manual b. A personal need or desire to know c. The SV Paper Proposal d. A class assignment 2. Limiting an interesting subject may be accomplished by a. Using the journalistic questions (who, what, when, why, where, how) b. Writing down everything you know and don’t know about the subject c. Reading and talking about the subject d. All of the above 3. Completing a research paper requires all of the following EXCEPT a. A subject that interests you b. Adequate resources for that subject c. A subject that can be handled within the specified length requirement d. A subject that is available on the internet 4. The controlling idea that focuses your research is a. The general topic area b. The thesis statement c. The warrant d. Your research notes 5. Your thesis statement must do all of the following EXCEPT a. Focus on a single, limited subject b. be stated in a clear, direct sentence c. clearly identify the general topic area d. convey your point of view or attitude about the topic
  • 2. 6. Reducing what you have read to a few important points using your own words is known as a. paraphrasing b. quoting directly c. summarizing d. synthesizing 7. Restating what you have read using your own words is known as a. paraphrasing b. quoting directly c. summarizing d. synthesizing 8. When taking notes for a research paper, a researcher should a. Always identify the source before beginning note taking b. Always use note cards c. Never use a pen; always a pencil d. None of the above 9. The part of the research paper that should say something interesting, surprising, or personal about your subject to gain the readers’ attention is a. conclusion b. body c. introduction d. all of the above 10. The identification of the thesis of your research paper should be in the a. conclusion b. body c. introduction d. works cited page 11. Organizing your notes will provide you with a(n) a. Working outline b. First draft c. Good grade d. A primary source 12. The conclusion of your paper should a. leave the reader with an understanding of the importance of your research b. review the important points you have made c. draw a final conclusion d. all of the above
  • 3. 13. The Works Cited page must do all of the following EXCEPT a. list all the sources you have cited in your paper b. be in alphabetical order c. be the last page of your research paper d. contain at least 8 sources 14. A parenthetical citation within the research paper MUST a. include the publisher of the source b. include the page number, if available c. be capitalized d. include the author’s first name 15. The documentation style used in the Senior Project research paper is a. APA b. Turabian c. Teacher decision d. MLA 16. The Works Cited section includes a. all sources you have read b. all of the sources you have cited c. all of the sources you have studied d. all of the sources from which you took notes 17. MLA author information, on the Title page, includes all of the following EXCEPT a. your name b. area of study c. date d. class name 18. Paragraphs that act as signposts between major ideas and divisions of thought are a. closed paragraphs b. short paragraphs c. transitional paragraphs d. unneeded paragraphs 19. Students must develop a method of organization for their research papers that includes a. logical order or sequence b. paragraphs dealing with one subject c. smooth flow within sentences and between paragraphs d. all of the above
  • 4. 20. The Seneca Valley Senior Project includes ______ major components. a. two b. twelve c. four d. six 21. Students must receive a ______ or higher in each component to receive a Seneca Valley diploma a. 92% b. 83% c. 74% d. 65% 22. To receive “Pass with Distinction” honor, each component of Senior Project must earn a ______ or higher. a. 92% b. 83% c. 74% d. 65% 23. An Annotated Bibliography a. is always necessary in research b. provides a short explanation of how the source will be used for research c. gives new life to old research d. all of the above 24. The “map” or organizational plan of your research a. Helps to focus your research b. May lead to a more formal outline c. Is directly related to your overall purpose d. All of the above 25. The “Minimum Standards Assessment” of the final draft of the research paper a. Helps students avoid major penalties on the final revision copy b. Ensures all papers are uniform c. Ensures all papers meet the minimum standards set forth d. All of the above 26. EBSCO host a. can be accessed through Pennsylvania Power Library b. allows the researcher to identify specific data bases to search c. most often contains articles that may be considered credible sources d. all of the above
  • 5. 27. The extension domain, “.com” a. Identifies the site as commercial b. Indicates the site has something to sell c. May be more easily identified as a bias source d. All of the above 28. An interview could be a helpful part of research on a. causes of lung cancer b. growth of newspapers and magazines c. education in the Soviet Union d. the career of a lawyer 29. A survey could be a helpful part of research on a. trends in adolescent reading b. income taxes c. responsibilities of business executives d. nonprofit organizations 30. The format for the Seneca Valley Senior Project research paper includes all of the following except a. 1700-2300 words b. single spacing c. 12 pt Times New Roman font d. one-inch margins Section II – Hamlet - Identification 31. The new King. His brother died and he married his sister-in-law rather hastily. a. Claudius b. Hamlet c. Horatio d. Frank 32. Hamlet’s girlfriend and obedient to her father. a. Gertrude b. Ophelia c. Laertes d. Apolonia 33. Son of the King of Norway, he is decisive and wants to invade Poland. a. Laertes b. Hamlet c. Fortinbras d. Polonius
