koyna project references
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koyna project references



useful references for potential field reserchers

useful references for potential field reserchers



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koyna project references Document Transcript

  • 1. References:1)Agrawal PK, Pandey OP. Chetty TRK(2004)., - J.Ind.Geophys.Union.,V.08pp229-249 Aeromagnetic anomalies, lineaments and seismicity in koyna-warna region2) Negi JG., Agarwal PK ., -J.Geol.Soc.Ind., V35pp3-18 Basement configuration of the area west of koyna (India) from the analysis of aeromagneticdata3) Agarwal PK , Negi JG., -Gephy.Res.Bull., V21pp189-198 A multi- altitude aeromagnetic experiment over flood basalts4)Pandey OP., Negi JG., -TectanoPhysics, V 142pp329-335 A new theory of the origin and evolution of the Deccan Traps (India)5)Gupta HK., Rastogi BK., -Elsevierier , Netherlands,2278 Dams and earthquakes6)Rastogi BK ., Mandal P., - SSA Bull 89pp829-836 Foreshocks and nucleation of small to modern sized koyna earthquakes (India)7)Radhakrishna Murthy IV., 1998 Gravity and magnetic interpretation in geophysical exploration8)Talwani P., 1997 – Pure. Appl. Geophys., 150pp511-550 Seismotectonics of the koyna warna area , India9)Negi JG., Agarwal PK , Rao KNN., - Geophysic, V48pp964-974 Three dimensional model of the koyna area of Mahrastra state (India) base on the spectralanalysis of aeromagnetic data10)Bhattachrya SN., Srivastava HN.,1973. – SSA Bull. V63pp2197-2199 Shallow structure of Poona- Karad profile using short period Rayleigh wave dispersion11) Gupta HK., Rastogi BK., Narain H., 1972a , -SSA Bull., V62pp481-492 Common features of reservoir associated seismic activities12) Gupta HK., Rastogi BK., Narain H., 1972b , -SSA Bull., V62pp493-507
  • 2. Some discriminatory characteristics of earthquakes near the Kariba and Koyna artificial lakes13) Kailasam LN., Reddy AGB., Rao JMV., Satyamrthy K.,Murthy BSR., 1976 – Curr. Sci. V45pp9-13 Deep electrical soundings in the Deccan Traps region14) Kaila KL., Reddy PR., Msurthy PRK ., TRipathi KM., 1979 – NGRI Rep. November. Technical report on deep seismic sounding studies along koyna I and Koyna II profiles in DeccanTraps covered area, Maharashtra state , India.15)Krishna Brahmam N , Negi JG., 1973 –Geophys.Res. Bull.V11pp207-237 Rift valleys beneath Deccan Traps (India)16)Spector, A 1968 –PhD Thesis , Unv.of Toronto Spectral analysis of aeromagnetic maps17)Spector A., -Gephysics.V 25pp293-302 Statistical models for interpreting aeromagnetic data18) Bansal AR., Dimri VP., Sagar GV., - Pure Appl.Geophys., 163(2006) Depth estimation from gravity data using the maximum entropy method and multi taper method19)Thomson DJ., - Proc.IEEE70, 1055-1096 Spectral estimation and harmonic analysis20) Bansal AR., Dimri VP., Sagar GV., -J.Geol.Soc.Ind., 67,469-474 Qualitative interpretation of gravity and magnetic data over Southern granulite terrain usingscaing spectral approach21)Maus S., Dimri VP., 1995 –J Geophys. Res.,100, 12605-12616 Potential field power spectrum inversion for scaling geology22)Maus S., Dimri VP., 1996 – Geophys.J.Int. 124,113-120. Depth estimation from the scaling power spectrum of potential field ?23) Maus S., Dimri VP., 1994 - Geophys.Res. Lett.21., 891-894 Scaling properties of potential fields due to scaling sources24)Ulrych TJ.,Bishtop TN.,1975 –Rev. Geophys.Space phy. 13 183-200
  • 3. Maximum entropy spectral analysis and autoregressive decomposition25)Percival DB., Walden AT., 1993 -Cambridge university press Spectral analysis for physical applications; Multitaper and conventional invariant techniques26)David DO.,2005 -SSA Bull., V95,pp1604-1622 The dynamics of strike slip step overs with linking dip slip faults27)Fred Pollitz.,2003 -J.Geophys.Res., V108 Fault interaction and stress triggering of twentieth century earthquakes in Mongolia28) Sophie P.,Kim BO.,Raulm A.,2004 -Pure Appl.Geophys.161pp 2155–2169 Which dynamic rupture parameter can be estimated from strong ground motion and geodeticdata?29)Nish Radhaskrishna.,2011 –J.Geol.Soc.Ind.V77 Application of GPS in identifying active fault plane in western Maharashtra, Peninsular shield ofIndia30) Gupta HK, Shashidhar D, Mallika K.,Purnachandra rao N , Srinagesh D, Satyanarayana HVS, Satishsaha ,Naik RTB ., 2011 –J. Geol.Soc.Ind. V77pp5-11 Short term earthquake forecasts at koyna ,India31)Gupta HK, Mandal P, Rastogi BK., - Curr.Sci.V82(2)pp202-210 How long will triggered earthquakes at koyna ,India continue ?32)Zhao S.,1995 Geophyss.J.Int.122,70-88 Joint inversion of observed gravity and GPS baseline change for the detection of the active faultsegment at the red river fault zone33)Chinnery MA., 1961 –SSA Bull.51,355-372 The deformation of the ground around surface faults34)Okada Y., 1985 –SSA Bull., 75 ,1135-1154 Surface deformation due to shear and tensile faults in a half space35)Okubo S., 1991 –Geophys.J .Int., 105,573-586 Potential and gravity change raised by point dislocations
  • 4. 36)Okubo S., 1992- J. Geophys.Res., 97,7137-7144 Gravity and potential changes due to shear and tensile faults in a half space37) Daniela Gerovskaa, Marcos J., Arauzo-Bravob.,2003 -Comp.Geosci.,29,949-960 Automatic interpretation of magnetic data based on Euler deconvolution with unprescribedstructural index38) Thompson, D.T., 1982. - Geophysics 47 (1), 31–37 EULDPH: A new technique for making computer-assisted depth estimates from magnetic data39) Barbosa, V.C.F., Silva, J.B.C., Medeiros, W.E., 1999. - Geophysics 64 (1), 48–60. Stability analysis and improvement of structural index estimation in Euler deconvolution40) Stavrev, P.Y., 1997. - Geophysical Prospecting 45 (2), 207–246. Euler deconvolution using differential similarity transformations of gravity or magneticanomalies41) Shu kun HSU, Jean CS., Chuen tien S.,1996 - Geophysics, 61, 373-386. High resolution detection of geological boundaries from potential field anomalies; An enhancedanalytical signal technique