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50 cent presentation1 update

  1. 1. Music Video Analysis of….<br />50 Cent – Candy Shop<br />Application of Goodwin’s Theory<br />
  2. 2. 50 Cent<br />50 Cent is an American rapper from Queens, New York he rose to fame with his 2003 album ‘Get rich or die tryin’ . Candy Shop was off his next album entitled ‘The Massacre’. The video is very typical of modern day Hip Hop, it portrays 50 Cent as man with money, cars, bling and women. These have been the main conventions of recent hip hop video’s as demonstrated by this video.<br />
  3. 3. Genre Characteristics <br />The key characteristics of modern hip hop is the objectifying of women (done by fragmented body shots) , and the bragging rights of fast cars, clothes and money, these fairly new conventions of hip hop differ greatly from classical conventions of hip hop. In its early days hip hop was centered often around the problems of young black people such as poverty, discrimination and violence within there communities. Therefore early hip hop videos were often showing young black rappers within there communities and on the streets in a ‘natural’ setting. However the videos of modern hip hop often involve young black people, who are seen to not only have made it out of poverty but to have made it to level of wealth that they can enjoy life's finest luxuries, this may appeal to the target market of modern hip hop as it gives something to aspire to, and it demonstrates constantly the benefits reaped from becoming a successful rapper.<br /> In “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent the opening scene shows a sports car cruise into the drive of a mansion which fits the conventions of modern hip hop. Followed by an extreme close up of his trainers which is perhaps for advertising purposes which demonstrates the commercialization of hip hop. <br />The key characteristics of modern hip hop is performance, although this is generally done in what is perhaps a ‘natural’ setting, as oppose to Indy where they often perform on stages or in the spotlight in front of people. In “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent his natural setting is portrayed as living the good life with a big house, cars and women. There is also a choreographed dance scene, which is typical of modern hip hop that glamorizes the objectifying of women, it is of course women who perform the dance and often not the male rapper.<br />
  4. 4. Relationships between lyrics and visuals<br />There is a relationship between the lyrics and visuals and it can be described as illustrative. The song is about 50 Cent and his relationships with different women. He doesn’t mention one specific girl in the song implying he is just out to get as women as possible. This is mirrored by the visuals as he is seen with many different women.<br />He says ‘who can undressed quicker ‘ and the girl quickly undress him, showing the strong relationship between lyrics and visuals.<br />His lyrics are used to try and give a sense of wealth. He says ‘popping champagne, bottle after bottle’. The visuals of the video compliment the idea of him being wealthy as there are lots of medium shots used of him wearing expensive fur coats and with his sports cars, which is representative of status through material goods.<br />
  5. 5. Relationship between music and visuals<br />There is a colour motif of red which is used constantly throughout the video. The colour red is associated with desire and lust. The song also sends a message of desire and lust for sexy women. <br />Although the video’s editing pace does remain at a steady throughout the video, there general editing pace of the video is driven by the drum loop used with cuts often happening on the click/snare, or the bass drum. Between 2.14 and 2.22 the cutting rhythm is driven by the pace the bass drum.<br />As the female begins to sing the chorus, there is choreographed dancing with the women wearing matching red outfits, continuing the colour motif of red. As the women begin singing the pace of the cutting rhythm increases as to increase excitement for the audience.<br />
  6. 6. Demands of record label<br />According to Goodwin’s theory the record label will demand lots of close ups of the artist to try and familiarize the audience with them. This was present in the video, as shown by the image on the right<br />There is voyeuristic treatment of the female body throughout the video, but also a topless shot of 50 Cent, showing that perhaps males are also to be treated in a voyeuristic manner. This demonstrates the target market of hip hop may be reaching to women as well as men. <br />The voyeuristic treatment of females is constantly pursued throughout the video with females often shown in a sexually submissive state. <br />
  7. 7. Intertextual references <br />There are no intertextual references in the video that I have recognized <br />