  • 6. 34. Hamlet is set in what country? a. Scotland b. Poland c. England d. Demark 35. How is Laertes killed? a. poison in a goblet of wine b. with a poison sword c. he drowned d. he was shot Section III – Lord of the Flies 36. ___________ is the chosen leader of the boys on the island. a. Piggy b. Ralph c. Jack d. Simon 37. Jack is considered to be a _________________ a. littlun b. hunter c. scientist d. scholar 38. Who is the second to be killed in the story? a. Ralph b. Piggy c. Simon d. Fred 39. Sam and Eric are a. twins b. loyal to Ralph c. both a and b d. loyal to Jack 40. What happens to the conch shell? a. It is lost b. It shatters c. Jack steals it d. Piggy throws it in the sea
  • 7. 41. The beast is a. A man hanging from a parachute b. A wild animal in the woods c. Simon d. The naval officer at the end of the story 42. The pig’s head on the end of the stick symbolizes a. food b. goodness and sacrifice c. evil d. the entrance to Jack’s lair 43. Piggy is representative of a. happiness b. an orderly society c. home d. science and intelligence 44. Piggy dies when he a. Accidentally falls from the cliff b. Is burned in the fire c. Is hit by a rock and thrown from the cliff d. Is lost in the forest and starves 45. What is the intended use for the “stick sharpened at both ends?” a. to kill two animals at once b. to display Ralph’s head c. to make hunting more productive d. to display the head of all that is caught Section IV.– Gattaca 46. The setting of Gattaca is a. 2026 b. the not too distant future c. 3000 d. 2050 47. Vincent is considered to be a(n) a. outcast b. invalid c. scientist d. recluse
  • 8. 48. Vincent’s main defect is a. a brain lesion b. a speech impediment c. a weak heart d. a facial deformity 49. Anton is a. close to Vincent b. an invalid c. Vincent’s twin d. Vincent’s brother 50. Anton and Vincent play “chicken” by a. driving down the highway b. swimming until one turns back c. running up a mountain d. balancing on a log 51. Vincent has never accepted a. his parents b. Anton as his brother c. His genetic fate d. A chance to work at Gattaca 52. Jerome Morrow has a. spent his entire life in a wheelchair b. a faultless genetic record c. won awards for running track d. a pleasant personality 53. With Jerome’s help, Vincent becomes a. head janitor at Gattaca b. a borrowed ladder c. the Director of Science and Intelligence d. a member of the police force 54. Vincent’s interview at Gattaca consists of a. extensive physical activities b. an all day exam c. an interview by the Mission Director and Irene d. A urine test
  • 9. 55. Vincent wants to lead an expedition to a. Mars b. Saturn c. The moon d. Titan 56. Irene presents a(n) _________________ to Vincent to prove that she flawed. a. ring b. eyelash c. fingernail d. strand of hair 57. The screening doctor a. killed the Mission Director b. is Vincent’s brother Anton c. knows that Vincent is an invalid d. calls the authorities on Vincent 58. Vincent has to a. save Anton from drowning b. confess to Anton c. race Anton to the top of a mountain to prove his ability d. take Anton with him on his space expedition 59. While stopping people in the tunnel, the authorities a. draw blood from passengers b. take a hair sample c. swab the inside of passenger’s mouths d. vaccinate the passengers 60. In the society surrounding Gattaca, having a faulty genetic make-up a. means that you have a bad heart b. disqualifies a person from important positions in society c. makes a person feel accepted with a sense of belonging d. means that your DNA was switched at birth Section V. – Brave New World 61. Where is Brave New World set? a. Paris, France b. London, England c. Mexico d. Chicago, IL
  • 10. 62. In what year does the novel begin? a. A.F. 632 b. B.F. 732 c. A.F. 692 d. A.F. 600 63. As the novel begins, what is being toured? a. The Birthing Suite b. The Conditioning Center c. The Center for Hatcheries and Conditioning d. The Center for Bioethics 64. Early in the novel, Fanny lectures Lenina because she is a. Too pneumatic b. Not promiscuous enough c. Seeing too many men d. Working too hard 65. What do most people believe to be the cause of Bernard’s strange behavior? a. A serious fall in infancy b. A difficult adolescence c. Alcohol in his blood surrogate d. The lack of proper conditioning 66. Which BNW drug does Mustapha Mond describe as “Christianity without tears”? a. Violent passion surrogate b. Pregnancy surrogate c. soma d. sex hormone chewing gum 67. What is the name of the church-like service? a. Cereal service b. Solidarity service c. The social hall service d. Service of Social Awareness 68. “Don’t you want to be free and men? Don’t you even understand what manhood and freedom are?” This was stated by a. The Savage b. Bernard c. Helmholtz Watson d. The Controller
  • 11. 69. Who is the Savage’s mother? a. Laura b. Lenina c. Lorraine d. Linda 70. What is the final result of Bernard’s bringing the Savage to Civilization? a. The Savage is murdered b. The Savage commits suicide c. The Savage returns to the reservation d. The Savage and Lenina fall in love and marry *Additional essay counts for 30 points. Please use blue book provided. Essay – 30 pts. Please answer the following questions in a minimum of 3 paragraphs per question. You may use direct quotes from the novel to support your ideas. When using the text to support your essay, you should use a quotation cite using this format (Huxley 24). 1. BNW is a cautionary tale. What is it trying to warn society about? What would it like you to do? Use at least 3 examples from the novel. 2. Write an essay in which you explore and analyze Brave New World. How do the events of this novel apply to what could happen to us as a society? You may use the ideas that we have discussed in class, and the ideas that you have about the novel. Please take the essay further than our class discussions. Do not use analysis from Cliff or his notes. I am looking for your analysis and understanding of the text. You may use your novel to find support.