How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?
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How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?






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How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How did you use new media technologies in theresearch, planning, construction and evaluation stages?
  • 2. Blogspot.comBlogger is an online website which can beused to post documents ranging frompieces of text to images to videos andmore. Blogger was one of the mostimportant forms of technology usedthroughout the entire project. It is whereall my pre production, production and postproduction work is located. It hasadvantages of being able to share workwith my group member quickly andefficiently, and also provides back up forany documents or files lost over theproduction process as uploading thingsonto means your documentsare stored out in cyber space as well as onyour own computer. It was not used to An example of work I posted on blogspot.comhelp with planning, research, evaluation orconstruction but more as a way to safeguard and showcase my work.
  • 3. Microsoft Office (Word)• Planning• Microsoft word was important in the planning process as it allowed us to easily insert images along with text which was good for displaying our Example of costume design along with costume designs and our locations with text. reasons for our choices.• Microsoft word is also useful as its variety of tools allowed for us to easily create a table to show group roles and deadlines for tasks which easily accessible for all members of the group. Example of table created in Microsoft Word
  • 4. Microsoft Office (Word)• Research• I used Word to conduct my institutional research. Word allows me to import images along side text. Which was good for comparison of record label logo’s alongside text.• Evaluation• In my evaluation I used the tools provided in Word to create a large organized table as shown in the image. This was an important part of my evaluation as it allowed me to structure my answers carefully and make them easy to mark.
  • 5.• Research• I used as a way to show my collected footage on my blog. Also I used it to access the music videos that I analysed.• Planning• I used to host different song choices. It was useful at the beginning of our project as I could host different song possibilities in the same place.
  • 6. iMovie HD• I used iMovie HD to upload and edit my music video. It was my first time using iMovie to edit as last year I took on a different role in the group. I learnt editing techniques that apply not only to video editing but also editing concepts used in photography such as the use of the effect Sepia. Using iMovie HD to edit my work taught me the important skills that relate not only to the editing of video clips but the editing of sound. It lead me to use a program called Audacity specifically used for splicing and editing audio clips. It was used only to edit my video but used once in planning in which I practiced the use of invisible edits.
  • 7. Photoshop• Construction• Photoshop was used only in the construction of the Digipack and the poster. When using Photoshop I learnt to the magic wand tool to help me outline and choose with great precision the parts of the photo I wanted to eliminate and highlight. Photoshop was also useful for highlighting different fonts and creating a motif. Digipack Poster