Using PERSI in Heritage Quest


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Search tips for using PERSI in Heritage Quest

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Using PERSI in Heritage Quest

  1. 1. Searching PERSI in Heritage QuestWhat is PERSI (Periodical Source Index)?PERSI is an index of all the genealogical newsletters and magazines held by the Allen CountyPublic Library in Fort Wayne Indiana. It is estimated that ACPL owns 80% of all nationalgenealogical periodicals published in the United States.What Kind of Information Might I Find in Genealogical Society Periodicals? • Transcribed or Abstracted Records • Marriage and Obituary Abstracts • Indexes to Vital Records • Transcribed Directories • Indexes to Historical Books • Abstracted Diaries • Census Indexes • Biographical Sketches • Genealogical Queries • Naturalization Lists • Family Histories • Transcribed Bible Records • Pedigree Charts • Transcribed Probate Court Records • Graduation Lists • Scrapbook Transcriptions How is PERSI Searchable?By SURNAMEBy CountryBy StateBy CountyBy LocaleBy Subject (Record Type)By Article Title (Keyword Search)By Periodical TitleWhat Will I Find in PERSI?Article TitlesName of PublicationDate of PublicationIssue and Volume NumbersPublisherWhere AvailableWhat Won’t I Find in PERSI? • Full Text Articles – PERSI gives citations only. To read the article, visit a holding library or request the article through Interlibrary Loan. • Abstracts or Summaries – Beyond the title and indexing there is no further description about the contents of the article. • In-Depth Indexing – Indexing does not include every place or name mentioned in an article.
  2. 2. People Searches in PERSIUse this search to look for articles about a family. This search function will have limited use,though, because unless your family is the main focus of the article, their names won’t beindexed. Remember, PERSI does not have an everyname index to genealogy periodicals. Ifyour ancestor was simply in an article listing individuals buried in a certain cemetery, forexample, their name is not going to show up in the index.* Place Searches in PERSIGenealogists will find this the most useful search in PERSI. Use a place search to locategenealogical records covering a town, county, state, or country. Limit your search by recordtype for best results. For example, you can search to see if Vital Records were ever published ina periodical covering McHenry County. Once you have the citation for this article, you canrequest the article via Interlibrary Loan to see if your ancestor is mentioned.“How To” Searches in PERSIFind an article citation about how to research a certain topic.Periodical Search in PERSI • Browse Periodical Citations by Year and Issue • View All Articles From a Periodical by Date • Locate a Periodical’s Publisher and Subscribing Institutions*Note: The list of subscribing institutions provided in Periodical Search is only a small selectionof libraries. For a more complete listing of library holdings, see