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Asians in america final presentation

  1. 1. Two FacedBy: Kandyce McGowan
  2. 2. Asian Americans &Plastic Surgery• There are 180,000Asian Americans age55 and over who wentunder the knife lastyear out of 3 millionethnic patients.• According to theAmerican Society ofPlastic Surgeons,743,000 cosmeticsurgery procedureswere performed onAsians in 2009
  3. 3. Most Common Surgeries• nose reshaping, eyelidsurgery and breastaugmentation as themost commonlyrequested enhancements• Asian Americans placedthird among minoritiesundergoing plasticsurgeries with AfricanAmericans ranking secondwith 986,000 andHispanics at the No. 1spot at 1.5 million.
  4. 4. What To Do• Asian Americans havebecome more accepting ofplastic surgery in the lastdecade• Plastic surgery amongAsians/Asian Americanculture used to & sometimesstill is frowned upon• If Asians /Asian Americansgot plastic surgery they wereaccused of trying to be white& denying their culture.• Asian American women whoget plastic surgery may belooked at as having low self-esteem
  5. 5. According to Carrie Ching• Carrie Ching is anoutspoken editor ofthe now-defunctMonolid magazine• Ching is againstdouble-eyelidsurgery among AsianAmerican women• Ching said that “peerand parentalpressures “toassimilate to whiteculture” have ledmany AsianAmerican women toturn to plasticsurgery”.Quote from Carrie Ching: “I actually believe thatplastic surgery for eyelids is an unfortunatething, since Asian eyes are so inherentlybeautiful,” Ching said. “A little surgery here andthere is fine, but such huge racial trends aredisturbing and a sign of low esteem. I hopeAsians can find it in themselves to love theireyes.”
  6. 6. Different Perspectives among DifferentAsians••••
  7. 7. Why? Asian American Women &Femininity• Many AsianAmerican womensay that plasticsurgery improves:• Self-confidence• Appearance• Romanticrelationships• Helps social andeconomic status
  8. 8. Why? Asian American Women &Femininity• Much of cosmetic surgery isracialized. The media poisonsminds with "anglo-phied"standards of beauty. Who arethe beauties and heart-throbs onmagazine covers? Which actorsand actresses get glamorousroles on the silver screen? UntilHollywood starts casting moreAsian Americans, or until othermedia sources that do cast AsianAmericans become moreprominent, whites will always bethe standard of beauty, and"Asian eyes" will continue to belisted as a problem on cosmeticsurgery websites. This link isa story about a woman who was sued by herhusband for producing an ugly child, he didnot know his wife had had $100,00 worth ofplastic surgery before meeting him.
  9. 9. Asian American Men & Masculinity• Last year, Frank Chang spentabout $1,500 on non-surgicalcosmetic procedures. Chang isone of an increasing number ofAsian-American men defying acultural stigma to engage incosmetic surgery in order toimprove their appearances.• Experts say what’s motivatingmen to seek plastic surgery is theneed to raise their chances ofsurviving a job market that isincreasingly favorable of youngerworkers, & to be competitive inromantic relationships.
  10. 10. Asian Men & Plastic Surgery•••
  11. 11. Theory, Policy & Practice• Theory: Plastic Surgery among Asians & AsianAmericans are growing. The reasons can be debated,but what I think is the reason is the dire and growingneed to assimilate to American (Western Anglo-Saxon)culture. Asian Americans may very well not be trying tochange or migrate away from their ethnic identity, butthey are consciously trying to appear more attractivewhich coincidently favors white culture. The standardsof beauty Asian Americans are trying to achieve wascreated by the persons who is thought to have alreadyachieved American beauty which is CaucasianAmericans.
  12. 12. Theory, Policy, Practice Cont…• Policy: After doing my research many plastic surgeons deny that theirpatients are undergoing surgery to look more American. However whenwatching videos of Asian American women and men undergoing surgerythey do not provide a clear and concise explanation as to why they haveundergone plastic surgery, besides the fact they want bigger/wider eyes.Tyra Banks explains it perfectly in a video I included. Tyra says thatalthough it may not be a main factor; what society think is beautiful doesplay a role in deciding to undergo plastic surgery or making any othercosmetic changes. Although Asian American women & men goals may notbe to look more American, when undergoing surgery that changesprominent features, the result is changing prominent ethnic features thatset Asian Americans apart from other ethnic group. I personally think theway society, media, family e.c.t. has formed insecure people who do thingsto please not themselves, but change the view other people have of them.Asian Americans are not the only ones. Black women wear hair weave thatresemble white, brazillian, peruvian or Indian hair. White people tan toachieve darker skin which resemble a minority of some sort.
  13. 13. Theory, Policy, Practice Cont…• Practice: As long as society holds on to the sameview as media and old Western American culture,we as Americans of any sort of ethnic backgroundwill continue to reach for unclear definitions ofbeauty. Plastic surgery, material aspirations anddebt will continue to grow. Asian American kidswill continue to grow up thinking they arentpretty because they have small slanted eyes, flatnoses, and square jaw lines. Things will notchange until all ethnic groups can look atthemselves without comparing themselves toactors and actresses in media.
  14. 14. Works Cited (outside resources)••••
  15. 15. Work Cited (Class resources)• Asian American Women in Hollywood andBeyond Pane• Asian & Asian American Womens MediaStereotypes• Hollywoods Racial Catch-22 - FrankMastropolo• The Words of Asian American Men, By GuestContributor On June 26, 2007