English visual essay final draft
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English visual essay final draft

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  • 1. The First Link
    By: Kristen Sell
    This Presentation contains graphic images
  • 2. June 7th, 2007
    I graduated from high school with a great plan for my future.
  • 3. Mom, Dad, & Me
  • 4. My siblings and me
  • 5. Seven days later, I went on a camping trip with my family. I was kicked by a horse and shattered my tibia.
  • 6. I was five miles up a rocky trail, so I had to ride down on the back of an all terrain vehicle.
    In the ambulance on the way to the University Hospital in Kentucky (stick splint on my leg)
  • 7. Dad holding my hand at the hospital
    Close-up of the stick splint
  • 8. The nurses removing the splint after a long first day in the hospital
  • 9. I was scared I wouldn’t make it.
  • 10. Surgeons inserted a rod and four screws into my right leg. They also found out that my swollen right wrist was full of badly pulled ligaments. I spent the rest of that summer with a cast on my arm sitting in a wheelchair.
  • 11. My wrist swollen to almost the size of my knee
  • 12. I was scared I would never walk again.
  • 13. The stitches in my leg
  • 14. My high school sweetheart and I after my first miserable follow-up appointment
  • 15. I was scared that nothing would ever be the same.
  • 16. Despite my fears, I did make it through and I am more than able to walk now. Nothing is really the same as it was before, but I am more than okay with the changes.
  • 17. ssd
    My leg, today.
    My scars are barely visible.
  • 18. Life threw me down an entirely different path than I had planned. I have learned to adapt to the unexpected and I believe I am on the right path.
  • 19. June 14th, 2007
    Seven days after my high school graduation and the first link in an unending chain of events that would lend a hand in molding me into the adult I continue to become.